Monument to great US presidents: Trump toying with Mount Rushmore

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln – and soon Trump? The US President would obviously not be averse to a stone portrait on Mount Rushmore. He published a photo of himself and his predecessors on Twitter – only to deny everything immediately afterwards.

Donald Trump’s head carved in stone as a gigantic portrait? The 74-year-old never claims to have suggested an extension of the world-famous presidential monument on Mount Rushmore, but the idea doesn’t seem to displease him. “I never suggested it,” although it “sounds like a good idea to me in light of the achievements of his presidency,” the president tweeted on Sunday evening (local time). It is not the first time that Trump is toying with becoming part of the famous monument.

The reason for Trump’s tweet was a report in the New York Times that a White House official asked the governor of South Dakota last year how adding a president to the monumental national monument would go. CNN also got into the story.

Trump dismissed the reports as false. “This is fake news,” wrote Trump. Shortly before, he posted a photo of himself in a tweet in front of the portrait heads of former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. On the eve of the national holiday on July 4th, he had given a speech in front of this backdrop, which had met resistance from the indigenous people. The Black Hills are sacred to the Sioux. They claim the area in which the monument is located for themselves.

First comment on this in 2017

Trump had already toyed with the idea at an appearance in the summer of 2017 whether his supporters would like it if he would one day be part of the memorial. The current Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, said in an election campaign in 2018 that Trump once seriously told her: “Did you know that it is my dream to have my face on Mount Rushmore?”

According to the New York Times, since taking office in 2018, the Republican has worked to ensure that Trump would come to this year’s National Day celebrations with controversial fireworks in her state.


“I Feel Old!” Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte responds to reports that Andrea Pirlo becomes Juventus coach

Conte admitted that he was very happy to see Pirlo trusted to be the new coach of Juventus.

Coach Inter Milan Antonio Conte congratulated Andrea Pirlo on officially becoming the new coach Juventus.

Although he has no experience as a head coach and was only appointed as Juventus Under-23 tactician last month, the Old Lady’s management made a bold decision by appointing Pirlo as Maurizio Sarri’s replacement.

As is known, Sarri was kicked out of the seat of the Old Lady’s main coach after the club was eliminated from the Champions League because of defeat Lyon through the away goals rule.

“I’m obviously very happy for Andrea,” said Conte. “Because above all he has given me in terms of football, he is an extraordinary person and I really love him.

“With that said, seeing the players I used to coach now as coaches is starting to make me feel old!”

Conte and Pirlo were together in Turin from 2011 to 2014 with the first name resigned in July 2014 and then became coach of the Italian national team the following month.

Meanwhile, Pirlo was also an important component in helping the Bianconeri win four titles A league and was a one-time Champions League finalist in 2014/15.

On the international stage, Pirlo made 116 appearances for the Italian national team and was part of the 2006 World Cup winning squad.

Pirlo hung up his boots in 2017 after three years of strengthening New York City FC of MLS United States of America. After that, he took a coaching course in preparation for plunging into the managerial world.


“The fact that the Netherlands does not want to use them makes my mouth open” –

Face masks do work. In fact, wearing face masks in public places can slow the spread of the corona virus by 40 percent. Which says professor Theo Vos in a shocking interview in Trouw.

The University of Washington professor of health information contributed to a publication by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) on the effect of face masks. The graphs show that infection rates and deaths are lowest when 95 percent of the population covers the mouth and nose in public. Vos: “Theoretically it is possible to raise it this high, and we have also seen it in reality in Chile, Hong Kong and Singapore”.

Only country
The figures for the Netherlands: with the continuation of the current measures, the number of corona deaths on December 1 is likely to be approximately 10,000. If face masks were to be immediately mandatory in public, that number would be around 6,600. Vos: “On December 1, that is the difference between 213 deaths per day versus 7 deaths. And we may not be quite right. But to say now, as almost the only country in the world: we do not believe the research results, and we do not want to use this reasonably simple measure, it drops my mouth. ”

The figures are based on 40 epidemiological studies, mostly during outbreaks of Sars, Mers and a number of influenza epidemics. Based on these results, the IHME estimates that wearing face masks slows the spread of the corona virus by 40 percent. “Of course, 40 percent is not 100 percent. But if that reproduction number is not too far above 1, and with that 40 percent reduction you can get it below that, that makes a huge difference, especially if you calculate a few months further. ”

Bron(nen): Faithfulness (€)


Tareck El Aissami begins physical rehabilitation after fighting COVID-19

The sector vice president for the Economy and Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, began his physical rehabilitation this Friday, after releasing the battle against COVID-19, announced that he did through his user on the social network Twitter @TareckPsuv.

