Pandemic Atmosphere, Pregnant Women Are Asked to Keep Checking on Gynecology & Comply with Health Protocols – Pregnant women are one of the groups who must always maintain their health to avoid exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Apart from being obliged to always implement health protocols, pregnant women are asked to routinely check their health and control their condition and the fetus.

“We can control to the doctor by face to face or telemedicine. For face to face we can do it in the first trimester at 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. Because the ultrasound needs at 11 (to) 13 weeks of gestation first for determining the gestational age, then for determine the location of her pregnancy, “said Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist dr. Andri Welly, in a virtual discussion broadcast live via IGTV lawancovid10_id, Sunday (18/10).

Not only maintaining their own health, it is also important for pregnant women to ensure the condition of the people around them. A healthy environment will have a positive impact on the health of these pregnant women.

“Now that’s 3M, keeping a distance from the surrounding environment, then using a mask, washing hands. Then for the nutrition of pregnant women themselves eat nutritious food, can do sports during pregnancy because exercise during pregnancy is allowed,” he explained.

Andri also said that the period of pregnancy does bring changes to the condition of the body for the mother. Therefore, if a pregnant woman is infected with Covid-19, her condition will be heavier than when she was not pregnant.

“Basically, the condition of pregnancy is that there is a change in the respiratory / respiratory system, the heart system in pregnant women who are experiencing pregnancy. So for pregnant women, they can better maintain their health. Maintain the conditions for a good pregnancy in the future. “If a pregnant woman is infected with Covid-19, her condition will be even more severe,” he explained.

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Tier list of the best weapons

We show you which are the best weapons in Genshin Impact with a Tier List broken down by types, discover here which weapons are the most powerful and which are worth leveling up.

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Out of all weapons available in Genshin Impact it is important to get hold of the best of the entire catalog, since we are interested in equipping our characters with the ms powerful arsenal, the one worth leveling up to the max and taking advantage of its features. Thus there will be no enemy to resist you in the adventure.

Therefore in this entry our complete guide then we are going to show you what are the best weapons of Genshin Impact with a tier list.

Before going to show you the best weapons broken down in a tier list by types, we remind you that those with 5 stars rarity are only obtained as a random reward when ordering wishes in Gachapn (These are the most valuable, along with the 4 stars). The tier list presented below it could vary in the future, has been designed based on the general opinion of the Genshin Impact player community and taking into account the base statistics of the weapons, starting at level 0.

Best light swords

Here we show you which are the best light swords available in the game.

Best claymore swords

Here you have the best espadas claymore or heavy of the game.

Weapon Rarity ATQ Secondary Skill Obtaining
Tier List: Best Claymore Swords of Genshin Impact - L

Wolf head
5 stars 46 Good ATQ fSic Base damage increased. On hit, attacks against enemies below 30% health increase the base attack of all team members for 12 seconds. This effect can only occur every 30 seconds. Gachapn
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Claymore Swords - Skyward Pride

Orgullo Skyward
5 stars 45 Energy recharge Increase all damage. After using an elemental attack, normal or charged, hitting creates a Void Blade that deals physical damage to all enemies in its path. This effect lasts 20 seconds or 8 Void Blades. Gachapn
Tier List: Best Genshin Impact Claymore Swords - Aminus Prototype

Aminus prototype
4 stars 43 Good ATQ fSic When hitting normal or charged attacks they have a 50% chance to deal bonus attack damage to enemies within a small radius. This effect only occurs every 15 seconds. Blacksmith’s Forge
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Claymore Swords - Royal Greatsword

Royal great sword
4 stars 43 Good ATQ fSic Dealing damage to an enemy increases the crit rate by 8%. Maximum 5 stacks (a critical hit cancels all stacks). In exchange of Star shine in Bargains of Paimon

Best bows

We show you the best arcos of the game.

