Opposition Leader Surpasses Boris Johnson in Public Opinion Poll

According to a public opinion poll conducted by the British sociological company Opinium specifically for The Observer, opposition leader of the Labor Party, Kir Starmer, circumvented the country’s current Prime Minister, Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson. In the preferences of voters. 37% of respondents said that they consider Mr. Starmer to be the most preferred person as prime minister, and 35% think Mr. Johnson.

The activity of the Conservative Party as a whole is approved by 4% more of the respondents – 43% compared with 39% of the Labor Party. However, back in February and early March, the gap between conservatives and Labor was about 20%. The decline in confidence in the ruling party is mainly due to dissatisfaction with the actions taken by the authorities during the quarantine measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If in early April, about 60% of respondents approved the government’s policy in the fight against coronavirus, and about 20% did not approve, now the balance has changed: the approval level has dropped to 36%, and disapproval has grown to 46%.

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The home of a bomb exploding in Johnson’s bosom

Elaph: Amid the battle for the response to the Coronavirus since last March, the British government faces accusations of negligence and blame it for resolving what has become a new scandal over coronavirus victims in care homes.

The accusations leveled against the Conservative government headed by Boris Johnson, did not come from the opposition as usual, but from the pillars of the Conservative Party itself, and specifically from the former Minister of Health (former Foreign Minister) Jeremy Hunt who chairs the Health Affairs Committee in the House of Commons.

Today, Thursday, Hunt has condemned the failure to spread coronavirus testing to patients discharged from care homes. He said that “excessive focus” on the risk of a pandemic influenza pandemic meant that the government had not considered the need for a large-scale examination.

He insisted that examining the patients who had been returned to the care home was “something clear that must have happened.” NHS Health Leaders revealed that only on April 15 – after the outbreak in the UK reached its peak – there was enough capacity available to “systematically” test everyone discharged from hospital.

However, they say that “a very small number” of asymptomatic patients would have been sent to social care without being examined.

The opposition Labor Party leader, Sir Kiir Starter, criticized Boris Johnson during their confrontation, Wednesday, during the House of Commons session usually devoted to accountability the Prime Minister (PMQs) on tackling the crisis.

The latest figures indicate that deaths in care homes account for about 40 per cent of the corona virus-related deaths recorded in England and Wales in the week ending May 1. Some studies have estimated that 22,000 people may have died.

Johnson admitted that the death toll was “too high”, as he had pledged 600 million pounds to infection-control homes. Johnson accused the opposition leader of being “selective and misleading.”

Daily Mile Diagram for Nursing Home Mortality

For his part, the Secretary of State for Home Care Affairs of the Ministry of Health, Edward Argar, rejected the idea that the government had neglected the care sector, but admitted that it still needed to “provide” the ability to test so that all residents and employees could examine.

Meanwhile, reports claimed that the ministers were warned two years ago that nursing homes were not prepared to face any pandemic. Council welfare managers called for enhanced plans to provide personal protective equipment and improve infection control systems.
The Association of Adult Social Services Managers told the Guardian newspaper that it had prepared a series of reports as part of government planning for the flu pandemic. But she said: “We are not aware of whether government departments comply with any of the recommendations received.”

Official statistic
In addition, and contrary to what is said that about 22 thousand citizens of care homes have died due to (Corona), a report revealed that about 8000 people have died due to the Corona virus in British nursing homes, since the first death was recorded from March 2 To May 1.

The UK Office for National Statistics said that during these two months there were 8,312 deaths registered in nursing homes in England and Wales, according to death certificates. The number does not include deaths in Scotland or Northern Ireland, which could add several hundred to the total.

Altogether, there were 35,044 deaths from Corona in England and Wales as of May 1. This number is higher than the government’s official figure, which reached last Monday 320,065, because it includes cases suspected of having Corona (Covid-19) but this has not been confirmed by test.

The head of health analysis department at the Statistical Office, Nick Strape, said that the total number of weekly deaths is declining, but it is still far above the average for this time of year.

Statistics of the spread of corona virus in Britain


Johnson & Johnson plans to deliver a billion vaccines against coronavirus

American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson plans to deliver a billion coronavirus vaccines next year, said Paul Stoffels, deputy chairman of the executive committee and chief research officer.

“We are expanding production and starting production at the end of the year with the goal of supplying 1 billion vaccines next year,” said Mr. Stoffels (quoted by ABC News). He expressed skepticism about the statements of US President Donald Trump that a pandemic could pass without a vaccine. According to Mr. Stoffels, this is unlikely.

Recall, on May 4, an online campaign began to raise funds for the development of a vaccine against the Global Response coronavirus. The conference was organized by eight countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Norway, Saudi Arabia, France and Japan) with the support of WHO and the relevant alliances GAVI and CEPI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization and the Coalition for Innovation in Epidemic Preparedness). The online marathon will last until the end of May, but already now we have managed to almost fully collect the expected amount of € 7.4 billion out of € 7.5 billion