Chinese journalist called the shortcomings of Russian women

The Chinese spoke about the reasons why foreigners do not seek to marry Russian women, despite their illustrious beauty

Chinese journalist called the shortcomings of Russian womenPhoto: Andrey KOPALOV

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Chinese journalist Portal Sohu listed several reasons why foreigners do not seek to marry Russian girls, despite their beauty.

According to the author of the article, many stereotypes have developed around the Russians, among them the tradition of making domestic bears or a love of vodka. However, he called the most mysterious phenomenon of Russian women, attracting foreign visitors with their appearance.

“Many of them dream of marrying a Russian beauty, and there are many Chinese men among them,” the journalist says, but immediately notes that such marriages are not frequent.

The Chinese gives three reasons that can explain such statistics. The author declares that the “cheeky character” of Russian women, as well as their love for booze and sloppiness in trifles, are not suitable for Chinese grooms. In addition, he reports the unwillingness of Russians to “put their soul into truly important matters.”

“They like to drink, believing that in this way they release their“ I ”and show a true character. In addition, they do everything through their sleeves, are not too accurate in the details, and do not put their soul into truly important matters, ”the journalist believes.

In concluding his article, he notes that the desire to marry should not be based on appearance, but rather on the basis of her character and understanding.

Recall that earlier, a Chinese blogger confessed his love for Russian cuisine and called Russian dishes, the taste of which is “impossible to forget.” So, he called goulash “a reflection of the soul of the Russian people”



Jacinda Ardern: New Zealand Prime Minister’s popularity turns against her in the kitchen | Global World Blog

The New Zealand Prime Minister grew in popularity for her magnanimity and integrity in the attacks on two Christchurch mosques by an ultra that killed 51 people on March 15, 2019. Ardern put on a hijab and embraced the families of the murdered Muslims as a clear sign of empathy with them. “They are us,” he declared at a press conference.

So much popularity also has not so positive consequences, although luckily for her they remain in the field of fun. A television presenter from the oceanic country wanted to pay tribute to the president by cooking a cake with her face. On the 14th, Laura Daniel shared with her more than 16,000 followers on Instagram a photo of the result. Next to the cake, a book with a photo of Ardern on the cover.

The presence in the image of the book, the biography An Extraordinary Leader, it is revealed more than necessary. In her pastry portrait the Prime Minister is unrecognizable. Ardern’s hair, a handful of black licorice, lies on a bed of some kind of white cream, similar to another substance used by the presenter and confectioner. amateur for the face, which seems to have melted. Black eyebrows drip over dislocated blue eyes, and his mouth, painted as if he wanted to portray the man instead of the president. Joker of Batman, it is finished off with teeth that are too real that, with the naked eye, illuminate suspicions that the author has resorted to false teeth.

“They say don’t cook your heroes, but I wanted to try it anyway. I’m so sorry, Jacinta Ardern. I really tried to do my best with what I had on hand ”, the presenter has apologized. The Prime Minister has seen the result and has responded to Laura Daniel from her official Instagram account with two stunned emoticons.

The humorous comments have followed the publication. “At least we already know what our prime minister would look like if she were addicted to crack ”, write one down. “Have you seen the movie Saw and the hideous puppet? Yes, it is identical ”, mocks another. “Who have you stolen your teeth from?” Asks a third. “Thank you. I did not want to sleep tonight and this will help me ”, ironized a user. The publication already exceeds 5,500 I like.

The Prime Minister is forgiven even for diplomatic lapses. Last March, on a visit to Japan, he confused the country with its historical rival, China, and excused himself saying naturally that the error was due to jet lag. It has also shown signs of empathy with the population in the face of the economic crisis derived from the covid-19 pandemic. This Wednesday announced that all members of the New Zealand Government, including herself, will lower their salary by 20% in recognition of the sacrifices of citizens for the decreed containment measures.

Popularity has also carried over into the entertainment world. An actress, Melanie Bracewell, whose followers reminded her of her resemblance to the Prime Minister, has begun to imitate her in videos she records in her confinement. “If you told me six months ago that I was going to spend hours making videos on TikTok, I would have laughed in your face, but now I’m going to be showing cheekbones forever,” the comedian joked. as collected The Guardian, referring to the face of the prime minister, which she mimics.

