She can’t even stand up, her cruel husband has the heart to lock this woman in a narrow, smelly and dirty toilet for 1.5 years – all pages

Suar.ID – The torture done by her husband made this woman unable to stand.

Her husband patiently locked her in a toilet narrow smelly and dirty.

After 1.5 years locked up in toilet dirty and smelly, on October 12, 2020, the woman was rescued with the help of neighbors and the police.

Local media reported that a woman India it was saved after 1.5 years of being locked in toilet which is smelly and dirty by her husband.

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As a result, this 35 year old wife was locked in the toilet by her husband, the width is only about 1 m2 for the last 1.5 years.

He was rescued by police and welfare workers in Panipat Village, a city in northern Delhi, India.

Not long after, the husband, named Naresh Kumar, was arrested by the police for investigation, as quoted from, Friday (16/10/2020).

According to local media, the woman has been married to Naresh Kumar for 17 years and gave him three children, currently aged between 11 and 15.

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This mother of 3 children was locked in a small toilet, very dirty and smelly for 18 months, even her husband did not feed and drink her for several days in a row.

Several neighbors stumbled across this fact and immediately alerted Rajni Gupta, an advocate for women’s rights in the area.

Later, Rajni Gupta reported to the police and together went home to save the woman.

When the police and social workers arrived, they found the woman lying on the toilet floor, lying on the toilet.

He was in a very bad state when his body was thin, skin and bones, weak enough to speak clearly, and he was dirty and smelly from not having showered for a long time.

Can’t stand up

The image of the wife’s frightening surprise has taken many relatives by her many changes.

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Rajni Gupta shared on Hindustan Times:

“He was so weak he couldn’t walk by himself. He ate eight slices of chapatti (flat Indian bread) when we fed him.”

When asked about the reason his wife kept her in the toilet for so long, her husband Naresh Kumar replied that his wife was mentally ill and had also received psychiatric treatment.

However, when asked by the police to provide evidence of the statement, Naresh Kumar was unable to provide it.

Rajni Gupta said he talked to his wife and found she had mental awareness.

“People say he is mentally unstable but this is not true. We talked to him and it is clear that he is not mentally stable,” said Rajni Gupta.

Currently, the wife has been taken to a nearby hospital to be recovered, then sent to her cousin to be treated.

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MUMBAI, – A man who was trapped for 10 hours in the rubble of a collapsed building in Mumbai, India, made a suffocating farewell video for his wife.

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Khan begins the video by explaining how he was trapped in the rubble of the first floor.

“A lot of people could die in this incident,” he said while filming the debris that surrounds him.

“I jumped out of bed when the incident occurred and was trapped before I could run.”

“My leg was stuck under the slab of concrete that I managed to lift. If I survived, it would be God’s grace.”

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Khan made the video as rescuers continued to try to evacuate the victim. The sound of the engine breaking down the rubble could faintly be heard.

At the end of the video he says, “My children please don’t bother your mother.”

The building collapsed on Monday (21/9/2020). Khalid Khan lost his brother and son in the incident.

After 10 hours of trapping and almost giving up, he was rescued and thanked rescuers for pulling him out of the rubble.

In India there are frequent incidents collapsed buildings, especially when the rainy season hits.

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According to Tereza Bebarová, she lived in a foolish feeling that everything was fine, that according to the agreement she had with the management, she could partially withdraw so that she could devote more time to her family. But then came the shock, because the producers decided to let Světlana’s character die. “At the moment when you don’t expect it and when, after fifteen years of filming, no one even told me that there was a problem and it was immediately solved by my departure, it was unpleasant,” Tereza Bebarová spoke about her unexpected departure from the series.

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This is what “Marcela Valencia” looks like at 53 from “Yo soy Betty, la fea”

More than 20 years have passed since “Ugly Betty” was released on the small screen. However, the series starring Ana María Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello continues to be a success in several countries. So much so that it even premiered on Netflix and ranks among one of the most watched productions by the public.

As many will remember, Natalia Ramírez played Marcela Valencia, the best friend of “La Peliteñida” and one of the greatest enemies of Beatriz Pinzón Solano.

Currently, the actress is active on social networks and constantly uploads photos of her daily activities. She has almost half a million followers on her Instagram account.

The villain of “I am Betty, the ugly” is married to Ricky Díaz with whom she had her daughter Gabriela Ramírez.

The telenovela, which tells the story of Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano, was broadcast in more than 180 countries, dubbed into 25 languages ​​and had at least 28 adaptations around the world. In fact, thanks to its importance, it entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2010 as the most successful soap opera in television history.


For the first time on television! The romantic gesture of Fernanda Hansen’s husband towards the communicator

During the day yesterday, the husband of Fernanda Hansen, Rodrigo Rozas, appeared for the first time on television, to surprise the communicator with a nice gesture.

It all happened in the program “Sigamos de Largo” on Channel 13, where the entertainer was invited, a space where she received a special surprise from her husband.

The man dedicated emotional words to Fernanda, moving the communicator: “What can I tell you about Fernanda. Fernanda is super mate in all the things she undertakes. Retailer, he is a perfectionist. And those things that she undertakes range from work to being a mother, for example. That also makes her a super good mom, both for Amalia and for my children ”, she began by expressing.

To this he added: “She is an excellent companion, a very good friend, she is present, it is a characteristic that Fernanda has. She is super present with the people who are, she is playful, she is clever, she has a very good sense of humor ”.

Likewise, the cheerleader’s husband revealed some of Hansen’s flaws: “Probably the structure, the order, that part makes him suddenly play against too much perfection, the detail and he’s probably a bit short-tempered, but just a little bit. Not much”.

She is a very complete woman and I am very happy with herHe finally declared.

