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The world of Insurance is alongside institutions and businesses to relaunch the recovery of the country, shaken this year by the Covid emergency. This is the message that Ania launches from its Annual Assembly, carried out in streaming and “one of the first victims of this new modality as a result of yesterday’s Dpcm”, as the premier, Giuseppe Conte said, in his speech on video, giving deed to the association for having organized itself “in such a short time”. “The biggest challenge now begins with the contribution we can offer to the revitalization of our economy. We are a sector with a significant weight in the country and we can be a fundamental part of Italy’s recovery plan”, says the president of ANIA. Maria Bianca Farina. “We want to be alongside the institutions and all the productive and social forces to make our contribution through the cornerstones of our mission and lay solid foundations for the development of a sustainable economy”, he adds. A point shared by the president of Ivass, Daniele Franco, who underlines how the Italian insurance system “in its role as institutional investor can contribute to supporting the recovery”. And with this in mind, the President of the Council points out that “Europe has turned the page, with a clear change of paradigm”, so that “Europe’s trust can be repaid with mutual trust between us, with a new pact public-private “.

But the president of Ania also warns that “heavy loans, favors or discounts” should not be granted. Putting some data apart, it emerged that 2.6 million vehicles in Italy circulate without insurance coverage. “A phenomenon that must be actively opposed with the use of technology”, urges Farina. With regard to the impact of the lockdown on the sector, the president Ivass Franco pointed out that in the first half of 2020 the total premium income decreased by about 9 percentage points compared to the same period last year, from 70 to 64 billion, with the decline “mainly attributable to the life sector”, where deposits fell by 10%, from 53.1 to 47.5 billion. While motor liability insurance premiums fell “by more than 5% in the first eight months of the year and, to the same extent, the average premium per vehicle fell,” Farina said. But on this the consumer associations are attacking: Codacons asks that customers be reimbursed for the months of lockdown, while for the National Consumers Union (Unc) the premium “does not go down enough, considering the collapse of claims”. The Coronavirus emergency and the subsequent confinement drastically reduced the number of road accidents, so much so that “claims costs decreased by 9%, from 14.4 to 13.1 billion”, Franco indicated, with savings for insurance companies of over one billion. A sector in which Italy shows particular shortcomings is that of insurance coverage against natural disasters, said the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli in his speech.

“The risk for the Italian housing stock is enormous: 14.2 million homes are in areas with high or very high seismic risk, 7.4 million in medium risk areas, out of a total of 34.7 million homes with a value of about 5,400 billion euros “, explained the minister, but” in the face of these data, the policies for damage from natural disasters currently protect only 3% of homes “. Therefore, according to Patuanelli, it is necessary to work “from a cultural point of view”, conveying the message that “insurance is not a cost but an investment”.


Covid-19 Outbreak Phase 2 Begins to Haunt Pizza Country, Daily Infection Cases Reach New Records, Italian PM: Critical Situation, We Begin to Implement Social Restrictions

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Illustration of the corona virus in Italy.

Gridhot.ID – Plague corona virus haunted again Italy.

After being declared successful in overcoming the corona outbreak in a way lockdown, now cases of infection come back increased.

Prime Minister Italy Giuseppe Conte to authorize the mayor to close public squares from 9:00 p.m. to stop public gatherings.

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On Sunday, Italy’s daily cases reached a new record of 11,705 cases.

Conte said the situation in Italy was at a critical point.

However, his government is determined to avoid a repeat of the lockdown imposed at the start of the crisis in March.

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“The situation critical. The government is there, but everyone has to do their part, “he told a news conference.

Other restrictions that were also in place were ordering shops to close from 9 p.m., stopping amateur sports competitions and eliminating local fairs.

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Second Wave, Italy Recorded the Highest Record of Daily Covid-19 Cases Page all – Italy recorded the highest increase in daily cases Covid-19, since the pandemic first hit the country.

Quoting, The Italian Health Minister announced there were 11,705 new infections in one day on Sunday (18/10/2020).

Meanwhile on the previous day, the daily number of infections was 10,925.

The number of cases recorded on Sunday (18/10/2020) is the highest since the Covid-19 cases first spread in Italy in February 2020.

