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Prague The number of positively tested people is growing, so the hospital is full day after day of patients who had to be hospitalized due to the external course of the covid-19 disease. Their current number, which is not far from six hundred, may seem high, as they agree in several ways: the vast majority are patients over 60 years of age, who also suffer from diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Young people are the exception in the hospital.

Due to illness covid-19, 581 ech were hospitalized. The large teaching hospitals in Prague and Brno agree that these are mostly patients with the elderly who suffer from other diseases.

All patients have comorbidities such as arterial hypertension, diabetes and overweight, the head of the Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care2 told the server. of the Faculty of Charles University and the Faculty Hospital Motol Tom Vymazal.

His words are then confirmed by representatives of other Prague hospitals. Speaking of the General University Hospital in Prague, Marie Hemnkov explains that these are often patients with specific oncological diseases.

Although there are exceptions in hospitals, they are elderly patients. We currently have 28 patients at the clinic of infectious diseases, two patients in very severe condition at the department of resuscitation and intensive care, and three patients at the psychiatric clinic, said Pavel University Hospital in Brno. with the fact that three quarters of covid patients are over 60 years of age and twenty percent are over 80 years old.

Specific approach to psychiatric patients

We also have a patient who is 24, but the course of the disease is not particularly important for him, the Brno hospital said. The first one is one of the young people where lkai take care of psychiatric patients who have contracted the disease. Thus, the Brno University Hospital offers a specific environment where they can be lit.

The University Hospital in Motol currently had 32 hospitalized patients with a positive wind on covid-19. Connected to artificial ventilation was needed for five of them. These were ronas born in 1942 and 1963. Other patients are on oxygen therapy with very mild or mild symptoms, the head of the Vymazal clinic told the server. The vast majority of patients are a bag according to the hospital aged 65 and over.

According to the press, at the Thomayer Hospital in Prague, there were initially 22 people out of 22, of whom only 9 were children, and the average age of the patient is 69 years. condition.

Patients with a severe course of the disease make up about five of all positively tested cases. According to the Ministry of Health, this is 115 cases, ie those that needed to be connected to artificial lung ventilation and extra-membrane oxygenation, which is an advanced method of supporting vital functions.

Specifically, these patients are then prepared by the University Hospital at St. Anne’s in Brno, which does not have an infectious disease clinic. The hospital does not take medium or light runs, but only the worst cases. We now have three such patients at the clinic, who are on artificial lung ventilation, one of which is connected to the extraordinary support of blood gas exchange, the ECMO device, said Vladimír rmek, head of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation at Masaryk University. He added that even in the event of a rapid increase in the sweat of such patients, the hospital is able to open another six drugs.

Nejastji pomh remdesivir

Most of the middle or worst cases are treated with remdesivir, a drug that was first used on an infected Prague taxi. At first, they experienced a positive response. Depending on the patient’s clinical condition, the current Gilead Sciences company is currently one of the best options available to covid patients abroad and abroad.

As another suitable variant, which the largest Czech hospitals consider in the treatment of moderate and tissue cases, is the phenomenon of isoprinosine. The substance in isoprinosine is called inosine pranobex and works similarly to steroids for human immunity. When an individual is infected, the virus first penetrates the cells, where it begins to multiply and then becomes more prolonged. The so-called NK beeches, which is an abbreviation for the English-related Natural Killers, in nature, are natural to stop the multiplication of the virus. Drill the infected beech and let the enzyme in it destroy it. And first, the formation of these NK cells is supported by isoprinosine.

As a variant to remdesivir, isoprinosine is used, for example, in the Prague Motol.

The last, probably least known method of flax, is used at Thomayer Hospital. Here, in addition to remdesivir, they decided to use blood plasma from people who spilled out of the covide infection. According to the press, the center was first used in 14 cases, in hospitalized patients with the current course of the disease, especially in patients with respiratory failure.


