VIDEO .- “Many people had a very bad time during your father’s presidency”: the crossing of a journalist to Zulemita Menem

After confirming her intentions to dedicate herself to politics, Zulemita Menem went on the air in the program “Los Angeles de la Mañana” and spoke of her candidacy for National Deputy in next year’s elections for the Province. But one of the panelists that Ángel De Brito has, Karina Iavícoli, came out at the crossroads because of what her father did as President of the Nation.

It all started when Zulemita assured that the decision that surprised a good part of the political arc derives from his social vocation and the firm example of his father, who in his words “is a political animal” and is being “vindicated” by history.

Iavícoli, at this, said: “Your father is a man with a particular view on politics and many people also suffered during his presidency. I understand that you are the daughter and you will ponder it, and you have a subjective view out there regarding his presidency but I really tell you, It is striking because we have been a poor country for many years. “

Carlos Saúl’s daughter did not remain silent and replied: “I am the daughter of the person we are talking about but the numbers are what give you the result of things, with what was the percentage of poverty that Dr. Alfonsín left my father”.

“But it is about management, the idea is not to discuss but also you out there to be critical …”, Karina clarified, to which the future candidate for provincial deputy launched: “No, I do not want to discuss it but the numbers are carried … “.

“There were many people who had a very bad time also during your father’s presidency. We cannot not say this, Zulemita, as a journalist I have to tell you. It is my obligation”, returned Iavícolo.

“Yes, of course, of course. I am also going to tell you that when my father left he did not boo. On the contrary, I think they started a campaign to demonize Menemism many years after he left,” replied the daughter of the former Head of State.


Journalists are completely silenced, the Timor Leste government has terrible laws that threaten journalists if they dare to uncover corruption cases, Amnesty International has to intervene – all pages

Government of Timor Leste

High ranking officials in the government of Timor Leste

Gridhot.ID – Corruption be enemy number one each country.

There are so many who are harmed in practice corruption.

But unfortunately it is very difficult to get rid of this terrible practice.

In fact it is almost certain that the case corruption and bribery, almost all over the world, without exception.

Meanwhile in Timor Leste, practice corruption becomes something that is especially difficult to reveal especially by journalist because the law in effect country that.

Meanwhile, practice Corruption of country it was also barely reported by several media.

However, there is a media from Australia that has occasionally discussed the practice corruption of country that.

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Launching The Sydney Morning Herald, in 2009, the Government of Timor Leste once admitted that corrupt officials in that country usually work in the fields of tax, customs, and procurement of goods.

But those who are accused are often absent by denying that there is no corruption in their offices.

In the same year the Minister of Finance, Emilia Pires, blamed the opposition Fretilin party for corruption cases in her country.

In saying that the Government was attacked for our refusal to take part in the corrupt practices of the few.

“There is no corruption in my office except the one established by the previous administration (Fretilin) ​​and it is being eradicated slowly, which is why the Ministry of Finance is now the target of this unwarranted attack,” said Pires.

For weeks Fretilin, the largest political party, lost power in 2007.

Accused of increasing corruption in government departments in Dili, particularly the Ministry of Finance.

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The party leaked documents to Timorese journalists revealing that foreign advisors in Timor Leste, some of them Australians, were paid higher than the Prime Minister of Australia.

Fretilin then asked the Attorney General, Ana Pessoa, to investigate the claim of retaliation against the Australian advisor at the Ministry of Finance, Graham Daniel, for his fee.

Pires released documents in Dili showing that when Fretilin came to power he paid foreign advisers $ 568,000 in salaries.

Some of the contracts are paid for from the Fretilin state budget while most of the foreign advisers currently in Dili are under World Bank contracts.

Australian businessmen complain about awarding contracts. The government awarded a contract worth 400 million US dollars to a Chinese government-owned company to build two power plants without asking for an open tender.

Amnesty International, meanwhile, said that the law in Timor Leste makes it easier for corruption offenders to strike back at journalists who accuse them.

In 2013, for example, two Timorese journalists who tried to expose corrupt practices were accused of making slanderous complaints.

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Oscar Maria Salsinha from Suara Timor Lorosa’e newspaper and Raimundo Oki from Independente newspaper.

The two journalists are charged with carrying out a “slander complaint”, which carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison or a fine.

The indictment originated from separate articles written by Salsinha and Oki on December 31, 2011 and January 2, 2012.

Both are related to the alleged involvement of the Public Prosecutor in accepting bribes in a traffic accident that occurred on 18 October 2011.

“These two journalists are doing nothing but their jobs and exercising their right to freedom of expression by reporting possible corruption in the justice system,” said Isabelle Arradon, Amnesty International’s Deputy Asia-Pacific Director.

“If they are found guilty, it could set a dangerous precedent for journalists and human rights defenders in Timor-Leste, where the legal system can be used to silence critical voices,” he said.

“It will also send a dire signal about the broader issue of freedom of expression and media in the country,” he added.

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“While everyone is entitled to protection from unlawful attack on their reputation, this should be a matter of civil litigation, not criminal law.”