Reported CGTN, although there has been an increase in new cases, this has not been accompanied by an increase in mortality.

This is because the number of deaths reported on the same day, Sunday (18/10/2020) was 69, the day before it was 47, and when the peak of the first wave hit Italy, the record for deaths from Covid-19 reached 900 cases in one day.

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Experience the second wave

The government is also considering various policies to prepare for a second wave of attacks virus this.

Previously, Italy was the first country in Europe to be severely affected by Covid-19.

At that time, Italy imposed a strict national lockdown for 2 months. But for the risk of a second wave this time around, Italy will not use the same method.

Italy will consider more new policies, including mandating the use of masks in public, as well as limiting public gatherings. All of this to limit social contact.

Italy’s Transport Minister, Paola De Micheli said the government would not impose a curfew like France’s.

But they will ask schools and companies to schedule their activities so as not to cause piles on public transportation.

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Restaurants and sports activities

BBC INDONESIA Adherence to health protocols means that the infection rate can be reduced in Italy.

Additionally, bars and restaurants have been asked to close early. A number of sports activities are also prohibited.

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will deliver the full new policy.

Currently, Italy is the country with the second highest death rate from Covid-19 in Europe, after Great Britain.

At least 36,543 deaths have occurred since the first infection was detected in the country, the capital city of Rome.

Data Worldometer (19/10/2020) noted that Italy had a total of 414,241 cases of infection, 36,543 deaths, and 251,461 cases recovered.

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Italy meets record number of coronavirus cases for the fifth consecutive day

Italian Civil Protection reported this Sunday that 69 new deaths and 11,705 new coronavirus infections were registered, which is the fifth consecutive day of daily record of infections.

The previous mark dates from March 21, in the middle of the first wave of the coronviarus, but then the situation was very different, since many fewer tests were carried out per day and the health system is currently less saturated.

According to the latest bulletin, discharges total 251,461 and the patients considered active are 126,237, while 7,131 people remain hospitalized, of which 750 are in intensive care units (ICU), reported the Europa Press news agency.

This balance takes place just before Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announces new restrictions to control the rise in cases.

The premier is expected to appear before the media this Sunday at around 6 pm, after multiple meetings with the heads of the Italian regions.

In addition, it was announced that there are already 20 members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies who have tested positive for coronavirus, while another two are in preventive quarantine, reported the local newspaper Il Messaggero.

The most affected regions are still Lombardy, with 2,975 new cases that bring the total number of infections to 126,769, with 17,078 deaths; Piedmont (43,990 cases, 4,198 deaths) and Emilia Romaña (40,859 cases, 4,515 deaths).

Since the start of the pandemic, Italy has added 414,241 confirmed cases and 36,474 deaths.


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Unstoppable pointer: Milan stayed with the classic with a brilliant Ibrahimovic

The Nordic forward, who a week ago was discharged from Covid-19, scored his double at 12 and 16 minutes of the first half. In Inter the Belgian Romelu Lukaku discounted, at 28m of the same stage.

Martínez, who was with the Argentine national team and scored against Bolivia, completed the entire match with Inter but without standing out.

inter milan zlatan.mp4

A league

With this victory, Milan continues at the top of Serie A, with 12 points, while Inter has 7 units.

For his part, the current champion, Juventus, with Paulo Dybala without leaving the substitute bench, he drew 1 to 1 as a visitor with Crotone, in which he started Lisandro Magallán (admonished).

Simy, from a penalty, opened the account for the premises and Álvaro Morata tied for Juve, who suffered the expulsion of Federico Chiesa.

Other results: Napoli 4-Atalanta (José Luis Palomino, Cristian Romero and Alejandro Gómez) 1; Sampdoria 3-Lazio (Joaquín Correa) 0.

This one is for all you whose hearts beat Rossonero! ❤️#InterMilan #SempreMilan

The program for Sunday:

. A las 7.30: Bologna-Sassuolo.

. A las 10: Spezia-Fiorentina and Turin-Cagliari.

. At 13: Udinese-Parma.

. A las 3.45 pm: Rome-Benevento.

. Monday:

. At 3:45 pm: Verona-Genoa.

