VIDEO: D1 was blocked by a mass accident of six cars near Holubice, three people are injured

According to initial police investigations, the reason for the accident is insufficient attention to driving. “Not far behind the descent to Holubice, there was a chain collision of several cars. The terrifying-looking carom of four trucks, one van and a car eventually claimed three people, “said police spokesman Petr Vala.

Source: HZS JmK

Rescuers sent five land vehicles, including air rescue service, to the accident. “Our operators sent a total of five means, including air rescue services, to the 210th kilometer of the D1 motorway for a chain traffic accident. It was therefore an extraordinary event of the first degree, “said Michaela Bothová, a spokeswoman for the South Moravian rescuers.

One patient was transported by her colleagues to the Military Hospital in Brno for further care after treatment with a moderate injury. “Two other patients were trapped in the wrecked cabins. The first man was rescued after almost two hours, and during the rescue we provided him with infusion therapy and painkillers. The patient suffered severe injuries, was intubated and we then transported him in a critical condition by helicopter to the emergency reception of the University Hospital Brno for controlled ventilation, “said the rescue spokeswoman.

Rescue: Two and a half hours

The other man was rescued for almost two and a half hours. “We also took care of him during the rescue work. This patient was conscious and after the treatment, we transferred him with a moderate injury to further care for the emergency admission of the University Hospital at St. Anne’s, “said Both. The young truck driver escaped with only bruises.

According to Jaroslav Mikoška, ​​a spokesman for the South Moravian fire brigade, rescuing two drivers was extremely demanding and in difficult climatic conditions. “In one case, it was a completely deformed cab of a truck that crashed into the semi-trailer in front of it. There was a minimum of space in the cabin and the firefighters had a hard time getting to the wounded man and still had to create enough space to rescue him. Drivers managed to free the driver from the demolished cabin after almost two hours, and the firefighters then helped the rescue service with his transport to the helicopter, which landed on the highway a few tens of meters from the accident, “the first difficult case was described by a firefighter’s spokesman.

In the second case, the driver remained wedged in the cab, which was torn off after the collision and protruded a few meters above the ground and locked in the trailer of another truck. “Also in this case, it was very difficult to get into the cabin. He even had to assist in the rescue car, which secured the tilted trailer. The driver managed to get out of the cab after more than hours, “said Mikoška.

Up to the accident, a column of up to ten kilometers was formed. The currents of the vehicles quickly blocked the detours. “Police officers had to start driving and speeding up traffic on the busiest roads. According to initial information, the driver of the truck, for unknown reasons, crashed into a convoy of vehicles standing in front of him. However, the exact cause of the traffic accident will now be investigated by traffic police officers. One of the investigative versions is that the foreigner did not have to devote himself fully to driving a motor vehicle, “said a police spokesman.


Injured Iva Janžurová: A threatening fall on her head! It freezes …

“I fell on my head, pounded my forehead and under my eye. I had big monocles, you can still see it under my glasses, “Janžurová described the ugly fall to the website. “My friend, who was still chasing me into the woods, felt a little guilty. But when I fell, I kept my glasses, and that saved me, because otherwise I would break my hands if I put them under myself. Fortunately, the bones are still holding, “the actress told

Iva Janžurová: I always hold on to my colleagues!

Although the actress celebrates her 80th birthday next year, she threw herself back to work. Her lifelong profession as an actress keeps her fit. “We have already played two performances of Audience with the Queen, Bouquet, Goodbye, I’m staying! and Easter, that’s my game. So I’m already busy. I was optimistic. I was afraid that I would forget all the lyrics over the summer, “Janžurová revealed.

In addition to acting, Janžurová also writes. “I worked to complete the book Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, which is due out next year. Then I wrote my new game, which is still called Golden Boards, I’m halfway there. I found out that I would like to read an audiobook, so my friends gave me an offer – Andersonovu fairy tale, “confided

Janžurová did not take Leo away: Instead, she felt sorry for her daughter!


