Facebook and Instagram may stop in Europe .. for this reason

Source: London – Arabia Net

The largest and most famous social network in the world, Facebook, is threatening to stop its operations completely in Europe, along with the Instagram network owned by the same company, in the event that the European Union goes ahead with imposing a ban on sharing data with the United States.

The warning from the American social networking giant “Facebook” came in the wake of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner to ban data sharing after the European Court of Justice found that the platforms did not have sufficient safeguards to prevent “American intrusion” on European users.

And the assistant general counsel of “Facebook” wrote in a lawsuit in Dublin that the ban would make “Facebook” unable to provide its services in Europe, according to what the British newspaper “The Sun” quoted in a report seen by “Al Arabiya Net”.

But “Facebook” later denied that the court file in Ireland represented a threat to the company’s operations in Europe.

The Sun quoted a Facebook spokesperson as saying: “There is no threat of withdrawing from Europe,” noting that “the legal documents submitted to the Irish Supreme Court define a simple fact that Facebook and many other companies, institutions and services depend on data transfers between The European Union and the United States to operate their services. “

“The lack of safe and legal international data transfers would harm the economy and hinder the growth of data-dependent businesses in the European Union,” he added.

Nick Clegg, Vice President of Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook, said in a post on a moratorium earlier this month: “In July, the European Union Court of Justice annulled the so-called Privacy Shield, a legal framework that regulates transfers of personal data from whom The European Union to the United States. “

This legal battle began in 2011 when Austrian lawyer Max Schrimms filed privacy complaints with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.


Juliana Oxenford shows how she decorated her second son’s room | Shows

The television host Juliana Oxenford She is in the last stage of her pregnancy and before the early arrival of her second child, she decorated the room where she will receive him. In her social networks, the ATV figure shared photos of how she did what she did in the space that is intended for her baby.

After the birth of her first daughter, the driver of ATV News Juliana Style he discovered that he had a taste for decorating environments.

For this new stage of pregnancy, the journalist once again used her creativity to choose the theme and design of her little one’s bedroom.

In the images it is observed that a spaceship and stars are drawn on the wall above a blue background, while the other things that surround the crib are pastel green and white.

“As a result of becoming a mom, I found out how much I loved to decorate. For three months I was in charge of preparing María’s room, placing as the protagonist a wooden tree that I placed on the main wall, “said the ATV figure on Instagram.

According Juliana OxenfordHe did not need the help of an expert in decoration or companies to achieve the result he expected. In addition, she assured that she is happy after her work.

“Seven years later, I had to build the space where I would receive Mateo and, after taking some references, looking here and there for what was happening to me, I finally finished it. Room ready, without the help of a decorator, without exchanges and mom happy with the results, “he concluded.

The journalist’s followers were surprised to see the photographs. “It was beautiful on you.” “It looked beautiful on you and you did it with a lot of love, that’s what it’s worth.” “I love”. “There is no doubt that our children bring out the best in us.” “How beautiful” were some of the comments.

Juliana Oxenford’s baby shower

At the end of August, the driver of ATV Noticias held the baby shower, at the end of seven months of pregnancy.

The images of the baby shower were shared by Juliana Oxenford herself through her profile on Instagram, where he also published an extensive message.

“Good luck to me to receive so much love for me and my family in such difficult moments for everyone. Thanks to life for the wonderful human beings that it has been putting in my path and that today got together to celebrate the next arrival of [mi bebé]”, wrote.

Juliana Oxenford shows her advanced pregnancy in tender photoshoot

The ATV figure is in the last stage of her pregnancy, she will soon become a mother for the second time. For this reason, she decided to do a photo shoot to share the images of this moment with her followers.

“A preview of the beautiful photo session that the boss of @erickvalderramafoto did for me with the touch of @rossanatorresatelier. #WaitingAMateo, ”he wrote Juliana Oxenford in the post.

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Juliana Oxenford appreciates displays of affection in her last stage of pregnancy

Juliana Oxenfor is in the last phase of her pregnancy. After sharing the best moments of this stage, such as her virtual baby shower and the photo session where she shows her advanced pregnancy, she received the support and good wishes of those around her.

“Good luck to me to receive so much love for me and my family in such difficult moments for everyone. Thank you to life for the wonderful human beings that you have put in my path and that today got together to celebrate – in this only way that it can be through a computer (…) I love you with all my heart ” The journalist wrote on her social network.

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Juliana Oxenford celebrates her husband’s birthday

At the end of July, Juliana Oxenford dedicated a tender birthday message to her husband Milovan Radovic, in which she highlighted all the experiences they have had together over the years.

“Goings, comings, fights, reconciliations, tears, joys, a wonderful daughter, a son who is to come and a life that we continue to build with the only certainty that we want to continue together. Today I celebrate your day. Happy birthday ‘Amore Mío’ and that nobody takes away what we danced, “wrote the journalist, along with a romantic photo of her marriage.

Juliana Oxenford and the discomfort of pregnancy

Through their stories of Instagram, the television host opened up about the less pleasant side of the pregnancy.

“I’m already super tired. My belly is super big, it’s hard to breathe, my back hurts a lot, but I’m going to work until the last. I did the same with María (her first daughter) when she worked at RPP, ”he said.

