Due to lack of travelers, the hotel supports the hospital

Most establishments have closed, although they were not forced to do so by the government.

The Première Classe hotel in Perpignan welcomes patients who have been cured at the request of the authorities.
The Première Classe hotel in Perpignan welcomes patients who have been cured at the request of the authorities. Jc Milhet / Jean-Christophe Milhet

Due to a lack of travelers, hotels have lost their raison d’être. Within days, most closed, even if they were not forced to do so by the government. Only 10% of the French fleet is still open and part of it is available for the country’s health needs. “As soon as Julien de Denormandie, the Minister of Housing, called for the first time more than three weeks ago, we identified with the National Group of Chains (GNC) 1,000 hotels and 40,000 rooms that could be made available to prefects and ARS to receive nursing staff, truck drivers, homeless people and minor patients ”, declares Roland Héguy, Confederation President of Umih, the leading employers’ organization for hotels in France.

A decree at Official newspaper March 29 gives the prefect the opportunity to requisition ERP (establishment receiving the public): hotels, but also tourist residences. “Today, only a handful of hotels have been requisitioned to accommodate the sick

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In Perpignan, a facility medicalized by Doctors Without Borders

Located on the southern outskirts of the Catalan capital, the Première Classe hotel has been transformed since the end of March into a reception center for patients with Covid-19.

Through Guillaume Mollaret

The “Covid Hotel” in Perpignan is currently treating 6 patients. They were twenty last week. Jc Milhet / Jean-Christophe Milhet

“Au Bon Secours”. The locality on which the “Covid hotel” is located in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales) has revived an ancient history whose cadastre keeps its memory. Located on the southern outskirts of the Catalan capital, the Première Classe hotel, emptied by the pandemic of its passing travelers, has been transformed since the end of March into a reception center for patients with Covid-19. This is not a place to house the seriously ill, but patients who do not need or no longer need to be hospitalized.

With 35 rooms available, the “Covid hotel” in Perpignan frees up as many beds at the local hospital center which, at the end of last month, housed the busiest infectious disease services in Occitania in terms of its capacity to ‘Home. The hotel, whose medical care is provided by Doctors Without Borders, has since been provided with resident patients who agree not to leave their room once admitted.

Initially, this establishment located on the road leading to the

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Ronaldinho pays bail in fake passport affair in Paraguay

VFrom an account in Europe, the former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho is said to have taken the money that he used for the bail to be released from custody in Paraguay. The Brazilian and Argentine media reported on Wednesday, citing judge Gustavo Amarilla. “The origin of the money and the form of the transfer were approved by the judge,” quoted the portal “UOL” Ronaldinhos lawyer Sérgio Queiroz. “If there had been any illegality, the deposit would not have been accepted.”

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When his passport was withdrawn two years ago because he had not paid a fine of two million euros, there were still a few euros in the account in Brazil. The former professional of FC Barcelona had now paid 1.6 million US dollars (1.47 million euros) so that he and his brother Roberto Assis were able to leave the prison in the capital Asunción on Tuesday under house arrest. They had spent 32 days with fake passports because of the entry. “The guarantee was important. Previously, they had only presented a property as a guarantee that did not even bear their name, ”said prosecutor Osmar Legal.

In the “Palmaroga Hotel”, with at least four stars, in the center of Asunción with more than 100 rooms, you can follow the further process. According to media reports, they are said to be the only guests. You can move around the hotel freely, but are under police surveillance, have separate rooms and are not allowed to leave the country. Police officers stand guard around the clock in front of the gate to prevent a possible escape.

The question will be whether Ronaldinho’s lawyers will be able to maintain the version that the only offense is to use a fake passport – or whether he and Roberto are involved in the activities of a criminal organization. “It is clear that there were no bad intentions; the two were duped, ”the portal“ GaúchaZH ”from Ronaldinho’s hometown Porto Alegre quoted one of the brothers’ lawyers on Wednesday.

“They believed that the passports were real.” The next hearing was not yet certain, also because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Ronaldinho and his brother were caught and arrested shortly after entering Paraguay in early March with false identification documents that they had been given by business partners, according to their own statements.

