What a welcome for the migrants ?

The issue of immigration irks the Europe. In most countries, it fuels the fears and fed the populist rhetoric. It also carries the division within the european Union and exacerbating tensions between the governments.

That is why, five years after the “migration crisis” of 2015, three daily newspapers have declined to investigate together on the situation of migrants in their respective countries : Avvenire (Italy), Nederlands Dagblad (The netherlands) and The Cross are media of christian inspiration rooted in three different companies. By publishing in parallel during any one week of their stories respective, they offer an exchange of glances, a variety of approaches which enrich the apprehension of the real.

They wish to facilitate the dialogue between the peoples and to be a hyphen, Naples to Amsterdam via Nice or Paris. This partnership also emphasizes the involvement of multiple people in the reception and assistance of migrants. For christians, this support comes in a fidelity direct to the gospel message.

► “Crisis migrants” to the crisis of the home

The number of asylum seekers in Europe reached a peak in 2015 and 2016, but is very greatly reduced since. The public opinions and the governments continue, however, to reason as if the continent was facing a “wave” of migration, analysis Maurizio Ambrosinia professor of sociology at the university of Milan, in this forum.

► To Ventimiglia, a solidarity with the migrants over the border

To Ventimiglia, a border town between Italy and France and rallying point for migrants from around the world, a unique collaboration was established between the NGOS of the two countries. Closed during the containment, the border was reopened and the attempts of migrants to move from Italy to France were resumed.

► To Bernes-sur-Oise, refugees are preparing for the profession of a mason

In the Île-de-France, the program “Hope” in 2017 train persons with the status of refugees in various building trades and public works, for the purpose of a long-term integration.


a home dedicated to the council budget

the– Area of grenoble

City of Grenoble– Eric Piolle, mayor of Grenoble, and Alain Denoyelle, deputy for social welfare, have presented the point home

The City of Grenoble puts in place a host of dedicated to the support of households vis-à-vis their economic difficulties.

Service labellis by the State, free and confidential, the Point budget council is a place of guidance, support and advice spcialis and personnalis in case of difficults financial. Is a one-stop shop for households grenoble, france, who can bnficier of several services : consulting budgtaires (access rights, discount charges), advice on relationship banking (management of the discovered, of the account, bank fees), mdiation with the banks, negotiation of impays (request dlais, negotiation of settlement of debts), using the rengociation of credits, study of restructuring of credits, study of requests for suspension of prts as well as building a case of over-indebtedness and follow-up of the process.

Gr by the CCAS of the City of Grenoble, the Point board budget in the framework of its ple Inclusion financial. This support service pilot several projects around banking inclusion with the microcrdit staff, the fight against the prcarit nergtique with the initiation of a platform of struggle against the prcarit nergtique and, therefore, the accompanying budgtaire and the treatment of over-indebtedness with the host of ddi to problmatiques budgtaires.

This counter council brings together multiple partners, such as institutions and social agencies (including the Department of the Iemr, and the CPAM), suppliers of energy (including GGE), the social landlords, services of accompaniments spcialiss (such as social services personnel), the banking sector and the associative sector.

Mr. Mr.

O find an advisor ?

The advisors of the Point budget council welcome by appointment and in several districts of the city :

– The house of the people (MDH) Teisseire

– MDH Abbey

– MDH Hood

– MDH city Centre

– MDH Chorier

– MDH Anatole France

– Emis GEG Europole (service recovery)

To make an appointment : 04 76 69 46 26 or pf.budget@ccas-grenoble.fr.


in Lyon, the home Collomb in danger

Even before the second round of the municipal elections in lyon, the name of the defeated is known. To the helm of the city since 2001, Gérard Collomb, 73 years of age, will not be the first elected president of the metropolis of Lyon, the crown hoped for a long career in politics.

It was without counting on the power of the “green wave “. Arrived in the lead in eight districts out of nine, and the environmentalists and their new allies the socialists and dissenters are likely to delight the city. And they will defend their project to the scale of the metropolis of 1.4 million people, where the lists supporting Gérard Collomb arrived to a very disappointing fourth position.

The alliance right

Unable to find a common ground with David Kimelfeld, his runner-up party in solitaire, Gérard Collomb, has turned on its right to maintain its influence. On the 28th of may last, he withdrew from the race for the presidency of the metropolitan area, rubbing in front of the candidate of the Republicans (LR), François-Noël Buffet. In return, the candidate LR to the city hall of Lyon, Stephen White, has done the same for the benefit of the protégé of Gérard Collomb, the former gymnast Yann Cucherat, 40 years.

