IEA chief Barol sees oil market in deepest crisis for 100 years

Frankfurt, Vienna The corona pandemic poses new challenges for the most prominent oil diplomats. Fatih Birol usually meets as energy minister of oil producers and importers as head of the International Energy Agency. But these days everything is over the phone: “I work three times as hard from home, but much less efficiently,” he jokes. […]

“This is the accusation number 12 made by Maduro against me”

Gabriela PonteFOLLOW Madrid Updated:04/02/2020 02: 19h save Related news Juan Guaidó (La Guaira, Venezuela) heeds this call amid a new escalation of political tension as a result of the US offer of a transition plan for Venezuela without Maduro or Guaidó, who has unleashed the “Bolivarian fury” of the Chavista leader against the opposition, and […]

“Telekom is experienced in managing crises”

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, tens of thousands of employees have been working from home at Deutsche Telekom, and many other companies have also changed their jobs. “I am certain that we will see a digitization boost even after the pandemic ends,” said Höttges with conviction. As CEO, he decided to change his […]

Xerox abandons plans to buy HP for $ 30 billion – Meduza

Xerox Holdings, which manufactures photocopiers, abandoned plans to buy computer manufacturer and office equipment HP Inc. This was reported on the Xerox website. The deal was estimated at 30-34 billion dollars, specify The wall street journal and CNBC. “The global healthcare crisis, macroeconomic and market turmoil over COVID-19 created an environment that does not help […]

“Liquidity must not become a debt crisis”

Berlin State Secretary for Economic Affairs Thomas Bareiß (CDU) is to become the Federal Government’s new representative for medium-sized companies. The Handelsblatt learned from the Federal Ministry of Economics. The personnel in the cabinet should be decided on this Wednesday. Bareiß wants to support further help for small and medium-sized businesses, as he announced in […]

“We also have to create new jobs”

Enzo Weber The professor heads the research area forecasting and macroeconomic analysis at the Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research (IAB). (Photo: picture alliance / IAB / dpa) Enzo Weber is head of the research area forecasting and macroeconomic analysis at the Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research (IAB), the think tank of […]

Corona control tracking – necessary and feasible

Corona crisis It is important that the use of the app to combat the corona virus is voluntary. (Photo: AFP) Digitization makes processes more efficient. This also applies to combating the spread of the coronavirus: the faster contacts of infected people are identified and contacted, the faster infection chains can be broken. There is no […]

Expert on government-guaranteed corporate bonds: “Fast market access for companies”

Matthias Schell The LBBW expert sees the federal measures as positive. (Photo: Frank Eppler) Frankfurt It is a novelty in the Federal Republic: for the first time, the state guarantees corporate debts. This also includes bonds. The LBBW expert explains what this means for the capital market. Mr. Schell, the establishment of the WSF should, […]

Brand expert “Companies can now learn from unicorns”

Hamburg Imke Schuller is an expert on corporate culture at the Landor brand consultancy. In a study, she examined the culture of unicorns – in other words, startups that grew up with more than a billion dollars in goodwill. In doing so, she wants to shake the myth of many digital projects of large corporations: […]