Princeton University has removed the name of Wilson from the name of the faculty :: Society :: RBC

Princeton University was expelled from the names of the faculty and the College name of the 28th U.S. President Woodrow Wilson because of racism. A statement published on the website of the institution.

The rector of the University Christopher Eisgruber reported that this decision was taken following a meeting of the Board of Trustees on June 26.

Travelers and confederates, whose monuments are demolished in the United States and Europe

“The Board of Trustees came to the conclusion that the racist views and politics of Wilson make him a name suitable for the Department of public and international Affairs and residential buildings of the College, faculty, students and graduates need to stand firmly against racism in all its forms,” said Eisgruber.

The rector added that this decision may seem harsh, because it is thanks to Wilson and the educational institution received the status of a leading research University. However, according to Eisgruber, faculty and the building of the University College it was named after the American politician “regardless of his racism or rather in spite of it”.

“Princeton is a part of America that is too often ignored or justified racism, allowing you to save system that diskriminerad blacks. When Derek Showin (police officer who used choke hold during the arrest of the deceased in the Minneapolis black Americans. — RBC) almost nine minutes of pushing with the knee on the neck of George Floyd, when witnesses noted its cruelty, it could be assumed that the system will ignore or justify his behavior, as was done in response to his previous complaints,” — said the rector of the University.

The authorities decided to dismantle the monument to Theodore Roosevelt in new York

George Floyd was killed in late may during the arrest police in the city of Minneapolis (Minnesota). Law enforcement officers suspected a black man in the reckoning of counterfeit checks. In the end, one of the officers pushed Floyd the knee on the neck. At the time of arrest he was screaming that he can’t breathe, but the policemen ignored his words. In the end, the 46-year-old man died in the hospital. Was subsequently dismissed four policemen, and one of them was accused of murder by negligence.

On the backdrop of the death of Floyd in a number of cities in the U.S. and Europe demonstrators demolished the monuments of those whom they consider involved in slavery and genocide. Among them — the monument to the discoverer Christopher Columbus, the only President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis, the third US President Thomas Jefferson,the 18th US President Ulysses Grant, as well as the author of the US national anthem Francis Scott.

The monument to the head of the Russian Alaska proposed to remove from founded the city

The Monument To Alexander Baranov

The US President Donald trump was allowed to arrest anyone who damages or destroys sites. He also reminded that the perpetrators of the vandalism could face up to ten years in prison.

Subsequently, he signed the Executive decree on the protection of monuments, which provides for “long prison terms” for vandals.


Under Kaliningrad there was a fire in an orphanage :: Society :: RBC

In the Kaliningrad region on the night of 21 June there was a fire in an orphanage. About it reports a press-service of the regional Central Board MOE.

Information about fire alarm received in control room at midnight local time (1:00 GMT) from the town of Zelenogradsk, 20 km from Kaliningrad.

The fire started in the extension of the sports hall in the centre “Our house”. Arrived on the scene, emergency personnel found smoke on the third floor of the academic building above the sports hall — there was a fire in the roof on the area of 60 sq m.

In the Park of the 850 anniversary of Moscow was set on fire

Later in the Ministry of emergency situations said that the fire engulfed the attic of the Annex and went to the roof. The fire spread over an area of 150 sq. m. In fire extinguishing involved more than 40 people and seven vehicles.


In the MOE reported about the disinfectant 3.5 thousand medical institutions of Russia :: Society :: RBC

EMERCOM of Russia from the beginning of April disinfected more than 3.5 thousand medical institutions, 2.7 thousand educational institutions and 15.7 thousand objects of social service. It is reported TASS with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

In addition, MCHS handled 31.4 thousand buildings and structures of transport infrastructure, 6 thousand km of roads and more than 90 thousand units of equipment, said the Ministry.

Thorough disinfection is carried out on large transport objects. So, in Moscow and St. Petersburg several times treated railway stations.

Peskov said about the disinfection tunnels in the Kremlin

Previously, the Moscow Department of transport has published the order according to which taxi operators in Moscow should ensure disinfection of the vehicle after each assignment. Also operators were obliged daily to clean and disinfect the machine on specialized items and ensure drivers disposable masks, gloves, disinfectants and antiseptics for the hands.