In the neighboring country, they wanted to participate in the opening of a casino and fundraisers, as well as advertise Ronaldinho’s biography. Prosecutors in the South American country have filed charges against Ronaldinho and Roberto. The case involved extensive investigations with numerous arrests.

The world footballer of 2004 and 2005 had landed in Asuncion on March 4 and had presented Paraguayan IDs upon entry. Two days later, he was arrested with his brother, who is also his advisor, and has since spent the ongoing investigation in an 18-square-meter cell in a National Police barracks converted into a prison.


House arrest instead of detention for Ronaldinho

I.n Paraguay, the former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho was surprisingly released from detention under house arrest. The two-time world footballer (2004 and 2005) and world champion from 2002, as well as his brother and manager Roberto Assis, were released on Tuesday after paying a deposit of 1.6 million US dollars (1.47 million euros) Prosecutor with.

You can now wait for the further procedure in a hotel in the capital Asunción. Ronaldinho and Roberto are under the supervision of the police and are not allowed to leave the country. The Brazilian portal “Globoesporte” reported that the defense wanted to get the final release. If convicted, there is a risk of five years in prison.

Fake passports

Ronaldinho had been sitting for almost 30 days because of the entry into Paraguay with fake passports, which he and his brother claimed to have been given by business partners. In the neighboring country, they wanted to participate in the opening of a casino and several charity events, as well as to advertise Ronaldinho’s biography.

At first it looked as if the Asunción posse was over quickly. However, the case involved extensive investigations with numerous arrests. The ex-Barça professional celebrated his 40th birthday in custody. Finally, because of the Corona crisis, it seemed as if there was no prospect of being released. On Tuesday there was a hearing in Asunción via video. Ronaldinho and Roberto were added.

Her lawyers had failed three times to get the brothers out of prison. As can be seen from the recent statement by the public prosecutor, the amount of the deposit offered was decisive for the fact that it worked this time. “Previously, they gave a house as security that did not even go in the name of the two,” prosecutor Oscar Legal was quoted after the hearing. “Now the defense has opened a bank account on behalf of the two and deposited the money.”


Eat only in the room

Won Friday he was looking for a hotel room in Frankfurt on the virtual booking platform Booking.com for the period from Saturday to Tuesday, which apparently had a wide selection. They ranged from companies such as the Hotel Aurelia in Rödelheim, which offered three nights for two people at a price of 113 euros, to the Maritim Hotel an der Messe (217 euros) to the “Guesthouse Dirazi” in Westend, which wanted to have 610 euros. “164 accommodations found,” the system reported.

Jacqueline Vogt

Jacqueline Vogt

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the Rhein-Main section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

A number of hotels in the city offer rooms even these days, when not only no tourists arrive, but only business-related overnight stays may even be accepted. Most are small businesses, according to the Hotel and Restaurant Association. But also some of the big houses keep their doors open when the business is very limited: for business travelers, which exist even in Corona times, for the crews of the few remaining flights or, as Eduard Singer says, “for stranded tourists”, people who are currently unable to return to their home countries.


Han Dong in the series “My Window to the World”

I.I have never been with a person like this, 24 hours a day, not a second away from him, for a continuous sixty days, locked up in a room less than thirty square meters, if you don’t count the bathroom. On January 21, my wife and I went to visit relatives in Hubei Province. Shortly afterwards, all provincial towns were cordoned off due to the epidemic. And we were immediately isolated in our hotel room.

Buddhism speaks of eight ailments, one of which is that people who hate each other have to live together. It only becomes clear in retrospect whether your own case is such a condition. The cramped space and the long time are full of dangers, especially among close people. When a couple usually argues with one another, one or the other can simply close the door behind them and walk away or politely say: “I want to be alone, please leave me alone”. But now there are no such options. In front of the door there are people with a bandage on their sleeves, who make sure that nobody leaves their place. Even if you had the strength to break the window and jump out of the window, the height of the eighth floor would not be trifled with. Inner distance and delimitation are now very important. My wife and I have never been so sensible, reserved, humble and accommodating as we have been in those sixty days, we have practiced the highest level of togetherness of a married couple in the traditional sense – “worshiping each other like guests” – for which we congratulated each other . In addition, a special kind of friendship has come into our relationship, which is similar to those who care for prisoners among themselves. We couldn’t have expected that beforehand.

