The plague, mirror of History

Pedro García CuartangoFOLLOW Updated:03/28/2020 23: 53h save The plague has always been a scourge of humanity. The Roman Empire lost a third of its population to the smallpox, called Antonine plague, but viruses had already wreaked havoc on Pericles’ Athens seven centuries earlier. Nothing new under the sun. Communicable diseases have decimated the population, have […]

Best non-fiction books of April 2020

AThe recommendation list with the largest distribution in the German-speaking countries appears monthly here. Media partners are LITERARISCHE WELT, WDR 5, “NZZ” and Austria 1. Experts select ten non-fiction books (not specialist books) from the humanities, natural sciences, social and economic sciences. April is about media criticism, capitalism and idiots. 1. Jens Malte Fischer: Karl […]

The echoes of the 1918 flu keep growing | Coronavirus

Two years ago, when the centenary of pneumonic flu, more commonly known as the Spanish flu, was celebrated, Portuguese historians again wondered why one of the most deadly episodes in recent history had almost eclipsed the collective memory. The books The Forgotten Pandemic: Comparative Views on Pneumonia (1918-1919), published in 2009, and Pneumonic Flu Centenary: […]

Henry James, Eric Chevillard, Benjamin Stora … The selection of “Libé” books

Princess Casamassima, by Henry James, translated from English by François-René Daillie reviewed by Annick Duperray. Edition of Annick Duperray. Gallimard, “Folio Classique”, 928 pp., € 11.40. It was on his walks in London that Henry James, born American in 1843 and died English in 1916, must to have written Princess Casamassima published in 1886, political […]

The secret of Chanel N ° 5: the fragrance that came from the east

Duft as a product had conquered a broad market with Chanel N ° 5 and had become an accessory par excellence. Few could afford a Chanel dress, but many Chanel N ° 5. The Wertheimer family, who sold the Coco Chanel license for 10 percent of their sales, made a fortune, and Chanel also became […]

six history books so you don’t get bored in quarantine

César CerveraFOLLOW Updated:03/27/2020 01: 52h save Related news Confinement measures to contain the number of those affected by the coronavirus have arrived, unfortunately or fortunately, just on the eve of the novelties of spring books, one of the most exciting moments in the Spanish market and when the authors were preparing their best tricks for […]

“Slow Men”, a lesson in breaks

In the theological tradition, laziness (long qualified as acedia) is a capital sin which is characterized by softness but also by slowness. For Guillaume Peyraud, Dominican of the XIIIe century, acedia leads to the waste of one of the most precious goods that God has granted to man: time. To be slow and idle is […]