Jaguar Land Rover expands its range of electrified with the Evoque and Discovery Sport



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Jaguar Land Rover expands its range of electrified vehicles with the introduction of its new plug-in hybrid system, which debuts in the company’s two best-selling models. This new plug-in hybridization technology or PHEV has been introduced in the latest generation of the Range Rover Evoque and in the updated version of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport

The plug-in hybrid system Jaguar Land Rover features a new conventional gasoline three-cylinder 1.5 engine (the smallest in the Ingenium range), combined with an electric powertrain. It offers fully electric performance with zero emissions, allowing it to be efficient and sustainable in the daily short commutes of each day. Optimum efficiency is also achieved on longer trips with the traditional combustion engine or by combining the strength and power of both.

The new plug-in hybrid system Jaguar Land Rover allows customers to choose between the most efficient and best-suited driving modes. EV or pure electric mode It facilitates silent driving and with zero CO2 emissions on short daily rides, as it has a range of up to 66 km depending on the model.

Hybrid mode automatically combine combustion and electricity for optimal efficiency on longer trips. In this mode, the vehicle adapts to driving conditions and analyzes the remaining battery charge, reserving it for restricted areas for zero-emission vehicles if necessary or to optimize fuel economy as much as the driver likes. The third option is intended for longer distances, as the vehicle uses only the new Ingenium 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine and maintains the battery charge.

It is very easy to charge the battery when the vehicle is moving or plugged in. In the first case, the energy generated by the motor Accelerating (or braking in EV or Hybrid modes) recovers to charge the battery. On the other hand, if you have to plug it in, the 15 kWh battery can go from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes using a fast charger from the public network. At home, it takes 1 hour and 24 minutes with a specific 7 kW wall or wallbox charger, while if a conventional household outlet is used, the time will be 6 hours and 42 minutes.

Spanish drivers will also be able to enjoy an important advantage. Thanks to the CO2 emissions of 32 g / km and the autonomy with zero emissions of up to 66 km, from the PHEV of the Range Rover Evoque as well as thanks to the 36 g / km of CO2 and the autonomy of 62 km from the Discovery Sport, both Models enjoy the DGT ZERO label and access to areas of traffic restricted by emissions limitation, as well as to the central almonds of cities in episodes of restriction of circulation due to C02 emissions.


Brazil: As a beginner in the Amazon jungle camp

I.In the flickering light of the slowly fading campfire, the shadow of the poisonous spine on the scorpion’s tail appears to be larger than it is. Still, that’s not a little guy.

Drawn by the light and the warmth of the flames, a curious, ten-centimeter-long body crawls over the half-decayed leaves of the jungle floor under my hammock. The nocturnal creatures of the jungle now seem to be meeting at a campfire party.

The hairy buddy of the barbed animal that is now rushing past looks damn like a tarantula. Although they are not dangerous to people, I wonder if his extremely toxic nephew, Phoneutria nigriventer from the family of the Brazilian wandering spiders, also lurking somewhere. Because instead of spinning nets, they prefer to search the jungle floor for food.

There is cooing, whistling, screaming, roaring and knocking around us. The male cicadas are the shrillest. To impress the female, they roar louder than a motorcycle at over ninety decibels.

Add to that a tree frog concert with a symphony of rustling and clattering leaves, and the cacophony is complete. Welcome to our Brazilian night camp.

Caution is advised in the Amazon jungle

Here on the Amazon, the jungle is wild, untamed, a sparkling organism in which everything seems to be connected. Here people are not rulers, but visitors.

Humility is appropriate, caution is required. Anyone who thinks that they can simply walk in here risks body and soul. The choice of illustrious ways to die in the rainforest is large.

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Author Stefan Beutelsbacher with Jorge Ney

Guide Samuel Basilio knows the jungle like no other. As a scout in the Brazilian army, he was stationed continuously in the middle of this forest for two years, depending on what he found to survive in the wild.

And how to survive, he knows as a descendant of the second generation from two indigenous peoples: the Baré tribe on his father’s side and the Baniwa people on his mother’s side.

