Inmate dies in cell fire

I.In the Berlin men’s prison in Tegel, a 42-year-old prisoner died in a fire in his cell. The fire had broken out on Friday night. Justice spokesman Sebastian Brux said the man was in prison V, he had been sentenced to life imprisonment. The cause of the fire was still unclear. The police have opened […]

The choreographic escape of the Baumettes prisoners

They are incarcerated in the prison of Baumettes in Marseille, in the district of long sentences. He is a renowned choreographer. In 2019, Angelin Preljocaj decides to invest the prison for four months of workshops with, in line of sight, the almost insane objective of a spectacle presented in public at the International Festival of […]

The first prisoner dies with coronavirus and 38 officials test positive in Madrid

This is a 78-year-old Latin American woman after being transferred on March 20 from Estremera prison to the Arganda del Rey hospital. A 78-year-old Latin American woman is the first prisoner to die in Spain affected by coronavirus, after being transferred last day from Estremera prison to the Arganda del Rey hospital, while 38 Prison […]

Even children in Egypt are in prison

Ahmed was only 16 years old when he was arrested in January 2014, along with other young people, while visiting a friend sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood and an opponent of the regime of Egyptian President al-Sissi. Her father, lawyer Khalaf Bayuni, was unable to see her son in prison until nine months later. Just […]

Covid-19: In Hong Kong, bracelet, QR Code and high-tech quarantine

Hong Kong authorities have been strict so far. They are now uncompromising. Anyone disembarking in the small semi-autonomous territory of south-eastern China, with the exception of those from Taiwan, will be confined and monitored in real time by an electronic bracelet. This type of techniques “Intelligent” has already been tested in prisons since the spring […]

Traffickers responsible for death of child Alan Kurdi sentenced to 125 jail

A Turkish court has sentenced this Friday to125 years in prisonto each of the three traffickers directly involved in thedeath of the Kurdish child Alan Kurdi, whose drowned and lifeless body became, in 2015, the icon of the refugee tragedy. Kurdi and his family were trying to get there fromTurkeyto the Greek island of Kos […]

The French Prosecutor asks for five years in jail for former Prime Minister Fillon

The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (FNF) has requested a five-year prison sentence for former French Prime Minister François Fillon and three for his wife Penelope in the case of “fictitious jobs,” which caused the head of man to fall out of favor. of the Executive with Nicolas Sarkozy. The prosecution considers it proven that the […]

prisons in Italy

In some 27 Italian prisons, mutinies have already killed at least ten prisoners since Sunday March 8. Dozens of detainees were able to escape, some were captured. → LIVE. Coronavirus: update on the Covid-19 epidemic in France and worldwide Tuesday, March 10 These protests took place “Following the changes introduced by the government on prison […]

They accuse two people in Puerto Rico for Social Security fraud

A federal grand jury in the District of Puerto Rico filed an indictment last Friday against two individuals for an alleged case of fraud using Social Security numbers, federal prosecutor on the island, W. Stephen Muldrow, said Tuesday. As indicated, the defendants are Gilberto J. Meléndez Colón and Ángel M. Pagán Vélez, who were accused […]