#GermanDream: Düzen Tekkal on a better Germany

WSince I am Yezidi and defend democracy, I have been receiving death threats for several years now. The threats are aimed at me, but they are also directed against what I love most about Germany and what I am grateful for as a child of migrants from Turkey: freedom. A large cinema chain did not […]

Iraq: American retaliatory attacks against Shiite militia

Mohammed Mohieh, spokesman for the Iranian-backed militia Kataib Hezbollah, will speak to journalists in his office in December 2019. Picture: dpa American and British soldiers die in a missile attack in Iraq. The United States blames a pro-Iranian militia – and is now fighting back. NAfter the fatal rocket attack on troops belonging to the […]

How Britney Spears is rejecting her conservatory

Britney Spears is doing her best to set limits against her highly suspicious conservatory, which sees her father, Jamie Spears, has controlled its multi-million dollar property, personal affairs and daily activities since 2008. In a report of We weekly, a source has revealed that the 38-year-old pop titan is enjoying his time away from the […]

Here are Connecticut schools closed or affected – NBC Connecticut

Some school districts and universities in Connecticut are changing their schedule of classes or activities due to worries about coronavirus. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is canceling all remaining games of the CIAC winter tournaments due to worries about the coronavirus. Schools with impact on classes or activities Region 14 School district The Region 14 […]

Americans begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

Dhe United States strike force has gradually phased out of Afghanistan following the United States’ agreement with the Taliban more than a week ago. A spokesman for the American armed forces announced late Monday evening that the troops would be reduced to 8,600 men within the next 135 days. The armed forces are still able […]

IS claims the attack for itself

Dhe terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) has claimed the attack on a memorial event in Afghanistan with at least 31 deaths. The terrorist group released a photo of the two attackers in front of a IS flag on social networks on Friday. Accordingly, the two men attacked the commemoration in the Afghan capital Kabul with […]