20 minutes – Manor attacks Migros and Coop with new service

Because of the corona shutdown, many people no longer want to buy their groceries in the store, but online from home. The delivery services of Migros and Coop have had their hands full in the past few weeks, delivery dates are booked out for weeks. survey Do you order groceries online? Manor now wants to […]

Weather forecast: Cloudy with a shower and the occasional sun NOW

On Wednesday it will be partly cloudy, with occasional showers and sometimes some sun. It will be between 9 and 11 degrees. There is a weak to moderate northwest wind. There is more cloud than Tuesday. Clouds are increasing especially in the middle of the country. In the north and the middle of the country, […]

Corona pandemic: USA “very painful weeks ago” – tagesschau.de

Corona pandemic: USA “very painful weeks ago” tagesschau.de USA: How the corona virus was able to spread undisturbed WELT Donald Trump: Entry freeze for Europeans should be extended, mistake on South Korea question WEB.DE News Worldwide pandemic: USA reports twice as many corona infections as China DER SPIEGEL US President Donald Trump wants to extend […]

20 minutes – large crowds overload the homelearning platform

Christof Müller is a trained teacher and computer scientist. A few years ago, when he was unable to find a simple platform to share links and teaching material with his students, he quickly programmed one himself. “That was the beginning of the school on screen project, Schabi for short,” says Müller in 20 minutes. survey […]

Police arrest father suspected of killing family members Etten-Leur | NOW

The 33-year-old man suspected of killing four family members in Etten-Leur was arrested on Tuesday in the Brabant town. The police report this. More information about the arrest will follow. The family members were found in a house last Saturday evening. It concerned two young children, their mother and their grandmother. The police were soon […]

20 minutes – Banker fakes cry for help and shoots at officials

The emergency call to the Schwyz cantonal police came in shortly after 1 a.m. on Monday. The notifier, a 40-year-old Swiss, stated that he needed help and then fired several Shots towards the police car when it arrived. He was later arrested and no one was injured. How TeleZüri reports, the 40-year-old is a high-ranking […]

Sunniest start of spring ever with over a hundred hours of sunshine NOW

Spring has never started so sunny in the Netherlands since the measurements started. The number of hours of sunshine has risen well above 100 in the past eleven days, while the old 1933 record was 98 hours, reports Weerplaza Tuesday. Meteorologists always divide months into ten or eleven day periods, also known as a decade. […]

20 minutes – clubs and bars want to stop rent payments

The gastronomy and club scene is one of the sectors most affected by the corona crisis. In mid-March, clubs, bars and restaurants had to shut down: in the canton of Zurich alone there are almost 3,000, as the industry association Gastro Zürich City announced. survey Should catering establishments be waived of rent during the lockdown? […]