ECJ strengthens consumer rights in loan agreements

Dusseldorf From its tranquil home town of Eppelborn with 17,000 inhabitants in the heart of the Saarland, it is only 100 kilometers to Luxembourg. But for the property owner Andreas Poß it was a much further journey to the capital of the Grand Duchy – at least figuratively. It took more than four years for […]

City trips: First capsule hotel in Germany gets offshoots

travel City trips First capsule hotel in Germany gets spin-offs You don’t have to be claustrophobic here: the sleeping cabins in the Karlsruhe capsule hotel are small, but inexpensive. That seems to be going down well: Such sleeping quarters with locker charm will also be available elsewhere in the future. Status: 08:21 a.m. | Reading […]

Headscarf ban for trainee lawyers is constitutional

Dhe legislature may prohibit Muslim legal clerks from wearing a headscarf during their practical training in the courtroom. The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe ruled in a decision published on Thursday on a case from Hesse that the decision for a duty to be neutral in ideological and religious terms should be respected. A German-Moroccan […]

Baden: An adventure trail for the giant earthworm

The Baden region HIt blooms two weeks earlier than anywhere else. Spoiled by the mild climate, the region between the Rhine, Main and Lake Constance is enviable and versatile – and therefore one of the most popular holiday regions, in the Black Forest alone with a good 130 million day visitors. It goes to romantic […]