Women breathe harder than men

In the airways of women, the airflow becomes turbulent faster.

During physical activity, we begin to breathe deeper and more often – the body needs more oxygen in order to get more energy. And at this moment, the difference in the anatomy of the respiratory system in men and women begins to affect – women need more effort to provide themselves with oxygen.

Researchers from the University of Waterloo set up an experiment in which men and women worked out on a stationary bike for several days, gradually increasing the load. They breathed a gas mixture from a special tank, and on some days it was ordinary air, and on other days a mixture of helium and oxygen. Respiratory containers were filled so that they had the same amount of oxygen. The trainees themselves did not know how they breathe, air or an oxygen-helium mixture.

In addition, the participants in the experiment were equipped with a special device that made it possible to track the pressure in the esophagus – by the pressure in the esophagus, which goes near the airways, it was possible to understand how much effort is spent on breathing. It turned out that if you needed to breathe a mixture of helium and oxygen, then the respiratory efforts were the same for all, that of men, that of women. If you needed to breathe normal air, women began to breathe harder, they needed more effort.

The mixture of helium and oxygen is less dense, and therefore its flow moves laminarly, without turbulence. If the density of the gas mixture increases, turbulences, vortex movements occur in it, so that the gas mixture seems to resist movement, and this resistance must be overcome in order to push the gas further.

But the laminarity and turbulence of the flow still depend on its speed and width (which are again interconnected). In men, the airways are wider, the gas flow in them also becomes turbulent, but at a higher speed. In women, with their narrower airways, turbulence begins earlier, and therefore they spend more energy simply on breathing. (Well, in a calm state, we breathe slowly, the air flow rate is already low, and there are no difficulties here.)

The authors of the work were going to report their results to the congress of the American Physiological Society, but since the congress did not take place in view of the coronavirus epidemic, they will be published shortly FASEB Journal.

Obviously, this difference in male and female breathing should somehow be taken into account not only in sports, but also in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, such as asthma and obstructive pulmonary disease.

According to the materials MedicalXpress.


Analyst suspects: PS5 launch in May

Traditionally, Sony and Microsoft presented their consoles on time for the E3 in Los Angeles in June. But this year the gaming fair will be canceled due to COVID-19. But what happens to the announcements and launches around video games and the associated hardware that would otherwise have taken place during the trade fair week?

Advancing the PS5?

The well-informed gaming industry analyst Daniel Ahmad writes on Twitter that many presentations and announcements from the week in which the E3 took place are now planned at different times – some much earlier and others much later. According to Ahmad “the first real next-generation console / game presentation is also much earlier”.

Ahmad, however, leaves open exactly what is meant by this. It could be the unveiling of the PlayStation 5 – or just the presentation of games by Sony or Xbox Games Studios. In addition, this early launch date can change at any time. In an additional tweet, Ahmad admits that last-minute shifts are possible due to COVID-19. A rare statement because the analyst is usually completely sure of his information.

The information about the interior of the PlayStation 5 and details about the new DualSense controller have already been confirmed. You can find the corresponding articles here:

Technical details: Sony reveals technical features of the console

DualSense controller: Official pictures! The new PS5 controller can do that

New price forecasts

Almost at the same time, new information about the starting price of the PlayStation 5 became known. The market research company “Ampere Analysis” has published a report that deals with the influence of COVID-19 on the gaming industry. The company continues to see the launch date of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in November unless the launch is “not delayed by bottlenecks in the parts supply chain or game development”.

Ampere Analysis expects the consoles to range in price from $ 450 to $ 499. This prediction roughly coincides with the numbers from a Bloomberg report, reported about the TECHBOOK in February. However, the company believes that a recession will significantly affect console sales, especially in 2021. Most new games in the next 18 months will still be compatible with the older generation of consoles. Coupled with the economic downturn, it could mean that many gamers who would otherwise have bought a new console will have to wait longer.


The top-man mirror | Spain

Landelino Lavilla’s name served as an example when someone wanted to give advice. Straight man, with a privileged head and a great spirit

Former Prime Minister Adolfo Su

Former Prime Minister Adolfo Surez hugs Landelino Lavilla, in Congress, in 1983.

When I got toColegio Mayor de San Pabloto prepare my oppositions to the State Attorney,Landelinohe had triumphed in his to the Council of State, and the College boasts with his legend. If someone wanted to give you advice, he would quote their example, in the way of thinking, studying, relating … They even reminded you of a famous opinion on the invalidity of the waivers of rights to the detriment of a third party, that the opposition Landelino, he had prepared in support of another very distinguished classmate in the Colegio Mayor.

