New column of the Health channel, with the doctors’ answers to our readers

I have to go in Emergency room if I have a significant rise in blood pressure? What if I have sudden back pain? And how do I do an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection? These are just three of the issues that will be addressed in a new online column from today on An initiative created to try to answer the questions that readers of Health Courier have posed more often in recent years. The aim is not to pursue novelty, but to provide useful information, of service, in line with the philosophy that has always inspired Health Courier and the Health section of the Corriere della Sera, but this time it will be declined in an even more direct, explicit and courageous way. The “magazine” chosen, “Doctor explain to me»Is the manifesto. Because the experts will be the ones to respond directly to the requests that have reached our e-mail boxes.

A series of new initiatives

In some cases the topics will be treated with video interviews, in others through real practical demonstrations, or by resorting to web-app with decision-making algorithms, or even with real written answers prepared by professionals who already converse online on over one hundred of the most qualified specialists in the country, who manage more than 60 forums, and range from cardiology, to pediatrics, neuroscience, oncology, nutrition, just to name a few areas. “Doctor, explain to me” is just the first of a series of new initiatives that will enrich the Health section of, which is already divided into 14 thematic channels and which, among other things, will host all the meetings of «The Time of Health», Scheduled in Milan, at the Museum of Science and Technology from 13 to 15 November, which this year will have “To remember», In the etymological sense of« bringing back to the heart », that is to say at the center of our attention, not only our well-being, but also that of others and the environment.

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District will offer exercise routines through social networks

Barranquilleros will have from this Monday the best fitness instructors a click away with the launch of the program #I am active, which will be offered through the social networks of the Secretariat of Recreation and Sports ddaily sessions of healthy routines.

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins presented the program this Saturday, which is an alliance with the Ministry of Sports. These are virtual routines designed to be done in confined spaces, including: aerobic gymnastics, muscle stimulation, aerobic rumba and mixed martial arts.

#SoyActiva has a team of certified instructors who have created healthy routines for beginners and experts, which users can see Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. through the Instagram account @SecDeportesBaq.

“During the pendemic, those who were most likely to get sick and have complications were those who did not have a healthy lifestyle, because that worsened their quality of life, so we started quickly a program so that people could go out to the patio or terrace of their house to do physical activities “said Mayor Pumarejo. “Now, with this initiative, we want to continue promoting those healthy lifestyles, that people break the routine even if they are at home, for the benefit of all Barranquilla residents,” he added.

For his part, the Secretary of Recreation and Sports, Gabriel Berdugo Peña, invited Barranquilleros to join healthy habits through exercise. “This is the best opportunity forthose who have always wanted to do physical activity and perhaps did not have the possibility to go to a gym. And those who have already been doing it, can join the expert mode. Here they will be able to exercise with real experts ”.

Another component of the program is the presence of instructors guiding physical activity sessions in the parks and public spaces of the city such as the Gran Malecón, with groups that do not exceed 8 participants. Likewise, physiotherapists will be present in the biosaludable gyms located in the parks with the aim of guiding users of machines on how to improve your performance and how to feel better after physical activity.


With energy reform, Morena is going to nationalize lithium

Nationalize lithium, strengthen Pemex’s role as market leader, as well as various changes in the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), regulatory bodies and the Hydrocarbons Law are some of the reforms that the parliamentary group of Morena in the Senate of the Republic proposed in the Legislative Agenda for the third year of constitutional exercise, of the first ordinary period of sessions that will be held from September 2020 to January 2021.

According to the agenda of the parliamentary group coordinated by Ricardo Monreal, the objective of the initiatives is “to consolidate a more just, inclusive, equitable and prosperous homeland.”

In the “Rule of law, security and justice” section, a proposal for constitutional reform and the Mining Law to nationalize lithium in order to protect it as a strategic national resource, a resource that is considered the “white oil” of the future, stands out.

The proposal joins the statements of the former head of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), Víctor Manuel Toledo, who in mid-June highlighted the importance of the federation nationalizing the resource that is explored and exploited in the center and north of the country.

