Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time could be coming to Switch, source code says so

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is fast approaching the consoles of Sony Interactive Entertainment and of Microsoft. Players on Switch, them, wonder if a version for the beautiful of Nintendo will see the light of day; as was the case for Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (sold also at € 31.99 on Amazon).

Last June, a representative from Activision had stated that the company evaluated ” always additional platforms “. Some fans can no longer wait for an announcement and have scoured the official site to try to find … something. And? Well, Sunwer Prower found a line in the source code specifying a Switch edition.

Honestly, on our side, we believe that Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time will be invited to the platform of Big N. You just have to be patient … In the meantime, know that the title made our mouth water, see our first impressions: PREVIEW of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, between tradition and modernity


SEGA: Persona 4 Golden is a success on PC, the studio wants to make other ports

For very long years, SEGA reserved its games for consoles, but For a little while now, the Japanese studio has been eyeing the PC side, with first a very well received portage of Valkyria Chronicles, then the outputs of Bayonetta, Vanquish or quite recently Persona 4 Golden. The role-playing game was launched last June at a knockdown on Steam (it is even sold for € 15.99 at Gamesplanet), it didn’t take much for him to climb to the top of sales, which surprised SEGA.

Haruki Satomi, President and Chief Financial Officer of SEGA, indeed expressed its desire to release other games, not necessarily recent, on Steam in the future.

We remastered Persona 4 Golden, a game that was sold on PlayStation Vita, and launched it for sale on Steam during the fiscal year. Thanks to the positive reviews and the low price, sales were more than expected. We will continue to actively port old games to Steam and new platforms. We will also be negotiating with the platform managers to release new games in the future, and we plan to sell each title in the most favorable way. One of those measures is preparing for PC releases early on, with cross-platform release in mind.

Games SEGA first on consoles then a few years later on computers, so it will soon be history. But first, the Japanese studio wants to share its previous productions with PC players, even if no name has been released yet. What title of SEGA would you like to see land on computers?

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No, you’re not dreaming. It is indeed a Ferrari limousine!

What fly stung the person responsible for such a sacrilege? To make this limousine, the Melbourne-based bodybuilder Exotic Limo simply cut a Ferrari 360 Modena in half to lengthen it with a custom-made structure, placed on an aluminum frame. The butterfly rear doors are made of fiberglass (like the roof and side panels) to limit the weight of the machine which has retained its original V8 of 394 hp and manual gearbox. Able to accommodate 9 passengers in its rather kitsch cabin but with neat comfort (bar, several televisions, high quality audio system, etc.), this 2003 Ferrari is for sale. His price ? 243,000 € all the same …


Good kisses from Guyana (with a mask)

At the age of 27, in order to get a change of scenery and to leave the hospitals of the metropolis for a while, Arthur (1) had chosen a medical internship in Guyana for the summer of 2020. It was just before the pandemic:

“I chose my period well, you will tell me: after the first deluge of patients in metropolitan France, the Guyanese wave. Without being a journalist myself, I will try to follow this quote from Albert Londres: “Our job is not to please, nor to do harm, it is to carry the feather in the wound.” This testimony will therefore necessarily be unique to me, with my vision as a caregiver, my bias as a metropolitan and the inherent bias in preserving anonymity while trying to remain faithful to what is happening away from cameras and institutional social networks. I will mainly talk about hospital and territorial management but will not address the issue of city medicine due to ignorance of the subject.

Read alsoIn Guyana, caregivers “keep their fingers crossed so that nothing goes wrong”

“Before talking about Covid, I would like to paint a quick picture of the health situation here: Guyana is currently suffering from a dengue epidemic, and for a long time that of HIV. And that’s without counting the problems that are much more frequent than cardiovascular disease or cancer. Take Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni for example, for a population pool of several tens of thousands of people, the number of hospital beds in acute medicine outside the Covid-19 period is … 30. It is not to sink into the miserable but it is certain that 30, that calms down … In total, there are three hospitals on the coast distributed in the big cities (Cayenne, Kourou and Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni) and centers of health dispersed in land and along waterways. We all know that the investment and skills of caregivers are very heterogeneous in the hospital… but here we can say that it is pushed to its climax. Before detailing the dysfunctions in the management of this crisis, I would like to greet some incredible caregivers: those who have been pillars of care in this department for several years, those who have set up services, those who allow the hospital to stand up. But alongside these staff, we find jumbled mercenaries who don’t care, those who don’t have the skills but don’t realize it, and those who feed their ego. In such a difficult environment, the contrast is striking.

