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Due to my work as a commentator on Blu Radio, I have the opportunity to see all the Colombian professional soccer teams many times, not only when they face Junior. This, perhaps, helps me to form an idea closer to the true level of the players. To his current status, and not only to some antecedents, good or bad, or to the impression he caused the day he compared with the Barranquilla team.

Perhaps that is why I referred to Carmelo Valencia, right here, in this heap from where I look at football work, after the announcement of his arrival at Junior at the beginning of this year. “Very veteran and fast forward. Powerful, insistent. Surprisingly evolved the previous semester in defects that syndicated him: little fluidity with the ball and excessive wrong plays in the face of goal ”.

Later I described some of the virtues that he had displayed during the tournament: “He has had a formidable season in Cúcuta with goals, speed, imbalance, correct participation in the team game, physical energy, determination. Did you have any reservations for the Junior? We will know in time ”.

The question, surely, was due to the generalized prejudice that is installed around the players with the age of Valencia. Well, for now it seems that he still has physical and football reserves, and these days he has been the main actor for his goals in the series against América and in the Copa Libertadores in the win against Independiente del Valle. He is doing his part to be the starter. The other part depends on Amaranto Perea.


Amaranth’s pleasant headache

He is not tormented by the decision to come. It is a ‘problem’ that gives him peace of mind, it is a ‘mess’ that all the coaches want to have. After Carmelo Valencia’s scoring exhibition against Independiente del Valle, Luis Amaranto Perea, Junior’s helmsman, will face, with a view to the duel against Envigado (Saturday 6:05 pm, at Parque Estadio Sur), a pleasant dilemma: return the starter to Miguel Ángel Borja, the stellar hiring and top scorer of the team this year with seven annotations (five in the League, one in the Super League and one in the Copa Libertadores) or keep ‘Tutunendo’, the man who conquered a triplet (the first by a footballer in red-and-white history) and made Independiente del Valle a former undefeated.

“There is no one like ‘Tutu'”, sing and publish many excited fans with the three goals of the Chocoano in the 4-1 victory against Independiente del Valle, but Borja has also made merits on the court to return to the eleventh starting player. It is not easy to tell the team’s gunner to stay on the bench without being suspended or injured.. Nor is it easy to do the same with the one who has just inflated the network three times in the Libertadores. And when will Teófilo Gutiérrez return? … Uffff … That is the question.

“They are difficult problems, but good ones. You always want the players to have the highest level, that your decisions basically go through minimal issues of the rival. Luckily Carmelo has done well and in some way helps so that internal competition is generated. In general terms, we have a very good team, very good players. There are a lot of games. It seems to me that in the end everyone is going to play ”, replied Luis Amaranto Perea, in the virtual press conference after the game between Junior and Independiente del Valle, when THE HERALD posed the dilemma.

The Solomonic decision you have at hand is to accommodate both of them, with which he must sacrifice Sherman Cárdenas (with what clarity and creation would be lost) or to one of its extremes. This last option seems unlikely, at the moment, for the style of play that Junior has assumed with periods of high blood pressure and fast transitions from defense to attack by exploiting the speed and skill of the men from the sides like Freddy Hinestroza, Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and Edwuin Cetré.


Junior 2, Águilas 1: a dubious penalty saved the points

Wánder Mosquera Mena saved Junior. When time was dying and the Sharks only reached a tie with a taste of defeat against Águilas, the central referee sanctioned an action between Miguel Borja and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano as a penalty in the last second of play.

Just as it is protested at times when bad refereeing decisions harm the rojiblanco club, this time we must admit that the Cundinamarca whistle was wrong in their favor.

Borja, after eluding three defenders with his usual power, faced the goalkeeper and fell into the area. “Penalty!” The shark fans shouted immediately, very surely. That was the first impression, but in reality Bejarano went to the ball and did not commit an infraction. At least that showed the replay on television.

The determination of Borja to undertake the play and the failure of the referee, who did not have VAR and who was the victim of the same sensation of many of those who watched the game on television, rescued Junior.