Weapon Rarity ATQ Secondary Skill Obtaining
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Bows - Amos Bow

Amos Arch
5 stars 46 Good ATQ fSic Increases the percentage of damage from normal attack and toe shot. Damage from arrows shot increased for every second the arrow is in flight, stacking up to 5 times per arrow. Gachapn
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Bows - Skyward Harp

Arpa Skyward
5 stars 45 Crtico bonus Critical damage increased. Hits are more likely to inflict a small area attack, dealing damage equal to 100% of the physical attack. This effect can only occur every 4 seconds. Gachapn
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Bows - Blackcliff's War Bow

Blackcliff War Bow
4 stars 44 Good ATQ fSic After defeating an enemy the base attack increases for 30 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times, the duration of each stack is independent of the others. In exchange of Star shine in Bargains of Paimon
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Bows - Sacrificial Bow

Sacrificial Bow
4 stars 43 Energy recharge After dealing damage to an enemy with an elemental ability, that ability has a higher chance to recharge on its cooldown. This effect only occurs once every 11-15 seconds. Gachapn

Better catalysts

Here are the best catalysts that you can get in the game.

Weapon Rarity ATQ Secondary Skill Obtaining
Tier List: Best Genshin Impact Catalysts - Atlas Skyward

Atlas Skyward
5 stars 45 Good ATQ fSic Elemental damage bonus increased. Normal attacks have a 50% chance to win favor with the clouds, causing the clouds to search for nearby enemies to attack for 15 seconds. This can only happen once every 30 seconds. Gachapn
Tier List: Best Catalysts from Genshin Impact - Oraci

Prayer lost to the holy winds
5 stars 44 Crtico bonus Increases movement speed by 10%. When in battle, you gain a bonus elemental damage every 4 seconds, maximum 4 stacks. The effect lasts until the combat ends or the character is defeated. Gachapn
Tier List: Genshin Impact Best Catalysts - Mappa Mare

Sea Map
4 stars 44 Elemental teacher Triggering an elemental reaction grants a 10% elemental damage bonus for 10 seconds, maximum 2 stacks. Gachapn
Tier List: Best Genshin Impact Catalysts - Royal Grimoire

Royal grimoire
4 stars 44 Good ATQ fSic Damaging an enemy increases critical damage rate by 8%, up to 5 stacks. A critical hit nullifies all stacks. In exchange of Star shine in Bargains of Paimon

Best spears

Take a look at the list of best spears of the game.

Weapon Rarity ATQ Secondary Skill Obtaining
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Spears - Primordial Jade Winged Spear

Primordial Jade Winged Spear
5 stars 48 Crtico bonus Hitting increases attack damage for 6 seconds, maximum 7 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.3 seconds. Full stacks increase the percentage of skill damage. Gachapn
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Spears - Kunwu's Iris Rift

Kunwu Iris Rift
5 stars 46 Good ATQ fSic Normal attack speed increased. Damage increased against enemies affected by any element. Gachapn
Tier List: Genshin Impact's Best Spears - Crescent Pike

Growing pike
4 stars 44 Good ATQ fSic After picking up an orb or elemental particle, normal and charged attacks deal increased bonus attack damage for 5 seconds. Blacksmith’s Forge
Tier List: Best Genshin Impact Spears - Grudge Prototype

Grudge Prototype
4 stars 42 Energy recharge After using an elemental ability, damage per normal and charged attack is increased for 12 seconds, maximum 2 stacks. Blacksmith’s Forge


Robert Roode back soon

Photo credit: WWE

The last time Robert Roode stepped in the ring was at Elimination Chamber (March) for the eponymous pay-per-view match. He had teamed up with Dolph Ziggler to try to win the SmackDown tag team titles. The wrestler who lives in Canada was absent during the pandemic and could soon be back.

So, WrestleVotes reveals that Robert Roode set to return to RAW next week or the week after. It’s also possible that the former NXT champion will make his comeback tonight during the red show. In short, a return of Roode is expected soon!

It is not yet known what WWE is planning for Robert Roode, Will he return as a team with Dolph Ziggler?


[Update] Melina reportedly signed contract with WWE

Photo credit: WWE

Update (9/9 at 4:15 p.m. French time):

In a long message posted on Facebook, Melina claims not to have signed with WWE. However, the wrestler is not against returning to the company in the future.