NBA, Gordon Hayward close to returning to game-3: reinforcements arrive for the Boston Celtics?

According to The Athletic, there is optimism for Gordon Hayward’s return to the field in view of game-3 in the series against the Boston Celtics, in a game already with no return for the green-and-whites who finished down 0-2 in the series against the Miami Heat

If there is no good news for the Boston Celtics from the pitch and the locker room, at least there is from the infirmary a reason to smile for coach Brad Stevens. According to The Athletic, Gordon Hayward proceeds towards the second leg for game-3 of the series against the Miami Heat after reacting well to training on Wednesday. On Friday, the break in the series between Game-2 and Game-3, the player should still work on the pitch with optimism to be able to take the field in the third episode of the series, which already becomes a “must-win” for the Celtics. Just getting the series back on its feet against the Heat would be an excellent result, given that opponents have won 10 of the 11 games played so far in the playoffs. Considering then that coach Erik Spoelstra has never lost a series in which he was 2-0 ahead (10 out of 10 in career), advancing to the NBA Finals would really be a feat for Coach Stevens’ men.

What can Gordon Hayward give to the Celtics


Furious fight in locker room, Celtics “imploded”

Winning race-3 is therefore essential to keep the I dream of returning to the Finals ten years after the last time: Gordon Hayward’s versatility and playmaking would come in very handy for attack the Heat area, which created huge problems in Boston in race-2. Miami has used the area in 36 possessions, most of them in the second half, and has completely knocked out the opponents, who scored only 4 of the 14 shots attempted from the arc in the second half, losing 12 balls and squandering an advantage of 13 lengths at the interval. Hayward’s intelligence in playing defense spaces and his ability not only to shoot from outside but to bring order and involve the comrades could represent a crucial tactical variant for coach Brad Stevens, net of his inevitable rust given that does not see the playoff field-1 against Philadelphia, more than a month ago. But now there is no more tomorrow: race-3 scheduled for night between Saturday and Sunday at 2.30 on Sky Sports NBA you can’t lose and you will need all the players in a position to take the field.


Decentralized: Sports University | Luis Urriti was successfully operated on from the ro

With a message of encouragement, announced that the forward he underwent successful surgery on his right knee after a meniscal injury. Said intervention was announced the day before, after the publication of the club’s medical report.

Our forward Luis Urruti had a successful operation. We look forward to your speedy recovery! Force, «Tito»! ”, The meringues published on their social networks, a message that was quickly shared by the team’s fans.

In the medical part, the player’s ailment was announced, as well as the time he would be away from the courts. “After the tests carried out on our player Luis Urruti by the Club’s medical department, he has been diagnosed with a meniscal injury in his right knee”, Says the statement.

In addition, said document details the type of operation to which the ‘charrúa’ attacker was subjected. “The player will undergo an arthroscopic partial meniscectomy this Monday, September 14 and his approximate recovery time will be three weeks, according to evolution”, They explained.

Far away He had been adding minutes with the meringues, after the return from the championship. Although in recent meetings he has not been as a starter, he has not stopped being present for the complement, making a double with Jonathan Dos Santos, scorer of the team with 8 goals.

At the moment, Universitario is the only leader in the Standings with 25 points, taking an advantage of 7 with his closest rivals, such as Ayacucho FC and Alianza Universidad. Her next commitment will be precisely with the ‘foxes’ this Friday, September 18 at 6:00 pm



Sports injuries: a different vision for prevention and treatment

From the medicine orthomolecular we consider that this should not necessarily be the case. We know that injuries and pain are associated with inflammation.