A neoclassical opera in Manaus

It seems centuries since we left Manaus, the capital of the Amazon, the largest of the 26 Brazilian provinces, the day before yesterday. For comparison: The province of Amazonas is as large as France, Germany and Spain combined. Germany fits in here 4.4 times.

Nevertheless, the area is sparsely populated, only four million people live here, half of them in Manaus. During the rubber boom from about 1880 the city became very rich. When the rubber price fell significantly from 1910, the city also went down.

Brazil: The neoclassical opera building testifies to the splendor of times past in Manaus

The neoclassical opera building testifies to the splendor of times past in Manaus

Credit: Getty Images / Francisco Aragão

Manaus looks unreal. A mega city full of ugly, colossal concrete colossi with a few preserved jewels from the heyday. Like the neoclassical opera “Teatro Amazonas” from 1896.

It is considered the eccentric high point of the rubber barons. Much of the construction material was imported, including marble from Carrara in Italy.

What a location for a city of millions: in the middle of the humid jungle, on the banks of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões, which unite near Manaus to the Amazon. A spectacle called “Encontro das Águas”, Portuguese for “encounter water”. The warm blue-black water of the Rio Negro flows together with the cooler sand-colored water of the Rio Solimões over a width of six kilometers.

Arrival by plane or by boat

The best way to travel to Manaus is by plane or boat. The road network is dilapidated. The paths are often overgrown or completely washed away in the rainy season.

The distances are also enormous. The distance from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus is over 4300 kilometers. This corresponds to the straight line from Berlin to the North Pole.

Manaus is our stopover on the way to Vanessa Marino and Leo Principe, about 140 kilometers north of Manaus in the municipality of Presidente Figueiredo.

Vanessa, originally from Venezuela, and the French-Italian conservationist and photographer Leo bought over 270 hectares of land here a few years ago. They built their house there, where they live with their three children and Vanessa’s mother.

They also built a guest house on the site. They welcome visitors on a small scale and convey the beauty of the rainforest to them.

In the rainforest of Brazil: The author sits on a branch at a height of 45 meters while the sun disappears behind the horizon

The author sits on a branch at a height of 45 meters while the sun disappears behind the horizon

Source: Malte Clavin

From the veranda of the guest house, lying in a hammock, I look at the primary rainforest, close my eyes and listen. My ear perceives spotted guanas that the Brazilians have baptized according to the sounds they make: Aracuã. Howler monkeys set in from the left, then parrot cries and other birds and insects unknown to me.

The roof of the jungle turns purple from the flowers between the white mist. Fragrances of fresh rot, earth, leaves and humus permeate my nose. The smell of fertility. It is almost unreal, this view of the purple trees, this view of an untouched planet.

Fascinated by the rainforest in Brazil

Leo Principe lost his heart to the Amazon and everything that lives and blooms there forty years ago. “In 1989 I was the captain of a luxury sailing yacht. We sailed across the Amazon for a while. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and decided to go back, ”Principe says.

In the following decades, he documented large parts of the flora and fauna of the Amazon. He published his work in photo books and international magazines.

60 percent of the biodiversity of the Amazon region can be found in the tree tops. Principe developed a technique to climb the forest giants of the rainforest and take pictures there. His goal: to make people aware of the wealth of this area, which is not called the green lung of the earth for nothing.

Why the battle for the rainforest is getting more brutal

Indigenous environmental activist Paulino Guajajara was shot. As a so-called “guardian of the forest” he had campaigned for the protection of trees in the Amazon region.

Credit: WELT / Mick Locher

“After I met Vanessa in 1998, we traveled through Brazil in a motorhome for a year,” says Principe. A journey that led to a new phase in her life.

“We wanted to learn more about ecological building, clean energy, sustainable ways of dealing with the jungle. For us, nature conservation is a philosophy of life. We want to pass on all of the knowledge we have gathered and implemented in our country to our children and guests. ”

Leo and Vanessa Principe teach their children, 18-year-old Geo, 17-year-old Kinan and 12-year-old Kena themselves, but only if they actively request it. Most of the time, the children choose how they spend their day. That seems to be working. Geo is now learning Japanese, his fifth language.

