Heavy burdens on the job market and the economy

Robert Kaplan The US central banker expects a massive economic downturn in the spring. (Photo: Reuters) Washington According to a leading US currency keeper, the virus crisis will cause the economy and the labor market to collapse. He expects the unemployment rate to rise to low to mid-range between 10 and 20 percent in the […]

The US aid package could be late

Denver, New York, Washington Miranda Miller is one of the early victims of the corona crisis. Her job as a waitress in a brewery near Denver was immediately gone when the restaurants had to close. “I am still totally shocked,” says Miller, who is now looking for bargains in the Costco wholesale trade and is […]

Amazon creates 350 new logistics jobs in Germany

Amazon logistics center in Dortmund Since this week, important everyday goods in Germany have been prioritized not only in the incoming goods department at the Amazon logistics centers, but also when shipping to customers. (Photo: dpa) Hall Amazon needs several hundred additional employees in Germany in the corona virus crisis. In order to meet the […]

everything business leaders need to know in coronavirus times

Since the beginning of the week, the government has taken several measures to help businesses cope with a drop in activity in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. Le Figaro gives an update on the steps to be taken to obtain a deferral of contributions or a partial unemployment of employees. For contributions, the request […]

Application internship: cover letter, curriculum vitae – that’s what matters

AWorking instead of a semester break may sound like a bad deal. But: In an internship, students can finally apply boring theory. Working on an advertising campaign, helping to construct a new pedestrian bridge or developing a sales strategy – that motivates. However, only if the internship is exciting and well organized. These places are […]

Mastercard plans to create 1,500 new jobs in Dublin

MasterCard The credit card company has posted over a thousand jobs in Ireland. (Photo: AP) Dublin The credit card provider plans to hire 1,500 additional employees in Dublin over the next three to five years. In one of the largest job openings for a multinational in Ireland, the workforce will increase from 650 to more […]