Staggering lack of communication

“You have to adapt in Guyana all the time. We have to adapt to patients: to a sometimes exacerbated precariousness, to the different language barriers, to their paperwork problems, to their life outside the big cities of the coast. We have to adapt to the means: digestive endoscopies are Cayenne, urology is Kourou, ophthalmology is Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. Certain biological examinations… it is the metropolis. So I can understand that we cannot work as I am used to in metropolitan France, that we have to juggle and make compromises. But some situations are just indecent. Not in France, not in 2020: we do not refuse to take a patient in his thirties in intensive care under the pretext that he is HIV and Brazilian. We do not die after having an epidural for childbirth. We are not saying that we do not care if we made a mistake because the patient speaks poor French and will not file a complaint. You cannot be unreachable when you are on call… I think that in metropolitan France, no one would accept some of the things that I have seen here. And that can be brushed aside with the back of the hand since “It’s that or nothing, there is no one else”. It is not acceptable, it is indecent. And still I’m lucky in my medical practice, I’m a guy, people listen to me. It sucks, but that’s how it is. This is clearly not specific to Guyanese hospitals: more than once when I was a student I was spoken to instead of my boss. But here it is exacerbated, I am ashamed to have to repeat what my female colleagues say so that less competent men listen to them. It is blatant, it is shameful.

Also read, the previous episodes of the Epidemic JournalEpidemic Journal, by Christian Lehmann

“The patients, at least as far as I have come across, have illnesses made worse by many social problems. Two like that in your room in metropolitan France, it burns you out for the day. Here it is everyday. Illnesses as in the books and patients who do not fit into the administrative framework. I don’t want you to imagine the Wild West by reading this, but there are so many great projects to strengthen or create, I think our fellow citizens deserve to be done better. So inevitably, when a pandemic emerges, we are not serene. We had two major advantages: a young population and a few weeks ahead of the mainland. We quickly forget the weeks in advance, they were squandered by internal quarrels between hospital management, crisis management and the ARS. It was almost as if we were discovering the problems day to day, with a beautiful ball of hypocrites constantly parading in the media and on social networks. I am very happy to see the director of ARS Guyane, Clara de Bort, pose on the tarmac of the airport with her staff and congratulate herself on carrying out Evasan (medical evacuations) in a beautiful cooperation with hospitals. Unfortunately, it has happened several times that some of these evacuations were announced on television or on the Internet… before warning the doctors who directly took care of the patients concerned. The first time it was a family who came to ask us at what time their loved one would be evacuated when we had not been informed …

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“Finally, I would have had the right to the same speech here as at the start of the wave in metropolitan France:” No, but France is different, it will not be like Italy “,” No, but Guyana, that will be fine, it won’t be like in the metropolis. ” One day you will explain to me which part of “pandemic” you did not understand. I don’t know, honestly, how we could confidently say that everything was ready, that we didn’t need help and that everything was going to be fine. I feel like I heard Macron say that we never ran out of masks. Nobody one day could assume to say “It’s shit, but we will adapt as quickly as possible, everyone is on the front”? Must always put everything under the carpet? Fortunately, we had help, a lot of help, a lot of people who came to give a helping hand whether it was on their leave, on an agreement between hospitals, via the army or the health reserve. However, I would still like to underline the astounding lack of communication between hospitals, ARS and health reserve. You try to round up your friends to fill in the holes, put on the patches to keep it going and you finally discover that a whole team is arriving but no one has seen fit to warn the staff. You may even hear the phrase “There are too many reinforcements” while services are still understaffed. I know that in the end the whole technostructure will congratulate itself on the excellent management and will go with its little comment, but it is the caregivers who make it possible to hold on.

Infernal mixture of care, public opinion and political interests

“The health reserve I still have a few complaints. Throwing in the room retired general practitioners who have not done hospitality since their start of their careers and putting hospital workers in town, doesn’t that sound like a bad idea? I have no desire to be ungrateful to my colleagues, more than courageous, who volunteered to come, but maybe estimating the needs and positioning the reinforcements accordingly would be a good start. So inevitably when by ego we say that all is well in the services, we find ourselves hearing that a pulmonologist or infectious disease specialist is not necessary in Guyana. Anyway, we are no longer close. Ah and I greet you dear resuscitator colleague who did not want to see respiratory distress because you were eating. I do not forget you. Same for the reinforcements who complained about not being able to tour, I do not forget you either.