Ardern, born in 1980, was the youngest member of parliament at 28, and in 2017, when she was elected prime minister, she also became in the youngest head of government in the world. So much is their charisma, that New Zealanders have coined a term, jacindamania, to refer to the popularity of the chief executive, a vein for the Labor ranks. After becoming the leader of the Labor Party in August 2017, her training was flooded with donations. In a single day, the party recognized have received NZ $ 100,000 (about 55,300 euros, at the current exchange rate). In November 2018, many of his followers they queued in front of Dunedin Town Hall (south of the country) to see it, and the majority remained with the desire when the capacity of the 1,200-person building was completed.


Pepe Rodríguez: «It is time to make the kitchen of a lifetime»

Almost 30,000 people signed up for the casting of the eighth edition of ‘MasterChef’, which starts tonight at 10:05 p.m. on TVE’s La 1. And as always, Pepe Rodríguez (Illescas, 1968) works as a judge in the culinary ‘talent’, which arrives in quarantine to entertain on Mondays.

-How do the days go by?

-I imagine that like everyone else. Here, confined, after twenty-something days without going out or seeing the street, and worried, because the move is fat.

-And with the restaurant (El Bohío, Illescas) closed.

-Yes of course. The hoteliers were among the first to stop the activity, and we will be one of the last to integrate into daily life, if we are to be able to return to it, which I already doubt. It’s hunchbacked, and I’m mulling over how we’ll get out of this, but I don’t know.

-Are you working more at home?

-I’m in survival mode, because I think that’s what you have to do. I don’t like doing things at home that I don’t normally do. I do very homemade things, and I always cook at home, also before this move. On my day off, in my time, or in my afternoon, I love to cook and make dinner for my children and my wife, although now I make food, snacks and dinner, and I am delighted, within this chaos and this situation so bad that we are living. But I can do what I like, which is to cook.

-And today ‘MasterChef’ starts, with a ‘casting’ of almost 30,000 people.

– She’s a fool. People keep watching it and wanting to get into the show. I am amazed. When they start doing the screens in the castings I always ask how they are going. and how silly. But that’s fine for the show to come alive.

-How was the edition?

-I’m very happy. The truth is that it has been very beautiful and very good. The edition is better the better the contestants are, because they are the ones who give us the program, and this year’s are wonderful. And also very different, that there is the grace, in that each one of each father and each mother, with totally different feelings and ways of being. If you add to that that there are some very nice exteriors and tests for which the people who do TV have racked their brains … We have been left with a great edition.

-Are there teams this year too?

-No, not this year. We follow the natural way.

-Did you have too much trouble with Jordi (Cruz)?

-Of course, of course. They favored him a lot last year, and if I beat him this year, that boy has a trauma from which he never recovers in his life. So, of course, you had to help him out (laughs).

-How do you usually choose him as your favorite?

-There is everything, there is everything, but, of course, we get stung. It’s cool that they tell you that they choose you, but not everyone has to choose you. In addition, each has its audience, and this is also the magic of television, that each has its favorites.

– I have chosen you, but I do not know if it is good or bad.

– (laughs) I agree. I couldn’t give an answer to that. I think that is the magic of television, that everyone sees one thing. You are seeing a presenter, which is not that I want to put myself in that status, and he transmits some stories with which you can empathize and say: ‘I like what he says, I see myself reflected in him, he says things that I would say. ‘, although then it does not come close to reality.

– Being so of Madrid, are you holding up well without football?

-I’m watching more soccer than ever! Since I have so much time and I’m at home playing my pear, I play Real Madrid TV a lot and I’m almost up to my nerves already. I have seen the Eighth, the Ninth, the Tenth, the Eleventh, the Twelfth, and the Thirteenth. It’s not like I’m watching it all day, but it entertains me.

-And an easy recipe for these days?

-In this complicated time, when you have to go out a little to buy, that we do not have the products like the rest of the year. It is not that there is a shortage, but I at least try to be more austere than at other times, I cook what we have cooked all our lives. For example, a potato boiled in bay leaf, with an onion that you start to poach with a little chorizo, and when the potatoes are there, you put it together, and all the red potato stays with the chorizo ​​flavor. I love it and it excites me because my mother made them all my life. Today I made them as a garnish, with some pieces of meat that I had there, of leftovers. I think they are moments to sharpen the wit and make the kitchen of a lifetime. There will be times to go for red shrimp at the fish shop, with tranquility, or for some cocochas or a sea bass.


Le Creuset Offers: 10 pots, pans and kitchen utensils on sale | Showcase

Those who spend more time in the kitchen tend to spend a lot of effort choosing the best products to prepare their dishes. The same goes for the equipment necessary to make it. On many occasions, finding quality utensils, utensils, pots or pans can make a difference. Investing in reliable, durable items made from toxic-free materials is an option to consider to ensure that the stews and food we eat are kept in good condition.