Learn from the knowledge of the indigenous people

Leo Principe is fascinated by the agricultural techniques of ancient civilizations, especially Terra Preta.

“Terra Preta is a very fertile black soil that covers ten percent of the Amazon basin. This soil is very fertile and hardly leaches out. It has been used here for over two and a half thousand years. You make it by making charcoal from certain plants and then mixing it with the existing soil. ”

Terra Preta acts like a water and nutrient-containing sponge: it promotes the formation of microorganisms and the release of humic substances. This ensures a long-term nutrient supply to the soil.

A powder sharpens the senses

“Would you like to try it?” Principe waves me over and gives me a kind of bamboo straw with two ends. He opens a small box and takes out a brown powder with his thumb and index finger.

“This is how the Indians clean their caves,” he explains with a finger on his nose and a mischievous smile. “I’ll show you that.” He rubs the powder into one end of the straw and then puts the straw in his mouth. He leads the other end into one of his nostrils. Then he blows. His face grimaces.

Now he hands me the bamboo straw. I feed the stalk with powder and blow it into my nose. A sharp flash flashes through my head, tears fill my eyes. “Well. Now blow your nose. ”Then my head is drastically empty, feels twice as big, and my nasal cavities smell three times as intense.

“In the jungle you need all your senses,” explains Principe, “a stuffy nose can be a handicap. You solve the problem with this secret recipe. “

In the jungle, the jaguar is the king

Principe’s words go through my head as we later hike through the rainforest and look for a good place to camp. Leader Samuel shows us the way. With his machete he occasionally chops off plants that block our way.

Brazil: Nobody has to die of thirst in the jungle, because plants store large amounts of water

Nobody has to die of thirst in the jungle, because plants store large amounts of water

Source: Malte Clavin

Suddenly he stops and pulls up his palm. Slowly, almost scary, he moves his head in all directions and sniffs the air. He whispers: “Can you smell it?”

I also sniff the air, but get no further than damp earth, rotting plants and pollen from tropical flowers. Samuel nods north. Then he whispers: “Jaguar.”

Suddenly I am as awake as after the powder shot in the nose and look around suddenly. Jaguars have a habit of jumping on their prey from behind to incapacitate them with a bite in the head. Yesterday Samuel told me that a member of his family had been attacked and kidnapped by the night hunter.

I hear something rustle and flinch. But Samuel relaxes, I conclude from his attitude that the danger is well averted.

“When my family member disappeared, we didn’t try to kill the jaguar for revenge,” he says. “So we killed a wild boar and a capybara and offered them to the jaguar – in exchange for the bones of our relatives. We respect the jaguar. In the jungle, he’s the king. “

Fish on the grill, monkeys on the trees

We return to our base camp. Only a few hours earlier there was a clear plain here. Now we are in the middle of a fully functional jungle camp. The remaining part of our group, together with Vanessa, Leo and their children, hung hammocks between Ipé trees and provided each mat with a natural rain roof made of two layers of huge philodendron leaves.

In the center of the camp is a barbecue table made of wooden posts, picked up from the jungle floor. An orange fire shines underneath. Two giant tambaqui fish are roasting on the table. Samuel distributes palm leaves as plates and wooden spoons, which he has just cut out from fallen branches.

My travel companions sleep in their hammocks, I doze and watch Samuel watch. An hour ago we ate the two tambaqui, very fatty fish. They feed on nuts and tree fruits that grow along the Amazon River. Has my tongue ever tasted more delicious fish? The memory negates.

Samuel’s powerful lamp illuminates the treetops. It rustles up there. Curiously I climb out of my hammock and carefully put one foot in front of the other so as not to step on scorpions or other animals and approach Samuel. What happens up there

“Night monkeys,” he whispers, “I keep them at a distance with the light. They are curious and are drawn to the fire. A larger group could even attack us. These little beasts have sharp teeth that they use to throw you on the neck. ”

I wait for a mischievous smile, which exposes the last sentence as a joke. Vain. My eyes stare through the dark foliage and see nothing. The flashlight doesn’t help either.