The also Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum explained that after an intense rest together with rigorous treatment, he achieved absolute recovery from his battle against the virus: those who have not escaped unscathed so that they can soon return home and share with their family ”.

Through the video that accompanies the message, Tareck El Aissami added that “the accompaniment of the doctors and the people has strengthened my soul to return and continue to fight alongside the Venezuelan people.”



Outbreak like at Tönnies: Danish slaughterhouse ceases operations

The Tönnies slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrück has to close for almost four weeks due to numerous corona infections.A Danish company hopes that it can reopen more quickly: At the meat processor, almost 150 employees have now tested positive.

A slaughterhouse in Denmark temporarily ceases operations after an outbreak with dozens of infected employees. After another 22 employees tested positive for Corona, the company in Ringsted will initially be closed for a week from Monday, announced the meat processor Danish Crown. This should try to break the chains of infection within the staff. Almost 150 Danish Crown employees in Ringsted have now tested positive for the corona virus.

Danish Crown had been informed about a first corona case among the approximately 850 employees in Ringsted almost two weeks ago. Around 35,000 pigs are usually slaughtered weekly in the farm there, but this has already been reduced significantly as a result of the outbreak.

At the German meat processor Tönnies in North Rhine-Westphalia there was an almost four-week forced break at the headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück after a mass corona outbreak. Production was allowed to restart in mid-July. The incident had sparked a debate about the working and living conditions of the workers employed there.

At the end of July, the federal government introduced stricter rules for the meat industry. The draft law by Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil stipulates that from January 1, 2021, no contract workers may be employed in the core business of slaughtering, cutting and meat processing and from April 1, 2021 also no contract workers may be employed in larger companies in the industry. Fines are threatened for violations.


Seaside resorts advise against arrival: beaches and lakes are “bursting at the seams”

Fantastic summer weather draws people in the northeast to lakes and beaches. But space is limited: in many places on the Baltic Sea, the traffic lights turn red. In Berlin, the police warn: “Please don’t go any more.”

The Berlin police warned of overcrowded destinations in the capital and the surrounding area on the hottest weekend of the year so far. “Parks, lakes, beach and outdoor swimming pools are bursting at the seams,” the officials write down Twitter. “Please keep a cool head, keep your distance and wear your masks when there is inevitable proximity.”

The police have also threatened to close at least one bathing facility. In the Müggelsee lido, the upper limit for guests has almost been reached, she warns in another tweet. “If you haven’t got a bathing ticket and haven’t been able to spread your blanket anywhere, it will be difficult. Please don’t go on the way anymore.” According to RBB, the Wannsee lido was “well filled early on”.

The health resorts and bathing resorts on the Baltic Sea are struggling with a similar problem: they urgently advised against further travel at lunchtime. Many beaches have reached their maximum capacity, said the tourism and spa directorates of Schleswig-Holstein. It is particularly full in the Bay of Lübeck. On In the early afternoon the traffic light was already red for 15 beaches or beach sections.

Day tourists not allowed

The situation was similar on Fehmarn: According to the tourism office, the four licensed beaches were already full at noon. However, the island’s natural beaches still offer enough space. The spa administration in Travemünde said that there was still enough space for other visitors due to the wide beaches.

On the North Sea, it was particularly tight in St. Peter-Ording. There, however, blocked driveways were the problem: an arrival should no longer be possible after noon, said the tourism office. Cars are already being towed.

The seaside resorts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have also prepared for a large number of guests, although day tourists from other federal states are actually not allowed to enter because of the corona virus. These are visitors who have not booked an overnight stay. The police did not announce nationwide controls. But you will monitor the traffic and the occupancy of the beaches closely and intervene if necessary, it said in a message from the Rostock district. In the event of a violation, fines of at least 150 euros are imminent.


WHO announces that there are 6 vaccines under development and at a very advanced stage

The World Health Organization (WHO), since the development of vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus began, has been cautious about a process that, under normal circumstances, lasts a decade. But in this moment. the health crisis could push the pharmaceutical industries to reduce the development of a vaccine to a year or a year and a half. But today, for the first time in a long time, the WHO admitted there was hope, as six vaccines are at a very advanced stage.

The organization’s chief executive, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said three of these vaccines are under development in China, two of them in the United States (Pfizer and Moderna) and one in the United Kingdom (AstraZeneca, in collaboration with the University of Oxford). From the start of 2021, the mass production phase could begin, and therefore allow general vaccination campaigns.


The United States recommends citizens not to travel to El Salvador due to COVID-19 outbreaks | News from El Salvador

The CDC released a level 4 travel health advisory for El Salvador and asks travelers to read the State Department’s COVID-19 page before planning any outings abroad.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The United States issued a warning to its citizens who recommend not traveling to El Salvador due to the coronavirus outbreak that has been increasing in recent weeks.