Humanless, as if swept clean

The good thing was that the room had a large window, almost the size of the wall. Although the window could not be opened completely, there was a wide field of vision. Outside you could see the driveway in front of the hotel door, then the streets came; Construction sites and fields appeared, and there were still factory buildings and apartment blocks. Mountains loomed on the horizon. The whole thing was like an empty mirror, no person, no car, not even a breath of wind showed. Wild dogs roamed the streets a few times as if they had been specially built for them. Once I saw two people working in the middle of the fields, I was so surprised and impressed as if they were people from an old time, from an afterlife, who had no idea of ​​curfews.

Not only I saw this picture of emptiness every day. This is how it looked in all Chinese cities, towns and villages: humanless, as empty, clean as the white on snow-covered earth. Probably all the windows offered this picture; the photos and videos on the Internet testified to this. The emptiness was a gigantic field of vision that had never existed before. The result of a strategy of emptiness that follows logic: a ghostly virus freaks out, so what can it do to me?

Tristesse Royale: View from the window of the hotel room where Han Dong was quarantined.

What bothered me the most was that I wasn’t allowed to smoke. Because the space was limited, the air circulation machine was switched on to prevent the spreading of the floating particles of the virus. Secondly, I couldn’t write, I didn’t feel like it. Two things I am addicted to were simply kept away from me, I spent the day reading messages on my cell phone. Three meals were brought into the room from the hotel, we ate a little of it.

The temperature had to be measured twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon. It was said that if you had normal temperature for fourteen consecutive days, you were healthy. We spent three times a fortnight measuring more and more. Although it was a grotesque activity, it was popular with my wife and me because a certain regularity now calmed life. The perception of time changed, sometimes it seemed to go faster, sometimes slower. When I say “fast” I mean that a day has passed quickly because there was no news or worth mentioning. When I say “slowly” it refers to the expectation of the day that the lock will be released, which could not have been predicted. When will it end? Speed ​​from start to finish, slowness without beginning without end.

Passers-by without mouth protection

One day my wife told me that the rapeseed flowers are blooming. Isn’t it true: shiny yellow fields, the winter landscape has turned into spring. A day later I heard mosquitoes buzzing while meditating in the evening, and I thought it couldn’t be, they are surely flies. The day after, my wife told me that she had been bitten by mosquitos during the night and therefore had not slept well. Mosquitos in March, incredible. Then flies and bees came, always new little insects. We didn’t kill her, it wasn’t easy to catch her and let her out the window. Fortunately we had a lot of time.

Outside the hotel entrance, now and then, in addition to security guards in uniform, occasional passers-by showed up, some of them didn’t even wear face masks. They walked and did nothing – which made us feel injustice: don’t they understand the rules? What is your right to go outside? Do you have a permit? Suddenly I realized how twisted I was because of the lock. To move freely on the earth under the sky is the innate right of every human being.

When I thought so, I had a sweat.

From the Chinese of Gao Hong.

Han Dong, born in 1961, lives in Nanjing.


Start thinking about your next trip

The past, present and future of Spain are linked to the development and evolution of the tourism sector. It is our oil.

The long lines in front of our monuments will return.

It was thanks to tourism and infrastructure investments that began in the 1960s that this country began to open up to the world. Today,Spain is the second world tourist power.It received 83.7 million foreign visitors in 2019,second only to France.In 2010, the number of visitors was 52.6 million. It represents a growth of 60% in nine years. The sector represents 12% of GDP and employs 2.6 million people. In Spain we have some of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world, mostly owned by family groups that are already in their second or third generation.The surnames Barcel, Escarrer, Riu, Piero, Flux, Vallet, Matutes, Hidalgo, Lpez Gonzlez, Lpez Seijas, Carrillo and Nez, among the most prominent, form an outstanding part of one of the economic backbones that support the country.The visible faces of a sector that brings together 14,818 establishments around the world. With them,First generation entrepreneurs such as Kike Sarasola, president of the Room Mate chain, which has become one of the business leaders of the moment.His example and solidarity at the service of society, which today we reflect on the cover ofEconomic News,It sets the course that must be taken in order to be able, together, to move forward.

