Soviet recipes are effective against coronavirus

The debut of the coronavirus pandemic divided the health systems of developed countries into two groups. The first group of countries (South Korea and Japan) prevented mass infection of the population, and their inpatient care resources avoided the apocalypse in hospitals, achieved low mortality and did not create significant interference with the treatment of other […]

More than 25,000 confirmed infections in France

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Government instructs regions to close movie theaters and nightclubs

Russian government instructed regions to close nightclubs, entertainment centers and cinemas, as well as prohibit smoking hookahs in restaurants and cafes. This decision was made following a meeting of the operational headquarters to prevent the importation and spread of new coronavirus infection in Russia. Ministry of Culture previously recommended cinema from March 23 to suspend […]

Coronavirus test as a test for inequality

Before the coronavirus epidemic, everyone is equal, but not in access to diagnostics. While mass testing is not available to ordinary people without manifestations of the virus (infection can be asymptomatic), reports of analyzes handed down by officials and the business elite risk being perceived not as a manifestation of responsibility, but as a demonstration […]

MP Sylvain Roy in voluntary segregation

Struggling with a slight fever and cough, PQ MP Sylvain Roy has been in voluntary isolation since last Thursday. According to him, “the deputies are important vectors of contamination”. The member for Bonaventure in the Gaspé thought it necessary to take precautions, he who fought throat cancer just under two years ago. “I developed flu […]

When astronauts get sick in space, what does NASA do?

(Photo: © NASA) As the COVID-19 epidemic continues and the virus has spread around the world, some people wonder and ask, what if the virus reaches space? Rare but possible, astronauts get sick and get sick even in space. In fact, while floating above ground, these astronauts have suffered from upper respiratory infections or URIs, […]

Last minute… Chinese scientist made date for corona virus: will end in June

Zhong Nanshan, the head of the team commissioned by the National Health Commission, working against the corona virus in China, made critical statements about the virus that caused panic worldwide. Nanshan said that they expect the pandemic, which reached the global level, to end in June. Last updated: 12:29 12.03.2020 .

In the City there will be a reform to the tariff law confirming the rates of 2019

The clause referred to above provides that in the event of the recession and / or suspension of the previous consensus (2017), the rates set for each operation, activity or instrument will be taxed according to the Tariff Law 2019 From the month following the recession or suspension, what happened in December last year, which […]