Regarding this possibility, Javier Villarreal Gámez, Undersecretary of Labor of the National Committee of the Confederation of Mexican Workers, has said that it generates distrust and discouragement because “it scares away private investment, because it speaks of nationalization, something that means a kind of nationalization but without clarifying how this resource will be exploited ”.

The president himself Andrés Manuel López Obrador It has said that “nationalization is not necessary because according to the Constitution, Article 27 establishes the domain of the nation of the natural resources that are in the soil and underground.”

“That is why there is a mechanism for the delivery of contracts and concessions in the case of mining. It will be necessary to see in what conditions these contracts and the concessions would be delivered ”, he said in his morning conference on June 26, when he was questioned by what was said by Toledo.

Lithium is used as the main component for batteries in household appliances and cell phones., but an exponential increase in demand for this mineral is expected for electric car batteries in the automotive industry.

It is estimated that Mexico It has one of the largest lithium reserves in the world and most of it is under the control of the Mexican government, according to the Ministry of Economy. In the country the extraction of this material is regulated in Article 4 of the Mining Law.

Sonora stands out for having one of the largest deposits in the world, in Bacadéhuachi, especially the project in charge of the Canadian company Bacanora Lithium, which in a first stage foresees an investment of 420 million dollars.

According to market researcher Report Linker, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for batteries for electric vehicles is expected to reach $ 30.7 billion in 2020, and by 2027 it will grow at a compound rate. annual of 16.1 percent, until reaching a value of 87 thousand 200 million.

According to estimates by the government of Australia, the world’s leading lithium producer, it is estimated that in 2019 the world consumed 315 thousand equivalent tons of lithium carbonate (LCE) and that this will grow more than 20 percent annually to reach 485 thousand tons in 2021, due to the increasing adoption of vehicles and improvements in battery capacity.

Integral reform

The agenda also includes a “Comprehensive reform in energy matters” without giving more details of its objective, as well as “reforming the Law of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) in order to reinforce its governing or leadership role in the market”, an objective that the federal administration has indicated on different occasions.

To this objective are added the initiatives to reform the Hydrocarbon Revenue Law, to alleviate the fiscal burden of Pemex, in order to improve its financial situation.

In terms of transparency and the fight against corruption, Morena will have reforms to the Hydrocarbons Law on its agenda, in order to specify the conditions of the assignments and contracts that were awarded in order to avoid corruption.

They are also expected to work to promote a reform of the Hydrocarbons Law, the Mexican Petroleum Law and the Law of Coordinated Regulatory Bodies in energy matters, that is, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) and the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH).

Regarding actions in the environment, highlights a reform to promote clean energy, as well as legislative reforms for the promotion, implementation and use of sustainable, renewable and clean energy.

In this same sense, they will carry out reforms so that Pemex develops its attribution of generating alternative energy projects, different from that of hydrocarbons.

Among others, it is also sought that with the legislative changes it is possible to develop projects for the capture, storage and storage of CO2 in the energy sector.



Founder of the initiative lateral thinking 711 about imperial flags

Nafter the Berlin protests against the Corona-The organizer of the initiative “lateral thinking 711” defended itself against allegations that the movement did not distance itself from right-wing extremists. Michael Ballweg told Deutschlandfunk that “one or the other” Reich flag could be seen at their event on Saturday. The flag bearers were asked to leave the rally. The flags were distributed in Berlin, many did not even know what meaning they have. The pictures of the Reich flags in front of the Reichstag building “shocked” him. In an interview with RBB on Tuesday evening, Ballweg rejected the criticism that many right-wing extremists and so-called Reich citizens were also there during the demonstration on Saturday. “I haven’t seen any right-wing extremists.”