Positions: Milan 12 puntos; Atalanta 9; Juventus y Napoli 8 (x); Sassuolo and Inter 7; Sampdoria, Verona and Benevento 6; Rome and Lazio 4; Genoa, Bologna, Fiorentina, Spezia and Parma 3; Cagliari and Crotone 1; Turin y Udinese 0.

(X) A point was deducted for not showing up to play against Juventus.


Robinho broke with Santos six days after signing – Football

The veteran forward Robinho He dissociated himself this Friday from Santos de Brasil, a team in which he emerged and to which he had officially returned six days ago, “to focus on his defense of the process that is followed in Italy”, in which he seeks to reverse a conviction for sexual assaultthe club reported.

“Santos and Robinho report that, in common agreement, they suspended the contract signed on October 10 so that the player can concentrate exclusively on his defense in the process that is being followed in Italy,” said the São Paulo institution.

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Robinho, 36, was sentenced in 2017 to nine years in prison for group sexual assault on a young Albanian woman, while at Milan. His subsequent departure to China and then to Turkey prevented him from effectively serving his sentence.

His return to Santos (with whom he signed a symbolic contract of less than $ 300 a month salary), It caused a strong controversy and, among other things, the departure of one of the club’s sponsors, the orthodontic company Orhtopride.

Robinho emerged in Santos in 2002 and then went through Real Madrid (Spain), Manchester City (England), Milan (Italy), Guangzhou Evergrande (China), Atlético Mineiro (Brazil) and Sivasspor and Basaksehir (both from Turkey).


Jorge Coulón responded to the Inter-Illimani cover of Alexis and Arturo

Inti-Illimani’s passage through Italy left its mark after his exile product of the military dictatorship that began in 1973. This became clear after the traditional magazine Guerin Sportsman You will remember them with a creative publication.

Jorge Coulón, leader and founder of the mythical group, referred to the cover that brought them back to the Italian peninsula, this time with a play on words: “Inter-Illimani”, accompanied by two of the great idols of the Chilean team: Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal.

“It is a pride to appear putting part of our name to our heroes, the warriors who now fight in the fields of Milan”Mentioned the composer.

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He also said “It is also a pride to be in the memory and always present of Italy, a country that gave us so much”. They were part of his words that brought him pleasant memories after returning to Europe due to the difficult time in Chile.

“Very happy, greetings and may they and the country continue to have success”, added the musician, who was moved by the image of the players next to the name of Inti-Illimani.

Both Sánchez and Vidal have become the great attractions of the interista team and allusions to Chile by Inter are constant.

In football, this weekend the Lombards will have a crucial game against their lifelong rival, AC Milan. Both Chileans would be cited by DT Antonio Conté, so they are expected to see action this Saturday from 1:00 p.m. in Chile.


Coronavirus | Italy exceeds 10,000 infections for the first time in just one day | COVID-19

Italy registry 10 010 infections of new coronavirus in the last twenty-four hours, a figure never reached since the emergency began, while the Government and the regions are considering measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

These more than ten thousand infections have been located thanks also to the high number of tests carried out in the last day, more than 150,000.

In total, in Italy 391 611 people have been infected since the beginning of the crisis, on February 21, with the first positive autochthonous cases.

On the other hand in the last twenty-four hours 55 people have died due to the coronavirus (yesterday there were 83), which increases the provisional balance at 36 427 fatalities in the country.

The number of people hospitalized increases. Of the people who have developed the COVID-19, a total of 6,816 are admitted, 434 more than yesterday Thursday, and of these 638 require intensive care, an increase of 52 patients compared to the previous day.

Regions with more cases

The regions with the highest increase in those infected are Lombardy (North), the epicenter of the emergency from the first moment and with a total of 2 419 cases since yesterday, and Campania (south), with capital in Naples and accumulating 1,261 of the new positives.

With these growing figures in Italy, new restrictions are already beginning to be foreseen, although the Government ensures that the Last option would be a total confinement of the country like last spring, something all politics agree on.

Among the ideas that are being discussed the most is the possibility of establishing night curfews as has been done in Paris and other French metropolitan areas or to stipulate “surgical confinements”, limited only to the most affected areas.