My untrained senses cannot perceive subtle, jungle-specific movements and noises like Samuel can. With Samuel on guard and accompanied by the swing of my hammock, I slowly drift off into the realm of dreams.

Our hike back to the lodge takes about two hours. There we rinse off the jungle dirt in the outdoor showers and then devour an energy charge for the next caper: mango juice and bowls with fresh açai, a mixture of muesli, Cuia squash and bananas, topped with dried coconut slices.


Source: WORLD infographic

Tips and information

Getting there: Usually KLM / Gol Air or LATAM Airlines fly to Manaus (via São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro).

Travel time: Rain falls in the Amazon basin all year round, but only one to two hours a day in the dry season. Best time to travel: June to October.

Jungle tours: Amazon Emotions offers multi-day experience packages with jungle trekking and survival training, three days from the equivalent of 470 euros, Tours with a private guide and the possibility to sleep in the forest

Information desk:


Jaguar Land Rover deploys more than 300 vehicles to help healthcare personnel



Jaguar Land Rover has already deployed over three hundred vehicles worldwide to assist in the fight against the coronavirus. Of them, eighteen of them in Spain, as the company has released in a statement.

“We are doing everything we can to support people in need around the world, including vehicle deployment, cash donations and engineering expertise,” said Finbar McFall, Director of Customer Experience, Jaguar Land Rover.

The British manufacturer has expanded its offer worldwide with 150 additional vehicles, bringing the total number of vehicles supplied to organizations working on the front line against Covid-2019 to 308.


PlayStation 5’s 3D Tempest audio engine is so revolutionary that Sony may ask you to send a photo of your ears for more realism

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Who gets the most credit: Brady or Belichick? – NBC Boston

From 2001 to 2019, the New England Patriots have won the AFC East 17 times. The other two years ended in a tie in first place.

In that time frame, they went to 12 AFC championship games and nine Super bowls. Six have won.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been together for the entire race and – thanks to the past two decades – are now recognized as the best coach and quarterback in NFL history respectively.

Trying to share credit for a race never seen before the NFL domination and perhaps the most incredible trait in the history of professional sport – to some extent – is missing the point.

Did the ancient Egyptians stand in front of the pyramids and discuss whether the architect or builders deserved more credit? Did Mrs Wright analyze which of her children – Wilbur or Orville – was primarily responsible for the invention, construction and flight of the first plane?

There is something to be said just to close and appreciate the realization, isn’t there? Yup.

And we will get there.

But right now, with the engines going down Route 1 to pack Tom Brady’s remaining stuff and take him out of Foxboro forever, the question hangs on everything. Which man was most responsible for creating the story we’ve seen written in the past two decades: Belichick or Brady?

Results may vary. In fact, I know they will. But here’s how I see it.

If it hadn’t been for Belichick, there would never have been the mini-dynasty that they became in the decade 2000-2009.

If it weren’t for Brady, the Patriots would never have become the Super Dynasty that they became from 2010 to 2019 when they blew up the 60s Packers, 70s Steelers, 80s Niners and 90s Cowboys to become the only franchise that has dominated two decades.

Bill gets the first decade

The moment Mo Lewis cut an artery in Drew Bledsoe’s chest in September 2001, he is touched as the history of the NFL has changed. It wasn’t. It will only speed up a trial that began when Robert Kraft decided to hire Belichick to succeed Pete Carroll in January 2000.

Belichick took a look at the team’s register and management and started fumigating and renewing. In the end – despite the heavy contract that the Patriots gave Bledsoe in January 2001 to help strengthen public confidence and private investment in building CMGI Field (possibly Gillette Stadium) – Belichick was wary of being tied to a quarterback that the coach was able to routinely undress whenever he trained against him.

Especially a quarterback who had to be paid as the top of the market, as Bledsoe and his agent David Dunn made clear.

Brady was not enlisted in the sixth round of the 2000 draft as Bledsoe’s successor, but in September it became clear to Belichick that he had something. And it became obvious during the 2001 offseason and the training camp that – although not better than Bledsoe in all – the child who made $ 298,000 was more mobile, more precise, more ready in his pocket and destined to be more suited to handling a Bledsoe game.