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Juliana Oxenford and problems before pregnancy

At the end of May 2020, the journalist related in an interview to the magazine We are how you got pregnant after facing a medical problem.

“By November of last year some very strange rules began to come to me. I went to the doctor and it turns out that I had a large polyp in my endometrium. It had to be removed. I had surgery. In January I had to have my period and nothing. I waited for February and nothing. I go to the pharmacy, I get tested and positive. I went to the doctor and he confirmed it: it was positive again. It was like a month and a bit, “he said.

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Juliana Oxenford assures that she did not contract the coronavirus

Through her social networks, journalist Juliana Oxenford denied having been infected with COVID-19.

“It seems that this pandemic has caused several to hallucinate, the trolls reactivate and the lies become so constant that unfortunately many end up believing in any type of fallacy,” he wrote in his Instagram.

Juliana Oxenford, latest news:

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David Attenborough breaks Instagram record: fastest one million followers | NOW

David Attenborough has an official Guinness World Record to pack. The Instagram account of the 94-year-old presenter was the fastest ever to gather a million followers.

Attenborough has been active on the social network since Thursday. In just over four hours he reached the mark of a million followers. There are now more than 2.5 million.

The account is not managed by Attenborough itself. That’s what Colin Butfield and Johnnie Hughes do, two men who worked on a new nature documentary by Attenborough.

“Social media is not David’s natural habitat,” they wrote in the message below Attenborough’s first video on Thursday Instagram. “While he records special messages for Instagram, we help run his account.”

In the first (and currently only) video on the account, Attenborough warns that the world is in danger. “Continents are on fire, glaciers are melting and coral reefs are dying,” he says. “In the coming weeks I will explain in these recorded messages what the problems are and what we can do about them.”

The video itself has now been viewed more than nine million times. Almost 36,000 responses have been posted.

Attenborough breaks Jennifer Aniston’s record. The actress has been active on Instagram since October 2019. Within five hours and sixteen minutes, she achieved a million followers. Her first post was a photo with cast members Friends.


Sigrid Alegría posed in her lingerie and removed her make-up: “I must confess that it was hard for me to love myself” | Social networks

National actress Sigrid Alegría usually uploads photos and videos to her Instagram profile, but rarely as she did earlier this week.

Generally, the content is related to scenes that he has starred in, the activities he performs or simply selfies.

The protagonist of Where is Elisa? Y Mommy MechonaAmong other soap operas, she posed in lingerie and shared the postcards.

“I have the spring date with my love. What should I wear? 1, 2 or 3. I like all of them. What if I put all three together? ”He wrote.

“I managed to like him”

The publication of the actress has more than 83 thousand likes, and although it received dozens of good comments, it also received criticism.

In this context, a follower told him that he was nagging to “read comments from those who put the seal on you… and I like you more! You have a wonderful sense of humor and the courtesy of the hand ”.

His ‘fan’ assured him: “By the way, I love that you love yourself as you are, at least in my eyes you are beautiful.”

And he had an unexpected response from Sigrid Alegría. The actress replied: “I must confess that it cost me to love myself. I don’t know why he believed others more than me. But I managed to like and like him ”.


Shocking discovery at Bertramka: Ivana Gottová found rare documents of Karel Gott

Before his death, Ivana promised her husband that he would finish the book in a form that the Master would identify with and be satisfied with to the last detail. Given that new facts have now emerged that Ivana has decided to include in the book, it is more than understandable that working on an autobiography will take much more time.

“Most of the photographs, as well as the cover of the publication and its title, were approved by Karel. He discussed the pictures in September last year, when he had to spend most of his time mostly at home in his chair or in bed. After he left, I found more and more rare artifacts and documents while sorting the archive, which I knew immediately that they should not be missing from the book, and which, I firmly believe, my husband’s fans will enjoy at least as much as I do, ” Ivana told the fans on the social network.


Tula Rodríguez put her health at risk due to stress

Tula Rodríguez thought it was just a granite, but the situation got complicated and a doctor came to her house.

Tula Rodriguez he didn’t have a very good time last weekend. The driver worried her followers after a “granite” on his face, to which she did not pay much attention, but then the situation got complicated.

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“It came out like a pimple and I didn’t pay much attention to it. I touched it very little … look how it is. It’s like a ball! I already called the doctor because it beats and hurts, it seems cellulitis“, public Tula Rodriguez in their stories of Instagram.

► Look: Tula Rodríguez burst into tears when she was reunited with her “lost son”

In the images, the driver of On everyone’s lips She is sad and worried, and the left side of her face is red and swollen. “The doctor arrived, I have to take off my mask so he can check me,” he said.

► Look:Melissa Loza and Tula Rodríguez faced each other in a spectacular dance duel

After being treated by the doctor at home, Tula Rodriguez revealed that the “pimple” on his face was due to stress. “We have to be careful with stress, sometimes something small can get complicated”, was the advice of the wife Javier Carmona, who later showed better doing exercises at home.

