Children separated from their parents at the border are being ″ treated well, ″ said Trump

Children who have been separated from their parents at the border of the United States and who have not yet achieved reunification are being “treated well,” said Donald Trump, in the latest debate with Joe Biden.

A lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) indicated on Wednesday that there are still 545 children alone because authorities are unable to locate their parents, who were forcibly separated when they applied for asylum in the United States.

“They are being treated so well,” said the President and a re-candidate for the Republican Party. “They are in clean facilities,” he said, accusing his opponent and Barack Obama of having built the ‘cages’ where thousands of children were placed during the “zero tolerance” policy on the Mexican border, which the Trump administration suspended due to the controversy generated.

In an orderly and insulting debate, the discussion of what happened to the separated families generated the moment when Joe Biden spoke more vehemently.

“It wasn’t coyotes that brought them in, it was the parents. They were separated from the parents and this made us an object of teasing and violates all notions of what we are as a nation,” criticized Joe Biden.

“The children were pulled out of their parents’ arms and separated and now they can’t find more than 500,” said the Democrat. “These children are alone with nowhere to go. It is criminal,” he added.

On the topic of immigration, the moderator questioned Biden for the background of the Obama administration, in which he was vice president for eight years, and the Democrat admitted flaws in the way the previous government deported emigrants and dealt with other problems of the immigration system.

“We made a mistake, we took too long to do the right thing,” he said. “If I am President, in the first 100 days I will send Congress a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people,” he promised, guaranteeing that dreamers, young people taken illegally to the United States as children, will be certified again.

This was the second and last debate among the candidates, this time moderated by NBC News journalist Kristen Welker.

After a very controversial first debate on September 29, the Presidential Debate Committee changed the rules to cut the microphone to the opponent when one of the candidates answered the questions.

Despite some exchanges in the counter-argument, this morning’s debate had few interruptions and was considered by commentators as closer to traditional political debates in the United States.

Other themes highlighted were covid-19, the economy, racial tensions and international politics, with the two candidates accusing each other of inappropriate connections with China and Russia.

Joe Biden arrived on stage at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where the debate took place, with an advantage of around 10 points in the average of national polls, according to the FiveThirtyEight platform. The Democrat has 52.1% of the voting intentions against 42.2% for Donald Trump. The election is on November 3rd.


The unsustainable embarrassment of being a Trump senator

In Republican terms, it is not just the horizon of American President Donald Trump, which is clouded.

A little over a week from the presidential elections – the poll is on November 3 -, in addition to the head of state, the party also faces serious difficulties. In this case, to maintain the majority in the Senate, a scenario considered vital to control the steps of the eventual Democratic winner, Joe Biden. Donors themselves begin to divert funds from the Republican presidential campaign to apply them to the senators’, now considered a safer bet and who are in “each for themselves” mode and less concerned with guessing who will inhabit the White House.

The battle – both for Trump and his supporters – appears problematic. Some senators have moved away from the president – increasingly in a “free wheel” of unpredictable consequences – mainly due to the disastrous management of the covid-19 pandemic and the impact it seems to have had on the electorate, while the Democrats are organizing vigorous campaigns in states considered pivotal.

In addition, the decision to appoint Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court so close to the elections represented an added pressure on Republicans.

So much so that even Senator Lindsey Graham – whose importance can be measured by the circumstance of presiding over Barrett’s confirmation hearings – is grappling with an unexpected, close-knit dispute in South Carolina, against a surprisingly well-funded Democratic rival.

Presently, Republicans have a 53-47 advantage in the Senate, but polls indicate that they are about to lose four and that, in five other states, the fight is vote by vote.

If the Democrats win three seats and the presidency on November 3, the party will have control of the Senate, as Vice President Kamala Harris would have a casting vote in a tie because she is inherently President of the Senate.

“Bloodbath”, warns Cruz

“I’m optimistic,” the Democratic senator for the state of Delaware, Chris Coons, an ally of Biden, already dares to say. “I think that if the elections were held today, we would get control of the Senate.” The statistical analysis website gives you some reason, by putting the chances that Democrats will regain the upper house by 68%.

Even conservative Senator Ted Cruz, loyal to Trump, is on the alert, warning that “Republicans may face a” bloodbath “of proportions from the” Watergate ” [escândalo que resultou na demissão do presidente republicano Richard Nixon, em 1974] next month”.

Interestingly, the senator most likely to lose his seat is a Democrat, Doug Jones, from the conservative state of Alabama. But, apart from this case, the Democrats predict victories.

