Under the shower: the video of Karol G that paralyzed the networks

During the last years the Colombian Karol G She has been active in social networks publishing images and videos that have been completely liked by her followers.

At the interpreter of “Tusa” This time he surprised his loyal followers with a video shared by a fan page, in it you can see the singer under the shower, with a white blouse and a black skirt, which she accompanied with boots at the height of her knees in black.



Karol G’s sister looks spectacular, and now she poses in a bikini on the beach

The family of Karol G is very united, and of the sisters of reggaeton, it is Jessica Giraldo who begins to have a considerable number of followers in Instagram (more than 348 thousand), although he has never openly chosen to dedicate himself to the world of music.

Now, the beautiful girl published in her account of that social network a photograph in which she looks spectacular on the beach, wearing a printed bikini and a sarong; In another image, the lawyer also posed with the sea as a background, but at night.

Recently Jessica Giraldo He turned 31 years old, and he shared with his fans a reflection text which he entitled “To what degree do you like yourself?”, which provoked many positive comments and heart emojis.


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Karol G’s choreographer commented

The former “Red” Christell Rodríguez has remained quite active on social networks, adding a large number of followers both on Instagram and TikTok.

In the latter the young woman has drawn applause with her dance steps, which has not been without criticism for her weight, but the young woman has imposed herself on these hateful comments.

Recently, in a video, she showed off dancing to the hit “Ay, Dios Mío” by Karol G, where she received an unexpected comment from the Colombian choreographer, Greg Chapkis, who shared the video of the Chilean in his stories.

Here you can see the log:

Instagram Christell Rodríguez


Karol G spoke of the rumors of her supposed pregnancy

Some days ago it began to speculate that the singer Karol G could be pregnant. The rumors took hold when the singer appeared at the “Premios Juventud” and, apparently, was trying to cover her abdomen.

From that moment, the singer’s followers began to wonder if the artist was expecting her first child with Anuel or if she simply had a few extra ‘pounds’.

The singer decided to put an end to these rumors and, through a video with an audio from Tik-Tok, she responded to those who tell her that she has a few extra ‘pounds’.

Karol G accompanied the video with this message: «To those of gossip, I avoid fatigue 😉«.

In the video that uploaded Karol G, with audio from influencer Kathe Ortiz, responds to the comments she receives.


«I know that I am going to get out of here, gain weight and if you find me on the street, I ask you to please do not make any comment regarding my weight»says the audio of Kathe Ortiz.

Watch the video and do not miss the imitation that Karol G did with the popular Tik Tok audio, which refers to those who have gained weight during their quarantine.

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VIDEO | This is how ‘Oh my God’ sounds in the voice of Greeicy Rendón

Greeicy Rendón surprised all his fans and followers on Instagram by sharing a series of stories on Instagram singing ‘Ay, Dios mio’, the success of Karol G, for which some rumors emerged that point to a possible collaboration between the two Colombian singers.

There were a total of 3 videos that Greeicy shared interpreting this song in the best style of Karol G, so the compliments of his followers did not wait and, as did many others, they expressed their desire to hear it in a possible remix .

It is worth mentioning that Greeicy and Karol G have never collaborated musically, although this wink from the interpreter of ‘The advice’ and ‘The kiss’ could leave the doors open to a future song in which their two voices come together.


Photo 1: Anuel AA gets a tattoo on his face and shows the image on Instagram

Anuel AA, singer of “Jeepeta”, said that he has 27 tattoos all over his body.

The Puerto Rican ragman and reggaeton Anuel released a photo on his Instagram account displaying a tattoo that was marked on his right temple that reads ‘Fear God’ (Fear God), causing thousands of comments from colleagues and followers of him questioning the fact.


Anuel AA and Karol G debut tattoos, she on the arm and he on the face

Anuel AA is undoubtedly a lover of tattoos, because he wears several of them on his skin, so this time, he decided to wear a new design on his face with which he left more than one speechless.

For its part, His fiancee, the singer Karol G, also took the opportunity to get a new tattoo on one of his arms.

As part of the 27 tattoos that the singer has on his body, As revealed in a recent interview, there are designs related to religion, memories of his past life and Dragon Ball.

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Now Anuel used his face as a canvas. “Fear God” was the phrase that was tattooed near his forehead, in addition to incorporating a cross on one of his cheeks, the first two tattoos being on his face.