This is the case, for example, of the articles that can be found in the Lecuine catalog, where they now have online the best offers for the French firm Le Creuset: cocottes, pans, skillet or high quality teapots what are they presenting discounts of up to 35%. A great opportunity that, from the writing of EL PAIS Showcase, we provide our readers to equip the kitchen and get products from great durability, resistance and a impeccable design.

Kitchen utensils and accessories

Wooden and silicone spatula-spoon

An essential item in the kitchen to stir food and not scratch the bottom of pots or pans. It is a spatula made of high quality silicone from the prestigious French brand Le Creuset. It is a very safe and heat resistant material (supports up to 250 degrees). It measures 32.5 centimeters, has an ergonomic wooden handle and is suitable for placing in the dishwasher. It can be purchased in four different colors. 25% discount, save 5 euros.

Buy for € 15 at Lecuine

Two-stroke sommelier corkscrew with wooden handle

A basic that cannot be missing in any home and that will be especially useful for wine lovers. This type corkscrew screwpull, which is backed by the quality of Le Creuset products, It is equipped with a wooden handle, a blade to cut the capsules of the bottles and, most importantly, a two-stroke system that allows you to uncork the bottles without much effort, in a short time and effectively. A professional corkscrew that we can now enjoy at home at a discounted price. 15% discount, save 7.65 euros.

Buy for € 29.75 at Lecuine

Pepper mill on wood

With a classic design, this mill made of teak wood, has a 10-year warranty. It has an adjustable grinding mechanism that can be adjusted from the metal knob on the top. It is also equipped with a marker with two positions: the P for pepper and S for salt. Its total dimensions are 6.2 centimeters in diameter by 21 centimeters in height. It is a solid and very practical product to enjoy any dish and adapt it to the taste of all diners in a few seconds. 10% discount, save 4.9 euros.

Buy for € 44.10 at Lecuine

Set of six 100 milliliter espresso cups

A complete set of cups that, in addition to being perfect for having coffee at the table or in the morning, provides an extra touch of color to our tableware. Each of the cups has a different color and are made of stoneware. Thanks to this material, the cups do not absorb flavors or odors. Another great advantage is that they are very resistant to shocks and stains. They can be placed in the dishwasher and also, if desired, in the microwave, oven or freezer. A pack Ideal as a gift for coffee lovers or to add color to our household items. 10% discount, save 6 euros.

Buy for € 54 at Lecuine

Zen kettle / kettle

A product suitable for use in all types of kitchens, including induction, which allows you to heat water quickly and easily. It is made of enameled steel both inside and outside and has an insulating handle to avoid transmitting heat and to be able to hold it safely. It is also equipped with an alert whistle that alerts us when the water is already hot and a capacity marker (1.5 liters) to avoid exceeding the maximum when filling it. A classic to always have on hand in the kitchen that we can buy now at a lower price than usual in seven different colors. 10% discount, save 7.90 euros.

Buy for € 71.10 at Lecuine

Pots and pans

Set of four round mini Cocottes

Made of stoneware ceramics, these classic French pots are very versatile because they can be used in the oven or even in the microwave. It is a pot with the capacity to retain heat for a long time, with high resistance to shocks, and that does not absorb flavors or odors. Each of them has a capacity of 0.2 liters and they are very easy to clean. The classic French cast iron cocotte, now at a very affordable price and in unusual color combinations, since this set is available in three shades: green-blue, pink-lilac and yellow-red tones. 20% discount, save 15 euros.

Buy for € 60 at Lecuine

Skillet skillet

Those looking for a sturdy frying pan, classic in style and for a lifetime, have a serious candidate in this model. It is made in non-deformable cast iron and it has a natural non-stick coating. Therefore, it is ideal for cooking at high temperatures and with little oil. It is a frying pan that distributes heat very well evenly over the entire surface. You can put it in the oven and also take it directly to the table to serve the dishes there. With this frying pan you can braise, fry, roast meats, grill vegetables and even cook pancakes or pizza dough. The offer is available in the model of black color and 20 centimeters in diameter. 30% discount, save 25.77 euros.

