The British Museum creates a platform against the illegal trade in works of art

EFE London Updated:03/27/2020 01: 42h save He British Museum has launched a worldwide platform to combat looting and illegal trade in works of art. The project, baptized as Circulating Artefacts (CircArt), is a collaborative initiative against the illicit trade in antiques on a global scale, which currently focuses on ancient objects from Egypt and Sudan. […]

Sobral, a Brazilian city hostage to striking police officers | International

Sobral, a city of just over 200,000 inhabitants of northeastern Brazil, has been for 13 days the epicenter of a serious security crisis that has caused surreal scenes. Cid Gomes, a senator born in the city and an opponent of President Jair Bolsonaro, was shot when trying to break into an enclosure of striking policemen […]

That “Fast Cash” loan could have hidden costs – NBC 7 San Diego

Just like your family budget, cash flow can be a problem for small businesses. And there is no shortage of lenders who offer quick and temporary financial benefits. Rick Hagen has joined with one to help with cash flow in his local auto sales business. But Hagen told NBC 7 that the transaction quickly became […]

The albatross, a precious ally against illegal fishing

Albatrosses, “Vast sea birds”, do not inspire Charles Baudelaire. Indeed, ecologists led by Henri Weimerskirch of the Center for Biological Studies of ChizĂ© (CNRS / La Rochelle university) relied on these “Indolent traveling companions” to detect fishing vessels in the southern Indian Ocean that do not have an Automatic Identification System (AIS) (1). The howler […]