Pact faustian or relay switch faithful to the tradition of lyon ? “It is a choice that I do not understand, reacts Julien Ranc, the head of the list in the west riding, who has left Gerard Collomb for David Kimelfeld in the second round. There is a dimension freudian at work. The father refuses to be killed by the son. “ Like him, many elected officials stayed up until then, the faithful have refused to endorse the alliance with LR, which was decided in head-to-head with the president (LR) of the region Rhône-Alpes, Laurent Wauquiez, the enemy yesterday. “It is not possible to campaign with candidates who have agreed, in 1998, the votes of the national Front to hold on to the head of the region “, continues Julien Ranc, in reference to Stephen White.

Against the ” bloc of the extreme left “

The outgoing mayor deems itself to be the continuation. In 2001, he recalls, his predecessor, the centrist Raymond Barre, had not campaigned against the socialist opposition as he was then. Especially, pounds-t-he from the alliance to the right would be the only way to take it on the “bloc of the extreme left” that ambitionnerait of the ” undo “button what he has put “twenty years to build “. The terminology is the same from one side to the other. The two sides believe that the election boils down to the confrontation of two “blocks “ antagonists, and promise “the revelation “ in case of victory of the opponent.

The decision-decline of Gérard Collomb had been sown since his appointment to the ministry of the interior. Party boss undisputed the second city of France, he returned in October 2018, weakened by his departure churned up by the government, in a city that does the waiting. The men who have replaced him have tasted the power. And its image is damaged place Beauvau. Doubting still have the necessary majority, Gérard Collomb had then renounced to take over the chairmanship of the metropolis, abandoning him to David Kimelfeld.

Battle of the heads, and rout of the first round

The venom of the division was instilled. The battle of the chefs that followed resulted in the defeat of the first round, and the alliance to the right. Result : after to have withdrawn his nomination to Gérard Collomb, and to have refused to David Kimelfeld, The Republic in market (LREM) has no candidate in the second agglomeration of France. This is another defeat for Gérard Collomb, who was personally invested to bring the nomination of Emmanuel Macron to the presidency of the Republic.

So far, his opponents as his political friends are wary. Model of the’ hypermaire ” deciding everything, Gérard Collomb is still struggling to wear the costume number two, campaigning in tandem with François-Noël Buffet. The “third round” in which the elected metropolitan shall appoint their president might have some surprises in store.


The school, in the week the guidelines for the return to September – the Chronicle

Will arrive between Wednesday and Thursday, the all-clear on the guidelines for the return to school in September. Immediately after the regional tables will begin to work together with schools. In the meantime, in these days, is continued between the Ministry, Regions and local Authorities in the exchange of data and documentation.
“We are waiting for the text from the ministry – explains the BEND Cristina Grieco, coordinator of the Education Commission of the Conference of the Regions – we will examine it and in the extraordinary Conference that will be held probably Thursday, we will give the opinion. Our intention is to find an agreement”.
In that site you will also decide the date of return to school that will most likely be on the 14th of September. “It is the most pleasing to everyone, even if there are rumors to the contrary. We will ask however, that you have less disruption as possible in schools where there will be elections. It would be important to find other locations for the polling stations, even for the future. The collaboration is at its maximum, the game is very important.”

THE REGIONS. “Really, this week will be crucial: we do not want conflicts; respect for the school we need to work together to give certainty on how to share the spirit this is and never has been our intention to enter into a collision course, but, if anything, we want to work with a constructive spirit”. So Cristina Grieco, coordinator of the Education commission at the Conference of the Regions. The Regions have advanced some proposals regarding the recovery in September, “I think the ministry of Education is expecting an additional step with the scientific and technical Committee, which must endorse the lines”, says Grieco, who explains: “it is urgent to know when and how we start again in September.” At the same time, the Regions on Thursday, before the Conference of the Regions and then in the State and the Regions will agree on the date of the beginning of the school that the minister for Jay in recent days has proposed to take away the 14th of September. “For my Region, Tuscany, that’s okay, “explains Grieco – we had already established the school calendar and the shooting on the 15th of September; it’s also good to the majority of the presidents also if there is any entry to the contrary, concerned above all by the idea of having to start the lessons and then breaking them because of the regional elections”. With regards to the distance, on the basis of the indications of Cts the Regions have been proposed to give an objective indication of the distancing of pupils who could be of assistance to principals and local administrators: a generic linear meter of distance Regions offer a surface area of 1.8 square meters, in order to identify speed critical situations; they propose, among other things, the use of masks only for travel, not when the guys are sitting in class.

DEANSIn at least 40% of the school classrooms is virtually impossible to maintain a spacing of one metre between the benches: for this reason it is urgent to come to a knowledge of the guidelines to understand what to do for September, you can procrastinate the wait. To say the BEND is Antonello Giannelli, president of the national Association of headteachers. “According to our calculations, a significant percentage of the classes the material is not physically possible for the size of classrooms and number of students. What do we do then in these cases? This is the main question which should meet the guidelines,” says Giannelli.