The same artist was in charge of tattooing Karol G on one of his arms, with a butterfly design, which the singer wore for all her followers.

It is worth mentioning that like her boyfriend, the ‘Tusa’ interpreter also has several tattoos on her body, this being another of the passions that unites the happy couple.

After the rumors of the fans, about the possible pregnancy of Karol G after seeing her gain weight at the Premios Juventud, Anuel AA was in charge of making it clear that he will not allow them to invent rumors about the woman he chose to share his life.

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Shows: Peruvian Farándula | Vania Bludau and her sexy dance to the rhythm of “Ay Dios m

The beautiful continues to surprise from Miami. On this occasion, the Peruvian model captivated her Instagram followers with a video where we see her dancing to the rhythm of the contagious theme

“Oh Lord. Obsessed ”, was the legend that accompanied the clip that has more than 94 thousand reproductions.

In the pictures, the She appears with a pink bikini and performing sensual movements, while in the background the song that the famous Colombian premiered a few weeks ago plays.

LOOK: Vania Bludau moves to the rhythm of a sensual bachata wrapped only with a towel [VIDEO]

Unsurprisingly, the clip sparked quick reaction from fans of, who in the comments have not stopped praising her indisputable beauty.

“Oh, I love you”, “How pretty you are”, “Perfect curves”, “Wow. How beautiful ”,“ Simply, the most beautiful and sensual of all ”,“ You look divine ”,“ Beautiful ”,“ Too top ”,“ The sexiest in Peru ”, are some reactions of his followers.

That is how joined Yahaira Plasencia, who days ago posted some videos that she recorded for her TikTok account in which she appears dancing to the rhythm of Karol G. The singer wrote next to the clip, asking her fans which of the two clips they liked the most.


Vania Bludau calls Mario Irivarren’s mother ‘gray in law’

Vania Bludau calls Mario Irivarren’s mother ‘gray in law’


Karol G falls in love with an over size printed shirt with nothing underneath

Crowned as the new queen of reggaeton, Karol G continues to enchant her millions of fans with dance songs and outfits that accentuate her curves, which she always shows off in her videos and on the red carpets, combining ravishing sensuality with elegance.

Whether with tight leggings or a sweatshirt and tennis shoes, Karol G she looks gorgeous and ready to steal all eyes. Recent, the singer of Tusa and Ay Dios Mio, informed her followers that she had overcome the covid-19, leaving the scene prepared for her great return to music.

He may reappear at the Premios Juventud, on August 13, where he is expected to pay tribute to Selena quintanilla. The singer is a fan of Selena, showing this when she wore a shirt with the face of the Texan.

Karol G falls in love with an over size shirt with nothing down

The shirt, from the over size trend, It was black with Selena’s face in the middle. Karol G did not wear anything underneath, just black knee-high boots and her hair in a long braid, with ornate makeup.

If this tribute can be given, it will surely be one of the best presentations of the year, full of talent and the energy that reggaeton always puts on stage.

We recommend you in video


This is how Karol G’s mother celebrated her birthday in confinement

Martha Navarro, mother of the singer Karol G, she celebrated her birthday in the company of her husband Guillermo Giraldo And your daughter Veronica Giraldo at home in Medellin.

It should be noted that the artist and her other sister, Jessica Giraldo, could not be with their mother on this important date, because both are together in Miami, United States, and by the confinement because of coronavirus (COVID-19) could not travel.

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However; From a distance they made her feel very loved, because with the help of Veronica and her father they held a great celebration for one more year of life.

Both she and her daughter and her husband shared some images of the celebration through their respective accounts of Instagram, where they revealed the incredible decoration that they made, where they filled it with flowers and sweets.

“Thank you Diosito for these daughters so loving and shared”, Martha expressed when showing off everything they had prepared for her.

With a big cake, they sang the traditional “happy Birthday” to later share with a great family moment.

“Thank you to all the family and friends who took a minute to wish me a happy birthday. The Lord bless you “Navarro wrote in one of the publications.

In another snapshot, the three of them posed, where Verónica assured that her mother “He had a very happy time”.

For his part, Papa G, shared two photographs in which he dedicated romantic words.

“The queen of my home is on her birthday, my companion of a thousand battles, the light of my eyes, an accomplice of my follies, who filled my life with happiness, the one who remains ready for all who need her and the most humanitarian being that exists on earth … I love you “, he wrote and Karol G reacted by adding: “My pretty queen”.

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