That could be the crisis winners and losers

Frankfurt They were just able to enjoy record rounds of financing and increasingly high valuations by investors, but now the business of several financial start-ups is stalling. The Dutch investment company Finch Capital has examined how exactly the corona pandemic affects individual business models and in which segments there could be a boom after the […]

Disinfection instead of fragrance – the beauty company has to change direction

Darmstadt Anyone who asked Yvonne Rostock a few weeks ago about her time at the beauty company Coty, replied: “It was an exciting year.” Well, that was an understatement when she became DACH manager in January. The group, which generates more than eight billion euros a year in cosmetics, fragrances and personal care products, had […]

Car industry. Corona crisis slows down US auto market

General Motors US market leader General Motors saw a seven percent decline in the first quarter. (Photo: AFP) Detroit Customers stay at home, dealers close: Like many other industries, the US auto industry is suffering badly from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Market leader General Motors (GM) and the rival Fiat Chrysler reported a […]

The fashion industry is breaking the middle

Times are difficult for the entire German economy. And it is also understandable that everyone who can apply for government aid to survive the corona crisis. This applies in particular to the German fashion industry. Companies of Gerry weber via Bogner to Boss suffer particularly from the fact that all shops in Europe are closed. […]

Asset managers lose billions through Corona

View of Wall Street The fall in the price of US stocks is also weighing on the interim balance sheet of international asset managers. (Photo: AFP) Frankfurt Asset managers are happy about little things in times of the corona crisis. “I could never have imagined how smoothly the switch to the home office would go,” […]

According to the IMF, banks have to reach buffer levels

IMF Tobias Adrian believes that transparency is now important. (Photo: dpa) Washington / Berlin The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns of increasing problems in the banking industry due to the corona crisis. It is now important to use the existing capital and liquidity buffers for lending without the management receiving complaints from the supervisory authorities, […]

Wirecard & Co. defy the corona crisis

Frankfurt It was a message that caught the eye: the payment service provider informed at the end of February Wirecard About the possible effects of the corona crisis for the group: “Wirecard does not assume that the consequences of the virus will have a lasting negative impact on the financial infrastructure services or internal processes,” […]

Corona crisis could mean the end for the giant Airbus A380

Frankfurt For the longest time, a line machine of this type is at Frankfurt Airport this Sunday airbus A380’s Lufthansa landed. Due to the worldwide collapse in demand in the corona crisis, the company is parking its entire fleet of 14 aircraft of this type indefinitely at the Frankfurt and Munich hubs. The long-initiated farewell […]

Book market in deep crisis: Corona virus causes sales to collapse

Dusseldorf Like so many others these days, Saša Stanišić is sitting at home, indulging in a beer and grinning, admitting that he feels like a presenter of the daily foam. Well, not entirely: “Training pants below, shirt above.” Then the author starts on time with his “living room reading”, reads excerpts from his works online. […]