The Cordovan attacker, who entered the second half for Michael Rangel, stopped at the white point and executed accurately to make the difference (2-1).

The victory was quite embollado by the confused and run-down game of the premises, that reserved to the majority of its eleven stellar thinking in the party of Tuesday against Independiente del Valle for the Copa Libertadores.

In that plan B, in which a rookie midfielder like Fabián Ángel was positioned as a defender, the Sharks managed to press, attack and create some offensive plays in the first half and put themselves ahead through a good goal from ‘ Cariaco ‘González.

But in the second half, the lack of understanding of this team became more evident, the absence of a creative midfielder like Sherman Cárdenas, who only entered with seven minutes remaining in the game (it must be because he will start on Tuesday) and everything is complicated. Much more after Obrian’s draw. There was no compass or ideas or clarity or imbalance. Already the hopes of winning were practically extinguished until the dubious penalty arrived and saved all three points.

Minute by minute

4. Quiet ball play in which the ball is surprisingly moved to Fabián Viáfara. The side takes a shot down and crossed that buzzes the goalkeeper’s right post.

23. Viáfara’s center, bad rejection and the ball remains for ‘Cariaco’ González, who finishes powerfully and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano rejects.

32. Good play by Cristian Higuita, who sneaks into the area and defines with a shot from the side, which is narrowly missed.

33. GOAL Junior. Series of touches by Junior, Rangel gives it to Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and the Venezuelan, on the edge of the area, dispatches a shot above that exceeds the goalkeeper’s effort.

36. Daniel Moreno’s shot over the goal.

45. ‘Cariaco’ wastes a clear scoring opportunity. When he was about to finish with his right leg, he disarmed the ball with his left and the shot was totally deflected.

Second time

60. GOAL from Águilas. Deep pass from Marrugo to Jáder Obrian, who takes advantage of Jeison Angulo’s cold mark to surpass him in speed and define with an accurate shot against Viera.

68. Borja’s shot too high.

81. Carlos Bejarano saves almost in the line an attempt of Borja’s header that deviated in the humanity of a defender.

83. Bejarano shrinks well against Cetré, who built a good wall with Sandoval.

93. The referee sanctions a penalty for an alleged foul by goalkeeper Bejarano on Miguel Borja, which in reality did not exist

94. GOAL from Junior. Borja executed flush and to the left hand of the goalkeeper, who launched himself to the right.


Russia calls for the Middle East to remain chaotic unless Palestine is completely independent

ZONAJAKARTA.COM – Government Russia calling on countries in the world if Middle East will still riot.

However, there is one thing so that the riots and wars can subside.

Namely independence Palestine.

This statement was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia, Thursday (17/9/2020)

Russia make such a statement because Israel recently normalized relations with its old foes Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the White House recently.

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Quoted from the ArabNews and Pikiran Rakyat page, Friday (18/9/2020) Russia said noted ‘progress’ in the normalization of the relationship between Israel and some Arab countries.

However, Russia also says’ problem Palestine stay acute ‘.

“It would be wrong to think that without finding a solution to it it would be possible to secure lasting stabilization on Middle East, “said Russia.


An increase in the pensions of the self-employed on the agenda of the Vivaldi-Avanti coalition

Currently, a “correction coefficient” is in force in the calculation of pensions for the self-employed. And it lowers the level of the amount paid. However, it dates from the 1980s, and it is now outdated.

According to L’Echo, the note of the preformers would provide to remove this “correction coefficient”. And the Vivaldi project does not plan to offset this cost by increasing contributions for the self-employed. This would therefore be equivalent to an increase in the amount of pensions.


The Ministry of Manpower ensures that BCA Mandiri as well as other private banks with BLT IDR 600 thousand Phase 2 will be transferred

MANTRA SUKABUMI – The government has transferred batch 1 of Rp. 600 thousand direct cash assistance to workers in several stages. because until now there are still a lot of invalid data.

This is because a worker under 5 million is the recipient of direct cash assistance (BLT) IDR 600 thousand using a private bank account such as a bank BCA, posting on his twitter account, capture the screen transfer transfer from his M-Banking.