Capture Channel 13


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In events that occurred six years ago, where the former Venezuelan queen and actress Mónica Spear and her husband were shot dead, victims of an assault in the state of Carabobo in Venezuela, it was known that her murderer, alias ‘El Gato’ died in jail as a result of a respiratory illness.

This was confirmed by a journalist and co-author of a book on the homicide of Mónica Spear, who also says that alias ‘El Gato’ was sentenced to 26 years in prison for qualified murder and “at first he had been confined in El Rodeo II, then He was transferred to the Tocuyito prison, Carabobo, and from there to the Bolívar state ”.

Likewise, the journalist says that the transfer of this man “was due to his misconduct in prison and a disciplinary sanction was applied. There he presented a clinical picture of severe lung disease. He was treated by health personnel from the prison, but died after getting complicated ”.

Finally, alias ‘El Gato’ “had been transferred two months ago from El Dorado to an annex in the Tocorón prison in Aragua” where he died, apparently, of tuberculosis, adds the journalist.

Let us remember that in the events that occurred in 2014, the daughter of the former queen and her husband, who was 5 years old by then, was also injured.


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Director Alexei Uchitel – about the new nudity of Christina Asmus: “I was amazed!”

Each has its own isolation. Someone got stuck in Bali, someone climbed away into the wilderness, someone does not leave the city apartment. And here Director Alexey Uchitel (“Walk”, “Land”, “Diary of his wife”) is completing work on a new painting – “47”, dedicated to the journey of Victor’s tomb Tsoi to the northern capital after deadly Accident in 1990.

In a conversation with the writer Alexander Tsypkin, based on the works of which the series is already being shot, the director remembered how he convinced Tsoi to star in his film and why


“When we shot“ Rock ”in 1986, none of that company knew me – neither Grebenshchikov nor Garkusha. Who knows who I am? The KGB or something else. AND [чтобы наладить контакт] I chose the most silent – Tsoi. And he said: “Listen, Victor, let me come with an operator, a camera to your boiler room, and we will sit with you for a shift – and he was on duty for two days – and we’ll shoot. Not a single question, I swear, I will. As it is, it is. Then you come – take a look. If you don’t like it, we’ll disperse. ” And these were the first frames of the stoker, which now often show. I saw a lot of things: different people came and drank, but I honestly restrained myself – I didn’t move anything, I didn’t say “come here”. Perhaps that’s why it turned out to make a film. And then they came to my native Leningrad documentary studio in the director’s room with the whole Kino group – they watched in silence, went out in silence. I think: Christmas trees, sticks, what is there? I say: “Vit, tell me! Did you like it or not? ” And in response there was one word: “Normal.” This word gave me a sharp pass to life. After that, no one asked who I am and what they eat me with. ”

Frame from the movie “Rock”


“When a terrible accident occurred (Viktor Tsoi crashed on August 15, 1990 after the collision of his Moskvich in the oncoming lane with the Ikarus bus, which was driven by Janis Fibigs, on the highway SlokaTalsi – Aut.) From material that was not included in the Rock, we mounted the picture “The Last Hero”, then I met the driver of Ikarus, who was driving, and spoke with the investigator. Then it settled down with me. When you go and don’t know who Tsoi is … and then life changes abruptly (the driver was found not guilty, but nevertheless became known throughout the USSR – Aut.). The story of our picture “47” begins with an accident, and then begins the journey of the bus with Tsoi’s coffin in Petersburg. A kind of roadflies. The one who is driving does not know who all these people close to Choi are (Ricochet performed by Ilya Del, wife Natalya Reasons performed by Paulina Andreeva etc.), but they don’t know what kind of driver it is.

About 7-8 years ago, Sasha Gonorovsky (“The Land”, “From Five to Seven”) wrote the script, but we did not shoot. I thought that it was irrelevant, but interest in Tsoi is growing more and more every year. This is a mystery that no one will solve. With all due respect and Vysotskyand to Okudzhavaaccording to how often they sing, Choi overtook them. ”

In December, I starred in the full-length film Whaling. This is not horror)))), this is drama. I played the girl from the video chat Uuuf))) But I hasten to upset you, there were no naughty scenes. It’s even straight offensive. But there was my longest double in my career, which lasted 43 minutes. Studio: @ Production: Russia, Poland Gen. producer: Aleksey Uchitel Director and screenwriter: Philipp Yuryev Camera-man: Mikhail Khursevich, Yakov Mironchev Which image from the movie do you like more?


“At our Rock studio, we also shoot full-length debuts. One of my students Philip Yuriev seven years he wrote the script for the painting “Whalers”, which he then shot in Kamchatka. A stunning story will soon be shown at one of the major festivals, if it takes place. So, according to the plot, whalers are watching a computer showing a undressing girl [из секс-чата]. And this heroine was supposed to play Christina Asmus. She read the script, she liked it, agreed. Then the film “Text” comes out, this whole story takes place (after naked scenes with Ivan Yankovsky the actress’s husband, Harik Kharlamov, was sucked as a cuckold, in the end couple gets divorced and assures that the cinema has nothing to do with it – Auth.). And then an agent calls me and explains that Christina can’t act in our scene. I begged them to come to the studio, Asmus apologized for a long time that it would not work. Hoping for nothing, I turned on her 10 minutes of the film, she looked and said: “That’s it. Let’s. When to shoot? ” I asked again: “Are you not afraid that they will start rinsing again?” “This is my business,” she said firmly and starred wonderfully. I was amazed! ”


“This is not vulgarity, but real life”: Christina Asmus told how she decided on the bed scene in the new film

For the sake of the role in the 18+ tape, the actress first completely undressed on the screen and herself shot intimate shots on the phone (details)