Rosángela Espinoza delighted everyone with 4K choreography

The Selfie Girl showed her stage talent with a popular theme song

What steps! Rosángela Espinoza was as a guest in On everyone’s lips for the sequence of “Duelo de tiktokers peruanos” and, during her participation, the reality girl did not hesitate to show her choreography of the famous 4K song.

Rosángela took advantage of her invitation to the set to show everyone why she is the queen of Tik Tok. And is that in recent months, the young woman has gained greater popularity as a result of her dances and challenges on the social network.

The hosts of the program were surprised by Espinoza’s dance steps and even Ricardo Rondón said he was very proud of her.

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Both become the wives of a wealthy businessman, take a peek at Maia’s house portrait … collage

Being the Wives of a Rich Businessman, Take a Look at the Portrait of Maia Estianty’s House in Paris and Nia Ramadhani in Los Angeles, Who Has More Luxury?

Grid.ID – People are, of course, familiar with figures musicians Maia Estianty and artist Nia ramadhani.

Apart from both working at entertainment world, Maia Estianty and Nia ramadhani known as one celebrities wealthy.

How not, Maia Estianty and Nia ramadhani both married one person entrepreneur success Homeland.

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No wonder the two of them are able to live in luxury and comfort in various ways.

One of them is the residence owned by Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani.

Both Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani are known to have luxurious and elite houses abroad.

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Al El Dul’s mother owns luxury home assets in Paris, France.

Meanwhile, Ardi Bakrie’s wife is located in the Beverly Hills area of ​​Los Angeles, California, United States.

In addition, their goal of having a luxury home in another country is definitely for a temporary stopover when traveling on their career, work, or business matters.

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Are you curious about the appearance of the houses of these two top celebrities?

Here are the luxuries of Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani’s overseas homes.

Maia Estianty’s mansion

Maia Estianty's home abroad

Maia Estianty’s home abroad

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Apart from being known as a legendary musician, Maia herself is a successful businessman.

So, the wealth of Ahmad Dhani’s ex-wife is also considered very sufficient in terms of material or other matters.

As can be seen from the photo above, besides having a comfortable house in Jakarta, Maia also has luxurious home assets in Paris, France.

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The magnificent house was designed by an Interior Designer from America through his Instagram account @maiaestiantyreal.

The purpose of uploading the wife of businessman Irwan Mussry is to share corner portraits of houses by trusted designers.

Maia also provided a caption that provided an explanation for the photo he uploaded.

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This luxury house in Paris, France was designed by an American interior designer, Pablo Molyneux.

”Love this Private Residence in Paris designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux @j.p.molyneux …Cool !!!,” wrote Maia Estianty in her Instagram upload.

In addition, Maia Estianty’s magnificent house carries a classic design style.

The building itself has a size that exceeds its function.

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The grandeur of Nia Ramadhani’s house

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

The house owned by a mother of three children is indeed located in Los Angeles, America which looks towering.

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As is well known to the public, Nia Ramadhani is a celebrity in the country with her socialite style.

In addition, he often shows off his personal life in luxury such as holidays to various countries and his stately home.

The two-story house is equipped with a swimming pool and a beautiful backyard with trees.

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The location of Nia’s house itself is in an elite settlement.

Because the stately home is in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States.

The house of Ardi Bakrie’s wife is designed in the American House style, which is no less luxurious than the residence of Hollywood celebrities.

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Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia herself chose the color of her house with a dominance of elegant white.

It can be seen from Nia’s own uploads that she always appears as if she shows the corner of her house.

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So it’s no wonder that taking pictures in your own house gives a luxurious impression when people see the portrait.

The all-white interior is indeed a comfort for Nia Ramadhani and her family.

The first photo shows part of the house that plays the character of Bawang Merah in front of it.

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Meanwhile, the second photo shows the inner corner against the neatly displayed book background.

As additional information, one of the characteristics of this interior design is that it has aesthetic value and beauty that can be seen in the detailed ornaments and carvings.