Years later,Abelardo Algoranot a few young people related to San Pablo spoke to us of the need to build a democratic and responsible solution for the future of Spain and, for that reason, despite the fact that Landelino was undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry, we returned to our House and constituted theTcito group, preparing for his moment ideas and people.

He was not an “activist”, he did not have to be part of the broad group of people who passed through the Court of Public Order, but he gave us much of his rigor and depth, his character, his prestige.Adolfo SurezHe told me how Landelino defended, in his presence, our thoughts, before whom he was Prime Minister,Carlos Arias.

And a large number of members of Tcito became part of the Governments of Surez, while we reached out to others for various positions; Landelino occupied first the portfolio of Justice and then the presidency of the Cortes; and under the leadership of Surez, together with other magnificent partners, we succeeded in making our aims of modern and moderate democracy succeed.

We had developed common ideas and maintained a cordial relationship, although we never acted as a group, because we knew that otherwise we would fail; and thus the confluences and separations of our roads are explained. I will cite an example: when the UCD was founded, I told Surez that it was necessary to establish a system of proportional representation in its organs, so that the party did not follow less democratic paths; Surez promised me that he would do so at the Second Congress, but that I would give him a margin of confidence first. Then I jumpedJuan Antonio Ortega, a collaborator of Landelino and a member of Tcito, claiming the same as me but publicly, and I had to defend Ortega without telling him or Landelino.

But in the face of the II Congress, Landelino leads a critical sector of the UCD that pedaled the proportional. I continued to postulate the same in the Executive Committee and in the press, but without joining the Landelino sector. We had common ideas, but we held them separately, to the point that when Lavilla soon assumed the presidency of the UCD, I had a picturesque conversation with him when I announced that I was leaving the party.

I have always been a great admirer ofLandelino Lavilla. Of his privileged head, of his great legal spirit, of the rectitude of his life and of the distance that he established between her and money, of his family exemplarity, of his constancy in acting and coherence in thinking …

… And its incredible silence. The windows of my home are opposite those of Lavilla’s house. These weeks, when at 8:00 p.m. all the neighbors came out applauding those who sacrifice themselves for us in the Pandemic, I saw that no one ever appeared, as usual, in my friend’s house. But I was surprised that on Friday and Saturday some of his relatives came out briefly; and some more on Sunday. Now I understand that only death broke his discretion.

We are gone a man-top, but he leaves us magnificent lessons.

  • Jos Manuel Otero Novas(Vigo, 1940) was Minister of the Presidency (1977-79) and Minister of Education (1979-80) with President Adolfo Surez.

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Múgica: socialist, wise, bullfighting and ojedista


Enrique Múgica, in a Las Ventas burladero with Víctor Márquez Reviriego

“Basque, socialist, bullfighting, good man, privileged head”, is the first thing that has come to the top of thefingers on Enrique MúgicaOn twitter. And with an idea of ​​Spain without mugas. His profile as a Roman senator showed his honesty of thought. That PSOE that emerged from Suresnes.
Múgica never bragged about her multiple prison experiences in her anti-Franco struggle. Those medals that give Democratic pedigree.I review his kindness with José Luis Lozano, confined to his farm of bravo,

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10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home | Showcase

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. There are many who consume it throughout the day and, around it, there is a very powerful industry of raw materials and products to prepare it. There are, for example, coffee machines for all tastes (Italian, capsule, electric …) that allow you to make it at home with the results of an expert coffee maker.

In Lecuine, a store on-line Specialized in products to equip the kitchen, you can find, in addition to professional coffee machines, everything you need for the routine of preparing it. That is why, in EL PAÍS Showcase we have selected in its catalog ten products to set up our private café at home: from the grinder to grind it to the cups to taste it. You can also find other items to accompany a perfect breakfast or snack such as juicers, teapots or sandwich makers.

Coffee and teapots

Italian coffee maker, Bialetti

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

A classic coffee machine with the best features on the market, ideal for lovers of coffee with a traditional aroma. It is a high quality product, made of stainless steel and aluminum. It is suitable for all types of cookers, including induction ones. It is available in two colors, red and anthracite gray, and, in addition to the model with capacity for three cups, you can also buy a larger one for six cups for 45.06 euros.

Buy for € 38.90 at Lecuine

Esprèsso Barista Mini Coffee Maker, Breville

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

A semi-professional coffee maker at a very competent price. It is equipped with a 2-liter water tank and can be programmed to customize the amount of coffee to one or two shots. It is a coffee maker esprèsso with Italian 15 bar pressure pump and Thermoblock system with PID technology. Includes a coffee press, a hot water dispenser for brewing, and a stainless steel milk jug.