Reported by from the @ Misugi26 ​​account tweet he also posted that he had obtained a mutation from BCA which contains LLG Transfer from BNI with News Ministry of Manpower Subsidized Salary for Batch 1 Workers of IDR 1,200,000

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Not IDR 600 thousand but IDR 1.2 million in cash, and will be transpered in 2 stages.Previously many asked questions regarding the reasons for private banks such as BCA have not received direct cash assistance BLT IDR 600 thousand for workers

In the first wave, only 1.9 million people received subsidized salary of Rp. 600 thousand from the government. Of the 2.5 million workers who should have received transfers in the first batch, many workers’ accounts were inactive so that the process was a bit hampered.

The Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah said that his party continues to strive so that the aid is immediately distributed.

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“The rest, there is data, for example the account is not active, we return it to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan to convey it to its employees. So we convey it here to our fellow workers, hand over an active account number, that’s the most important thing, making it easier for us to transfer to friends. fellow workers, “said Ida, Wednesday, September 3, 2020


Pusineri wants Boca goalkeeper Agustín Rossi in the Red goal

Agustin Rossi

He also pointed out that he believes it is convenient for the preparation of his players, who have on the way the continuity of the South American Cup (when the eliminated ones of the first phase of the Libertadores are known) the realization of a special preseason and, together with Jorge Burruchaga, has started the tasks to try to get it on track.

Regarding the search for the goalkeeper, Pusineri announced that “one of the targeted is Agustín Rossi” and elaborated on the matter: “Although I was not able to speak to him directly, I understand that he is interested in the possibility.”. The 25-year-old Rossi’s pass belongs to Boca where, after finishing the loan with Lanús, he would have no place either as a starter or as a substitute.

This statement arises when the club, especially manager Burruchaga, have not yet lowered the flag in pursuit of reaching an agreement with Campaña to try to get him to review his litigation position (he has already traveled to Uruguay) and stay in the team in in the event that no offer for your pass arrives.

“The possibility that Campaña will return is far away,” added the DT on radio La Red, “given his absence, we need a new player in that position to have an internal competition”. In addition, Pusineri said that they are looking for a central marker and that Juan Sánchez Miño’s decision not to continue “is” individual, not a “sports situation.” In that sense, he also recognized that he likes Rafael Delgado (defender of Defense and Justice) who can occupy his position on the side. “It is one of the possibilities, the directors told me,” he said.

Regarding the preseason, the targeted destinations are Pinamar and Balcarce, but the main stumbling block is to obtain authorization to enter any of those cities and establish the squad for a week.


INDEPENDENT! These are the words of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day on August 17, 2020 in Indonesian, See the Writing

PORTAL JEMBER – Today all people in the country will celebrate the Commemoration of Indonesia’s Independence Day 2020.

Apart from the flag ceremony to commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day 2020, the community also distributed sayings about Independence Day in Indonesian.

Quoted from Jember Portal from Mamikos, see the following words sayings HUT RI ke-75 on 17 August 2020 Indonesian.

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1. Hero services, memorable services. Services that wealth will not be able to buy. Services that have a purpose “Independent or Die ”. Brother, let’s rise together. Build a beloved country. Happy 75th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence!

2. Countless numbers of lives and blood drops have been slashed by heroes to defend the nation. They also counted how many hopes and prayers they cast for the future of Indonesia. If it isn’t me and you who continue their struggle, then who else should? If it is not you and I who fulfill their hopes and prayers, then who else should? Indonesia belongs to us. Indonesia is our home. Dirgahayu Indonesia. Let us liberate Indonesia with real action!

3. A nation that does not believe in its own strength as a Nation, cannot stand as a Nation that Independent. Congratulations HUT RI ke-75!

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4. Learn to be successful at a young age, so that when you are old you will not struggle to pursue success, because you are already victorious. Congratulations HUT RI ke-75!


Aim for Millennials, BTN Releases a Two-Year Installment Free KPR Merdeka

JAKARTA, – As one of the steps to optimize the company’s contribution in encouraging the National Economic Recovery (PEN), PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. or BTN released a Home Ownership Credit promo entitled ” KPR BTN Independent”.