Having large pillars in ancient design with high ceilings makes this house feel grand and luxurious.

So the house of these two artists is indeed very luxurious like a palace, huh!

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The second wave of the epidemic has arrived, Prymula said. According to him, the Central Crisis Staff is not needed Home

Prague There is a second wave of coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic. This was stated on Sunday by the government commissioner for science and research in healthcare Roman Prymula on the Czech television program Otázky Václava Moravec.

According to him, the same number of hospitalizations can be in hospitals in 14 days to three weeks as in the spring. Should the infection spread as explosively as before, hospitals could reach the capacity limits of reserved beds for patients with covid-19. If no measures were taken, Czech hospitals could be at the limit capacity at the end of October, he said.

According to Prymula, the announcement of the second wave is a formal matter, but the current situation can already be considered. We are now seeing a higher increase in confirmed cases than in the first wave, and there was a lag between current growths and those in the spring, Prymula said.

He added that at present it is necessary to “flatten” the infection curve. If this fails in about three weeks, the covid wards could reopen in hospitals, Prymula said.

Measures that would dramatically change the curve to make the number of infections drop immediately, according to Prymula, are not. However, it is clear that short-range air transmission dominates. He described Prymul as the singing of people side by side. Therefore, people should avoid celebrations for at least a month in order to reduce the growing curve of those infected.

Evolutionary biologist and parasitologist Jaroslav Flegr is also worried about the increase in those infected. He said on CNN Prima News on Sunday that in a week, up to 4,000 people in the Czech Republic will be tested positively every day, and in two weeks, even 10,000 people will be infected daily. “No more epidemic measures will be taken, so it will simply be,” Flegr said in the debate. Mortality is expected to be around one percent. According to him, there are now different strains of the virus among the people than a month ago.

However, epidemiologist Jiří Beran does not agree with Flegr. He likens mortality to a common respiratory disease. “I’m not afraid. Mortality is declining. At the moment, it is around 0.2 tenths of a percent, “said Beran in Partia.

The number of new cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic is growing almost the fastest in the European Union. On Saturday, a record 1541 more people were infected in the Czech Republic, which is almost 100 more than on Friday. On days off, laboratories tend to test less.

The Ministry of Health will publish Saturday’s number of tests on Sunday evening. There are now more than 13,700 infected in the country, mostly with a mild course of the disease. 297 people were hospitalized with covid-19 on Saturday, 69 of them in severe condition.

According to Prymula, the Central Crisis Staff is not needed

The situation with the infection in the Czech Republic should currently be addressed by the healthcare segment, if it works, there is no need for the Central Crisis Staff, says the government’s commissioner for health research Roman Prymula. He also said in the Czech television program Otázky Václava Moravec that due to the growing number of confirmed cases of the disease, the related processes need to be significantly intensified and the system strengthened. Hygienists cannot handle the situation without other people, it is necessary to strengthen the sampling points, he said.

However, the Social Democrats want to strive for the resumption of the activities of the Central Crisis Staff during Monday’s government meeting. This was said today by the Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek (ČSSD) in the program Partie televize Prima. The staff operated in the country in the spring, headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček (CSSD). On Wednesday, he said it was time to reactivate it. According to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES), however, this is not justified, because there is a government council for health risks. Its members are Hamáček, Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch and Defense Lubomír Metnar (both for YES). According to the Prime Minister, there is no need for another body to deal with the epidemic.

According to Prymula, there are not so many logistical problems now. The dominant core of the problems is of epidemiological, hygienic and clinical origins. According to him, the Ministry of Health should therefore be enough to solve the issues.


Opt record number. In 1447 people were confirmed in birds, and the number of people in a large state is growing rapidly Home

Convention 1 – Tests in R revealed the first three cases of infection. Vichni nakaen traveled from Italy.

10. bezna – Poet ppad nkazy pekroil pt support.