Buy for € 199 at Lecuine

Barista Max Espresso Maker, Breville

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

Lecuine now offers the possibility of purchasing this product in six installments without interestSo it can be a good occasion to equip the kitchen with a high quality coffee maker. With an elegant and professional design, this product has a water tank with a capacity of 2.8 liters and PID technology to achieve an accurate and homogeneous water temperature. It integrates a removable grinder that offers up to 30 grinding adjustment possibilities, a heat dispenser and a milk jug with a capacity of 350 milliliters. Also attached is a cleaning needle to always keep it in perfect condition.

Buy for € 499 at Lecuine

E8 Platine automatic coffee machine, Jura

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

An article from the prestigious Swiss brand Jura, equipped and renovated in 2020 with new technology and more features, which can be financed in 24 installments without interest. Its functionalities include its highly intuitive touch screen, its AromaG3 grinding mechanism and its professional foam vaporizer. It has 12 different specialties to prepare different types of coffee and a clean water system thanks to the Claris Smart filter. You can also choose between eight levels of intensity to make coffees such as esprèsso, cappuccino or macchiato. Make two cups at the same time.

Buy for € 1,190 at Lecuine

Zen Teapot, Le Creuset

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

For those who, in addition to coffee, enjoy tasting tea, they can opt for this kettle with a classic design. It is suitable for all types of kitchens (induction included) and is made of enameled steel. The kettle incorporates an insulating handle to prevent burns when picking it up and an alert whistle to know when the water is ready. It has a 1.5-liter capacity (incorporates a capacity marker inside) and a five-year warranty. It is available in seven colors. 10% discount, save 7.90 euros.

Buy for € 71.10 at Lecuine

Grinders and coffee serving items

Manual grinder, Kyocera

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

Perfect for those who prefer to grind the grain to their liking, this coffee grinder is equipped with ceramic wheels that do not lose their edge or rust over time. Different degrees of grinding (finer or thicker) can be chosen and it allows storing up to 100 grams of ground coffee in a compartment that can be closed after use. Its size is 17 x 20 x 9 centimeters and it is very easy to clean. It also incorporates a rubber base so that it does not slide while it is being used.

Buy for € 53.90 at Lecuine

Set of six cups, Le Creuset

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

Good cups can not miss in the home of a coffee maker, so Le Creuste proposes this game, with the colors of the rainbow, made of stoneware. This material does not absorb odors or flavors and is highly resistant to shocks and stains. Each one has a capacity of 100 milliliters and measures 6.5 centimeters in height by 5.5 centimeters in diameter. They can be purchased now with a 20% discount on their usual price and save 12 euros on the purchase.

Buy for € 48 at Lecuine

Set two-glass, Leopold Vienna

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

It is about double glass glasses that isolate heat, so you can enjoy freshly served coffee without burning your hands when taking them. In the same way, they keep the heat of the coffee longer. They are specially designed for him esprèsso since they have a capacity of 100 milliliters. Also, they are not heavy because they are made of blown glass.

Buy for € 16.90 at Lecuine

Products to eat or accompany coffee

Sandwich maker / toaster special for mixed, Breville

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

With the ability to prepare two or three sandwiches or sandwiches at the same time, this flat toaster adapts to different thicknesses of bread thanks to its hinged lid. It is made of stainless steel and inside it has a non-stick ceramic coating Duraceramic, toxic-free and highly resistant to scratches. Its overall dimensions are 31 x 28.1 centimeters and it is very easy to clean.

Buy for € 55 at Lecuine

The Juicer electric juicer, Espressions

10 ideas to ‘set up’ your own coffee shop at home

The best ally on the market to squeeze oranges, lemons, tangerines or grapefruits is this super powerful and fast juicer that allows you to get up to 30% more juice. It has an option to choose if you want the juice with pulp or without pulp and it is very easy to clean and assemble. Designed and manufactured in Europe, the quality of its materials is exceptional: the cone is made of stainless steel and the pressing lever or vessels of Tritán. It can be financed in six installments without interest.[[In this video you can see how to put into practice some of its functionalities.]

Buy for € 399 at Lecuine

Take a look at these 13 kitchen utensils for life.

* The recommendations so that online order deliveries can be carried out in complete safety for delivery people and customers indicate that direct contact between the two should be avoided, keep the safety distance and wash hands after opening the package. All delivery men are instructed to exercise extreme caution.

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 6, 2020.

