Film about learning to swim: “Snorri and the baby swimming club”

Dhe fate of many documentaries also shares this. He was briefly in the cinema in November, in Berlin he runs on Saturdays until April 18 in the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies. Those who have missed it can now obtain it on DVD or as a download; It’s worth it, because what directors Elín Hansdóttir, […]

Iceland found out why Corona is spreading – health

The first representative study of the coronavirus epidemic was carried out in Iceland. The scientists came across a crucial feature that explains the spread. With a pilot project, Iceland provides important insights into the novel corona virus. Relative to the total population, Iceland has performed the most corona tests worldwide. By Wednesday, 6,163 people had […]

The airline crisis escalates as the United States quarantines Europeans in coronaviruses

PARIS / LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – European airlines have weighed the most on a dramatic expansion of the coronavirus crisis on Thursday, as U.S. sidewalks across much of the continent deepened the industry’s misery and accumulated more pressure on governments to offer emergency support. PHOTO FILE: Aircraft of the German airline Lufthansa and the US […]

the last memory of the savage massacre of Spaniards in Iceland during 1615

César CerveraFOLLOW Updated:02/20/2020 15: 07h save Related news That until April 2015 there was an order in force in Iceland to kill Basques was an anachronism, a glimpse of a terrible past and a macabre but empty joke, obviously the laws of any Rule of law prohibit any murder regardless of the place of origin. […]

Faroe Islands: “Why a raincoat? He has a car! “

The Faroe Islands BThe Faroe Islands are 18 islands in the North Atlantic between the British Isles and Iceland. They originated from volcanoes that have long since gone out. The Faroe Islands are part of the Danish crown, but have been autonomous since 1948, largely independent and – unlike the Danish mainland – not part […]