March 12 – Poet nakaench pekroil hundred (there were 117 of them).

March 14 – The first two spills were reported, the patients were from Gout and were among the first infants in R.

March 18 – The number of confirmed cases of infection has exceeded five hundred (there were 562 of them).

March 21 – The number of cases of contagion exceeded the thousand, there were 1,051 of them.

22.Bezna – VR zemel prvn lovk nakaen koronavirem. Ptadevadestilet mu trpl adou zdravotnch problm.

March 26 – The number of confirmed cases exceeded 2000 (there were 2028 of them).

March 30 – The number of people excluded from covid-19 has reached one hundred.

March 31 – The total number of tests exceeded 50,000.

April 3 – The number of coronavirus countries exceeds 50, 57.

April 7 – The number of outbreaks has reached 5,000, there have been 5038.

April 8 – The number of people hospitalized with covid-19 was 422, a record. The number of countries that have been diagnosed with coronavirus is 100.

April 10 – The number of recoveries crossed the 1000 mark.

April 21 – The number of countries diagnosed with coronavirus infection exceeds 200.

April 23 – The number of sacks (3674) first exceeded the number of sick people with covid-19 (then 3322).

May 1 – The number of pots baked is 5,000 (there were 5024).

May 19 – The number of people who died of covid-19 crossed the 300 mark (there were 301 of them).

13. ervna – Poet ppad nkazy pekroil 10 000.

July 24 – A total of 15,000 positive tests are tested.

August 22 – 4695 people have been poured with coronavirus, the largest since the epidemic. The number of lenches increased in the following days.

August 16 – The number of coronavirus cases in R is 20,000.

August 18 – The VR has crossed the border of 400 people with coronavirus infection.

August 21 – Denn Finger in R first crossed the 500 (504). The previous record from the 27th run was 377.

4. z – A record number of tests were performed, 13,589.

8. z – The number of depopulated people exceeded the limit of 20,000, the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 first exceeded the thousand (there were 1161).

10. z – The total number of tests performed exceeded the million mark.

11. z – Denn nrst potu ppad confirmation confirmed the press and reached a record slaughter in 1447. In total, the infection since the arrest was confirmed in 33,860 people.


TV modertoi and people in restaurants for food and drink. Ask how the exceptions are for noen rouek | Home

Prague In connection with the growing sweat caused by coronavirus in the center of the central medical team, he decided that in the whole Czech Republic from Thursday 10 he will have to wear handkerchiefs in rows, shops, companies (except at intervals), offices and all other interiors of buildings.

Routers will not be mandatory in shelters, only in common areas. It is currently necessary to protect one hundred and one noses when traveling by public transport.

According to the Ministry of Health, the noen rouek exception applies to the following groups of people:

– children under two years of age

– children and teaching staff in the nursery school and children and people he works in children’s groups

– persons in educational institutions providing one-year foreign language courses with full-time education in educational education

– interns and homes of billions, in the case of employees or accommodated children, students or students

– school facilities for the performance of state education or protective education and wheels for education and centers of education when providing services internally

– zzy zzen by the Ministry of Justice

– students, pedagogues and pedagogical staff in the college according to paragraph 16 paragraph 9 of the college code

– employees and children in the children’s room requiring immediate assistance

– people with intellectual disorder, autism spectrum disorder, acgnitive disorder or so-called mental state alteration, their mental abilities and current mental state do not have the ability to follow this message

– patients, if they are hospitalized in a healthcare facility and if it is necessary for the provision of health services

– medical staff for the time necessary, if it is necessary for the provision of health services

– users of social services in the occupational social services, which are weekly self-employed, homes for the disabled, homes for the elderly and homes with a special regime, and in facilities providing remote social services in residential forms

– gave cases of consideration to many, which is determined by the provider of health or social services or caregivers for movement and stay in health facilities and social services

– employees and persons in a similar position, including state officials, for the period when they perform work in one city, if such a person works at a distance of at least two meters from another person