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Walmart and Target Take New Steps to Face Covid-19 Pandemic – Telemundo Miami (51)

Target and Walmart supermarkets announce the entry into force of new measures that will be implemented starting this Saturday to combat the coronavirus crisis, a pandemic that has already claimed the lives of 191 people.

The new measures include more protection for employees, fewer customers inside stores and lines at the main entrance to enter, the idea is to comply with the recommendation of social distancing to the letter.

Men go out to the supermarket and women stay home.

As COVID-19 gains ground, restrictions in stores and supermarkets become more necessary. The concern is not only in guaranteeing the supply of basic products for the home, the protection of its workers and clients, it becomes an urgent need in the current emergency..

“I think the measures are fine, one should protect oneself and take care of the other,” said Francisco Trul, a Miami Garden resident.

In a statement, Walmart noted that as of today, Saturday: “Stores will now allow no more than five customers per 1,000 square feet at any given time, approximately 20 percent of a store’s capacity.”.

They both worked at the same store in Illinois. Neither had been to the store in more than a week, the company said.

Simultaneously Target announced that it “will actively supervise and when necessary limit the total number of people inside based on the specific square footage of the store.”.

These measures are implemented just when the United States took the lead in the number of people infected with Coronavirus worldwide.

In the current emergency after a store is at its maximum capacity, customers will be admitted on a “1-out-1-in” basis (one leaves one enters), that means that the same number of customers leaving will be the same that they enter.


Coronavirus trying to distract from cells

A modified copy of human protein inhibits coronavirus infection in cell cultures and artificial organoids.

In connection with the coronavirus epidemic, many managed to learn the name of the ACE2 protein – angiotensin converting enzyme 2, or angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. It is a membrane protein that sits on the cells of the lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, etc. It plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure: breaks down the hormone angiotensin. If angiotensin acts as a vasoconstrictor before cleavage, then after cleaving ACE2 it becomes a vasodilator. Accordingly, those studying cardiovascular diseases are actively involved in the ACE2 enzyme.

Electron micrograph of SARS-CoV-2. (Photo: NIAID / Flickr.com)

But in recent years, virologists have become actively interested in ACE2. The fact is that it uses the SARS-CoV coronavirus to penetrate the cell (though, as we wrote in our coronavirus article, just ACE2 virus is still not enough). SARS-CoV, as we recall, was the cause of the outbreak of SARS in 2002-2003. Studies in recent months have shown that his cousin, our new human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, also uses ACE2 to enter the cell, and it binds to it even more effectively than SARS-CoV. By contacting ACE2, the virus carries it deeper into the cell, and it is believed that the disappearance of ACE2 from the cell membrane additionally harms the cells, exacerbating the symptoms of the disease.

If you somehow distract the virus from cellular ACE2, slip a snag on it, it won’t go into the cells. You can try to find some molecule that will mimic some piece of ACE2 and will bind to viral proteins, preventing the virus from sitting on the cell. And you can use ACE2 itself – that’s what researchers from University of British Columbia. But if real ACE2 is an enzyme sitting in the membrane, then the ACE2-blende will be soluble: it should not sit in the membrane, it should float around the virus and sit on it all the time, preventing it from interacting with the cell.

There is such a protein, and it’s called hrsACE2, human recombinant soluble angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, that is, human recombinant soluble angiotensin converting enzyme 2. “Recombinant” means that it was obtained not from a natural person, so to speak, but took the ACE2 gene and inserted into the bacterial genome so that bacteria synthesize it in huge quantities.

Experiments with green monkey cells showed that hrsACE2 in 1000–5000 suppresses infection with the new coronavirus. He was also tested on kidney organelles and blood vessels grown from human stem cells. (Organoids are called tiny models real organs, which repeat the three-dimensional structure of these organs and on which, for example, the effect of drugs can be studied.)

In the article in Cell it is said, firstly, that SARS-CoV-2 successfully penetrated into such organisms, and secondly, that the hrsACE2 protein effectively prevented him from doing this. Clinical trials of the hrsACE2-based drug are about to begin, one can only hope for positive results.


Containment: what if home sports made us better?

Seghir Lazri works on the theme of social vulnerability of athletes. In this column, he takes a few pictures of sport through the social sciences. How the social explains sport, and vice versa.

The measures taken following the appearance of the Covid-19 in Europe have paralyzed all high-level sport activity and containment has prohibited mass sports. These restrictions do not prevent you from practicing a physical activity at home, or even from running outside, of course respecting the health rules laid down. This unprecedented situation implicitly invites us to rethink our physical and sporting activity. Therefore we ask ourselves: what benefit can we derive from a sporting activity during a period of confinement?

