They beat a retiree, father of a journalist, to rob him – News

A 69-year-old retiree, father of journalist Alejandro “Pollo” Cerviño, was assaulted by three young men in the heart of the Buenos Aires town of BernaHe, where they threatened him with weapons, threw him to the ground and stole his vehicle.

The theft, which was filmed by security cameras in images that were viralized on social networks, occurred around 10 this Tuesday on Lavalle street, between May 25 and July 9, in the heart of the aforementioned town of the Quilmes district, south of the suburbs.

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Héctor Cerviño (69), father of the journalist and radio host “Pollo” Cerviño, was about to open the trunk of his dark blue Chevrolet Corsa when he was intercepted by three young men, two of whom were carrying firearms.

According to what is observed in the images of the security cameras, Cerviño began to struggle with two of them while they tried to take the keys of the vehicle.

For the struggle, the retiree fell to the ground and the criminals were finally able to obtain the keys and steal his car and then hit the road.

The victim was lying on the floor, for which she had to be assisted by the Quilmes Emergency Medical Attention System (SAME), whose staff found that she had some bruises but no serious injuries.

Chicken Cerviño

“I am struck by the time that passed and that no police have passed, since it is a central area and the police station is two blocks away,” said “Pollo” Cerviño, who added that that block “is monitored with cameras from the municipality and various businesses ”.

He expressed that his father is “shocked and scared” by what he experienced and confirmed that the car was found in the afternoon after being abandoned by criminals.

The journalist assured that his father “is one more victim of the hot and critical moment in the country.”

Neighbors explained in statements to the press that The incidents of insecurity have grown in recent months and demanded greater security measures in the neighborhood.

The case was handled by the prosecutor Mariel Calviño, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 12 of Quilmes, specialized in motor vehicle theft, who labeled the file as “Robbery aggravated by the use of weapons.”

Report by Ariel Rodríguez


serious road accident happened in Vladivostok

A traffic jam has formed in Vladivostok

Photo: Sergey BALANOV

The accident involving Toyota Sienta took place on August 11 in Vladivostok. For what reasons the driver did not cope with the control – the police have to find out, who are now working at the scene of the emergency. Because of the incident, the movement from Balyaev to Lugovaya was complicated.

Judging by the body damage and body parts scattered across the stripes, the car was thrown from side to side. The front bumper ended up on the other side of the road, next to the tram tracks. At the moment, information about the victims is being investigated.

After registration of an accident, a tow truck will most likely come for the wrecked car. In the meantime, drivers who do not want to waste time on a traffic jam should consider a detour.


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Carolina Sandoval dances in a bikini and is called “vulgar”

Venezuelan Carolina Sandoval unleashed dancing on Instagram and many followers attacked her

“The Poisonous”, who was until recently one of the most controversial conductors of Tell me what you know, one of the programs Telemundo, seems to have exceeded his exit from said space. Lately, we’ve seen her doing TikTok, interviews “Live” from his Instagram account and obviously, doing one of the things that he loves the most Carolina sandoval, dance.

This time, she was seen in a two-piece swimsuit dancing to the music of Olga Tañón and singing the stanza “Let them say what they want about me”. However, this time she was not so applauded in the comments section of her Instagram account.

“Poor thing, how has she been since she lost her job at Telemundo”, “How vulgar you look at those dances, be ashamed “, “They will come out”, “Go ahead and move the fat and cellulite”, were some of the strong criticisms made of the Venezuelan journalist through the social network.

However, to Carolina It seems not to matter to her, because not only are there other fans who throw flowers at her but she continues to post the content that she has been doing for a long time and with which she has carved her followers. We already know that if something that is left “The Poisonous” he is personality and the mettle to speak his mind, whether his followers like it or not.

Here we leave the video in question for you to draw your own conclusions.


Bugsnax arouses the suspicions of players in his latest State of Play trailer

Many users have commented that the game may hide something behind its cute style.

At State of Play last Thursday, Bugsnax he made an appearance again. In addition to confirming that the game will be released for PS4, PS5 and Epic Games Store, the trailer shown left us valuable information to learn more about the Young Horses title, which is certainly not going unnoticed by anyone.

In Bugsnax we will embody a journalist that moves to Isla Snaktooth, invited by the explorer Elizabert Megafig. The point is that when we get to the place, our hostess has disappeared. To round off the experience, this island is home to creatures that are half insect and half bite (the bugsnax). And yes, it is not a typo. It seems that these bugs they’re delicious and the inhabitants of the island want to eat them. Hilarious beyond belief. By the way, the motto of the game is “we are what we eat.”

The video shows us new elements of the gameplay. To hunt down the bugsnax, we will use various tools and techniques. Basically we will have to perform small puzzles to obtain the 100 species which will bring the title. We found it very interesting that each creature has a different behavior and we will have to understand them to be able to get hold of them. In fact, one of the goals of the game will be to find out what they are.

The bugsnax will help us to make friends and overcome missions, since our journalistic skills will not be enough for citizens to reveal more information to us. We were also able to observe how the city of the trailer, Snaxburg, it develops over time, so perhaps we are facing a mechanic of management.

The outcome of the video seems to indicate that Bugsnax hides something behind his friendly styleThe most curious thing about the video comes at the end of it. The boss of our intrepid reporter, who is not very happy that he gets into this mess, basically tells him to be careful. Next, the journalist falls from a few meters high. This outcome has caught the attention of gamers, who flooded YouTube comments with different theories about what the game hides something behind its friendly style and is actually a darker game than meets the eye.

It is true that Bugsnax calls powerfully attention and the creators of Octodad they are knowing how to reveal the information little by little to create even more expectation. Maybe more than one will release Playstation 5 with this game, which also It seems that it will especially take advantage of the virtues of the Dualsense.

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Constanza Santa María’s relief for the criticism she receives

The journalist Constanza Santa María unburdened herself in an intimate interview with the program “Velvet for breakfast“, Hosted by Angélica Castro through Instagram.

In particular, the communicator received the criticism she receives on social networks: “I am super passionate about what I do and when I am doing an interview too“, Cony began expressing.

To this he added: “Sometimes it is understood as disrespect or harshnessa, and over the years I have tried to work on it, sometimes I control it more, other times less, it’s not because I want to be heavy, it’s because I want to get an answer, because I think it’s important that people have that answer ”.

Regarding the criticism she receives, the communicator revealed that “I am a super sensitive person, although it is not seen sometimes. It hurts when they attack me and people nowadays are super aggressive, some people and social networks are used many times anonymously to attack and insult ”.

“Respecting all opinions, the good thing is the debate, that we can disagree, with respect, and if we do not accept that difference and want to attack everyone who thinks differently from me, I think we are in a serious problem,” added the journalist.

Finally, he stressed that “our societies are diverse and that is part of the wealth of society. Trying to impose my truth I think is the opposite of living in a democratic society“, He concluded.


Zavoli: funeral in Rome, then the funeral parlor in Rimini – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUG 6 – Tomorrow, Friday 7 August at 10 am, in the Church of San Salvatore in Lauro, the last farewell in Rome to the great journalist and writer Sergio Zavoli. His Rimini is waiting for him to welcome him forever at the Galli Theater in Piazza Cavour from 5 pm to 9 pm and Saturday 8 August from 10 am to 12 pm The master of Italian journalism will rest next to his lifelong friend Federico Fellini in the Monumental Cemetery of the city where a ceremony strictly reserved for family members will take place. (HANDLE).