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The climax of this infernal mixture between care, public opinion and political interests was the trial planned for plasma therapy (with plasma from patients who had developed antibodies). If we summarize the situation, a trial concerning the interest of plasma therapy in Sars-CoV-2 infection had started in metropolitan France and was to continue in Guyana. There are two advantages to this: to provide patients with a potentially useful treatment and to succeed in including enough patients to reach a robust conclusion. In a context of mistrust of health authorities, media hubbub and the habit of this department being left behind, announcing this news from Paris was very clumsy. Let us add to this that this was done not by a PUPH (university professor-hospital practitioner) but by a PUPH, Karine Lacombe, and it was gone. Everyone has gone there from their affiliations to promote themselves, deputy, local collectives, close to Didier Raoult’s IHU. And in this mess, in the end, people were therefore pushed to demonstrate to refuse the help of an infectious disease specialist and her team in a territory that badly needed it. Admittedly, the announcement was awkward, but we saw people chanting loud and clear that they refused therapeutic help. I thus saw a good number of messages passing to say that the Guyanese patients were not guinea pigs. It’s such a no-brainer: no one is ever forcibly included in an essay if they don’t want to. This is the very basis of our ethical principles. But obviously to say it would do a disservice to the conspiracy discourse. On the other hand, promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine without any proof of its effectiveness in Covid, that was to use patients as guinea pigs. Associations have been calling for the creation of a university hospital in Guyana for years… and when a university team comes to do research, the door is vehemently slammed in its face.

“All this reflects a profound ignorance of clinical research and its functioning. So I hope that some people’s political agenda was worth it. In all of these ego bickering, whenever politics take precedence over caregivers and scientists for the wrong reasons, it is the patients who drink. While the Guyanese are worth it that we are interested in their territory, that we invest in improving access to healthcare here and that it be worthy of France. ”

(1) The first name has been changed.

Christian Lehmann doctor and writer


Off Side: Today Solidarity Income 160 thousand pesos via DPS Colombia: how to see if you are

We have the details of the case regarding the economic subsidy from the Government. With the aim of alleviating the impact caused by the pandemic of the new , the Government chaired by Iván Duque, announced that the it will run until June next year. In this way, the monetary support that has been provided since last April will continue to reach millions of affected households in the coffee-growing country on a regular basis. We hope it is of use today.

MORE: Solidarity Income: how do I collect and what do I do if I do not receive the payment of the subsidy from the Government of Colombia

As is well known, since July 3, the is in charge of Department for Social Prosperity (DPS), an entity that will now carry out the monetary transfer programs of the National Government. Despite this change, it is not necessary for Colombian citizens to carry out another procedure to be part of the group of beneficiaries.

“The Solidarity Income will be with us at least until June 2021. With the VAT Refund, Families in Action, Young People in Action, Colombia Mayor, we are reaching the universality of the vulnerable population, equity and social justice with basic income “said President Iván Duque in one of his messages.

Solidarity Income: how do I know if I am a beneficiary?

In order to know if you are one of the beneficiaries of this subsidy, the first thing you should do is enter the official platform of the -make To access-. On the web you can check if you are a beneficiary and if your money transfers are in process.

When you enter the page it is important that you have your ID at hand. At the top right you will find a button that takes you to a form in which you must enter identification number, Name, last name, document issue date and your cellphone. The screen will show if you are a beneficiary.

The only requirement to be part of the Solidarity Income It means not being part of other social programs such as Familias en Acción, Jóvenes en Acción and VAT refund. Income families were chosen from different databases of Sisbén, DPS, MinTrabajo, MinSalud and MinHacienda.

Where to collect the 160 thousand pesos?

According to the Colombian Government, the It can be charged in the following banks:

  • nequî
  • Daviplata
  • Movie
  • Savings at hand
  • agrarian Bank
  • Bancolombia

Since when will the fourth draft be cashed?

President Ivan Duque He said that the Solidarity Income program runs until June 2021. In this way, a total aid of 480,000 Colombian pesos has already been completed to the most vulnerable families in the country. The four transfers (until July) for housing, as detailed by the president, would serve to give a boost to the economy.

The fourth draft has been received since the second week of July and lasted until the last days of the mentioned month.

Why did you switch from DNP to DPS?

Through Legislative Decree 812, the Government decided that the Department for Social Prosperity (DPS) be in charge of administering the State contributions, as direct and monetary subsidies, to the population living in poverty. For this reason, since the beginning of July the operation of the went from National Planning Department (DNP) al DPS.



The coronavirus crisis gives rise to new favelas in Brazil. (Source: AFP)


The blogger explained why Renault Sandero Stepway inferior LADA XRay Cross

Unlike Togliatti competitor, “French” and not nearly pulls for the price of one million rubles.

Photo: Renault Sandero Stepway, source: Renault

Raised hatchbacks — a controversial form factor for the car. Let the machine in such a body and increased ground clearance, it has no space in the cabin, nor patency of the crossover. However, cross-hatchback continue to come out, and the French Renault Sandero Stepway loses LADA XRay Cross, which he explained to the blogger YouTube channel Autospot.