The two journalists were charged with violating Article 285 of the Timor Leste Criminal Code which criminalizes “slander complaints.”

These legal provisions are incompatible with the full respect and protection of freedom of expression as provided for in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Timor Leste ratified in 2003, and the Timor Leste constitution.

This article was published on Digest with the title No wonder the practice of corruption in Timor Leste is difficult to dismantle, even if it is almost not revealed, journalists who try to expose it can even face this punishment.

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Juliana Oxenford shows how she decorated her second son’s room | Shows

The television host Juliana Oxenford She is in the last stage of her pregnancy and before the early arrival of her second child, she decorated the room where she will receive him. In her social networks, the ATV figure shared photos of how she did what she did in the space that is intended for her baby.

After the birth of her first daughter, the driver of ATV News Juliana Style he discovered that he had a taste for decorating environments.

For this new stage of pregnancy, the journalist once again used her creativity to choose the theme and design of her little one’s bedroom.

In the images it is observed that a spaceship and stars are drawn on the wall above a blue background, while the other things that surround the crib are pastel green and white.

“As a result of becoming a mom, I found out how much I loved to decorate. For three months I was in charge of preparing María’s room, placing as the protagonist a wooden tree that I placed on the main wall, “said the ATV figure on Instagram.

According Juliana OxenfordHe did not need the help of an expert in decoration or companies to achieve the result he expected. In addition, she assured that she is happy after her work.

“Seven years later, I had to build the space where I would receive Mateo and, after taking some references, looking here and there for what was happening to me, I finally finished it. Room ready, without the help of a decorator, without exchanges and mom happy with the results, “he concluded.

The journalist’s followers were surprised to see the photographs. “It was beautiful on you.” “It looked beautiful on you and you did it with a lot of love, that’s what it’s worth.” “I love”. “There is no doubt that our children bring out the best in us.” “How beautiful” were some of the comments.

Juliana Oxenford’s baby shower

At the end of August, the driver of ATV Noticias held the baby shower, at the end of seven months of pregnancy.

The images of the baby shower were shared by Juliana Oxenford herself through her profile on Instagram, where he also published an extensive message.

“Good luck to me to receive so much love for me and my family in such difficult moments for everyone. Thanks to life for the wonderful human beings that it has been putting in my path and that today got together to celebrate the next arrival of [mi bebé]”, wrote.

Juliana Oxenford shows her advanced pregnancy in tender photoshoot

The ATV figure is in the last stage of her pregnancy, she will soon become a mother for the second time. For this reason, she decided to do a photo shoot to share the images of this moment with her followers.

“A preview of the beautiful photo session that the boss of @erickvalderramafoto did for me with the touch of @rossanatorresatelier. #WaitingAMateo, ”he wrote Juliana Oxenford in the post.

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Juliana Oxenford appreciates displays of affection in her last stage of pregnancy

Juliana Oxenfor is in the last phase of her pregnancy. After sharing the best moments of this stage, such as her virtual baby shower and the photo session where she shows her advanced pregnancy, she received the support and good wishes of those around her.

“Good luck to me to receive so much love for me and my family in such difficult moments for everyone. Thank you to life for the wonderful human beings that you have put in my path and that today got together to celebrate – in this only way that it can be through a computer (…) I love you with all my heart ” The journalist wrote on her social network.

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Juliana Oxenford celebrates her husband’s birthday

At the end of July, Juliana Oxenford dedicated a tender birthday message to her husband Milovan Radovic, in which she highlighted all the experiences they have had together over the years.

“Goings, comings, fights, reconciliations, tears, joys, a wonderful daughter, a son who is to come and a life that we continue to build with the only certainty that we want to continue together. Today I celebrate your day. Happy birthday ‘Amore Mío’ and that nobody takes away what we danced, “wrote the journalist, along with a romantic photo of her marriage.

Juliana Oxenford and the discomfort of pregnancy

Through their stories of Instagram, the television host opened up about the less pleasant side of the pregnancy.

“I’m already super tired. My belly is super big, it’s hard to breathe, my back hurts a lot, but I’m going to work until the last. I did the same with María (her first daughter) when she worked at RPP, ”he said.

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Juliana Oxenford and problems before pregnancy

At the end of May 2020, the journalist related in an interview to the magazine We are how you got pregnant after facing a medical problem.

“By November of last year some very strange rules began to come to me. I went to the doctor and it turns out that I had a large polyp in my endometrium. It had to be removed. I had surgery. In January I had to have my period and nothing. I waited for February and nothing. I go to the pharmacy, I get tested and positive. I went to the doctor and he confirmed it: it was positive again. It was like a month and a bit, “he said.

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Juliana Oxenford assures that she did not contract the coronavirus

Through her social networks, journalist Juliana Oxenford denied having been infected with COVID-19.

“It seems that this pandemic has caused several to hallucinate, the trolls reactivate and the lies become so constant that unfortunately many end up believing in any type of fallacy,” he wrote in his Instagram.