Original article (9/9 at 8:32 p.m. French time):

Former Champion Melina Is Reportedly On Her Way To Return To WWE According To PWInsider!

Indeed, the site confirms that Melina has signed a new contract with WWE and that she will debut as early as next week, potentially from September 21, 2020. For now, it is impossible to know if she will be on RAW or to SmackDown.

Now 41, Melina made her WWE debut in 2004 only to be fired in 2011. Since then, she has remained active in the independent scene and was under contract with the NWA, preventing WWE from signing her. , but his contract with the NWA ended.


Santander, a pioneer in certifying social impact credits in response to the pandemic

“Our commitment is to be close to our clients, and to support families, companies and SMEs in these challenging times,” said Sergio Lew, General Manager of Santander Argentina. “We know that many families and businesses are making a great effort, and we want to accompany them on the road to recovery,” added Lew.

wind farms.jpg

The Bank also led the placement of a Green Bond to finance the construction of wind farms in Córdoba.

The reference framework to identify social credits was validated by Sustainalytics, a global leader in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) research, analysis and ratings, which judged the criteria of Santander aligned with international standards, such as the 2020 Social Bond Principles of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA), and provided a Second Part Opinion (SPO) on the soundness and credibility of the reference framework.

Onwards, Santander will report annually through the Responsible Banking chapter of its Annual Report the progress on the amount of social loans assigned by category, the description of the social impact of the loans, the number of SMEs assisted, and the number of healthcare providers and socially supported.

It will also record the number and amount of credits granted to finance the payment of salaries, the number and amount of credits to finance capital expenditures on equipment to facilitate remote work; and the number and amount of credits to finance capital expenditures to improve the installed capacity of SMEs and health and social care providers. These metrics will be externally verified by the bank’s financial auditor to ensure that they meet the criteria of the framework for social loans.

Green Bond Issuance

On the other hand, Santander led the issuance of a Green Bond issued by Manque and Los Olivos, with the endorsement of Central Puerto, to finance the construction of wind farms in Córdoba. In total, 50.1 million dollars were issued in two classes of negotiable obligations (ON), one in pesos maturing in September 2021 and the other USD-linked in 36 months. This is the second operation of this type in the local debt market, after the AES issuance in February 2020, aimed at financing a wind farm in the province of Neuquén, where Santander also acted as placement agent.

With these initiatives, Santander reinforces its commitment to sustainability, inclusive growth and the development of SMEs.

About Santander in Argentina

Santander Argentina It is the first private bank in the Argentine financial system in terms of savings (deposits plus common funds). The entity has 430 traditional branches, 8 social integration branches, 5 digital offices, 3 Work Cafes, more than 3.7 million clients (including 2.2 million digital clients, more than 320 thousand MSMEs and 1,300 corporate companies ), more than 8,300 employees and is present in 22 provinces and in the City of Buenos Aires. Santander Argentina It also develops a broad program of responsible banking, which, focused on higher education, maintains more than 86 collaboration agreements with Argentine public and private universities.


The Ozone Layer Is Depleting, This Is The Cause and Its Impact Page all – In Reminder International Ozone Day 2020, the expert said the ozone layer The earth is getting thinner and smaller.

Layer thinning ozone this can cause a variety impact bad for our health.

This was expressed in a webinar with a theme Ozone For Life which was held by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry together with the National Certification Agency, on Wednesday (16/9/2020).

Ozone layer itself is an area of ​​high concentration of ozone in the stratosphere, a distance of 15 to 35 km above the Earth’s surface.

Ozone itself has an important, but sometimes overlooked, role. Though ozone is a layer protecting us from radiation ultraviolet ( UV) harmful to the sun.

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Ozone depletion will be very dangerous for all creatures on this planet.

One of cause damage to this layer, due to use refrigerant excess, namely substances cooler on the cooling system or refrigerator.