The Campania region (south), with Naples as its capital, has taken the lead and has decided to close all schools until October 30 due to the rapid increase in infections, a decision criticized by the central government. And it has also imposed a curfew on the night of October 31 to prevent the celebration of Halloween.

On the other hand, the commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, Domenico Arcuri, left today angry from a meeting with the regions since, in his opinion, they have not installed all the pulmonary ventilators that they made available to be prepared.

(With information from EFE)


‘Living space’: In this program, Dr. Elmer Huerta explains what the reinfection of an American with COVID-19 consists of, which raises new questions about the acquisition of immunity.


defeat on the green carpet and a penalty point for Napoli after their withdrawal against Juventus

Italy: defeat on the green carpet and penalty point for Naples after their package against Juventus

The Naples club suffered a 3-0 defeat on the green carpet and a penalty point, for not having made the trip to Turin for the clash against Juventus, on October 4, after two cases of Covid- 19 in the Neapolitan workforce, the Italian Football League announced on Wednesday.

The sports judge did not recognize in his very detailed decision the existence of a “force majeure” which prevented this displacement.

Napoli had requested the postponement of the match after having placed all its players in isolation at home, on the instruction of the local health authorities, but the League had decided to maintain as planned this match of the 3rd day of Serie A.

With this decision, eagerly awaited in the face of the multiplication of cases of Covid-19 in Italian clubs, Juventus takes 4th place in the standings with 7 points and Naples, despite its two great initial victories on the ground, retrograde to 8th place with 5 points.

But the case is probably not over, because the Neapolitan club had warned that it would appeal in the event of an unfavorable decision.

Naples, by not making the trip, had not respected sporting protocol providing that a team with 13 players tested negative, including a goalkeeper, can play despite cases of Covid-19. But the southern club claimed to have complied with the injunction of the local health authorities after the positive cases of two of its players, Piotr Zielinski and Eljif Elmas, believing that it was a substitute for sports protocol.


FilGoal | News | European Nations League

Van de Beek – Gianluigi Donnarumma – Netherlands – Italy – European Nations League

The positive 1-1 draw between Italy and the Netherlands imposed itself in the framework of Group A of the first level of the European Nations League.

In the same group, Poland took advantage of the draw, and beat Bosnia by 3-0.

The ranking became 7 points for Poland, compared to 6 for Italy, 5 for the Netherlands, and 2 points for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dutch coach Frank de Boer became the third coach to fail to win the first 3 matches, after Bill Townley and Dick Advocaat, losing a match and a draw in 2.

Italy continued the losing streak, with the exception of friendly matches, with 16 consecutive games officially separated by one match from the best number that was achieved between 1997 and 1999.

Italy started the match early with a goal by Lorenzo Pellegrini, who took advantage of Niccolo Barrilla’s cross and landed the ball in the net in the 16th minute.

A goal is the fastest for the Azzurri in the continental championship, as it is Italy’s second goal in the competition, which scored in the first half, and both came against the Netherlands.

After 9 minutes, Doni van de Beek adjusted the result in favor of the Dutch windmills, taking advantage of the Italian defense floundering inside the penalty area.

A goal is the first for the Netherlands to break a 323-minute fast without scoring goals for the mills.

Daniilo de Ambrosio almost scored a goal for the Azzurri five minutes before the end of the first half, but the Netherlands goalkeeper Jasper Silesen saved it brilliantly.

The second half, in which the situation between the two teams calmed down, did not witness any danger to the two guards’ goal.

In Poland, Warsaw, the landlords won a hat-trick.

Bosnian defender Ahmed Hozic blocked Poland’s single captain Robert Lewandowski to get a straight red card after a quarter of an hour had passed into the match.

The historic goal-scorer for Poland scored his international goal number 60 with a shot from inside the penalty area in the 40th minute.

Five minutes later, Linetti added the second goal with a superb header after a hat-trick with Lewandowski, goalkeeper Asmir Begovic did not move.

Seven minutes into the second half, Lewandowski added his second goal in the match and the third, taking advantage of Matyusch Kilch’s cross.

The fifth round will see Italy host Poland, while the Bosnian national team will host its Dutch counterpart, next month.