There is still no clear trend + Fox News sees Democrats in the House of Representatives ahead

"There will not be a radical change in politics" Martin Klepper is a professor of American literature and culture at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He believes that the possibilities are slim that the Senate falls into the hands of the Democrats. E: "Although the Democrats regained the House of Representatives, Trump may continue to […]

Donald Trump ends the election campaign and brings Fox presenter on stage

When finalizing the electoral campaign in the United States, the president Donald Trump tried to mobilize to its followers with dramatic warnings to the competing democrats. Democrats are a threat to the country's economy and future, he said in one of his latest appearances in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They encouraged immigrants to enter the country […]

The man kills two people in a yoga center in Florida and takes life

A man killed two people and injured another five on Friday in a yoga center in the capital of Florida before killing him, the authorities said. On Friday night, Tallahassee police chief Michael DeLeo reported that the assailant shot six people and arrived at the other after entering the site, which is part of a […]

Russia will hold talks with Afghan leaders, the Taliban delegation

PHOTO OF ARCHIVES: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani talks during a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan on July 15, 2018. REUTERS / Mohammad Ismail / Photo PhotoMOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia said on Saturday that Afghan president Ashraf Ghani agreed to send a group of senior politicians to the peace talks in Moscow, where a delegation would […]

US agencies The radiation hazards are differentiated by the use of cell phones

WASHINGTON, D.C – Two US government agencies have offered conflictive interpretations of a safety study on cell radiation: one is said to cause cancer in rats. The other, that there is no reason for the public to worry. The Food and Drug Administration, which oversees the safety of mobile phones, does not comply with the […]

Bolton in Miami announces new sanctions against Venezuela

US President Donald Trump today signed an executive order with new sanctions "against networks that operate corrupt economic sectors in Venezuela to deny them access to stolen wealth," announced security adviser John Bolton in Miami. The new sanctions will ban US citizens to negotiate with people and networks that participate in corrupt and deceptive transactions […]

A fake chain WhatsApp causes a new death, now in Colombia

The moment of lynching Source: File – Credit: Time / GDA BOGOTÁ.- The WhatsApp chains with false accusations, which have already left dozens of victims around the world, especially in India, caused the first death lynching in Colombia after a 23-year-old boy was named responsible for hijacking a child, a fact that never happened. "There […]

One of the largest U.S. mobsters dies in prison

One of the most notorious gangster in the United States, James "Whitey" Bulger, died Tuesday in a federal prison at age 89. Boston's mobster and murderer, who benefited from a corrupt relationship with the FBI before spending 16 years as one of the most sought after men in the United States, was unconscious on Tuesday […]

The world of Jeff, Bill and Jiayin

One billion dollars is a lot of money. Unimaginable amount of money. A single person who owns so much could spend $ 100,000 every day – from Monday to Sunday, 365 days a year, and at least 87 million are still after 25 years. Probably even much more, because those amounts usually invest in a […]

Hurricane Willa hit the western coast of Mexico

Hurricane Willa hit Tuesday the west coast of Mexico with a maximum sustained wind of about 195 kilometers per hour, munching buildings with torrential rain in the tourist centers where thousands of people moved to a safe place. Willa's eyes, a category 3 hurricane, came to the ground near Isla del Bosque in the municipality […]