Ediles de Mérida join the Vaccination Conference in compliance with their social responsibility in public health

This Monday, it was activated in the City of Mérida, homonymous state, the local phase of the National Vaccination Day, promoted by the Ministry of Popular Power for Health, in order to prevent more than ten diseases, with the placement of immunizations for children, mothers and pre-adolescents, an activity in which capital city councilors participated in compliance with their social co-responsibility in public health.

“On this day all the popular clinics of the Barrio Adentro Salud Mission are activated, for the care of pregnant mothers, children and schoolchildren who lack a vaccine,” reported this Monday the president of the Municipal Council of Libertador in the City of Mérida, Grenny Uzcátegui.

He stressed that the councilors of the Merida capital promote these days with the support of the personnel assigned to the Area of ​​Comprehensive Community Health (ASIC) Milla and the Mission Barrio Adentro Salud task that the councilors register in the fulfillment of their social responsibility in matters of public health.

Polio, Pentavalent, Triple viral, Anti-yellow fever and Toxoid are the main immunizations planned for this day of care, aimed at schoolchildren, boys and girls, from two to five years old; pregnant women with more than 18 months of gestation; children and adolescents from 10 to 15 years of age. / JB / XN



“I’m going to retire until everything is back to normal”

Sad news for fans of Ozuna: he reggaeton withdraws from music until everything returns to normal and the coronavirus crisis passes.

The news has taken by surprise the followers of the Puerto Rican artist, who recently released his fourth studio album ENOC, a job that is paying off and has been publishing news until last week.

The interpreter of Candy gave the news of his temporary dismissal through Twitter, where he wrote the following statement: “I am going to retire until everything returns to normal !!!! F *** COVID”.

Until last week, the singer was publishing new material corresponding to his latest album ENOC and launched the video clip of From sea along with Doja Cat and Sia. For this reason, the news has caught his fans unexpectedly, who have expressed the sadness that his withdrawal produces in the same social network.

“No epidemic is worth depriving yourself of a job you love. It’s easy to leave, but how difficult to return. It’s like climbing a mountain. One example is Don Omar. People quickly find new idols. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not your fault! of this problem! “,” I understand that you will be going through difficult times, but please do not withdraw “,” Look for solutions and do not stress, that does not lead to your goals or success! People follow you and you see as an example, give them hope, you can. A hug “. “Now is when we need your music most and I always look for support in it, you can not leave it like that, black boy”, are some responses that are read below the tweet.

Although there are also those who support his decision and encourage him to take a break right now to enjoy his family and come back with more strength and new music: “Take advantage of spending beautiful moments with your family. Then, return to music recharged and with more strength”.

Many of his fans hope that this message was written in a moment of impulsiveness and that he is not really going to withdraw from music, since the crisis due to the pandemic has no set end date, for now.

What do you think of the decision The Negrito with Light Eyes?

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Police follow up clues: Young campers are missing

Two young men were camping with other friends in southern Hesse and have been missing since yesterday. The police have searched large parts of the Odenwald for them in vain. They claim to have seen eyewitnesses on Sunday.

The Hessian police are looking for two missing young men in the Odenwald. Henri Hahn and Nico Schäfer went camping together at the weekend, but never came back. For the last time the two men from Birkenau were seen in a wooded area.

According to the investigations, the 18 and 19-year-old men and two other friends went camping in the forest area on Friday (October 16, 2020). Two of the friends finished the trip on Saturday and returned home. The two missing remained in the forest.

Search in the Odenwald. Police use helicopters and dog units.

(Photo: Robert Michael / dpa-Zentralbild / ZB / Symbolbild)

Eyewitnesses may have seen Henri Hahn and Nico Schäfer on a hiking trail shortly before Birkenau on Sunday afternoon, reports the South Hesse police headquarters. One of the two is said to have not worn any shoes. The investigators were able to identify a fishing hut and another forest path near Schnorrenbach as further starting points. But the police have so far not been able to find the two of them despite extensive searches using helicopters and dog teams. The investigators therefore urgently ask for information from the population. The police are currently assuming that both men are in a helpless position and urgently need medical help.

This is what the two men look like:

  • Henri Hahn is 198 cm tall, slim, has brown eyes and long, dark blonde hair. He’s probably wearing a black down jacket with the words “Northface” on it and a black and white checked cap from the brand “Carhartt”.
  • Nico Schäfer is 180 cm tall, has short brown hair and is bearded. He is said to be dressed in a dark blue sweatshirt and black sweatpants.