The CDC launched a travel health advisory level for El Salvador on Thursday 4, and warn that “travelers to El Salvador” may face situations such as orders to stay at home, business closures, travel bans, border and airport closures, among other emergency conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Until August 7, El Salvador has registered 19,544 infections and 520 deaths from COVID-19, according to official figures. As of the same date, there were 20,751 suspected cases and 9,379 recovered patients. These data alert expert analysts and health professionals who fight daily against the pandemic in the country.

The US authorities recommend that their citizens read the COVID-19 page of the State Department before planning any trip as well as visiting the CDC website on travel to the Central American country.

It may interest you: El Salvador registers 418 new infections and seven deaths from COVID-19

“US citizens traveling abroad should always have a contingency plan for emergencies,” the Department of State’s Office of Consular Affairs noted through its website.

On Thursday, the United States also issued travel advisories for other countries that are most affected in the region by the coronavirus pandemic, including Nicaragua and Mexico. The notices are given specifically for each country, despite the fact that since March 19 it advised to avoid all trips abroad due to the pandemic that to date registers 19.2 million infections and 719 thousand deaths in the world.


The unpublished detail about Lady Di’s last night in Paris | News from El Salvador

Darren McGrady, who was Diana’s chef after her split from Prince Charles in 1992, gave unknown details about the night the princess died in a car accident with Dodi Al-Fayed and her driver.

Princess Diana of Wales’ Chef Darren McGrady, has revealed unknown details about the night of that fatal accident on the Almá Bridge in Paris in which he died.

McGrady said in an interview on Australian radio KIIS that During the night of August 31, 1997, he had dinner ready and dishes on the table., waiting for Diana to return, but the princess never showed up.

“I was there, I had food for dinner, waiting for her to come back. All that time I waited for her was horrible, it was very strange that she didn’t arrive on time, and then I heard the worst news “, said. The 58-year-old, who had become Lady Di’s cook since her split from Prince Charles in 1992, said he waited for her all night and He confessed how this tragic event marked his life.

The car Diana was driving in had crashed into one of the bridge piers around midnight. “It marked me for life,” he said.

Darren McGrady also gave details of how the princess treated him. He said that from the first moment, when he met her, he felt that “magnetic” effect that those who had been close to her spoke of.

Diana was married to Prince Charles of England. Photo EDH / Grosby Group

Princess Diana of Wales. Photo archive

“Diana would come to eat at the kitchen counter, prepare a plate for her, order what she used while talking to me”, gestures that increased his admiration for her.

Darren McGrady, who was also Queen Elizabeth II’s cook for 11 years, left royal service after Diana’s death, is now a chef in Dallas, Texas.

Diana’s death in 1997 was one of the events that shook the English crown. The accident where Diana died has always been surrounded by suspicions and conspiracies as to whether it was the product of a plot by the Royal family.

The casually dressed young princess enjoying a shoot in the countryside offer a rare glimpse into her life out of the public eye. / Photo The Grosby Group

Princess Diana’s life was marked by the heartbreak and betrayal of her husband, Prince Charles, which began during their honeymoon. The suffering had to be kept silent according to the codes of royalty, but she was not willing to endure and what began as a fairy tale ended in divorce.

She then found love in the arms of billionaire Dodi Al-Fayed who also died in the accident recorded in France.

Harry inherited a large fortune from his mother, Princess Diana. Photo EDH / AFP


Khloé Kardashian reconciled with her ex, Tristan Thompson: “She loves to have him around and is very happy”

After many twists and turns, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson they put an end to speculation. According to the magazine People, they reconciled. Mom and dad True They sowed suspicion when, in the midst of a pandemic, they decided to comply with mandatory isolation together. This coexistence would have reignited the flame of love.

“Khloé loves having him around. He has the best relationship with True and he’s being amazing. They love being together and Khloé is so happy. Live like in a bubble“A strong close to the family told People magazine.

“Khloé loves being around him. He has the best relationship with True and he’s being amazing. They love being together and Khloé is very happy. She lives like in a bubble.”

Why had they separated? After the rumors of infidelity (on his part), Tristan was encouraged to live an affair with the best friend of Klohé’s sister, Jordyn Woods!

“Tristan’s travels have always been a concern. But she hopes he’s changed and that they can continue to be family.”

According to the source, the relationship between the influencer and her son’s father is damaged when he travels. “Tristan’s travels have always been a concern. But he hopes that he has changed and that they can continue to be a family,” she said.

Another chance!