The car drove into a crowd of protesters in Portland :: Society :: RBC

The car drove into a crowd of demonstrators in Portland (Oregon), three people were injured. This is stated in the statement on the website of the local police.

The car hit several protesters and left at high speed moving in the opposite lane, police said.

Three people were injured, they were taken to medical facilities. The driver of the car was detained. The incident started checking.

Unrest in US cities. The main thing

Protests against racism and police abuse in the US are from the end of may. They began after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota), who died after a tough police detention. In some American cities the protests turned into riots and looting. So, on the night of June 2, protesters looted several shops in Manhattan, new York city, including Michael Kors, AT&T and Chanel.


Reuters reported the death of 60 people in the North-East of Nigeria :: Society :: RBC

At least 40 civilians and 20 soldiers were killed in two attacks by Islamist militants in Borno state in northeast Nigeria. About it reports Reuters, citing sources.

According to them, the attack occurred in the local government areas of Monguno and Nganzi. Militants seized a local hospital, in connection with which some of the wounded patients are forced to expect assistance outside the institution. In addition, the Islamists torched the humanitarian centre of the United Nations (UN) and the local police station.

Militants in local language disseminated a letter in which they urged local residents not to cooperate with the military or international aid groups.

According to the Agency, the attack occurred a few days after the death of 69 civilians at the hands of terrorists from grouping “Islamic state in West Africa” (ISWAP, a division of the “Islamic state”, banned in Russia ed. RBC).

ISWAP (Islamic State’s Province of West Africa) was created in 2015 by the groups that emerged from the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram, which is active in Nigeria since 2002. The leader of the group Mohammed Yusuf was killed in July 2009. The circumstances of the death is unknown, according to Nigerians — Mohammed Yusuf was shot while trying to escape from prison.


In one of the districts of Beijing introduced the “wartime mode” because COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

In Beijing’s Fengtai district, imposed a regime of martial law, after the local wholesale market there was an outbreak of the coronavirus. This was stated at a press-conference acting head of the district Chu Suniva, reports Sina.

Strict control is introduced into situated around the market for 11 apartment complexes, the residents must observe the regime of self-isolation and can’t leave the house. For a course already opened three primary schools and three kindergartens again stop. Educational institutions that have not returned to work must also postpone the resumption of classes.

In Beijing shut down the wholesale market due to new cases of coronavirus

Authorities reported that the tests 45 out of 517 people who visited the market tested positive for the coronavirus.

Large wholesale market, “Sinhali”, located in Fengtai district, temporarily closed on Saturday after they found the coronavirus.


The Hollywood film studios was allowed to resume filming of June, 12 :: Society :: RBC

Leading film Studio in Hollywood will be able from 12 June to resume shooting of films, suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus. This was announced by Director of public health County of Los Angeles (California) Barbara Ferrer, reports broadcaster ABC.

“We are announcing changes in order to allow to resume work for more businesses. This decision will be published tomorrow and enter into force on 12 June,” she said.

The work will resume zoos, water parks, campgrounds, swimming pools, hotels, and television and movie companies.

As reported by Ferrer, the condition for open institutions is the observance of protocols in the health sector. In particular, we are talking about the need to wear medical masks and to comply with social distance.

Trump has announced plans to cancel because of the coronavirus restrictions

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, in the United States identified more than 1.9 million cases of infection with coronavirus. The country ranks first in the number of infected COVID-19. Died in the United States more than 112 thousand people.


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Source: JHU,
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Source: JHU, Federal, and regional overstay anti-virus


Russians called the main problem of distance education :: Society :: RBC

Only 23% of Russians highly value distance education platforms. The vast majority are confident that distance education prevents students from preparing for the final tests

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The main fear of graduates and their parents in conditions of self-isolation was the quality of preparation for final exams. This follows from a survey conducted by the research company Wanta Group. Research materials are at the disposal of RBC.

The top 5 fears of graduates and their parents included:

  • quality of preparation for final exams (42%),
  • the risk of not entering the desired educational institution (28%),
  • postponement of final exams (22%),
  • difficulties finding a job after graduation (21%)
  • transfer of entrance tests to universities and colleges (18%).