– persons are a vehicle of public transport, when they are not in direct contact with the passenger during its check-in

– judges, presidents, central deputies, accused and their lawyers, participants in civil, administrative and state judicial women and their deputies, witnesses, experts, interpreters and other persons decided by the court, both in the city and at the time of judicial proceedings

– persons performing an author’s work (for example, a theatrical, dance or musical performance), lecturers and people involved in the creation and production of an audiovisual work or program

– moderators, editors and other people appearing in radio, television and other programs

– persons who perform work included by the decision of the public health authority in the category of aunt or quarter for the risk factor of working conditions with heat, and according to the person, perform work that has not yet been categorized and which can be assumed that after categorization will be due to The presence of a risk factor of working conditions with heat fall into the category of aunts or quarters

– orders for catering establishments at the time of food and meal consumption, including beverages

– persons traveling in public transport for the time necessary for the consumption of food and meals, including drinks

– fiancé during the satin ceremony and gave the person to this lunch present and the person inc declaration that they enter into a registered partnership together, and gave the person this statement present

– persons for the time necessary to view their portrait photographs, or photographs of newlyweds, including joint photographs with members of the household and other close persons

– Athletes or trainers of a person in the time of training, exercises, waist, competition, etc.

– persons in indoor swimming pools, which are a swimming pool, a swimming pool, a pool for infants and toddlers and paddling, spa and cranium pools and saunas.


Sandra Pospíšilová with her mother for the second time: She is home from the maternity hospital!

Moderator Sandra Pospíšilová (34), formerly Parmová, confided in her instagram profile a joyful novelty. On Saturday, their husband and son were born. They left the maternity hospital yesterday and are home!

“We just want to greet you from the hospital. Leonek has been here with us since the weekend … And it’s so wonderful to meet a baby, “Sandra wrote about the photo of her second child.

Moderator from Prima Sandra Pospíšilová: Suspended with 12-year-old pearls for a million!

Together with their husband Pavel Pospíšil, their family has grown to four members. They already have a daughter, Emilka, who celebrated her third birthday in August. “We’re just going through the checks and in a moment we’re finally going home,” the presenter told the daily Aha! yesterday morning.

Pregnant Parma and Lašková from CNN Prima News: Is Bouček to blame?


Karol G’s choreographer commented

The former “Red” Christell Rodríguez has remained quite active on social networks, adding a large number of followers both on Instagram and TikTok.

In the latter the young woman has drawn applause with her dance steps, which has not been without criticism for her weight, but the young woman has imposed herself on these hateful comments.

Recently, in a video, she showed off dancing to the hit “Ay, Dios Mío” by Karol G, where she received an unexpected comment from the Colombian choreographer, Greg Chapkis, who shared the video of the Chilean in his stories.

Here you can see the log:

Instagram Christell Rodríguez


Lippo Claims 327 Cendana Peak Units Will Expire in Five Hours

JAKARTA, – PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk claims to experience excess demand for the latest cluster, Sandalwood Peak, which was developed in Lippo Village, Karawaci, Tangerang.

CEO PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk John Riady said, Cendana Park was attacked by buyers in less than five hours.

This repeated the success of the release of the first phase of the site, Cendana Homes, which also sold out in a few hours.

“The interest and demand for Cendana Peak is still dominated by unmarried millennials or parents who buy housing for their children,” said John in a written statement to, Tuesday (8/9/2020).

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Cendana Park is designed with a size of 50 square meters, 60 square meters and 75 square meters with two bedrooms and three bedrooms.

Lippo Karawaci offers 327 units of this cluster with prices starting from IDR 568 million.

Lippo Karawaci Interior of Cendana Peak, Lippo Village.

This cluster has its own gate for the comfort and safety of its residents and is equipped with a children’s play area and a pet park.

In addition there are also outdoor yoga garden facilities, reflexology garden, jogging track, a fitness center, and a sculpture park.