The cost of the basic “Stepway” starts from 830 000 rubles, the top package costs 1 000 000 rubles. XRay in the “base” is cheaper than “French” — 784 900 rubles, but the maximum grade is also costs about a million. As prices on the best equipment of both cars together, it would be logical to compare them to the “maximum speed”.


In the top-end performance and “Sandero” and “Iccrea” there is one and the same 1.8-liter engine producing 113 HP, which residents have borrowed from the French. Despite one motor car traveling in different ways: due to the fact that the LADA is heavier, its acceleration to “hundreds” comes in 12.5 s, 0.5 seconds slower than the Sandero Stepway. Models also share the same CVT for two, produced by Jatсo.


The third detail you share with each other the “Stepway” and “Cross” — platform B0. However, for the running machines are much stronger than the motor or transmission, as the engineers of “AVTOVAZ” to seriously work on suspension XRay. With the front suspension the manufacturer has installed an L-shaped levers, which improve the controllability of the machine.

On the rear wheels of the Russian cross-hatch are disc brakes, while the Sandero — “drums”, despite the fact that he, too, is worth a million rubles in the “top”. Plus French cars in this sense the softness of the suspension. The only thing that can bring inconvenience to the driver — wheel, which fly strikes on the irregularities in the rest of the suspension gradually “eats up” all holes.


Comparing the equipment of two cars, the Frenchman losing almost everything: no heated steering wheel, armrest, sub-floor in the trunk, rear view camera etc. the Only thing that can boast the “Stepway” four, and not two as Lada, airbags and remote engine start.


The expert noted that neither the LADA XRay Cross, nor Renault Sandero Stepway does not show any dynamics. The difference in driving characteristics is that improvements in the suspension of “Lada” went in her favor, so that the machine is operated much better than “French”. In addition to the suspension, this helps MDPS and more accurate feedback on the steering wheel. The “Sandero” same wheel just heavy and does not give any connection.

Photo: LADA XRay Cross, source: AVTOVAZ

Thus, it becomes evident that Renault Sandero Stepway is not competitive even in comparison with the best model of “AVTOVAZ”, but it shares the same engine, transmission and platform.


The rise in price of LADA Granta – a marketing ploy or “the cry of the soul”

From 1 July the model number of “AVTOVAZ” waiting for the next price increase, which will be the fourth since the beginning of the year.

Photo: LADA Granta, source: AVTOVAZ

For the Russian automaker raising prices has become a pattern. New price lists have appeared in the cluster KVIRING DRIVE VK SHOP in a social network “Vkontakte”. According to him, the price increase will affect the line of “AVTOVAZ”, including “folk” LADA Granta. The car will gain in value at least 5 000. Expert figured out what caused this situation.

Another price increase is due to many factors. The first one can be called “the cry of the soul” brand from Togliatti — the instability of the ruble and the pandemic crisis, coupled with the dependence on foreign components. Thus, LADA Granta consists of 400 original components, 260 of which are purchased from foreign suppliers. In the end the model remains dependent on the dollar and the Euro.

The main competitors of the flagship models LADA Granta and LADA Vesta is considered the KIA Rio and Hyundai Solaris. Over half of “Asians” went up by 2.6 and 2.4%, respectively, as “Grant” and “Vesta” added to the price of 6.3%. In the pursuit of “Koreans” the Russian model have a chance get to close to him, but only at a price. Perhaps such a policy, the company shall prepare motorists for the exit of the second generation models, which will become even more expensive, but this marketing ploy it is difficult to call fair to the potential buyers.

Another factor considered production automation. The regular number of employees of “AVTOVAZ” is 35 thousand people. Despite the fact that the company conducts an annual reduction of staff resource spent on salaries and allowances. Against this background, more and more European and Asian manufacturers are moving to robotic Assembly. Robots perform the process from Assembly to delivery of the vehicle to the warehouse, saving time and money.

Photo: LADA Granta, source: AVTOVAZ
Five new LADA Granta will find owners in the Omsk region in the contest

On the subject

Five new LADA Granta will find owners in the Omsk region in the contest

2020-06-27 14:15:32

Whatever caused the rise in price — a marketing ploy or “cry of the soul” — many drivers increase the price of “budget” LADA Granta are not happy. The justification for this, according to the drivers, could serve to improve the quality of the Assembly or the vehicle’s equipment, however, is that prices are rising, and the car is “worth” on the spot.


