The government confines construction and much of the industry

He government has ratified this Sunday in his Minister council It is extraordinary to increase confinement in Spain one more degree and to give one more twist to the restrictions on economic activity. Starting this Monday March 30 and until April 9 Only those sectors qualified as essential to maintain the food supply and basic […]

Santander League: Videos with tactics, sleep questionnaires and Pilates: the manas of confined coaches | LaLiga Santander 2019

Sunday,     29     March     2020     –         22:20 Professional football lacks a manual on how to act in a situation like the one that caused the coronavirus pandemic, just as neither do the rest of the industries and productive sectors of the world. During these last two weeks of confinement, the clubs have been improvising work routines […]

“Slow Men”, a lesson in breaks

In the theological tradition, laziness (long qualified as acedia) is a capital sin which is characterized by softness but also by slowness. For Guillaume Peyraud, Dominican of the XIIIe century, acedia leads to the waste of one of the most precious goods that God has granted to man: time. To be slow and idle is […]

Monday poetry: today, “hello madam. Are you having a pleasant stay? ”

It is a minority vein, but very present in French poetry today: some authors strive to give an account of the social reality of work. It is Joseph Ponthus who recounts his experience of the factory in At the line, Fabienne Swiatly who gives voice to women who are said to be invisible: cleaners, cashiers, […]

Across Europe, the cross-border hassle

The lines of cars stretch across the European borders. At its land borders with France, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland, Germany, the continent’s leading economic power, has announced that it will only pass heavy goods vehicles and cross-border workers, to provided they justify a document from their employer. → LIVE. Coronavirus: 4th day of total […]

Tipico Bundesliga: Short-time work also for professional footballers? – Bundesliga

The corona virus crisis also has far-reaching effects on the economy, forcing numerous companies to send short-time workers. A model in which the normal working hours are temporarily reduced and the employee consequently receives less wages. This should serve to secure the jobs as well as the liquidity of the company. And short-time work could […]

Government launches measures to guarantee production, work and supply

The Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, announced today the expansion of the Repro, subsidies for companies “so that they can pay a part of the salaries of the employees”. “We announce measures to guarantee work and supplies” Guzmán said today, in the company of the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, during a press conference […]

A resuscitation doctor: “It’s the start of the war”

Marc Amouretti, 32, is a doctor in the intensive care unit at Louis Mourier Hospital in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), an establishment dependent on the Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals (AP-HP). In the front line facing the Coronavirus epidemic, he tells Release his daily life and how his service is organized to cope. Read also More than […]