Rafael Caro Quintero did not stop selling drugs, despite being in prison

Adyr Corral Washington / 06.03.2020 09:56:21 The bonnet Rafael Caro Quintero he never stopped operating his business of drug sale, even when it was prisoner for 28 years and four months in three different prisons and although he insisted on having retired from business. According to an accusation registered in the Federal District Court of […]

The appeal court says attorney Trump McGahn doesn’t have to testify to House

Former White House adviser Don McGahn speaks during a discussion on “Constitutional questions and political struggle: Congress’s role in surveillance and national security”, December 12, 2019 at the Global Academic Center of New York University in Washington, DC. McGahn talked about the point of view from the perspective of the executive branch. Alex Wong | […]

Lawyers threw a stone at William Barr

Whatever the outcome of a case, then Attorney General Robert H. Jackson observed in 1940 “the government… Really won if justice was done.” It is worth keeping that truth in mind when considering the prosecutor dispute. General William Barr and Roger Stone. Last week Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Mr. Stone at 40 months in […]

Stop tweeting about DOJ’s criminal cases!

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images) On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr, aka Evil Fred Flintstone, made a tirade for his lover / friend / friend President Donald Trump. President Trump “never asked me to do anything in a criminal case” but he should stop tweeting about the Justice Department because his tweets “make it impossible […]