Sandalwood Peak is also equipped with retail arcade named Peak Avenue Plaza which is a two-story building with a multifunctional concept covering an area of ​​100 square meters with a total of 16 units.

The design is made dual entry and dedicated to being a shopping center, al-fresco dining and hang out.

Peak Avenue Plaza is priced at around IDR 1.19 billion per unit.


Zane trial with mu, only in Mustang near Pindler’s Mill kills elite reporter | Home

PRAGUE A Ford Mustang high-speed drive into the right turn near Pindler’s Mill. His idi bag can’t handle it, he finds himself in the opposite direction and he fights with the crew of the Rapid code. V n na mst umr jeden mu. His co-driver is transported by air to the hospital with her injured person. A dark year has passed since the tragic event of the losk from which General Milan Jakub (49) perished. And as Lidov newspaper found out, the perpetrators were sued this week.

I can confirm that on Thursday the District Court in Trutnov should take place mainly only in the case of the accident from the 21st of 2019, said LN Vra Admkov from the District Council in Trutnov. Earlier, the police stated that they wanted to prosecute the perpetrator from two criminal offenses. Namely, killed by negligence and wounded to health.


Jakub was one of the elite Czech intelligence officers. He was the deputy director of Military Intelligence (VZ). For example, he was in charge of building a strategic defense against a hacker. Even after a year, he was not forgotten by his colleagues.

We still remember him inside the organization. I spoke with many people from the Czech and international security community, who only remember him in a good way. This also shows how the name Milan Jakub Jr., shared by LN Jan Beroun, Military Intelligence.

Vojtch Ch., An amateur seducer, will sit on the dock on Thursday. He was at the critical moment behind the wheel of the Ford. He’s in danger for years.

At the turn, the speed is 150 km / h

The police invited a forensic expert to investigate the circumstance of the accident. They ruled out that there might be a problem with one of the cars due to the steta. The Oriental test for the presence of alcohol in the breath was negative after the accident in the fashion. According to experts, the main reason for the tragic sickness was high speed. The oncoming car had to hit a speed of 150 km / h in the oncoming car.

The system of file material is a complete expert opinion from the field of road transport. It turned out that his driver of a Ford Mustang vehicle would sharply exceed the maximum permitted speed in a given section of the road and thus exceed the maximum possible speed for safe passing through the right turn. High speed then played a role in the reaction time of both people, which needed to be averted to minimize the consequences of the clash, described police talk Eva Prachaov.

Immediately after the accidents, it was suspected that Ford was part of a group of cars that had been seduced at the Krkonoše center at the time of the incrimination. Vojtch Ch., Who took part in the amateur car races in the past, refused to do so. He and his twelve-year-old co-driver escaped the accident with minor injuries. On the other hand, a hundred Ford vehicles and a Rapid code for the general’s wife ended up with three injuries, because of them, the manual movement could not be blocked.

Jakub was one of the highest-ranking Czech intelligence officers. For many years he worked as a deputy director of Military Intelligence. He was in charge of technical matters. On June 28, 2017, President Milo Zeman appointed him to the rank of Brigadier General at the behest of the Holy Day. He was such an avid football player, he played for the reserve team TJ Sokol Bchory in the Koln region.

Milan Jakub was a sun, este and frov hunter under every circumstance. He was still modest. His words were in vain, and he could always be relied upon. I was honored to know him not only as a colleague, I also considered him my friend. It is worth noting that a dark year has passed since the tragic event, Jan Beroun told the LN military correspondent.

The Ministry of Transport is preparing the right to a points system. In the proposal, which was unanimously approved by the government and assessed by its deputies, the sweat will be tightened even for a severe speeding. In case of approval of the proposal, a new fine should be threatened with a maximum fine in the first amount of 25 thousand crowns, as well as the destruction of the amount to eighteen months. The new points system could apply from 2022.