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Tula Rodríguez revealed on television what happened to her face due to stress


Social network users go viral again the day Dr. Polo met her double | News from El Salvador

In one edition of the program “Don Francisco invites you”, the impersonator Stefan Kramer wanted to surprise live the main judge of the program Case Closed.

Once something happens on the Internet, it is very difficult to erase it from memory. That was exactly what happened to an interview that the doctor Ana María Polo, host of Caso Cerrado, granted Christmas Eve 2017 in the program Don Francisco Te Invita of the Telemundo network.

Social media users have again broadcast fragments of this television space because it was the day that Dr. Polo met Dr. Polo. Yes, as you just read: Don Francisco had a surprise for the interview and introduced the impersonator Stefan Kramer, who at that time was presented as the favorite judge in all of Latin America.

It may interest you: VIDEO: Dr. Polo says she feels so pretty after visiting her stylist

“Strange things happen at Christmas: we have you (Dr. Polo) invited and a person calls me and says: ‘I am Dr. Polo,’ but I tell him that it is impossible, because there is only one. She insists on coming here (to the program), can I tell her what happens? “said the driver by way of introduction.

To the surprise of the entire audience, Kramer wore an outfit identical to that of the celebrity of Cuban origin. Dr. Polo’s astonished face is incomparable and it was even more so when her impersonator began to speak.

Also: The important message that Dr. Polo announced for her fans generated controversy and debate

Almost three years after that interview, users have taken it up to make funny memes like this:

A meme has been posted on Instagram showing the meeting between Dr. Polo and Kramer

Who is Stefan Kramer?

He is a Chilean actor, comedian and impersonator who has specialized in imitating different personalities from entertainment, international politics and sports.

Within his list, in addition to imitating Ana María Polo, he has done the same with Don Francisco, Donald Trump, Enrique Iglesias, Romeo Santos, Pitbull, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sánchez, Luis Suárez, Ricardo Arjona and Luis Fonsi.


How to Make Receiptify Similar to a Viral Shopping Receipt


Users Instagram and Twitter has been in the trend of sharing lately Receiptify, a summary of songs that are often heard on Spotify in the form of a shopping receipt. Want to join too? This is it how to make Receiptify which is more viral.

Receiptify is actually similar to Spotify Wrapped which regularly appears every year to summarize any favorite songs that you are loyal to listen to throughout the year. Nah, Receiptify looks more attractive because as the name implies, it is in the form of a receipt like what you receive when shopping.

Other differences, Receiptify can summarize your music listening activities in three choices: the last month, the last 6 months, and all time (Last Month, Last 6 Months, All Time).

To make it really easy, follow the steps how to make Receiptify the following:

  • Visit the Receiptify page in a browser on a mobile or desktop
  • Login using account Spotify We
  • A number of permissions will appear that you must agree to
  • Choose a summary of the Spotify songs you want to display: Last Month, Last 6 Months, or All Time
  • Receiptify will bring up the top track Spotify according to your request in the form of a receipt
  • Select ‘Get Image’ to download the receipt
  • Done! The receipt can be posted on Instagram or other social media.
how to make receiptify
how to make receiptify

It’s easy, right? When loading Receiptifyit will take a while, please wait a while because it needs processing until the summary appears in the form of a receipt. Besides, it seems like there are a lot of people who are curious how to create Receiptify and wanted to try it too. So, be patient.

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“We will shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe”, is the preché of Zuckerberg’s threat

Facebook could stop the operation of the social network and Instagram in Europe if the company is prevented from transferring data from the European Union to the United States. The threat refers to the ongoing legal dispute between the web giant founded and led by Mark Zuckerberg and the Irish Data Protection Commission, the regulatory body to which the company must respond since it is based in Dublin. The latter questions the legitimacy, under EU rules, of the constant sending of personal data of EU citizens to the servers of the digital giant located in the United States.

Facebook has contested the preliminary order issued earlier this month by the Irish authority that threatens to prevent Facebook from transferring European data to the United States for privacy reasons. In the event that the Irish authorities were to confirm the request for complete suspension of the transfer of user data to the United States, “it is not clear how, in such circumstances, we can continue to provide Facebook and Instagram services in the EU”, he written Yvonne Cunnane, Facebook’s Irish lawyer, adding that Facebook has 410 million monthly active users in Europe.

A Facebook spokesperson later denied that this posed a threat of leaving the EU. “Facebook does not threaten to withdraw from Europe. Legal documents filed with the Irish High Court affirm the simple reality that Facebook, and many other companies, organizations and services, rely on data transfers between the EU and the US to operate their services “, reads a note.

“A lack of safe, secure and legal international data transfers would harm the economy and hinder data-driven business growth in the EU, even as we work towards a recovery from Covid-19,” the company adds.

The problem arises because in July the EU abandoned the Privacy Shield, a controversial EU-US data transfer agreement, after the Court of Justice ruled that it did not guarantee Europeans enough from the risk of being supervised by US institutions. Countries can continue to transfer data among themselves, but they must demonstrate a sufficiently high level of confidentiality, something that does not seem to be guaranteed for the US.

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For this reason, at the beginning of the month, the Irish data protection commissioner issued the preliminary order asking the social network to suspend data transfers from the other side of the Atlantic.