Mo Lewis accelerated the process and – with a painful stroke – made the transition relatively painless. But the credit goes to Belichick for seeing what he had, promoting it and having the decision to pull the trigger.

The fact that the Patriots went 14-5 under Brady after starting 5-13 under Bledsoe is persuasive evidence that Brady was the missing piece. But Belichick created the register, built the culture and hired the right people – from managers to coaches – to put the team in a position to succeed. It deserves more credit.

Brady may have helped them get where they did, but the Patriots were undoubtedly headed in the right direction and the fruits of Belichick’s designs were collected in 2003 and 2004.

Those Super Bowl wins – the first at the end of a season that started with the shooting down of lawyer Milloy in favor of Rodney Harrison; the second thanks largely to a dice throw on Corey Dillon – they were the victories for “culture”.

Disinterest imposed. All done for the greatest good of the team. Everything ego in your pocket. The most impressive aspect of the patriots was therefore their stamina and mental endurance. Brady was an important part. But so were Tedy Bruschi and Harrison, Matt Light, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel and so on.

Fifty-three very intelligent and capable players row together in the hold of the big ship while Belichick was over the bridge to trace a route. It was from 2001 to 2004.

The dips in 2005 and 2006 began the process that would have led Brady to become, largely on Belichick’s design, the engine.

The 2005 Patriots were hit by injuries – not a hindsight surprise when you consider the nine extra games played in the previous four seasons and the difficulty of staying on top. They started to see some friction to grow old – Troy Brown was 34 then – and the ongoing game was marked as well as their defense on the run. They went 10-6 and lost in the division round.

The following season, a protracted squabble over the contract led to the Deion Branch being swapped with Seattle shortly before the season began. Reche Caldwell led the team in receptions followed by Ben Watson, Troy Brown and Kevin Faulk. However, they were unable to advance to the Super Bowl, but lost on the road to the Colts.

That season, Brady got a toy he had never had in Randy Moss and a Troy Brown replica model named Wes Welker. The entire set of record sets went 16-0 and lost in the Super Bowl.

Which brings us to 2008. This is the season that many are aiming for when they say that it is Belichick’s genius that is most responsible for twenty-year success. The Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel starting in quarterback. Hadn’t he been a beginner from high school, yet the patriots still went 11-5?

Cassel was exceptional, better than anyone could hope for. But it’s still a sharp drop from 16-0 to 11-5.

In 2009, the central defense core was expelled or withdrawn: Vrabel, Bruschi, Seymour and Harrison. Belichick complained to Brady on the sidelines during a defeat for the Saints that season that “I just can’t get these kids to play the way I want them. So frustrating.”

The season ended with an ignominious home defeat against the crows in the AFC division playoff round.

Brady gets the second decade

The patriots renewed in the off-season and, in my opinion, Brady was at the forefront of finding their places where they had no business at that stage of their reconstruction. In 2010, the Patriots went 14-2, they were seed no. 1 and Brady was the unanimous MVP.

The offense, moving away from the narrow final position, enlisted two – Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez – and their production would become historic in 2011 when the Patriots arrived at the Super Bowl and lost again to the Giants. Brady launched for 5,235 career yards with 39 touchdowns and 12 picks.

In the 2012 season, he launched 637 times, a career high and one of three times in four seasons that attempted more than 600 passes. With a defense that too often seemed to resist better teams, it was Brady and the offense to score and score and score a little more. They were the first, third, first and third in points marked from 2010 to 2013. Defensively in that period they were eighth, 15th, ninth and tenth.

Even in 2013, when Hernandez was jailed for murder, Gronkowski was grounded due to back surgery and then with an ACL, Brady still ran by hitting the ball with Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and – to a lesser extent – Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson and Shane Vereen.

They won the Super Bowl in 2014, winning a shootout against the Ravens in the Divisional Round, 35-31, and then overcoming a 24-14 deficit against the Seahawks in the fourth quarter when Brady moved to a completely different level in the fourth quarter.