When asked about his press spokesman Stephan Bergmann, who advocates the Reich Citizenship Thesis that Germany is not a sovereign state, Ballweg told Deutschlandfunk: “Mr. Bergmann is also allowed to have his own private opinion.” That an interview with the former German soccer world champion Thomas Berthold, who is part of “lateral thinking”, in the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as right-wing extremist Suspected case classified conspiracy magazine “Compact” has been published, Ballweg does not find problematic. Berthold is “a free man”; He has to decide for himself who he gives an interview to.

The Stuttgart initiative “lateral thinking 711” wants to demonstrate again on October 3, on the day of German unity, against the corona policy. This time in Constance. A Demonstration in Berlin is not planned, said organizer Ballweg the Deutschlandfunk.


Lavrov said about the management of the Belarusian opposition from the West :: Politics :: RBK

Sergey Lavrov

(Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that Western forces rule the Belarusian opposition. He stated this in an interview with Channel One following a meeting with US First Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan. Its decryption published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“We drew attention to the initiative of the President of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko, which he put forward even before the presidential elections and repeated already in the post-election period, – the initiative for constitutional reform as a basis for consolidating society with the subsequent organization of presidential, parliamentary and local government elections. I believe that a hand is extended to all those who are interested in a stable, united Belarus. It, of course, should be noticed by the opposition and those of our Western partners who are now leading this opposition, ”Lavrov said.

According to him, Russia does not consider it possible to try to impose mediators on the Belarusian leadership and the people from outside, “be it the OSCE, the EU, or some separate neighboring country”.

The minister called Belarusians a wise people who can determine the forms of national dialogue and how it will help to overcome the difficulties that have arisen now.

According to Lavrov, the American ambassador heard serious warnings from Russia about the activities of circles that, “say, in Poland and Lithuania express dissatisfaction with the normalization of the situation in Belarus, and are also trying to provoke violent actions in order to provoke an appropriate response from the security officials.”

Protests after the presidential elections in Belarus. the main thing

Photo: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

Lavrov called the meeting with the American diplomat useful, but expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the Belarusian opposition council. “We would very much like to understand what are the political criteria on which this coordinating council wants to function. There was a lot of contradictory information about the council’s program, ”said the head of Russian diplomacy.

According to him, on the website of opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the goals pursued by this body were described very contradictory. The minister also noted that the composition of the coordinating council also raises questions, since many of its members learned that they are included in it, after the fact.

Rebecca Ross, former spokesman for the US Embassy in Russia reported on Twitter that Lavrov at a meeting with Bigan discussed the situation in Belarus. The American diplomat condemned the use of violence against the protesters and expressed support for the sovereignty of Belarus and the right of its people to self-determination.

Tihanovskaya announced on the creation of an opposition coordination council for the transfer of power in the country on August 14. It is planned to include representatives of associations interested in national dialogue, including labor collectives, parties and trade unions. On the fact of the creation of the coordination council of the opposition, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus aroused criminal case.

Russian Foreign Ministry reported warning to Washington on Belarus

Sergey Lavrov

The reason for the creation of the council was the results of the presidential elections held in Belarus on August 9. By data The Central Election Commission of the republic, the victory was won by Alexander Lukashenko, for whom 80.1% of voters (4 661 075 people) voted. For his main rival Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – 10.1% (588,622 people). However, her headquarters did not recognize the election results and demanded transfer of power by peaceful means.

Since then, rallies have been held in Belarusian cities. The demonstrators are demanding a recount; in the first days of the protests, the security forces dispersed them using special means.

Thousands of protest march in Minsk. Photo report

Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka / AP


Open call to intervene alleys of the Historic Center

The Barranquilla Center Management and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched a call to select a project that develops a comprehensive urban intervention strategy for the Historic Center of the city.

Through this recovery, the reactivation of a set of alleys is sought as meeting places, economic activity and vital nucleus of the development of the Atlantic capital, as a contribution to the revitalization and enhancement program of the Historic Center.

In this call, which will be open until September 25 and will deliver $ 5,000 in prizes, a detailed urban-architectural proposal will also be chosen for the 42C race between 30 and 33 streets, also known as ‘callejón del meao’, as an intervention Illustrative for the plot of alleys in the Historic Center.