Arizona, Colorado and Maine have shown preference for the Democratic Party for months and Republicans fear that their candidates are being affected by a president that many consider “toxic”.

In recent debates with Democratic rivals, Senators Martha McSally of Arizona and Cory Gardner of Colorado were asked whether they were proud to support Trump. They both responded evasively. “I am proud to fight for Arizona every day,” said McSally, a former Air Force pilot, who is eight points behind former astronaut Mark Kelly in the polls.

Susan Collins, of Maine, broke with Trump for being against Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court at such a close date to the elections. Still, his Democratic rival and president of the state’s House of Representatives, Sara Gideon, leads all state polls.

North Carolina is also leaning to the left. Republican Senator Thom Tillis, diagnosed with covid-19, is about four points late for Cal Cunningham, despite his Democratic rival being involved in a “sexting” scandal.

In fact, Tillis belongs to an exemplary summary of the present primary objective of Republican senators. To the “Politico” website, he said: “The best control over a Biden presidency is that we retain the majority in the Senate”.

Money is not lacking

However, the upper house map favors Democrats, who only have to defend 12 seats in this year’s elections, against 23 for Republicans. Even so, even states like Iowa, Georgia, South Carolina and Montana can “fall into their laps”, which would be considered extraordinary.

In presidential elections by all means chaotic, other places may unexpectedly be at stake, including Texas, Alaska, Kansas and even Kentucky, from Senate Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell.

All these movements do not go unnoticed by donors. Quite the contrary. Despite claiming that Republican Party senators should be punished for giving Trump carte blanche, several Lincoln Project millionaires and multimillionaires – the most prominent group of Republicans who oppose the current president’s reelection – are investing heavily. And, of course, it is not in the head of state.

Places at stake every two years

In addition to the head of state, in the United States presidential elections all members of the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate vote. In total, 35 of the 100 senators are elected. In American political jargon, the party with the most seats at stake is said to be on the defensive. In these elections, 23 of those seats are Republicans. Taking into account the polls and the political context of each state, at least 12 are in danger and Democrats need only four to recover the majority. If they win the presidential elections, they only need three. Each state can elect two senators. As there are currently 50 states, the total is then the aforementioned 100. The term of a senator is six years, with elections held every two to renew about a third of the upper house.


Elections America: ‘Bernie Sanders interested in mini …

Bernie Sanders is eager to become a minister if Democrat Joe Biden wins the presidential election next month. That message news site Politico. According to insiders, the – by American standards – very left-wing senator from Vermont is particularly interested in the post of Secretary of Labor.

“I can confirm that he is trying to figure out how to get that role,” says a source in circles around Sanders. Sanders refused on Wednesday to deny or confirm that he is angling for a ministerial post. “Right now, I’m focused on seeing Biden get elected president,” Sanders said Politico.

According to Sanders’ former campaign manager, the senator has not yet had any talks about a ministerial post with individuals from Biden’s campaign team, but Sanders will insist that “ progressive voices’ ‘may play a role in the transition and the possible new government.

Too stubborn?

Since Sanders failed to become the Democratic presidential candidate for the second time this year, the senator has rallied behind Biden. Sanders campaigned for Biden in the states of Michigan and New Hampshire.

A ministerial post for Sanders is expected to be received with cheers in the left wing of the Democratic Party. In this way, Biden could also temper consternation about possible ministerial appointments of moderate Democrats or Republicans. Biden’s campaign team has announced that they too are eligible for a post in his government.

However, the fact that Vermont’s other senator, Republican Phill Scott, must appoint Sanders’ temporary successor to the Senate, may be a reason for Biden not to want the latter as minister, writes. Politico. Others see Sanders’s stubbornly independent nature as a reason why he wouldn’t qualify for a ministerial post.

Sanders is committed to, among other things, collective health insurance for all Americans, a higher minimum wage and more rights for workers to unite in unions.


Republican Mitt Romney denied Trump his vote

Dhe was a former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not vote for incumbent Donald Trump in the election in America. That was what he said as an internal party critic of Trump well-known senator to the television station CNN on Thursday. Romney did not reveal whether he gave his vote to the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “I didn’t vote for President Trump,” he said simply. Whom his choice fell on, he wanted to “keep to me at this point”.

It is also possible that Romney voted for one of the hopeless niche candidates who, on November 3, alongside Trump and Biden go into the race for the White House. Millions of Americans use the opportunity to vote in specially opened polling stations or by postal vote before election day.