Director General of Climate Change Control, KLHK, Dr. Ir. Ruandha Agung Sugardiman, M. Sc explained how refrigerants can cause the ozone layer is thinning.

“The release of the BPO (Ozone Depleting Substance) refrigerant type HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbon) into the atmosphere, it can cause HCFC molecules associated with ozone, which can make the ozone layer perforate, “said Ruandha.

SHUTTERSTOCK/Artsiom Petrushenka Ozone hole illustration. This ozone hole occurs due to the destruction of the ozone layer due to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Depletion of the ozone layer due to the release of ODS from the refrigerant, can occur due to the following things.

  • Not installed refrigeration unit and AC (air conditioner) nicely
  • The release of refrigerant into the atmosphere during the process of charging this refrigerant to AC refrigeration products
  • There is a leak that has occurred
  • Didn’t do the process recovery refrigerant when the technician performs the process of servicing or refilling refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Throw away the unused refrigerator carelessly. Fridge and freezer containing refrigerant, it should be removed and recovered before any other parts are recycled.

The ozone layer protects UV-8 radiation. Long-term exposure to UV-8 can threaten human health and damage most animals, plants and microbes.

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The following are the impacts that can occur if the ozone layer is continuously depleting.

  1. Causes skin cancer, due to high UV-8 radiation
  2. Causes eye cataracts
  3. Decreased health. This is caused by a decrease in vitamin D in the skin
  4. Land life, plants are hampered by increased UV-8 which disrupts the food chain
  5. Disrupting ecosystems, changing the flow of carbon dioxide exchange between the atmosphere and the biosphere.
  6. Marine life was damaged due to a large increase in UV-8 causing the marine biota’s food chain to increase. This certainly threatens biodiversity and marine ecosystems.
  7. Material damage due to exposure to UV-8 which damages natural and synthetic materials.

“So that if we love the earth and don’t want to be impacted by depletion of the ozone layer, so if you use or want to buy a product, look for one that has a CFC-free and HCFC-free logo, “said Rhuanda

In the midst of the launching of the MontiR-AC application which can be downloaded by the public, Rhuanda also appealed to be able to use certified technicians and be able to use it with the MontiR-AC application.

This is included in the Minister of Manpower Regulation No.41 / 2019, regarding the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technicians in order to reduce ozone depletion.


Covid-19: the changes that Burger King had to make in Colombia due to the pandemic – Business – Economy

With 11 of its restaurants still closed, of the 43 it has in the country, Burger King, a franchise managed in Colombia by Master, is trying to return to the new normal that the covid-19 imposed on Colombia.

Like hundreds of restaurants and businesses, this pandemic forced them to make tough adjustments in their operation, in projects and even in the menu they offer to their customers. “We learned to prioritize and we realized that we had products that were not so in demand”, says Alejandro Henao, manager of this fast food restaurant, who says that this experience has awakened among his collaborators a greater sense of belonging for their work.You can also read:

What lesson does this whole crisis leave you?

We saw a fairly complex April, with uncertainty and sales never seen before. The dynamics of the new type of consumption (homes, buy to go) has given us a good result. We have made decisions that the business needed and, although we have a very clear framework of how we define addressing this situation, we also speak of being very dynamic, and in that we learned to accelerate processes that previously took a long time, while remaining responsible. Today, sensitivity, simplicity, and speed are part of decision making. We have made sacrifices and we focus on what is relevant and generates business transformation.

What have they stopped doing, for example?

Several things; For example, we simplify the menu because even though we are a brand with a wide variety of products, there are some that customers ask for more frequently; we also left pending some releases that we had.

But we intensify the investment in marketing to communicate these changes, because I am convinced that in this situation one cannot disappear. Today, the restaurant experience became an experience at home, and I have to improve the protocols so that the products that we deliver at home are the same as those that we deliver in restaurants.

And have the workers understood it correctly?

We had to make difficult decisions from the point of view of some unpaid leaves of absence with the staff, we made adaptations so that the processes are better, seeking sustainability of the firm.