Anyone who can provide information on the young people’s whereabouts is asked to report to the police station in Heppenheim on 06252 / 706-0 or to another police station.


CICPC detains an employee of the Ministry of Health for marketing State medical supplies

Officials of the Corps of Scientific Criminal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) arrested an employee of the Ministry of Health for the illicit marketing of medical supplies and medicines. The detainee was identified as Ámbar Jasmín Vargas Hernández, who worked as pharmacy coordinator of the Hugo Rafael Chávez Fría General Hospitals, located in The watchman, state Merida.

It was detailed that the arrest was achieved thanks to the investigative work carried out by the officials based on a complaint. It was announced that the uniformed of the Municipal Delegation El Vigía, raided the residence of Vargas, where they located a batch of supplies and medicines whose labels said “institutional use” and “free distribution.”

Among the drugs and supplies seized are: five units of isotonic sodium chloride solution of 500ml, two units of penicillin of 2,400,000 IU, three units of penicillin of 1,200,000 IU, 24 units of Ibuprofen of 800mg, 40 units of Loratadine 10mg, 60 units Metformin 850mg, eight units Betafortan 50mg, 370 units Metrodinazole 500mg, 40 units Cetirizine 10mg, 20 units Meloxicam 7.5mg each, 80 units acetaminophen 500mg each, two units of Betamethasone of 4mg / 1 ml, 30 units of Acetylsalicylic Acid of 100mg, 40 units of Orvastarin of 20mb, in addition to three pre-printed invoice formats, according to information published by the web portal of Con el Mazo Dando.




Tomás Lanzini celebrated his brother Manuel, Tottenham Hotspur’s executioner

There were only seconds left of the game, which seemed controlled by the Tottenham Hotspur until minute 82 ‘. Since then, West Ham United managed to get 3-2, although the Argentine Manuel Lanzini had the last word. The talented midfielder from River Plate found the ball and didn’t think much about it. With a right hand to the angle, he sentenced the tie in one of the London derbies.

They saw that zapatazo in the Aconcagua Valley, as the brother of the “10” of the ”
Hammers“, Tomás, is a member of Unión San Felipe.
“Pure magic”, wrote on his Twitter account the former Ñublense midfielder, who lives his second cycle in the “Uní-Uní”. The native of Ituzaingó has scored a goal for the cast led by Erwin Durán in the First B, which at the moment has the Aconcagüinos in
fifth place in the standings after the middle of the championship.


“Make no mistake. We cannot live with this virus ”- Wel.nl

“It is not a quarter past twelve, it is half past twelve.” Biostatistician Geert Molenberghs talks about Belgium in HLN, but the same applies to other countries in Western Europe.

“We have to understand that the curve will not start falling immediately. Compare it with a rocket: it shoots straight up, then deviates from its trajectory and only then goes down. We have yet to see that deviation. In March we had to wait two, almost three weeks for that. ”

“The question is whether we can make it with our hospital capacity. Can we protect the system without it bursting at the seams? If we all work very hard, our efforts can bring some relief around Christmas. But this could get worse than last time. We have learned that throwing off the belt can only be done slightly during this period. It won’t be Christmas 2019, and hopefully 2021 will be better than 2020. But celebrating New Year with large numbers of people? Forget it. New Year will be like Christmas: an intimate celebration with the family. ”

In Belgium, the situation is most precarious in Wallonia and Brussels, where the figures resemble those in Amsterdam


Proud Boys leader confident of Trump victory

The group leader Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, told Lusa this Sunday, during a demonstration in Miami, that Donald Trump will win the US presidential elections, and rejected the accusation that he is a leader of an extremist organization.

“I am super motivated, see all these people here, all this line (of cars) behind us. We are really going to win. We have a winning energy and we are going to get four more years,” the leader of the Proud Boys.

“I am an American supremacist. None of this is related to race. ‘Fuck racism,’ fuck anti-Semitism ‘fuck’ fascists. I’m an American,” added Tarrio, 36, Miami resident and Cuban descendant.

The group Proud Boys, which only admits men, was founded in 2016 by American far-right ideologue Gavin McInes and considered an “extremist organization” by US federal authorities in 2018.