Belyaninov out of the EDB, as head of the Bank is Podguzov from “Mail of Russia”

The head of the Eurasian development Bank (EDB) Putin leaves office. The post will take the first Deputy General Director of “Mail of Russia” Nikolay Podguzov. Order to make candidates gave Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin (.pdf).

“The issue of election of Chairman of the Board EDB scheduled for consideration during the upcoming meeting of the Board of the Bank. It is scheduled for 30 June”,— stated in the message of the government.

EDB is a regional development Bank established by Russia and Kazakhstan in 2006. In 2009, the EDB joined by Armenia and Tajikistan, in 2010 Belarus, in 2011 — Kyrgyzstan. New members of the Bank may become Hungary and Moldova. The Bank has the status of an international financial institution, its activities are regulated by international law.

Mr. Belyaninov worked as a Chairman of the EDB from December 2017. From 2006 he was for ten years head of the Federal customs service. Mr Podguzov from July 2017 he worked as General Director FGUP “Mail of Russia”. In February 2020, this position was occupied by the former Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. Mr Podguzov became his first Deputy. Earlier, in 2013, he worked at the post of the Deputy head of the Ministry of economy.

That makes the Bank for the development and integration of their countries— in an interview with Andrei Belyaninov of Kommersant.


In Australia fined the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser because of the huge kengurâtnika

The driver had to pay 133 dollars.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser, source:

Yesterday in Australia was seen Toyota Land Cruiser with a giant bumper. June 18, employees of the traffic police Morgana stopped a strange car, which attracted the attention of an unusual addition to the front of the “Kruzak” attached dimensional supporting rack.

The owner of the car was 31-year-old morgnec. As the police found out, the diameter of the rod is excellent quality 73 mm, while the approved standard size is 50 mm.

Under the law, if the supporting rods are not used, they must be removed in order to interfere with the driver’s vision. In this case, the owner of Toyota Land Cruiser used bumper, so was fined 133 dollars and lost one point for driving a vehicle fitted with additional equipment not in accordance with the standards of the car.

New insurance rules: How to change life of Russians after the reforms

On the subject

New insurance rules: How to change life of Russians after the reforms

2020-06-23 09:08:16

It is worth noting that in Australia refinement machines should meet the established standards, namely ladder racks, external cross frames and vertical supports can be positioned behind or in front of A stand-up windshield, but their diameter must not exceed 50mm. Also, the equipment must be removed when not in use.


Hengtain sells in China copy of a Land Cruiser

The technical part of “clones” is not far behind from the original, but the appearance betrays the trick.

Toyota Land Cruiser 100. Photo: Wikipedia

Today, the Chinese auto industry is associated with the brands of Haval and Geely, which have ceased to copy the design of world models and pulled the bar. 20 years ago things were different, but some brands are still “stamped” forgery.

A vivid example is the founded in 2011 the brand Hengtain, which produces a model If Yueli — SUV is a replica of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Moreover, the model receives a restyled options and different configuration.

Hengtai Yueli. Photo: Cartoq

Hengtai Yueli seen in 2016, is a copy of legacy at the time, Toyota Land Cruiser 100. About the “clone” is little known, but the brand still sells it in China.

Under the hood “Chinese” is situated 4.6-liter V8 engine that is able to give a solid 286 “horses”. The most powerful motor of the original “Weave” developed only 234 HP to accelerate a massive copy of Toyota Land Cruiser 100 can up to 196 km / h as the original.

But Chinese imitators did not stop and decided to repeat the success of Toyota Land Cruiser 200. In 2019, dealers of China Hengtian appeared L4600 — copy “Kruzak” costs 199 800 yuan, equivalent to about 1 800 000 rubles.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Photo: Toyota

With a budget copy of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 decided not to stand on ceremony — in the engine compartment went the same 4.6-liter engine.

It’s funny that “Chinese” repeats Toyota Land Cruiser 200 not only in terms of design — they copied the design of the side members, cross members, location of units and other technical stuff. Took care of the plagiarists and trim — almost “Kruzak” offered with five seats and a family 7-seater version.

If L4600 and Hengtai Yueli look like the typical fake goods from AliExpress, similar to the original. But on closer examination, such “Kruzak” give themselves some form of headlights, radiator grilles and the rear.

If L4600. Photos: Autohome

Why is idle Toyota and Hengtai still produces copies with impunity “Kruzak”? The case in Chinese law. Of course, the Japanese can sue the plagiarist, but the maximum that can achieve — model Hengtai can’t sell in Japan, North America and Europe. And there are “clones” of the Land Cruiser already not sold.

The role of “celestial” mentality. Chinese generally do not consider it shameful to produce a copy that would be no worse and cheaper than the original, and therefore even the local courts are “sympathetic” to the plagiarists.