What I do want to highlight is the commitment of the people, because we already take this as our own, a job on which families, supply chains, partners depend, and those of us in this ecosystem want to do everything possible to maintain it, and it has not been easy. We have never felt so much dynamic of positive transformation and of contributing so much, with intense and difficult work days.

What we want is for our customers to be able to return, those who came before and those who met us through the home and digital platforms, because in the end the restaurant experience is what many have been waiting for.

Did fast food restaurants suffer less at this juncture?

Although for us in this category, homes are family, they were never the largest share of the business, we speak of between 12 and 15 percent, but when a restaurant is converted almost 100 percent to homes, the dynamics change and it becomes more as an intense production line that requires great precision, to which must be added security protocols, new packaging that guarantee the protection of customers, regardless of the channel through which they are reached.

When do you think they are 100%?

We expect that in September we will have all the restaurants operating, it all depends on the activation of the food areas in the shopping centers and airports, where we have three restaurants: two in El Dorado and one in Rionegro. I am very optimistic because in the first two days of reopening in shopping centers there has been a greater influx of people.

Now customers’ pets are part of their homes …

Yes. Before the pandemic, this launch was made in other countries. We saw the opportunity to have special attention for those family members in the midst of this pandemic. So, for the purchase of a hamburger we give away two Dogking cookies made with all quality protocols. We wanted to honor those colleagues who have seen so many homes arrive, but nothing for them.



Mandy Rose Transfers to Monday Night RAW

Photo credit: WWE

There is change on the side of the red show! Indeed, a wrestler goes from SmackDown to RAW now. You could imagine, it is this dear Mandy Rose. The superstar recently shone with her new hairstyle and her victory over Sonya Deville at SummerSlam last month.

WWE confirmed the information from its official website. The Miz had already mentioned this transfer on the set of Talking Smack this week. If we are to believe the league press release, Mandy Rose’s arrival on RAW would have been orchestrated in an attempt to keep him away from Otis so he could focus on his Money in the Bank suitcase (in the storyline of course. ).

Now we will see if Mandy Rose will remain anchored in this relationship with Mister Money in the Bank or if she will go looking for a match for the Asuka Women’s Championship. It’s all the harm we wish him!


More details about the departure of the PDOs

Photo credit: WWE

We learned last Friday that PDOs – aka Authors of Pain – were leaving WWE. The duo had been absent since March due to an injury to Rezar. We now have more details on this departure.

First, a person backstage told Ringside News that she “did not know what to say about the departure of the PDOs”. Dave Meltzer then revealed that Rezar had just been cleared to return to the ring, their departure was therefore a big surprise behind the scenes. The reporter goes on to say that Triple H and Paul Heyman wanted to make PDOs the new Road Warriors.

So what is the reason for Akam and Rezar leaving? We will have to wait a little longer to get the answer to this question … The PDOs have still not expressed their views on their departure.


Messi will break the Premier League market: Daily Mail

They begin the analysis that “if City have 100 million pounds to complete the agreement, but there is no transfer, then it is more likely that there will be an agreement to sign Messi.” However, they indicate that there may be a problem with the player’s salary.

The salary problem is due to the low income that they registered this year due to the absence of fans due to the coronavirus, in addition Messi’s pay would go up for the image rights of the Argentine.

The information presented by the English newspaper indicates that the bonus clauses would double or triple the base salary and would be in proportion to the prize money offered.

If the Champions League prize money is offered it is around 100 million pounds, and Messi would take 10 percent.

Another problem that Manchester City would face is that Puma pays a license to produce jerseys, so the profits from the sales generated from Messi’s “jersey” will go directly to the manufacturer.

Snatching Barcelona from its star player is not only paying his salary, but covering his possible clause of 700 million euros, assuming that he will not have profits on shirts and that for the moment they will not be able to fill the stadium while the sanitary restrictions last.

However, the report contrasts that the transfer can potentially fill seats in their stadium that the team currently does not fill when lockdown ends.

Lastly, the report notes that “this potentially innovative transfer could also destroy the commercial soccer industry.”