“Appalling abuse of public trust”

The Republicans ran Romney as a presidential candidate in 2012, when he lost the election to the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama clear. The 73-year-old is now considered one of the sharpest critics of Trump in the ranks of his party. In the impeachment proceedings against the president Romney voted earlier this year as the only Republican in the Senate to impeach Trump for abuse of power. At the time, he said that Trump was guilty of “appalling abuse of public trust” in the course of the so-called Ukraine affair.

In the 2016 election, Romney said he had written the name of his wife Ann on the ballot and thus also not for Trump agreed. After his election victory it seemed at times as if Trump was Romney despite all the quarrels considered for the office of foreign minister. A now infamous photo made the rounds that showed the two of them having dinner in New York. Trump later stated, however, that he only wanted to humiliate Romney. The senior cabinet post eventually went to ExxonMobil boss Rex Tillerson.


‘If you don’t vote for Trump we will come for you’: They denounce threats to voters in the US

Washington, United States.

The secretary of Proud Boys en Florida, the Cuban-American Enrique Tarrio, denied on Wednesday that the organization far right have sent emails with threats to voters registered as Democrats so that vote by the presidente Donald Trump in the November 3 elections.

Tarrio told Fresh Take Florida, a news service operated by the Faculty of Journalism and Communications of the University of Florida, that the Proud Boys They have not sent these emails, which according to the press have also been received in other states, and they are collaborating in the investigation to clarify these threats.

“We do not send mass emails. They are definitely not ours, “he said. Tarrio.

He also stressed that Proud Boys have never been involved in actions to intimidate voters.

One of the people who denounced have received a mail of the far-right organization to which Trump asked during the first presidential debate to remain “prepared” for the elections is a student at the University of Florida, based in Gainesville (north of Florida).

“Is scared and does not want to give know your identity“Lisa Zayas, communication director for the latin market Florida Watch, the organization that denounced the threatens the student.

Proud Boys

According to the complaint, the email was sent by Proud Boys, a neo-fascist organization and supremacist created by Canadian journalist Gavin McInnes, founder of the magazine “Vice”.

“Nobody knows anything, many things can happen, it is intimidation and that’s not right, “said Zayas, who said the student” is American. “

In the mail supposedly sent by Proud Boys, whose screenshot was shared with the complaint, the sender urges the student to “change” her “party affiliation” and claims that she has several personal information of it, because they have had access to the “general voting infrastructure.”

“We know by which candidate you vote. Yor I would take it very seriously if I were you, “says the email.

As reported Tuesday, the Alachua County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections office is “aware of multiple instances of voter intimidation via email”.

“We are working in conjunction with agencies at the local, state and federal levels, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS),” adds a statement from the supervisor.

“If anyone engages in any form of voter intimidation, our office will forward the case to forces of the public order state and federal, “the statement said.

According to Fresh Take Florida, in other counties of Florida there have been similar complaints.

See: US media favors Biden in election coverage

The emails appear to have been sent from a server associated with the internet address, but control of that account created in March 2017 changed on Monday night and the website was offline Tuesday, according to the university news service.

Florida It is one of the states in the elections because it contributes 29 votes to the most voted in its territory for the Electoral College, who is who dedice the winner.

Former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden He is ahead of Trump in the country as a whole, but in Florida the distance between the two is minimal and has been narrowing as the election approaches. EFE


TV campaigns and rallies canceled: Team Trump is se …

Donald Trump’s campaign budget is melting like snow in the sun. The Republicans’ bank account holds just over a third of what Joe Biden can spend in the next two weeks. Trump announced on Tuesday that it is a conscious choice – “I don’t need that money” – but American media paints a poor picture of the president’s financial situation.

“He’s a slave to the globalists, lobbyists, wealthy Washington donors and vultures who are getting rich on America’s hood.” In his quintessential style, Donald Trump on Tuesday at a campaign rally …


Democratic victory in Texas? The dream can come true for Biden.

For a long time, this has only been a dream for the Democratic Party. The last time the party won a presidential election in Texas was when Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976.

President Donald Trump is still best placed in Texas. But victory for Biden is no longer impossible.

– It has not become probable, but it has entered the realm of the possible, says Jim Henson, who is involved in organizing polls for the University of Texas and the media The Texas Tribune.

Great upheaval

Electoral colleges, such as the Electoral College in the United States, are part of an electoral system in which representatives are elected to vote on behalf of the electorate. The 538 members of the American Electoral College are known as electors, and a presidential candidate must thus have 270 votes to win the election.