This program is valid from 15 August to 30 September 2020.

Executive Vice President of Bank BTN’s Nonsubsidized Mortgage & Personal Lending Division (NSLD) Suryanti Agustinar explained, KPR BTN Merdeka was launched to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia this year.

“We offer fairly light installments because the interest rate is only 4.17 percent fixed a year, with free principal installments for two years,” Yanti said in a press release, Saturday (15/8/2020).

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Another relief is the longer credit period, up to 30 years.

In addition, people who apply for KPR BTN Merdeka will also be free from the burden of provision fees, free appraisal, and free administration.

For information, in the framework of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day, Bank BTN and Adhouse will hold a virtual property exhibition from 22 August to 30 September 2020.

Exhibition online the greatest of these comes with a different concept through features video marketing, direct shopping, 4D experience, and virtual venue at location digital branch.

The exhibition with a target of 2 million visitors was attended by 175 developers with 500 selected projects.

The event which lasts for 38 days targets millennials aged 21-35 years who are planning buy a house future.

According to Yanti, KPR BTN Merdeka is a priority program for the needs of the entire community, especially State Civil Apparatus (ASN / PNS, TNI, Polri), employees of State and Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMN / BUMND) and private institutions that already have payroll at BTN.

“This is an innovative Non-Subsidized KPR program that makes it easier for customers independent at home, “he added.


The ‘Zurdo’ López underwent a catheterization and it is studied if they should operate

The former Junior Technician Miguel Ángel López was hospitalized last Monday morning at the Clínica del Caribe, after feeling discomfort and abnormal pressure.

The news was known through social networks, after one of his pupils in the rojiblanco team, former striker Martín Arzuaga, reported his health status through Twitter.

“Let us put in our prayers Professor Miguel Ángel López, who suffered an acute myocardial infarction,” wrote the ‘Toro’.

Until the closing of this edition, no official medical report was known about the state of health of the ‘Zurdo’.

The Argentine, champion with the Sharks in 2004, has been based in Barranquilla for several years.

Francisco Arias, who works as López’s assistant, assures that the 78-year-old veteran helmsman “is stable, calm and in good spirits”, waiting for what the doctors decide.

“Still under observation. They’ve already had a catheterization that resulted in a clogged artery. The possibility of open heart surgery or another type of intervention is being studied, ”Arias told EL HERALDO.

The former technician, according to Arias, remains in constant communication with those closest to him. His relatives in Argentina have already been informed and are aware of his health, like many of Junior’s fans who have a feeling of admiration and gratitude for the star he helped embroider on the shield in 2004.

In dialogue with EL HERALDO, a few months ago, ‘El Zurdo’ had sent a message of affection and gratitude to the rojiblanca fans, in the midst of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to thank you for the affection that I always receive. I miss you. Thank you for making my days happy, ”said the historic Argentine coach at the time.

Miguel Ángel López was the coach of Junior’s fifth star in the second half of 2004, in that remembered final against Atlético Nacional, where the rojiblancos won 3-0 in the first leg, in Barranquilla, and then fell 5-2 in Medellín , saving himself in the last minutes with the remembered goal of Argentine defender Walter Ribonetto. The Sharks prevailed on penalties 5-4.

He directed the Barranquilla team on seven occasions. Without a doubt, he is a character that is 100% linked to junior history.

‘El Zurdo’ made his debut as a professional footballer at the University of Córdoba in 1962 and retired in 1975 at Atlético Nacional, a club where he made his debut as a coach a year later.

During his long coaching career, he has twice managed América de México, with whom he won two league titles in 1985 and a Concacaf Champions League in 1992.

He was also in the Independiente de Avellaneda, with which he raised the title of the South American Super Cup in 1995, and also in the Argentine Boca Juniors, Rosario Central, Ferro Carril Oeste and Arsenal.

He also went through the Mexican Chivas de Guadalajara, Santos Laguna, Toluca, León, Atlético Celaya and Puebla, as well as Al-Ahli from Saudi Arabia and Badajoz from Spain.