Juliana Oxenford, latest news:

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They beat a journalist live for denouncing that officials charged the IFE and it was filmed

A journalist from Chaco denounced that he received a severe beating that can be considered an attempted murder after stating on a radio program that there were officials who charged the IFE

Luis Mancini, FM Horizonte radio journalist from the town of Villa Río Bermejito, was conducting his live program when suddenly two men, one of them who until then was a municipal official, stormed the place and gave him a brutal beating that left him hospitalized.

The fact was recorded by security cameras. The images show that the assailants arrived together in a car and entered the radio. Without a word, one of them grabbed Mancini by the neck and knocked him to the ground and then gave him several punches.

The other attacker joined in and gave the communicator a series of kicks and hit him several times with a chair. Everything happened in a minute. The assailants later left in the same car, which had turned around and picked them up.


Details of sanctions against Belarus revealed in the USA :: Politics :: RBC

The United States is in contact with the EU on expanding sanctions against Belarus, First Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan said at a briefing. Blacklisted names will be announced shortly

Stephen Bigan

(Фото: Chung Sung-jun / AP)

The Belarusian authorities use violence against the opposition and illegally detain citizens, including the US citizen Vitaly Shklyarov, said on Friday, September 11, First Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan. He called on the authorities in Minsk to release the prisoners and hold new elections, as the Belarusian people want, according to the official.

At the same time, Bigan added that the United States plans to expand the sanctions list and will announce concrete steps in this direction in the near future. “In addition to these 16 individuals, we and the European Union are exchanging information regarding the addition of new names. [в черный список]that we will be ready to announce in the near future, ”Bigan said during a telephone briefing with reporters. The Deputy Secretary of State clarified that the list of personal sanctions will be determined within the “next few days.”

Protests after the presidential elections in Belarus. the main thing

Photo: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

The State Department does not exclude that in the future the United States may impose more ambitious sanctions against Belarus. “Initially, we are exploring the possibility of introducing targeted sanctions against those most responsible for the circumstances surrounding the violence and the organization of elections. [9 августа]”- said Bigan, specifying that they will be deprived of the opportunity to enter the United States and access to property in this country.

“With regard to sectoral or company sanctions, <...> then as the situation develops, additional measures will be considered, ”added a State Department official, answering a question from one of the journalists. At the same time, Bigan emphasized that the United States does not want to introduce restrictions that would have undesirable consequences for ordinary Belarusians.


Carolina Sandoval responds to a follower who called her “Payasa and frustrated”

“La Venenosa” was not silent and returned the message to a follower who insulted her on Instagram

The Venezuelan journalist Carolina sandoval She is cutting off tail and ear to anyone who comes to mind messing with her in a derogatory way and, in the same way that she is direct talking about whoever she is, she defends herself and sometimes responds to some of her followers.

On this occasion, the Venezuelan did a “Live” talking about people who have low energy and how their childhood could have affected them in that sense, making a parody of those people with these characteristics and their behaviors in life. For that she used various wigs and outfits. But, as is customary now, many applauded his creativity and the pleasant moment that “It makes them laugh” and others explicitly insulted her.

“C¨¨¨¨ I was very happy as a child, I grew up in a home just like yours, with values, principles, they gave me everything, but I did not get screwed with that cheap verbiage of saying that those who criticize your way to act, we were not happy … Do not hide your frustrations in those stupid posts, you can give more, are you a professional, or now you have become a clown? “, was what a follower wrote in the comments section of her Instagram account.

Obviously, the former driver of Tell me what you know she did not remain silent and attacked the woman with all her “heavy artillery.”

“I think the ridiculous is another, look for a job since you don’t like the content”, was the forceful response of “The Poisonous”. There is no doubt that criticizing the Venezuelan can make you receive a right hand from her, because if there is something that characterizes Carolina sandoval it is its frontality.

Here we leave the publication for you to see.


Alexievich: ‘They tried to break into my home in Minsk’ – World

Writer and journalist Svetlana Alexievich complained that strangers tried to enter her apartment in Minsk. The Nobel Prize in Literature is the only member of the Belarusian Opposition Council who is still free at home after men captured Maksim Znak this morning. This was reported by several Russian media.

“There are no more friends of ideas in the presidium of the Opposition Coordination Council. Everyone is in prison or has been expelled from the country,” wrote the Nobel Prize winner in a statement on the Belarusian Pen Club website. After denouncing the attempt by strangers to enter his apartment, Alexievich asked reporters to go to his home and assured those who arrived that the Opposition Coordination Council will continue to work despite the arrests. The Moscow Times reports it.

Masked men in civilian clothes took away Belarusian opposition activist Maxim Znak, a representative of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian opposition told Interfax. “Maxim left Babariko’s staff (unregistered Belarusian presidential candidate, ed) along with masked men in plain clothes. They got into a van and left,” the representative said.

The father of opposition activist Maria Kolesnikova told Belarusian media that the young woman is in prison in Minsk and kept in isolation. “Maria Kolesnikova was arrested and is in the detention center No. 1 on Volodarski Street,” Maria’s father, Alexander Kolesnikov, told The man claims to have been contacted by the head of the investigation team of the Belarusian Investigative Committee.