Buy for € 60.13 at Lecuine

Set of two non-stick pans

This promotion presents a great opportunity to get a set of frying pans of high quality and durability, since they have a lifetime guarantee from the firm Le Creuset. They are two non-stick models that can be used in kitchens of all kinds and in two sizes: one of 24 centimeters with 18 of base Y another larger than 28 centimeters and 22 at the base. Its main advantage is that with them you can cook at medium temperature and with little oil, being able to practice a healthier kitchen and save energy. The handle of the pans is stainless steel to isolate heat and protect hands when handling them. 35% discount, save 80.46 euros.

Buy for € 149.44 at Lecuine

Cocotte Every clay pot

This pot, inspired by the design of traditional Japanese clay pots, is made of cast iron and has a glazed enamel on the inside. Thanks to this, it offers a high resistance to heat, making the food conserve its nutrients and flavors during the cooking process. The lid also includes a stainless steel knob and due to its height, it is ideal for steaming rice or cereals and that they are cooked. It has the capacity to 2 liters and its total dimensions are 21 centimeters tall Y 18 centimeters in diameter. It includes two covers: an external one of iron and an internal one of ceramic of stoneware. 20% discount, save 39.80 euros.

Buy for € 159.20 at Lecuine

Cocotte Evolution Pot

This new 2020 model from the French firm presents some design improvements over its previous versions. For example, the handles are now larger and more ergonomic, the lid fits better, and the knob is metallic, so it can be used inside the oven. With a capacity of 3.3 liters It is a perfect pot for stews that require slow, long cooking at low temperatures. It can be used in all types of cookers, including an induction cooker, measuring 15.2 centimeters high and 22 centimeters in diameter. Its traditional design and cherry color make it ideal for those looking for a product that will last a lifetime and that does not go out of style. 31% discount, save 75.95 euros.

Buy for € 169.05 at Lecuine

The 13 kitchen utensils for life

Le Creuset offers: 10 reduced pots, pans and kitchen utensils

Check out many other featured offers at Le Creuset!

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 17, 2020.

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Coronavirus: How to clean and disinfect the house thoroughly, from the kitchen to the sofa | ICON Design

Anglo-Saxons call it spring cleaningbut it is only the cleaning thoroughly the House When spring approaches – washing of bedspreads, curtains, rugs, closets … – a custom perhaps somewhat disused and that these days, with the quarantine that the crisis of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the precautions that this entails, it is more important than ever to do with a certain order and rigor. If you do not have a person infected at home, cleaning the accumulated dirt during the winter and freeing the house of potential allergens are reasons to do a complete set-up.

The first thing is to draw up a plan with a list of essential tasks, many of them you will have dodged for months. “In a general cleaning, it is necessary to include areas and textiles that we normally do not usually review as often, such as the walls, carpets or sofa cushion covers,” Cleaning Services Madrid, which is part of the Habitissimo community.

It is also important to take a tour of each room to cover all your cleaning needs. “You can discover some spots that need specific treatment or a smell somewhere that needs to be neutralized. Once your list of jobs is complete, you can establish an action plan,” says the influencer of cleaning Lynsey Crombie on her blog Queen of Clean.

Experts recommend getting disposable material when it comes to a great set-up. “It is important to use new cloths and disposable gloves. We also recommend the use of disinfectant gel before and after cleaning the house,” they explain from Cleaning Services.

First of all, free up space

Before cleaning, it’s time to do a little Marie Kondo, ordering and even getting rid of what doesn’t work. “To clear, you must be ruthless. If an item has not been used in the last 12 months, chances are you no longer need it. You can choose to donate these items to a charity store, try to sell them, or throw them away if you don’t. they can be repaired, “recommends Crombie.

Total disinfection in bathrooms and kitchen

There are spaces that need a deep dive, since bacteria are concentrated in them. “The main sources of infection in the home are the kitchen and the bathroom, so cleaning in these rooms must be exhaustive.” According to professionals, bleach and ammonia are two essential basics in the home. “They are within the reach of everyone in any supermarket and fulfill the function of disinfectants. Bleach is recommended for all those areas such as toilets, taps, sinks, clothes, cloths or radiators,” they explain from the cleaning company.

One of the priorities in bathroom disinfection is cleaning the toilet. “It is not enough to put a little product, you have to delve into the area with the help of gloves, to be made of nitrile and disposable,” they explain.

how to clean the house thoroughly

Kitchen cabinets

It is also time to enter the kitchen cabinets (although the same technique works for bathrooms). Because it is very likely that, in addition to dust, the pantry will also have crumbs, spices, pasta, rice or any other item that can be stored on its shelves.