“Nobody thinks today that tourism stops moving,” says Amancio Lpez, president of the Hotusa chain,First consortium of independent hotels worldwide. Lpez, who is actively involved in supporting discussion forums, is the creator of theAtlético de la Toja Forum, center of reflection, started last year in the Galician spa. He, like everyone in the sector, observe the situation with absolute bewilderment. This has never happened before. A close to lime and song of the tourist offer. Thiss 2.6 million jobs in jeopardy. Both fixed and temporary, which serve to alleviate unemployment data for August.The summer campaign, once the page has been turned to that of Easter, is in question. How will we be then? No one can foresee it. Our speculations continue to depend on the evolution of virus control.

TheWorld Tourism Organization has already started its campaigns: “Stay home, but travel later.”The tourism sector is the third largest in the world in exports and international flows.Above: chemicals and fuels. Behind: the automotive industry and the agri-food sector. Every year 1,400 million international displacements occur, of which 54% are by plane. Annual growth is 5%, the year 2009 being the last decrease after the world entered into recession. 2020 beat all negative records.

The image of our airports in minimum services and with the vast majority of planes stopped on the ground, will be a parenthesis. The same as that of closed hotels for tourists. We will see long queues again to enter our most visited monuments and museums. Be a slow and progressive process, that leave many wounds open. We will travel again. Think about your next destination now.

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During the corona crisis, Thailand was king in Bavaria

Dhe Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Garmisch-Partenkirchen advertises with a “unique view of the Zugspitze”. But the “Alpine panorama paired with cosiness” is only available to special guests in times of the pandemic. While German hotels had to close in the wake of the crisis, the Sonnenbichl has a special permit. Because not Hans and Franz live there these days, but the 67-year-old Thai king Maha Vajiralongkorn with his entourage. Since these guests were a “homogeneous” group of people, the exception had been made, said a representative of the district office.

Till ferry

The Thai king in Bavaria? In his home country, the news had spread mainly through social networks. It is known there that the monarch crowned last year spent a lot of time in Bavaria. As the Reuters news agency reported, an unusually large number of comments were now critical.

As the insult to the king can be punished with imprisonment of up to 15 years in Thailand, such statements are not without danger. The wave of comments apparently led the responsible minister to post a warning to citizens on Twitter not to violate the laws regulating Internet content. The warning came with a picture showing hands in handcuffs over a keyboard.

Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl: This is where the king lives with his entourage.

Hamsters banned

Attention to the king’s whereabouts comes at a time when the situation is also worsening in Thailand. The first corona case outside of China was reported in the tropical holiday destination in January. After that there was only a slight increase in infections. But now, according to Johns Hopkins University, Thailand has 934 documented cases of Covid-19. At least four people are said to have died from the consequences of the disease.

Shopping centers, restaurants and bars have been closed in Thailand since the weekend. Wearing a face mask is mandatory on public transport. An emergency ordinance will also apply from this Thursday. Then no foreigner may enter the country. Meetings are prohibited. People under the age of five and over 70 as well as with previous illnesses are encouraged to stay at home.

Hoarding food and medical items is also punishable. “Thailand is at a turning point in the outbreak. The situation could get much worse. It is important that we impose stricter rules, ”Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said in a television speech on Wednesday.

Appeal to German vacationers

The regulations mainly apply until April 30th. The imposition of the emergency is also a political step by which the Thai government is expanding its powers in the fight against the virus. In addition, further restrictions are expected in the coming days, such as when traveling domestically.

The tightened measures had already led to thousands of people fleeing from the capital Bangkok to their home villages. In addition, around 60,000 foreign workers had returned to their home countries, including mainly Laos, Cambodia and Burma.

Long queues had formed at the airports in the past few days. The changed situation is likely to have an impact on tourists who are stuck in the Southeast Asian country. The German ambassador in Bangkok, Georg Schmidt, called on all German tourists to get as close as possible to the international airports in Bangkok and Phuket. Since there are currently regular flights from Thailand to Europe, the country has not yet been included in the Federal Foreign Office’s return program. However, calls for help from stranded Germans whose flights have been canceled are piling up on Facebook and Twitter.

The Thai king has no such problems. The enthusiastic pilot often even controls his flights back home himself. Thai Airways has blocked most international routes – the one between Bangkok and Munich is still open.