The situation of Lesbos, in pictures

The solidarity that united the Greek island in the reception of refugees in 2015 leads to growing frustration and anger among the neighbors over the bad political management of Athens and the EU.

An unknown island appears in Antarctica

José Manuel NievesFOLLOW Madrid Updated:03/02/2020 11: 34h save Related news During the first days of February, a scientific expedition that crossed the Antarctic coast made an exceptional discovery: a new island, which does not appear on the maps. The researchers, who will not return to port until March 25, reported the finding to the international […]

The 10 species of newly discovered birds that will disappear in 20 years | Science

Frank E. Rheindt, researcher of the department of biological sciences of the National University of SingaporeHe traveled to the Wallacea Islands on his own to observe birds. During that 2009 expedition, the scientist discovered new birds that he did not know. Four years later, he went with his team to collect all the information and […]