Inflammation is a defense mechanism of our body against an attack from outside, be it an infection or a wound (injury). In the specific case of injury caused by sports, when it is caused by repetitive movements, trauma, stress due to overuse, the inflammation mechanism is activated, which aims to repair the injured tissue. For which there are two phases, an inflammatory phase (damage) and another resolution and repair phase (healing). The main objective is the restitution ad integrum of the lesion, for which it is necessary to stop the inflammatory destructive phase and activate the resolutive and reparative phase, otherwise a fibrous scar is produced, with partial or total loss of the function of the injured tissue.

This inflammatory mechanism can be exacerbated by diet, stress and alterations of the intestinal microbiota (bacteria present in the intestine that can increase or modulate inflammation).

Orthomolecular medicine is to prevent and treat diseases with bioactive molecules present in food such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals, which work harmoniously and jointly in the healing process of injuries.

A nutritional approach to preventing and treating inflammatory lesions is made up of what we call the three R’s: Reduce, Resolve, and Repair.

Reduce the inflammatory load, through an anti-inflammatory diet (low in omega 6 fats, low in refined carbohydrates, processed and ultra-processed foods and rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, legumes, nuts); Resolve inflammation, through omega 3 fatty acids that are the precursors of specific mediators of resolution and Repair injured tissue, through the administration of polyphenols (maqui berry, blueberries, etc.) that have triple action, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and activate AMPK, an enzyme responsible for providing the cellular energy necessary to repair injured tissue.

Food, hydration and supplementation in sport must be personalized according to the specific characteristics of the athlete and the type of sport they practice.

MP 70874. Specialist in Medical Clinic. Founding member of FIMON (Forum for Research in Orthomolecular and Nutrigenomic Medicine). OMOL portal medical director.


At the races in Domažlice, they crossed the track commissioner, a helicopter flew there

Shortly after three o’clock in the afternoon, a man was seriously injured on the rallycross track in Domažlice. According to the police, one of the competitors ran over him.

“While cornering, the racer collided with a man who was acting as a marshal there and injured him,” said police spokeswoman Dana Ladman.

As the portal informed Crime Pilsen, rescuers also sent a helicopter to the scene. “We are transporting a moderately injured man by air from the site to the Emergency Admission of the Lochotín University Hospital,” rescuers described.

Law enforcers are dealing with the causes of the nasty accident. “Currently, police officers are investigating other circumstances of the incident on the spot,” Ladmanová concluded.


Fatal accident of two cars near Most! The injured child ended up in the hospital

A tragic accident occurred on Saturday shortly before two o’clock in the afternoon near Patokryjí in the Most region. The clash of two cars claimed one life. All rescue forces came to the scene.

“Around two o’clock in the afternoon, two cars collided at the turnoff to Patokryje. Despite the rescue efforts of rescue workers, one person unfortunately succumbed to his injuries,” police spokeswoman Alena Bartošová told

A child who was injured was also traveling in one of the cars. “The rescuers transported the minor to the hospital, the rescued adult was transported by rescuers by helicopter,” she added.

The vehicles collided for as yet unknown causes, and police are investigating the accident. The road was partially closed and traffic was controlled by police patrols. By seven o’clock in the evening, she was passable.

“Shortly before half past six in the evening, the police resumed operations in full,” Bartošová confirmed.


People collapsed at the zoo because of a bleeding rabbit! The garden is defending

“At first glance, the rabbits look neglected, they have runny eyes and it’s not a matter of time. It can be seen that there is no veterinary care and that it is neglected by the zoo. The next day a young lady went there and took a picture of a rabbit with blood eyes, so I doubt about some care and treatment. It’s very sad, I have a rabbit myself and it bothers me a lot, “Adriana B wrote to the editorial staff.

However, the Olomouc Zoo rejected any mistake, and on Tuesday it published an extensive status on its Facebook page. “Yesterday evening, the nursing service found out that one of the rabbits in the exhibition enclosure has a minor eyelid injury. The injury was treated and no health problem was found in the animals during the subsequent morning inspection. Today the inspection was carried out by the Regional Veterinary Administration and recorded. we publish, “resists the garden of criticism.