“Clear the kitchen table completely. You’ll need a lot of space to put everything you store. Then, start at one end of the kitchen and put all the upper cabinets first until you reach the other, leaving the lower cabinets and drawers for the Round Two. Vacuum the shelves and drawers, then spray all the interiors and doors (inside and out) with a surface cleaner and wipe them with a microfiber cloth, “shares professional organizer Melissa Maker, blog author. Clean my Space. The cleanfluencer recommends to clean stains that may appear in these places, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and rub them with a sponge.

Sofas and household linen

How many people, animals, and objects have been on the couch in the past year? Some of them will surely remain on your surface if they have not been thoroughly cleaned. “The sofa is undoubtedly one of the points of greatest infection. Those with a cover, better to remove it and disinfect it in the washing machine. If it is leather, the ideal would be to wash it with a cloth with a special product for upholstery”, they explain from Cleaning Services Madrid.

In addition, it is advisable to thoroughly clean all the household textiles that can be put in the washing machine, such as curtains, bedding, pillowcases or bath towels (pay attention to the maximum temperature indicated by the label, you will not want the curtains to shrink ). “We can wash them correctly by adding a little bleach in the laundry – white or colored, as appropriate – in compartment I, specific for these products,” continue the professionals.

Windows like new

It is useless to keep the interior crystals clean, if they have been accumulating particles for months. As indicated by the glass cleaning company Sil“You can use ammonia to clean windows, since it has a great degreasing and cleaning effect. We must lower it with water and always wear gloves when we use it, because it is very abrasive. It is very useful for cleaning kitchen windows and removing the fat easily. “

how to disinfect the house

If you want to avoid the chemical load of this element, they propose vinegar as an alternative, which also gives shine. “To use it we only have to dilute it in hot or warm water and put the mixture in a sprayer. To soften the smell, it is convenient to mix a few drops of lemon or green lime.” As for the frames, if they are made of PVC, they advise avoiding dry cloths or scouring pads that can scratch them. Just moisten a cloth with a little mild detergent.

Other elements

There are great forgotten people in daily cleaning, which in the current panorama, need special attention. We talk about all the elements of daily contact. “Doors, handles, cloths, telephone or remote control, it is essential to constantly disinfect them with ammonia”, share from Cleaning Services Madrid. In the event that the supermarket does not have disinfectant alcohol at that time, for these areas the company recommends alternatives: “There are products that also fulfill a disinfectant function, such as baby wipes, whose composition also contains alcohol.”

In houses where there is a person with coronavirus

Health recommends a series of measures for living with a person who is suspected of having or presenting mild symptoms of coronavirus. With regard specifically to cleaning, the following recommendations must be taken into account:

– Place a garbage can in the patient’s room with an automatic lid and a sealed bag to house waste.

– Use a mask and gloves to clean.

– Do it with a solution with one part of bleach for every 49 of water.

– Clean all daily frequent contact surfaces: doorknobs, tables, switches, taps, toilets, telephones and keyboards.

– Wash the dishes with hot soapy water, preferably in the dishwasher.

– Wash the patient’s clothes in a separate wash with the usual soap and at a temperature of between 60 and 90 degrees.


The five-star kitchen battery set you need for less than 60 euros | Showcase

Household items are the ones that suffer the most rotation throughout the year. And if we focus on the kitchen utensils, this phenomenon becomes a daily occurrence: renewing the cutlery, crockery, the containers where we store food … is an additional investment as necessary. Choosing well is an indispensable factor to amortize our purchases. But we don’t always have the necessary time. In fact, if there is a forgotten segment in this area of ​​the house that is the classic kitchen drum set: pots, pans or pans that withstand daily wear conditions. Therefore, since EL PAÍS Showcase we selected this megapack of battery of kitchen of the signature San Ignacio, with a first level valuation on the electronic platform eBay.

With a five-star rating on eBay, this complete set it consists of three multipurpose pots (with their respective caps), a couple of saucepans Y three pans. A good starting point to renew the old utensils that you store in drawers for years. The pieces are suitable for handling in any fire, including induction surfaces. So if you are thinking of changing the stove, do not hesitate either, since you can enjoy them for a long time.