The previous April, Belichick had enlisted Brady’s aspiring successor, Jimmy Garoppolo, in the second round. Brady, perhaps remembering the shrug that Drew Bledsoe had encountered Brady’s arrival 14 years earlier, would not have fallen asleep on the move with the team that ran Garoppolo.

Brady went on to launch 69 touchdowns and 16 predictions in 2014 and 15. He lost four suspension games in 2016 – Garoppolo overcame six quarters of Brady’s relief before hurting himself and giving way to Jacoby Brissett – but he still threw 28 touchdowns and two interceptions before ending that season with a 43- record. by-62, 466 yards in the Super Bowl when the Patriots canceled out a deficit of 28-3. Brady did it at 39.

At 40 in the AFCCG, without Edelman, without an injured Gronkowski, Brady and Amendola joined together to push the Patriots beyond the Jaguars and in the Super Bowl against Philly where he would have launched for 505 yards.

So let’s tell here. From 2010 to 2017, the Patriots have reached seven consecutive AFC Championship Games and the year they didn’t, Brady was the unanimous MVP. He wrote the filming of the playoffs against Ravens and Seahawks in 2014, the Falcons in 2016, the Jaguars in 2017 and led the team to two Super Bowl wins.

In 2018, Edelman was exiting an ACL and was therefore suspended for the first four games. Gronk was injured for a large chunk of the year. Phillip Dorsett and Chris Hogan were the main gimmicks for a while until the team faced Josh Gordon. It’s still? The team went 11-5, Brady put them on his back in the fourth quarter and overtime in Kansas City in the AFCCG and then the Patriots defense checked against the Rams and delivered a Super Bowl to Brady – apart from the shot at Gronk which led to the game’s winning touchdown – he just had to play OK to win the team.

The final verdict

So, see what my answer to this debate is now. Bill gets a bigger share of the first three Lombards. Tom gets a higher share than the second three.

So many people over the years have speculated that Belichick wants to prove that he can win a championship without Brady. I don’t know if it’s true.

I think if Brady was gone, Belichick would appreciate the opportunity, but I never thought he would have wanted to get rid of what he thinks is a quarterback capable of giving him a title that the others couldn’t.

Maybe that’s why we’re here. Belichick doesn’t see Brady as special as he once was. Great? Sure. Are there other guys who can do things they can’t do now? Belichick seems to think so. Brady has apparently survived its usefulness here.

Bill will do what he has done to so many other players. Go ahead. But this is the life cycle of the NFL.

From what I’ve been told and what I’ve collected, Brady agrees. He hoped to be special and to be able to write a different ending here, but to realize he couldn’t shock him. For a legend, it is rather well established.

Playing for Bill Belichick will help keep a player that way. And maybe even for that, Belichick deserves a lot of credit. He allowed Tom Brady to become Tom Brady because he was eternally and exasperatedly Bill Belichick.

Every. Single. Year.


Report: Jaguars trading Calais Campbell

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Rebuilding is in full effect for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Sunday that the jaguars have agreed to swap Calais Campbell with the Baltimore crows for a choice of the fifth round of 2020 when the NFL championship year starts on March 18th.

Campbell was the winner of the year of the jaguar prize Walter Payton for the jaguars. He also started all 16 games last season for the Jaguars and had 56 combo combinations. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Ravens and Campbell were working on a new contract worth around $ 27 million.

The trade continues cleaning the Jacksonville off-season home and no doubt pushes the franchise towards rebuilding the roster from last year’s 5-11 team.

Jaguars agreed to swap cornerback A.J. Bouye to the Broncos for a fourth round pick earlier this month. They also refused the defensive attack on Marcell Dareus’ option as part of the off-season domestic cleaning. Jacksonville used the defensive end franchise tag Yannick Ngakoue last week, although Ngakoue made it clear that he no longer wishes to be in Jacksonville.

The non-exclusive franchise tag means that Ngakoue is able to negotiate with other teams, with Jaguars able to match any offer. It is also possible that it can be exchanged.