“Rabbits are fed granules for rabbits, fresh vegetables, hard bread, hay, they have shelters with bedding, constant access to water. They are checked 5 times a day and are under regular veterinary supervision,” the zoo continued.

But even these words did not reassure some of the outraged critics. Instead, they began posting photos of the allegedly miserable rabbits in the discussion under the status, and the zoo continues to burn.

Bleeding rabbit photographed by a visitor to the Olomouc Zoo:

“False statement, from today’s visit to your zoo, it is obvious that you are just lying and the rabbits are in trouble. You should take full responsibility for the way they live there, admit that care is not adequate and arrange a full remedy. Photos do not lie and there is more than Obviously the bunnies are suffering, isn’t it really a shame to mist like you? ” Kateřina Kupcová ignited.

“You may not know it, but the rabbit is not playable, it is a living being. If you cannot make sure that people do not maim them there, then cough it up and sow the grass there,” Ondra Tuháček added.

But there were also voices defended by the zoo. “If parents went with their children and instructed them on how to treat animals, they probably wouldn’t be in such a state.

Due to the storm that broke out over the rabbits, the zoo issued an additional statement on Wednesday, which it also sent to the newsroom. In it she repeated that the rabbits are well taken care of and are under regular supervision. The garden refused to take care of the ears worse than other, more exotic animals. He says he can’t afford it.

“Even in the wild, the rabbit faces a dusty environment, digs burrows, fights with another rabbit. It’s quite common. Rabbits kept in the zoo are in their indoor quarters for 15 hours a day, where visitors can’t get to them,” he tries. to calm the passions of the director of the zoo Radomír Habáň.

“It is not realistic for every enclosure of each animal to be supervised by qualified zoo staff and thus to replace the function of parents or accompanying children, who is responsible for them. Unfortunately, we encounter indiscipline and disrespect to the rules of the visitor daily,” Habáň concluded.


Fear of prayer for reinforcement! Sparta throws when the player of the season returns to her

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

He spent Sunday in Sparta. However, not on the lawn, but on the tennis courts. From the auditorium, he watched with satisfaction as his girlfriend Kristýna Plíšková, alongside Lucie Hradecká, won the Prague Open in doubles.

David Hancko now has more free time than he likes. And Sparta is beginning to worry about how long his health problems will last.

“His treatment went against the original assumptions. He trained in preparation according to pain. One day yes, the next maybe not again, “coach Václav Kotal cheats.

Attractive and persistent! Hancko describes beautiful days with Plíšková

Hancko had a great spring and the cabin chose him as the player of the season in the voting. However, the end of the year was over with pain. After all, knee problems have been coming back to him for a long time.

“Two years – sometimes it’s worse, other times it’s better. I have chronic calf tendonitis. It is necessary to work with him constantly, “the stopper described recently in an interview for the server.

“The pain is unpleasant, I often felt it during matches. Through exercise or strengthening, I somehow eliminated it. After the season, I received a nutritional injection with blood plasma and collagen, “says Hancko.

There are four injuries

David Lischka recovered from Letenské and in the summer they brought in the stop of the Czech national team, Ondřej Čelůstka. For now, they and others will have to stand up for Hanck.

The team will miss a total of four players at the start of the season. In addition to Hanck, there is also David Karlsson and two summer reinforcements, Ladislav Krejčí Sr. and Bulgarian Martin Minčev.

“Complication. Tailor and I were counting on him, he returned from Italy with injuries. Minčev must catch up with a fitness shortage. He was infected with a virus, then ill. He dropped out for a month from any training, he hadn’t trained much before. His readiness was so low, now he has to catch up, “says Kotal in the address of a talented foreigner, whom Sparta blew out of more affluent clubs.

During Monday, it was confirmed that Václav Drchal, Jiří Kulhánek and Ondřej Zahustel will be guests from Sparta in Mladá Boleslav. The trio of players had permission to prepare with the club from the end of July. Now their hosting has been tightened. Zahustel will work in the city of cars for half a year, Drchal with Kulhánek until the end of the season.