81% of respondents believe that self-isolation prevents graduates from preparing for exams. The reason for this, first of all, was the quality of the remote platforms that students offer. Only 23% of parents and graduates stated that they highly appreciate the quality of the distance educational platform that is offered at the educational institution.

At the same time, young people rely more on the opportunity to prepare for exams in conditions of self-isolation and transfer of exam dates. 70% of respondents aged 18 to 24 believe that postponing final exams will give schoolchildren the opportunity to prepare better. Among respondents aged 45 and older, only 51% share this opinion.


The Prime Minister of Ukraine allowed the extension of quarantine for a new term :: Society :: RBC

Earlier, Shmygal already admitted that quarantine would be extended after May 22, with the subsequent phased lifting of restrictions. The Prime Minister pointed out that in their decisions the Ukrainian authorities rely on WHO data.

Restrictive measures in Ukraine due to the threat of coronavirus were first announced on March 11. March 25, the country’s Cabinet of Ministers introduced an emergency regime on the territory of the state. In Ukraine, bars, restaurants and cafes stopped working, and mass public events were banned. Rail and bus transport between cities was suspended, the Kiev metro temporarily stopped working. Ukraine also canceled all flights, including domestic flights.

The World Bank will allocate Ukraine $ 150 million for social assistance and the fight against COVID-19

On May 7, the country’s authorities extended the quarantine regime until May 22, but at the same time eased a number of restrictions. The government allowed the work of notaries, auditors, psychologists and dentists, opened museums and historical and cultural institutions, as well as a cafe with a summer terrace.

It was also allowed to operate objects of trade and consumer services provided that staff and visitors comply with the recommended precautions, including restrictions on the number of visitors, social distance and wearing personal protective equipment.

World Coronavirus Spread Rate

Cases per day

Source: JHU

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Mattarella: ‘Remembering those who have not bowed to terrorism’ – Politics

In his message on the day of the memory of the victims of terrorism, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella underlines that “it is right to remember the courage of those who have not bowed, of those who continued to defend the conquered freedom, the law and legality, the institutions who preside over democratic life. Terrorism has been defeated thanks to the sacrifice and righteousness of many, and thanks to the unity that the Italian people have been able to express in defense of the deepest values ​​of their civilization “


«On the” Memorial Day “, which the Italian Parliament wished to dedicate to the victims of terrorism, the Republic is bowing before the lives broken by political fanaticism, by the violence of brigatist and neo-fascist groups, by subversive assaults on democratic institutions and civil coexistence .

Tragically long is the following of people killed in the lead years: servants of the state, women and men elected as symbols of public functions, citizens engaged in social life, coherent witnesses who have not succumbed to blackmail. The bond of memory renews and strengthens the feeling of solidarity with family members, but also calls for a commitment that applies to the whole community.

Remembering is a duty. Remembering the strategies and plots created to destabilize the constitutional order, the complicity and deviations of unfaithful subjects in the state apparatus, the weaknesses of those who were late in distancing themselves from ideological degenerations and the expanding climate of violence. And it is right to remember the courage of those who have not bowed, of those who have continued to defend the freedom they have won, the law and the legality, the institutions that preside over democratic life. Terrorism has been defeated thanks to the sacrifice and righteousness of many, and thanks to the unity that the Italian people have been able to express in defense of the deepest values ​​of their civilization. History has shown us that the unity and cohesion of Italians are the most effective tools in the face of the most serious dangers.

Over time, direct and indirect responsibilities have been ascertained. The perpetrators of the crimes were subjected to trials and convictions. But not everywhere full light was shed. Truth remains a right, as well as a duty for institutions. Terrorism and subversion have been beaten with the tools of democracy and the Constitution: the search for truth, therefore, must continue where gaps and dark points persist.

May 9 is the day Aldo Moro was killed. Brigadier barbarism then reached the height of aggression against the democratic state. The heartbreaking torture to which Moro was subjected will remain an incurable wound in our democratic history. Rejected the terrorist threat, today even more we feel the duty to free Moro and every other victim from a memory exclusively linked to the criminal actions of their killers. In rediscovering the thought, the action, the teachings of Moro and of many other righteous people who have paid the price of life, we will also find some roots that can be precious to face the future “.