Arnaud Cathrine, crazy about Vince

Vincente, let’s call him Vince, is gay. He has a sponsor when he is called “Tarlouze” or from “pedal”. He bangs. But this boy doesn’t just have fists. He has a heart – a heart to take. He has a head, too. His evocations of coveted silhouettes in the metro or on the beach – […]

How to fall asleep as fast as possible and wake up refreshed every day

A good night’s sleep is as important as eating well and exercising when it comes to our health: it allows bodies and brains to recover from the effects of the day. “Sleep is your life support system – Mother Nature’s best effort still on immortality,” says Why We Sleep neuroscientist and author Matthew Walker. ‘Is […]

Get to sleep in 60 seconds with this method

By imposing certain rhythms on the breath with your voluntary system, these are gradually induced to the involuntary nervous system Can not To fall asleep It is one of the most frustrating things in the world and most people try almost anything that promises Help fall asleep. If you are one of those who have […]

The poor quality of sleep awakens Alzheimer’s | Science

The sleepless nights take their toll on the brain. More than it seems. Apart from fatigue or lack of concentration the next day, cognitive performance may suffer in the long term and more severely. A study by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, specializing in Alzheimer’s research, has found changes in brain structure that suggest a link […]