Tuberculosis can be cured with shorter treatments

Life According to the study Image for illustrative purposes. EFE. Almost half of the nearly ten million patients with active tuberculosis (TB) diagnosed every year can be cured with shorter treatments than those currently recommended, according to a study published in "Nature Medicine." A new analysis by the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) […]

The half-sister of Meghan Markle was expelled from the Kensington Palace

It does not stop seeding Meghan Markle. Staying in London since the end of September, the controversial half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex is again the center of attention. Samantha Markle in fact tried to visit the wife of Prince Harry in the grounds of Kensington Palace on Saturday, October 6. The photographs on the […]

In tears, Asia Argento talks about the suicide of Anthony Bourdain for the first time

While in the midst of a media war with Jimmy Bennett (the 22-year-old actor accused the sexual assault actress in 2013, Ed), Asia Argento talked for the first time about the suicide of his partner Anthony Bourdain. In June, the 61-year-old American boss was killed in a luxury hotel in Kaysersberg near Colmar in Alsace. […]

Men of which the signs of the zodiac are the most suitable for a serious relationship

Learning the nature of men will help not only intuition, but also astrology Edition Today lifestyle Today, 10:02 Choose the right men. Photo: pixabay Not all men are prone to serious relationships. Someone because of the lack of willingness to commit to obligations, someone is very busy with a career and is not ready to […]

Photojournalism: Véronique de Viguerie is the first woman to crown in almost 20 years

She is the first woman in twenty years to win that distinction. Véronique de Viguerie won the prize at the famous photojournalism festival held on Saturday, September 8 in Perpiñán. Only the fifth woman who has won this award since the first edition of 1989 of this event, presented as the largest devoted to photojournalism […]

Monica Lewinsky leaves the conference after her question about Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky speaks parsimoniously and does not like to be forced. What I probably did not understand Israeli journalist Yonit Levy, who paid the price. At a conference on cyberbullying in Israel on Monday, September 3, he was received by Monica Lewinsky when he suddenly mentioned Bill Clinton. "I will not be able to do […]