The New Corona Dictatorship – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, for a few hours, since midnight Hungary a democratic zombie state of the European Union. With Corona, everything can be justified these days, including the introduction of one autocracy, as you can see from the example of Budapest. Prime minister Viktor Orbán Parliament had previously passed an emergency law with the […]

Hungarian Parliament Gives Orbán More Power to Fight Coronavirus | NOW

The Hungarian parliament gave the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán the authority on Tuesday to govern by decree because of the corona crisis. Critics fear the consequences of the law, which does not include an end date. Orbán had requested additional powers for his government as an extension of the state of emergency. The […]

Orbán receives powers to rule by decree indefinitely

EFE Updated:03/30/2020 16:20 save Related news The Hungarian Parliament has approved this Monday, with practically all the opposition against it, a legal amendment that authorizes the Prime Minister’s Executive, the ultra-nationalist Viktor Orbán, to rule by decree indefinitely to fight the coronavirus. He Orbán Executive may issue decrees and decide when the emergency situation under […]

concerns about Viktor Orban’s strengthened powers

Carte blanche to Viktor Orban. The Hungarian Prime Minister will be able to govern by decree without time limit. Parliament passed a bill on Monday (March 30th) allowing it to extend the state of emergency indefinitely, in effect since March 11th, without the need for a favorable vote by MPs. Under the pretext of fighting […]

Formula 1: Corona symptoms have disappeared from the infected

Sports formula 1 In the infected, the corona symptoms have disappeared Status: 09:36 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Corona virus! This is how the fans react to the cancellation After a McLaren team member tested positive for Corona, the entire Melbourne race weekend is completely canceled. The fans are divided. The Melbourne Formula 1 […]

“The Red Lips”, full of blood

Let’s prefer the French title, red lips (evocative metonymy and glam fetishism), to that of the original version. Daughters of Darkness, by Belgian Harry Kümel, being an international co-production, the film was originally shot in English. Yes, let’s forget the Gothic mythology of the infernal succubi, to stick to the mysterious radiance of a scarlet […]

the new amalgam of European nationalists

In 2015 came the opportunity to amalgamate asylum seekers and jihadists for anti-migrant movements in a Europe threatened by terrorism. In 2020, in the midst of a Coronavirus crisis, refugees are now presented as a health hazard. → SUMMARY. Coronavirus: the essentials on the epidemic in France and worldwide Viktor Orban’s government is preparing to […]

The European family | The article

Europe faces an existential demographic challenge just as pressing as climate change. The United Nations predicts that EU member states will experience population decline by 2050. The impact is already evident in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, where, according to Eurostat, 10 EU member states experienced an absolute population decline in 2018. The equivalent of small […]