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Three runs inside the park help North down Cape, 4-2, in the softball showdown – | News, sports, community information.

Bobbie Dewey Field at North Fort Myers High School is about the size of softball courts.

The Red Knights took full advantage of that Thursday evening, using three runs inside the park to defeat Cape Coral 4-2.

The Seahawks took a 2-0 lead, but Sydney Morris held Cape right there. Morris hit 14 batsmen and only one of two runs against her was earned.

“He threw extremely well tonight,” said north technician Jeff Miner. “He was hitting the area early, anticipating the count. When he passes the count, he does a great job. He can locate the change, which makes it very effective.”

A typical high school softball court has a fence 200 feet from the home plate. In North Myers, however, the fences are another 50 feet away.

This gives the Red Knights (5-2) a real advantage on the home court. External opponents are not used to having so much space to defend, and all that extra open space gives space to Northern batsmen.

“We have three home rides,” said Miner. “In a smaller park we would have doubles, maybe a triple. So play with our strengths.”

The two inside Sarah Hamilton’s parker tied the game to 2 at the bottom of the fourth. Taylor Rosciti ran a home race inside the park in the fifth and Kendall Wylie did the same in the sixth inning.

Abby Garcia got Cape Corafl (4-3) on the scoreboard at the top of the quarter with a single RBI, and a second heat Seahawks scored on the game due to a casting error. With only one out and one runner in third, Morris exited the innings without further damage.

“I messed up because we had the middle (the fans) behind and the corners inside, and for some reason I had the middle up. We would have lost the run on something other than a weak flying ball, and guess what? They hit a weak fly ball. “

Abby Gonzalez had three of the Seahawks’ six shots.

“They are a fun team to play against,” said Seahawks co-coach Michelina Mazzella.

Chief Avery Mytnik’s jug hit seven in five innings, but was taken as a precaution when he started limping to the top of the sixth.

Mazzela said that “He didn’t want to go out, but it was for his well-being”.

The miner was impressed with what he saw from the Seahawks.

“It’s a good team,” said Miner. “In the past they would have had a good pitcher and would have been good behind the pot. But they are strong on the defensive. The shorttop made a good play, the midfielder made three or four plays, I mean, they can play.”

Oasis 26, Neumann 0 (3 innings): Emily Sharron did 3-for-4 and led in five shark heats (5-1), while Emily McWilliams was 2-for-2, she scored four times and had two RBI. The pitcher Eva Selfridge took the Celtics at a stroke and hit five in three innings and also had two RBI.

Mariner 16, Island Coast 0 (3 innings): The opportunists Tritons (3-4) scored 16 runs on five strokes, 12 walks and three errors Gators (1-3). Jamie Jarvis led in three heats and scored two, Madison Gervais had three RBI and Katie Campbell and Kennedy Burham led in two heats each. Alexis Baker threw three no-hit innings with five strikeouts for the win.


Bishop Verot 18, First Baptist Academy 0 (4 innings): Jack Welch led Bishop Verot five times in a 2-for-2 night, scoring twice himself. Andreas Mantz tripled twice, was 3 out of 4 in total and had three RBI. Kevin RisCassi had two hits, two RBI and two points scored, and Daniel Bitrz had two hits, he scored three times and had two RBI. Mason Bevins threw four shutout innings while the Vikings improved to 2-3.

Island Coast 5, Mariner 2: Jake Mueller doubled, drove two Gators heats and scored one. Island Coast (4-3) took advantage of five walks launched by Tritons launchers. Mason Schweizer and Charlie Vershcave have had two hits each. On the mound, Bryce Shaffer and Jackson Campbell teamed up to hold the Tritons in four strokes and one gained the race while hitting seven. Shaffer won five innings for the win. Mariner’s Alex Freeland went 3-for-4, including one in the house and a double. The teams face off again on Friday at the Mariner.

North Fort Myers 4, Cape Coral 0: Luke Mohr made six inning without hits, hitting nine, and Aiden Denlinger allowed one shot while the Red Knights (2-5) eliminated the Seahawk (4-3). Blake Busbee has scored three of the four games in the North. Manny Rodriguez doubled, drove in one race and scored one race, and Justin Corbitt went 2-for-4 with an RBI. Cape’s Allen Guererero scored 10 in five innings.