Jack Brown and the former Spanish League join the Indonesian U-19 national team squad, but … – All Pages


Lincoln City U-18 player, Jack Brown, during the selection of the Indonesian U-19 national team at the Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (15/1/2020).

SportFEAT.COM – Two player docked to the squad Indonesian U-19 national team. But one goalkeeper is sure to step aside because of this injury.

Training center (TC) Indonesian U-19 national team it is certain that it will continue to be implemented since Saturday (15/8/2020).

On the same day, TC Indonesia’s senior national team ended after it was confirmed that there was no agenda for the Garuda squad until the end of this year.

Meanwhile, Indonesian U-19 national team keep going TC as a form of preparation for the 2020 U-19 Asian Cup which was held in Uzbekistan.

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Even so, all Garuda Nusantara players will be given a day off by the coach’s manager Shin Tae-yong, before the TC is held again.

The South Korean coach gave the Indonesian U-19 national team a four-day holiday.

“Players will return to training on Thursday, August 20,” said Shin Tae-yong, quoted by from the PSSI website.

Ahead of the resumption of TC, the composition of the Indonesian U-19 national team players is experiencing a change.

After expelling 11 players, the Indonesian U-19 national team received additional two-player ammunition.

They are Jack Brown and Syukran Arabia Samual.

Jack Brown received a call from PSSI to take part in the follow-up TC with the Garuda Nusantara squad via a summons dated August 10, 2020.

The Indonesian-English crossbreed player has even joined Shin Tae-yong’s squad since Thursday (13/8/2020).

Jack Brown was not the last player Shin Tae-yong called.

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After the summoning of the Lincoln City U-18s, Shin Tae-yong again summoned a new figure Shukran Arabia Samual.

Even though this is the first time being called by the Indonesian U-19 national team, Syukran Arabia is not an arbitrary figure.

Syukran Arabia is a player who graduated from the Spanish League club, Leganes U-18 in 2018.

Andrian Rusdianto (left), with Syukran Arabia Samual, while training for the Leganes U-16 team in Spanyo


Andrian Rusdianto (left), with Syukran Arabia Samual, while training for the Leganes U-16 team in Spanyo

After studying in Matador Country, the player who plays as a center-back has returned to his homeland.

Syukran Arabia joined Persebaya Surabaya U-16 and had brought Bajul Ijo Muda to rank third in the 2019 Elite Pro Academy U-16.

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The certainty of joining the Garuda Nusantara squad has also been confirmed directly by the player concerned.

“Yes, it is true that I received a call to the Indonesian U-19 national team via a summons,” said Syukran Arabia Samual, quoted by from

“God willing, I will join the training center as soon as possible,” said Syukran Arabia.

On the other hand, the Indonesian U-19 national team must be willing to be left by one goalkeeper, Ernando Ari Sutaryadi.

The former Indonesian U-16 national team goalkeeper was forced to leave TC due to an injury to his shoulder.

This has also been confirmed by the goalkeeping coach of the Indonesian U-19 national team, Yoo Jae-hoon.

“In the shoulder (Ernando ‘s injury), there will be further reports from the team of doctors regarding the results of the examination,” said the 37-year-old man.

Ernando Ari Sutaryadi, while celebrating the Indonesian U-16 national team's victory in the U-16 AFF Cup final.


Ernando Ari Sutaryadi, while celebrating the Indonesian U-16 national team’s victory in the U-16 AFF Cup final.

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After this, the Indonesian U-19 national team will most likely hold TC abroad.

The two locations that have the most potential to be the place for the Indonesian U-19 national team TC are South Korea or Europe.

Reportedly PSSI is currently processing visas to bring the Indonesian TC U-19 national team players abroad.

Even so, it is not known when the Indonesian U-19 national team will depart abroad.

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