California is the largest state in the number of voters with 55. Then follows Texas with 38, and Florida and New York with 29 each.

Biden does not need the 38 voters in Texas to win the election, according to opinion polls. But if he had managed to win in the state, and if the Democrats were able to hold the state in the upcoming election, it would be the biggest upheaval in the political landscape since California turned blue almost 30 years ago.

Any Republican presidential candidate would then start with one major drawback. And even a steady result in Texas this year will mean that Republicans can no longer take the state for granted. Thus, they will have to spend more time and money in Texas rather than in other important states.


The Biden campaign recently spit in six million dollars, equivalent to around 55 million kroner, to TV commercials in Texas. In isolation, it is not a particularly large sum in a large state with many media markets, but it shows that Biden has not given up.

In addition, he has sent his wife Jill Biden to campaign events in Dallas, El Paso and Houston.

The fact that Biden has not written off Texas shows the advantage he has in the election campaign: He has a secure enough lead in the important tipping states that he can direct his attention to other states as well. Among these are Georgia, Iowa and Ohio.

Still a Republican state

There are several reasons why the space of opportunity has been extended to the Democrats in the historically Republican bastion Texas. Large-scale immigration from more liberal states such as California and New York is one of them.

More urbanization and an increasing number of people with Latin American backgrounds, who are usually more democratic, also make the state a little less Republican for each election.

David Beckwith, a Republican strategist who has worked for the Bush family in several election campaigns, confirms that Democrats are making progress in Texas.

– The trend is bluish, of course. But Texas is still a conservative state, Beckwith says.

Video: Trump believes he will win unless the election is rigged


Mute button for Trump and Joe Biden during a TV duel

Nafter the chaotic first TV duel between the American President Donald Trump and his democratic challenger Joe Biden the rules will be adapted for their next meeting. Partly the microphone of one candidate is to be muted while the other speaks, as the responsible independent commission (CPD) announced according to American media on Monday evening. This is intended to reduce mutual interruptions between the candidates in the debate on Thursday (Friday morning CEST).

Allow for each new topic Trump and Biden will comment for two minutes each, but only the microphone of the candidate to whom the moderator gives the floor will be switched on. Around 15 minutes of conversation are planned for each topic – so both microphones will remain switched on for the majority of the TV duel in order to ensure an exchange of ideas, as the commission explained.

It is hoped that the candidates would respect the speaking hours of their counterparts “in order to promote a civil exchange for the benefit of the audience,” it said. Both candidates should have approximately the same speaking time in total. If a candidate loses time due to interruptions, this time would be credited extra, the press release said.

“Last minute rule change”

The Commission said that the adjustment of the rules was unlikely to satisfy either of the two campaign teams. For some the changes did not go far enough, others rejected them too. “We are confident that these measures are the right level and that they are in the interests of the people of America for whom these debates are being held,” said the commission.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien rejected the change, but said the president would still take part in the TV duel. He accused the independent commission of being partisan. “President Trump has made it his business to debate Joe Biden, regardless of last-minute rule changes by the biased commission, to give their favored candidate an edge,” said Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien.

In the first debate at the end of September, Trump had interrupted Biden very often, which led to sometimes chaotic scenes. Biden also interrupted Trump several times, the moderator seemed partly helpless. Originally, three TV duels between Trump and Biden were planned. The second, however, was canceled: the commission had changed the format because of Trump’s Covid-19 disease and wanted to connect the candidates online instead of a face-to-face encounter. Trump refused.


Kamala Harris Says Florida Can Start Change With Biden

The Democratic candidate for the vice presidency of the United States, Kamala Harris, said this Monday during a motorized rally in Florida to facilitate social distancing, that this state may be the “first to help” promote presidential change by voting for Democrat Joe Biden .

During her first visit to central Florida, the senator expressed that Floridians can with early elections, which began today, be the first to promote that change.

Before a hundred people who came in their vehicles to a clearing in Orlando, the Democrat emphasized that the economy, the weather, the response to COVID-19 and police abuses and medical care, “all” that is on the ballot together with Biden.

Floridians got up early today to vote in the 52 Florida counties that allow two weeks of early elections. In the remaining 15 it is a single week.

Biden, who has a very slight lead over President Donald Trump in the polls in this key state for the November 3 presidential elections, also got up early to encourage the Florida electorate to fulfill the “sacred duty” of voting, as he wrote in an opinion column in the Tampa Bay Times.