“This contest gives the opportunity to show the cultural and architectural wealth of the Historic Center of Barranquilla. The transformation of the center is one of the flagship programs of the Mayor’s Office and this reorganization of the alleys allows us to revitalize these spaces as heritage and culturally ”, stated Angelo Cianci, manager of the Center.

The Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla stated that the urban intervention strategies and the proposals for public space that result from the competition will add to the lessons learned from previous IDB initiatives in the city.

One of them is the Program for Fiscal Strengthening and Public Investment Expenditure, which financed the improvement and construction of public spaces and urban facilities to increase the supply and quality of urban infrastructure in the capital of Atlántico.

This university contest is aimed at young people from all over Latin America through the IDB Cities Lab initiative, which seeks creative solutions and innovative ideas to urban problems in Latin America and the Caribbean, in the hands of students, university professors and young professionals from all over the region.

This exercise has the objective of serving as a seedbed and incubator for young talent in urban issues from a network of work with universities, offering direct experience to promote real plans and projects, as well as promoting a participatory space that puts into discussion the paradigms of the discipline.

This project has already been carried out in five other cities in the region: Curundú, Panama (2015), Santa Marta (2016), Mendoza, Argentina (2017), Santiago de Chile (2018) and Buenos Aires (2019).

In this edition of the contest, students from any of the member countries of the Inter-American Development Bank, who are studying the last two years of university or postgraduate studies, or students and / or collaborators of a university in a country in America, may participate. Latin America and the Caribbean.

Recovery of the historic center

The district administration has bet on an “ambitious” project to recover the city’s public and heritage space.

This intervention begins with the master market plan, which includes, in turn: remodeling of traditional plazas (there are two works in progress: EPM and Grains), new markets such as the Grand Bazaar and satellite markets.

The Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla points out that, through this project, there will be a major reorganization of formal and informal merchants and recovery of architectural heritage, which will stimulate real estate projects and, therefore, more employment in the future.

In addition, the District seeks to rescue the heritage of buildings such as the old Dugand Bank, the National Bank of Commerce, the Caja Agraria building, the Plaza Concordia, the Volpe, Robertico building, the San Nicolás square and the Fedecafé building, among others.

In addition, it has contemplated that the original names be returned to the streets of this area of ​​the city, in order to regain their identity.


MinTIC: program to train in programming is launched in Colombia – Novedades Tecnología – Tecnología

This Wednesday, President Iván Duque and the ICT Minister, Karen Abudinen, presented the TIC Mission 2022 project that seeks to train 100,000 people in Colombia in software development and programming in a period of two years.

The program is divided into two parts: the first aimed at 10th and 11th grade students from official colleges who already have a basic knowledge of information technology issues. This group is offered, indicates the Mintic, two 160-hour curricula in programming and digital creative industries.

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The second is aimed at Colombians, undergraduate students of technical, technological and university levels, as well as people in the process of training in programs for human development and education for work. It offers an educational plan of five cycles, of 200 hours each.

Misión TIC has three basic cycles of programming fundamentals, basic programming and software development, and the possibility of taking two cycles of deepening in the development of web applications and mobile applications.

We are opening doors for our young people and, in general, Colombians to access the training of the skills that are required now

During the launch, Minister Abudinen assured that the program was built according to the needs of the current labor market, taking into account the recommendations of entrepreneurs, companies, academia and industry associations.

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We are opening doors for our young people and, in general, Colombians to access the training of the skills that are required now. We are going to meet that goal in two years ”, detailed Abudinen.

For his part, President Iván Duque said that with this program a message is being sent to the world and that is In Colombia, anyone who comes to invest in founding companies with a technological and creative base will not pay income tax for the next six years.

“Colombia today with this agenda, with this Mission 2022 of 100 thousand programmers, is making the greatest transformation in the training of human talent so that our country leads the process of the fourth Industrial Revolution in Latin America,” the president explained.