Read also The Tour de France in the hot seat: the tracks to save the ordeal

Return to self

First, the body of knowledge about the sporting phenomenon reminds us that sport is broadly divided into two systems. If modern sport is characterized by confrontation with others through competition leading to a hierarchy of individuals, it is also a means for individuals to confront themselves. This second aspect, as sociologist Paul Yonnet recalls, calls on individuals to engage in a “Private, intimate competition, of which they are the only judges”, measuring “Both figuratively and literally”. The current situation actually favors this aspect of the sporting phenomenon by inviting us to practice an activity to keep us in shape, while limiting our travel and our contacts. Thus the obsession with performance is reduced and the idea of ​​merit is detached from the prioritization with others.

Read also Physical activity: upper body

From a more anthropological point of view, this very absence of competition and classification appears as a “Celebration of the body, sensations and emotions”, according to analyzes by researcher David Le Breton. Indeed, for the latter, the concern to measure oneself “And to do better than the last time” feeds “An intensity of being that is lacking in the ordinary”. And in this sense, claim this form of “duality” in front of you is to confront your “Personal resources, his sagacity, his resistance, his nerves”. It is sort of redirecting your efforts and better redefining them. This home practice therefore invites us to experience “Soothing our limits and taking flesh in our existence”.

The effort as moral elevation

These writings by David Le Breton concerning sport for oneself, one that one does at home or alone outdoors, also highlight the importance of effort and its nature. On this specific topic, the work of the philosopher Isabelle Queval informs us about the notion of “great effort”. According to her, the good effort would be an act which would be freed from the moral of the permanent surpassing of oneself, that is to say from the idea “To be somewhere where we are not”. In other words, the good effort would be an action far from the external forms of domination, allowing the individual to be accomplished “By finding oneself”. The period of confinement then appears to be an adequate time to reconnect with this idea of ​​good effort, since this notion also refers to the conception that certain Greek and Roman thinkers had of physical exercise and more generally of human action.

Read also Covid-19: time out for athletes

In a closed and finished world as the ancient philosophers and in particular Aristotle could conceive it, physical and intellectual perfection is synonymous with correspondence with nature and its order. Thus, physical exercise that allows you to be in good shape and in good health is fully recommended, but with a certain weighting relative to natural limits. Body activity must respond to a balance and “Should not be practiced at the expense of other disciplines”, as philosophy researcher Mael Goarzin reminds us. For the latter, physical exercise in the ancient world has no other objective than the virtue of the soul, in particular courage (a fair balance between fear and recklessness). Physical exercise, as the ancients recommended, should above all allow a moral elevation beneficial to the city. And in this sense doing sport in moderation, as we are forced to do in this period, also allows us to be more virtuous for society.

In short, confinement is an opportunity to practice sport differently. The injunctions specific to sports competition (especially with others) being absent, it is possible to turn to a less intense, more personal and deeper practice. In addition, the benefits both physical (magnified body for the summer) and psychological (feeling better) that we can draw allow an elevation of our condition and a better understanding of what surrounds us, in particular the current situation.

Seghir Lazri


Extremoduro: “No fucking idea what will happen with the tour”

Extremoduro have released this Thursday a statement in which they assure that right now they do not know “what will happen with the farewell tour” that they plan to start in Valencia on May 15.

“We want to tell you that we have no fucking idea what will happen with the tour. The only thing we know with absolute certainty is that we are going to play. In May, in the summer, in September, next year or whenever. But We are going to play for the hell, “says the group in a statement collected by Europa Press.

And they add: “We are locked up at home and rehearsing with recordings that we have made of the rehearsals. Playing more than ever and hoping that everything will be fixed soon. Stay at home and try to take it as well as possible. Try to see the good side. there. Kisses and hugs. “

This Extremoduro statement comes hours after the City Council of Rivas Vaciamadrid, where they have scheduled four concerts in June and July before 150,000 people, announced that it postpones until September any type of event and holiday that involves a gathering of people.

Apart from the concerts in Rivas, the Extremoduro tour also has dates on May 15 and 16 at the Auditorio Marina Sur in Valencia, on May 22 and 23 at La Fica de Murcia, on May 30 at the La Cartuja Stadium from Seville, on June 13 at Monte do Gozo in Santiago de Compostela, on June 20 at the Cáceres Fairgrounds, on June 26 and 27 at the Barcelona Forum Park and on July 18 at Kobetamendi, Bilbao.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (2020) launched: LTE and Android 9 for $ 279

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