“We will organize, we will vote and we will fight for our country!” Said Harris, who ended up dancing on the stage in the rain.

So far, more than 2.5 million mail-in ballots have been cast in Florida.


Biden reiterated in the newspaper column that he and Harris will guide Americans out of the pandemic, increase the minimum wage, “immediately address the unsustainable situation in Puerto Rico,” create millions of well-paying jobs and increase to $ 15 the federal minimum wage hour.

The democrat also stated that he will protect Social Security and the so-called Obamacare, which is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) approved under the Barack Obama Administration (2009-2017) and that protects pre-existing health conditions, that Trump has tried to eliminate.

“Obamacare is affordable, access to health care should be a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it,” recalled Harris, in central Florida, a key area within the crucial state of Florida, which contributes 29 of the 270 electoral votes required to reach the White House.

“We are a diverse country with good moral values,” said Harris, of a Jamaican father and mother of Indian origin, before the public in Orlando, where a good part of the more than 1.3 million Puerto Ricans in the state are based.

The candidate, as well as Biden, again reproached Trump for not speaking early to public opinion about the danger of the coronavirus, recalling that 220,000 people have died “alone in hospitals” in the country.

“What could American citizens have done if Trump had mentioned the importance of the virus earlier in the year?” Harris said.

“How could we, as American citizens and business owners, be better prepared?”

Harris later traveled to Jacksonville, North Florida, where he addressed voters, but first stopped at an early voting booth at the Highlands Public Library.

“Thank you for voting early,” he told some people who were exercising that right. “It is very important,” he added.

“I am so excited to be back in Florida for early voting,” Harris said.

Her husband, Doug Emhoff, also joined in rooting for voters on a bus tour of polling stations in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties in South Florida.

Biden for his part recalled that apart from early voting in person, there is still time to request the ballot by mail. In Florida, these ballots can be requested until October 24 and they can be deposited in the mailbox or taken personally to an electoral office.

In that sense, Harris criticized Trump for trying “to oppress voters, creating laws and rules to complicate the process.”

Trump, among others, has insisted without evidence that voting by mail lends itself to fraud in some states, despite the fact that he himself has used this modality in Florida, where he has his official residence.

15 days before the elections, Biden leads the Republican by an average of 8.9 points in national opinion polls, according to the specialized portal Real Clear Politics, and in Florida that distance is 1.4 points in favor of the former vice president.


United States: Polls Extend Joe Biden’s Lead Over Donald Trump

With only two weeks to go before the elections in United States polls and poll averages point to a setback for the president, Donald Trump, and extend the advantage of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in various states.

The average number of surveys carried out by the television network CNN About 10 states that appear crucial in the presidential election today shows a very close dispute between Biden and Trump in seven of them, while the Democratic candidate is in front in the other three, all of which voted for Trump in 2016.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin averages show that Biden has not only the support of a majority of potential voters, but also a substantial advantage over the Republican candidate, who is seeking reelection.

A nationwide poll of potential voters, conducted October 16-18 by YouGov for Yahoo News, it shows that Biden’s lead over Trump has expanded to 11 percentage points, with 51% of respondents ready to vote for the former Democratic vice president.

Biden’s lead in this poll has widened by three percentage points from the previous week.

“The president has struggled to regain ground in the past three weeks after a frowned upon performance in the first debate (with Biden), and a resurgence of COVID-19 that sent him to the hospital and infected several people in the White House, “said Yahoo!

“The main reason why Trump seems to have lost more points in recent days is that coronavirus cases continue to rise as the end of the campaign approaches“he added.

The average of polls that RealClearPolitics produces today shows Biden with the support of 51.1% of possible voters compared to 42.5% for Trump.

If the elections happened today, according to RealClearPolitics, the Democratic candidate would surely win 216 delegates to the Electoral College, while Trump would win 125. To win the presidential election, 270 votes are needed in the Electoral College.

Throughout his tenure in the White House since January 2017, Trump has never exceeded, in this analysis, 45% approval.



What do we know about the second wave of infections by Covid19 in Europe and Latin America? – Vital space

The second wave of Covid-19 infections in Europe has had a very worrying increase in the last week, in which a growth of 28 percent was reported, which translates into five times more infections than those that occurred three months ago . But if there are increases in contagion, does the same happen with deaths? Dr. Elmer Huerta explains that in Ecuador, one of the first Latin American countries affected by the pandemic, the second wave is already occurring and with cases of death. He recommended to the authorities and society not to lower their guard.