Trump discusses punitive tariffs against Saudi Arabia

“Trump has to stabilize the oil price, otherwise a wave of bankruptcies awaits us in the oil sector” new York Of the low oil price is now calling on the US President. According to a report by the “Wall Street Journal”, Donald Trump wants to meet with the CEOs of the largest oil companies on […]

The border between the USA and Canada is now tight

Ottawa Canada and the United States boast the longest non-military frontier. Never before had this border, which was many thousands of kilometers long, been closed completely over a longer period. This is now the case: On the night of Saturday, the regulations came into force that for the time being preclude any border crossing that […]

More criminal proceedings for undeclared work in the construction industry

Berlin According to a media report, the authorities uncovered significantly more cases of undeclared work and illegal employment in the construction industry last year. As the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe (Sonntag) reported, citing figures from the Federal Ministry of Finance, the number of criminal proceedings for these offenses rose to 10,654 in 2019 – […]

EU foreign ministers discuss Turkey on Thursday

Nikos Dendias The Greek foreign minister had called for a special meeting of the EU foreign ministers on Saturday because of the expected new refugee movements. (Photo: AP) Brussels EU foreign ministers plan to discuss Turkey at an informal meeting in Croatia’s capital Zagreb on Thursday. This was confirmed by spokeswoman Virginie Battu on Saturday […]