At the end of last month, the current President of the United States and candidate for re-election by the Republicans, Donald Trump, refused to criticize the Proud Boys saying even in the first presidential debate with the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, that the extremist organization must “wait “and keep” prepared “.

“We will win”, Tarrio stressed this Sunday that during the demonstration with thousands of vehicles he wore a black shirt with the Trump phrase “Stand Back and Stand By” (Wait and Be Prepared) Make America Great Again, one of the anthems of the Republican Party campaign.


New electric Fiat 126 Vision, a version of the famous Pole that still circulates in Cuba

He successful car model presented by Fiat in October 1972 and whose version in Cuba is known as “polaquito“It will circulate again soon, but with a futuristic look and electric motorization.

Italian design studio MA-DE came up with a modern proposal based on the Fiat 126, with some features of the Honda e, reported the portal Gessato.com.

The new Pole was christened Fiat 126 Vision, and preserves the essence of the successful model presented by the company almost half a century ago, at the Turin Motor Show, as a replacement for the Fiat 500.

New FIAT 126 Vision Electric. Photo: MA-DE Studios

The iconic Fiat 126 revolutionized design in the automotive industry in the 1970s; the current Fiat 126 Vision aims to do the same with a 100 percent electric model.

The co-founder of the Italian design studio MA-DE, Andrea Della Vecchia, says that for the creation of this modern version he was inspired by a famous quote from the motivational speaker Tony Gaskins: “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

It is the first automobile design project of the Italian designer, who presents a version of the Fiat 126 that tries to fit into a modern scenario, where vehicles look towards a future without fossil fuel.

New FIAT 126 Vision. Photo: MA-DE Studios

“With this 126 Vision we have decided to preserve, adopting a new interpretation, the contour and some unmistakable stylistic elements”, he stressed.

The new concept has square headlights that resemble the original model, but is actually slightly slimmer to give it a slightly more modern look and take away visual bulk at the front.

It also has radial vents that are integrated into a steel cap that is similar to the original design.

The side turn indicators are back on the side fenders to keep a little more of the 126 intact.

The exterior mirror was redesigned with a straight line that forms the base of the mirror itself, giving it a more modern and refined look.

The 126 Vision concept “preserves the identity of Fiat, rather its soul, while giving it new life so that one day we can see it again on the roads with all the improvements that we now have in our cars.”

In Cuba, some Fiat 126 circulate, but the most widespread model was a variation of this so-called Fiat Polski 126p and that it was baptized by the inhabitants of the country as “Pole”.

Polaquitos (Fiat Polski 126p) in Cuba. Photo: Facebook (Club de Fiat Polski 126p in Cuba)

These cars were produced at the FSM factory in Poland between 1973 and 2000, and the term “Polski” and the letter “p” were added to distinguish them from models made in Italy.

Although many in Cuba retain their original model, others have been modified and readjusted to the new needs of the country.

Polaquito (Fiat Polski 126p) in Cuba. Photo: Facebook (Club de Fiat Polski 126p in Cuba)

Last year a photo of one of these “Poles” circulated, which had been converted into a comfortable and practical truck.

Due to its small size, the “Polaquito” was never to the greatest liking for Cubans, but with the passage of time and thanks to its strength, it was of great help to alleviate the shortage of transportation that for decades has hit the country’s population. .


his touching memory with his deceased mother

In a documentary entitled “Lara” and dedicated to her life, Lara Fabian gave herself up with sincerity on her privacy. The singer shared a touching memory with her missing mother. Non Stop People tells you more.

Source : http://www.non-stop-people.com/actu/musique/lara-f…


The pronounced cleavage of the Prime Minister of Finland that sets fire to the networks | News from El Salvador

The 34-year-old civil servant posed for a magazine wearing only a blazer. Many described her clothing as “inappropriate”, others endorsed her by emulating her outfit on social media under the hashtag #imwithsanna

Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland has caused a stir on social networks after appearing on the cover of the specialized fashion magazine Trendi wearing only a low-cut blazers and a stone necklace.

Many have criticized the official, pointing out that this is not an outfit for a person in public office and they describe it as “inappropriate” for someone in her position.

The photoshoot is part of the October issue of the magazine. The image generated controversy on Instagram.

Although many were the users who launched harsh criticisms of Sanna, the publication on the social network also generated a movement under the hashtag #imwithsanna (I’m with Sanna).

Under this hashtag, numerous posts have been published in which users, including men and pets, dress in the style of the 34-year-old Scandinavian leader.