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How to take part?

Those interested must enter or on the MinTIC web portal, section calls and in The invitation is open from this Wednesday, August 19, until August 28 of this year.

Once this phase is completed, from August 28 to 31, a list of those mentioned will be made for the entrance tests, which will take place between September 2 and 4.

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The pilot test of the project will begin with 2,500 students, who will have classes from September 14 to December 20 of this year.

In April 2021, the second phase will begin, in which it is projected to achieve the training of 50 thousand people and, finally, in 2022 the program will open for 47,500 students.

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The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has promised to continue breaking contracts with Russia :: Policy :: RBC

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine will continue to reduce the number of agreements with Russia. This was stated by Deputy head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Vasyl Bodnar in an interview with “UKRINFORM”.

“We had 453 signed bilateral agreements. Now remain in force of about 300 documents, but still continue to audit what we can give,” said Bodnar.

The media learned about plans of Ukraine to allocate $170 million for the “wall” with Russia

At the same time said that Kiev does not go on radical steps: do not terminate diplomatic relations with Moscow and does not cease its diplomatic presence in Russia. According to the diplomat, the two countries partially acts as a contractual framework within the CIS and bilateral.

In April 2019, at the initiative of the Ukrainian side stopped the action of the Treaty on friendship, cooperation and partnership between Ukraine and Russia. This document was signed in 1997. It said that Moscow and Kiev have to build relations on the basis of the principles of inviolability of borders, mutual respect and peaceful settlement of disputes.


President of Egypt called legitimate direct intervention in Libya :: Policy :: RBC

Any possible direct intervention in Libya by Egypt will have a legitimate status. This was stated by the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during a visit to military base in Sidi Barrani, near the Libyan border, reports Sky News Arabia.

“Any direct intervention by the Egyptian state now has gained international legitimacy,” said al-Sisi. According to him, this right is based on the need to protect Egypt’s borders from terrorist groups to end bloodshed in Libya and to support efforts to launch a political process under the auspices of the UN.

The government of netsolace have been rejected by the Egyptian initiative for Libya

Al-Sisi added that Cairo will not allow the forces of the national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya to take the city of Sirte and the municipality of El Dzhufra, under the control of the Libyan national army (LNA). According to the President, it will be a “red line” crossed Egypt will not allow.

The confrontation between field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot, the commander of the Libyan national army (LNA), and the UN recognized the Government of national consent headed by the Prime Minister Faiz by Sarraj continues in 2011. The capital Tripoli is controlled by forces of the NTC, but from 2019, the army of the Haftarah is trying to take control of the city. In this conflict, Egypt along with the UAE supports the Haftarot.


Trump has denied involvement in the resignation accusing his lawyers of attorney :: Policy :: RBC

Prior to this, justice Minister William Barr announced that Jeffrey Berman dismissed at the initiative of the American President. Berman was investigated against supporters of trump

Jeffrey Berman

(Photo: Kevin Hagen / AP)

Donald trump is irrelevant to the dismissal of us attorney for the southern district of new York Jeffrey Berman, who led the investigation against supporters of the American President. It is reported Bloomberg.

“Attorney General Barr is working on it. It is his authority, not mine. But we have a very able attorney General, so it’s all in his hands. I don’t have to do with it,” said trump before confined to election campaign event in Oklahoma.

Trump has called the possible cause of his defeat in the election of the President of the United States

Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters

According to the New York Times, Friday, June 19, Minister of justice of the U.S. William Barr announced that Berman, who is leaving his post, and his place will be taken by the Chairman of the Federal Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA Jay Clayton, whom the publication calls a familiar trump.

However, the Manhattan U.S. attorney refused to voluntarily leave the post. He wrote on Twitter that he had not resigned and is not going to do that. “I was appointed by the judges of the U.S. court for the southern district of new York, and resigned when the Senate will approve the candidate proposed by the President,” wrote Berman. He added that up to this point all started their investigation will continue.