The United States expects a “Pearl Harbor sanitation” this week

Despite the gravity of the situation in many states, Washington sticks to recommendations. Health workers from Wyckoff Hospital in Brooklyn are transporting the bodies of Covid-19 patients to a morgue on Sunday in New York. ANDREW KELLY / REUTERS Correspondent in Washington The United States is preparing to experience a dramatic increase in victims of […]

Anastasia Vassilieva, the voice of Russian doctors out of breath

AT WORK – She tirelessly denounces the destitution of Russian doctors in the face of the epidemic. And spent 19 hours at the police station. “By using force against me, the authorities want to cover up their helplessness and incompetence”, says Dr. Vassilieva. The Foundation for Fighting Corruption / AP In Moscow On the M11 […]

Queen Elizabeth II calls on British to be as ‘strong’ as their elders

Correspondent in London, The Queen has the rare verb. In 68 years of reign, his exceptional addresses to the nation can be counted on the fingers of one hand. By this yardstick, his intervention on Sunday evening could not fail to convince the British of the seriousness of the moment. It was through a televised […]

derelict corpses on the streets of Ecuador’s second city

Guayaquil’s funeral services are overwhelmed. The authorities are overwhelmed by the crisis. A dead body abandoned on the street in Guayaquil. Funeral services being overwhelmed, families cannot keep the bodies in the houses. STR / AFP In the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s second city, blue or black tarpaulins cover corpses left on the sidewalks. At […]

Louisiana barricades opposite the Covid-19

REPORTAGE – The Mardi Gras party, with its crowds gathered in the heart of New Orleans, is said to have fueled the epidemic. By Julien Chaillou Tourists have deserted Bourbon Street, the most festive street in the United States, located in the heart of the historic district of New Orleans. Chris Graythen / AFP In […]

an Italian autarky that does not work

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – On March 24, Giuseppe Conte and his coronavirus commissioner promised that the first masks produced by the Italian textile industry would be available within 96 hours. By LENA Seven days have passed since the announcement by Giuseppe Conte and not a single professional equipment has been produced by the reconversion system […]

a crisis that places the EU against its divisions

Europe, said Jean Monnet, one of its founding fathers, is always advancing in crises. If that’s true, the Union should take a big leap forward … Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, on March 26: “We have said on the German side that this is not the conception of all the Member States”, about coronabonds. MARKUS SCHREIBER […]

European institutions in the era of the screen and telework

Many public servants are at home, and videoconference meetings sometimes hold surprises. President of the European Council, Charles Michel (left) holds a joint press conference with Ursula von der Leyen, after an EU summit by videoconference on March 26 in Brussels. Francois Walschaerts / AP In Brussels This is one of the countless consequences of […]