Tennis for girls

Mariner 6, Fort Myers 1: Singles: Cydney Rentsch (M) 6-2,6-2; Kara Perchall (M) 3-6, 7-5, 10-7; Jennifer Martinez (M) 7-5.6-1; Elizabeth Leonard (FM) 6-0.6-0; Krysta Perez (M) 6-0.6-0. Doubles: Rentsch / Annarumma (M) 8-6; Package Mariner.

Canterbury 5, Oasis 2: shark serial number and n. 1 single player Jacke Hair rebounded from a 0-6 loss in the first set to win 0-6, 6-1, 10-7; while Sydney Mahonety survived a 2 1/2 hour marathon to win 6-4, 6-7 (5-7), 10-5.

Ida Baker 5, Lehigh 2: Singles: Anastasia Sereda (L) d. Jensen Diggs 6-0, 6-0; Camila Bonaparte (IB) d. Alexis Green 6-1, 5-7, TB 10-2; Johanna Pierre-Fils (L) d. Courtney Dingerson 6-4, 7-5; Amber ring (IB) d. Karla Pichardo 6-1, 6-0; Ella Peterson (IB) d. Pedline Manuel 6-2, 6-0. Double 1. Diggs / Bonaparte (IB) d. Green / Pierre-Fils 8-2; Ring / Peterson (IB) d. Pichardo / Manuel 8-6. Record: Ida Baker 4-3.

Boys, tennis

Fort Myers 6, Mariner 1: Singles: Joseph Manibo (FM) 6-2, 6-2; Rohan Shenoy (FM) 6-0, 6-0; Paven Patel (FM) 6-0.6-1; Brady Trepkowski (FM) 6-0.6-2; Blake Ware (FM) 6-0.6-0, Doubles: Layesa / Laws (M) 8-4; Madher / Higginsen (FM) 8-5.


Charlotte Invite

To Charlotte HS


200: 4. Juan Ayala, Island Coast, 23.74.

400: 7. Jose Rojas, Coast of the island, 54.67.

800: 1. Faction Johnson, Island Coast, 2: 01.59.

1600: 8. Carlos Cordero, Coast of the island, 5: 01.98.

3200: 8. Carlos Cordero, Island coast, 11: 04.52.

110 obstacles: 6. Glenn Green, Island Coast, 18; 43.

300 obstacles: 3, Glenn Green, Island Coast, 45.05; 8. Jacob Hardin, Island Coast, 46.90.

Relay 4×100: 5, Island coast, 47.17.

Relay 4×400: 4, Island coast, 3: 39.77.

Relay 4×800: 4. Islsnd Coast, 9: 11.42.

High jump: 5. Jose Rojas, Island Coast, 5-07.75; 6, Scotty Olan, Oasis, 05-05.75.

Discus: 1. Dominick Russell, Island Coast, 131-09.00; 3. Ryan Lloyd, Oasis, 119-10.00.

Javelin: 2. Dominick Russell, Island Coast, 135-11.00; 5. Zach Malpica, Coast of the island,. 126-00.00; 6. Camerin Comacho, Island Coast, 122-04.00.

Shot put: 2. Mathis Wright, Island Coast, 41-11.50; 3. Ryan Lloyd, Oasis, 40-05.50; 8. Alejandro Cavazos, Island coast, 37-03.75.


100: 5. Alyssa Husain, Island Coast, 13.78.

200: 6. Alyssa Husain, Island Coast, 28.32.

100 obstacles: 4. Allyah Carter, Island Coast, 6.38pm.

Relay 4×100: 3. Island Coast, 53.76.

Long jump: 8. Shaunagaye Smith, Island Coast, 15-00.50.

Discus: 4. Clara Rodriquez, Island Coast, 79-02.00.

Javelin: 5. Alacia Durant, Island Coast, 71-05.00.

Shot put: 1. Zilyn Jackson, Island Coast, 30-03.75.