Users who have already tried this batch have highlighted, among other aspects, two essential characteristics: its price Y the quality of its materials: “It is a good battery in its value for money. Heats very well (quickly reaches the desired temperature). I can not ask for more”, indicates a user. For those who do not remember, the firm San Ignacio chose the popular chef Pepe Rodríguez, co-host of Masterchef and awarded a Michelin star, as the main ambassador of his brand. Next, we reveal all the details of this kitchen battery with more than 150 lots sold on eBay whose shipping home is totally gratuitous:

Buy for € 54.99 on eBay with a 60% discount

Stainless steel pots, chrome body and dishwasher safe

One of the main advantages of this product is the diversity of sizes it offers. If we focus on the section of the pots, the material with which they are made stands out: stainless steel; key to resist oxidation, with a high degree of hardness and undeniable aesthetic beauty. The dimensions of are: 20×11, 24×14 and 28 x16 cm, in addition to two 16×9 and 18×10 cm buckets. All have a measuring scale inside.

As for the capacities, they range from 3.3, 5.6 and 9.8 liters in the pots to 1.6 and 2.3 liters, in the case of the saucepans. Each of the pieces has handles and knobs in darkened contrast with three elegant satin lines. And the three lids that accompany the pots, made of glass, install a valve that helps dissipate heat. If you look at the adhesion, they are toxic free and resist maximum temperatures up to 260 degrees.

Buy for € 54.99 on eBay with a 60% discount

Trio of high temperature resistant pans

Finally, this complete lot incorporates a set of three pans made of pressed aluminum with a black coated exterior, 16, 20 and 24 cm in diameter. Its interior is non-stick and the handles, like the other pieces of the pack, always remain cold thanks to technology soft touch. They are ideal for fried and sauteed short cooking. Users highlight their “lightness” and also “how manageable they are.”

In short, a very versatile kitchen battery that hardly you will find in other e-commerce platforms to a lower price of 55 euros, which is the one offered by eBay. “The lot is great and great, as well as very cheap”, affirms a buyer.

Buy for € 54.99 on eBay with a 60% discount

* All purchase prices included in this article are updated as of March 2, 2020.

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The Repsol guide rewards the kitchen with its feet on the ground

Two chefs with one very strong territorial identity and a firm commitment to sustainability They have achieved this afternoon in San Sebastian the highest distinction granted by the Repsol guide. Fina Puigdevall and Javier Olleros, two examples of the most radical terroir, of the zero kilometer kitchen and of the roots as a philosophy of life, reach three suns in the 41st edition of the Spanish reference guide, which fattens your record with 102 new luminaires. More than 400 chefs, sommeliers, businessmen, journalists and gourmets have gathered at the San Telmo Museum in the capital of Gipuzkoa to learn the details of a publication that has been immersed in a profound process of renewal.

The heiress of the mythical Campsa Guide has lightened the decision power that had until now the Royal Academy of Gastronomy With the aim of being less elitist and more useful to the traveler, you can look for both an elegant table, such as an informal dining room or a tavern where you can try local specialties. For this, it has had an army of 50 inspectors who have combed the national geography in search of their most interesting kitchens. After more than 1,300 visits, this year’s catalog includes 545 references. The criteria with which the distinctions -1, 2 and 3 soles have been distributed depending on the level of excellence- has also changed thanks to the collaboration of the Basque Culinary Center, to introduce criteria such as the use of nearby raw materials, the energy efficiency of the establishments or their commitment to a circular economy.

That democratizing desire could explain that the list of distinguished restaurants grows dramatically by the base, with 77 new additions, while the cusp has only two new trisoleados. So much Fine Puigdevall, from Girona Les Cols, as Javier Olleros, from El Culler de Pau, in O Grove (Galicia) embody the values ​​of sustainability and commitment to the territory that has been proposed to defend the Repsol Guide.

The Catalan, who already shares the address of her house with her daughter Martina, may celebrate with 30 soles his 30 years in the profession. Become a benchmark for local cuisine long before it was in fashion, it achieves in the Spanish guide the highest distinction that Michelin still denies. On the other hand, Olleros and his partner, couple and head of the room, Amaranta Rodríguez, have recognized a decade of effort to raise El Culler de Pau with a mixture of elegance, discretion and good sense that raises praise throughout the country.

Until 23 restaurants get the second sun by 2020, a category in which the talent of five cooks shines to put on the plate the landscape that surrounds them. Esther Manzano, from La Salgar in Gijón, Elena Lucas de La Lobita, in the Soriano town of Navaleno, María Gómez de Magiga in Cartagena, Lucía Freitas de A Tafona in Santiago de Compostela and Luz Ruisánchez de La Huertona in Ribadesella, come to compensate the disparity that traditionally this type of guides had had with the women of the profession.

But where the evaluation committee has been most generous is when it comes to granting the first sun. Until 77 establishments enter for the first time In the catalog, 24 more than they did last year. In this category, the most diverse, there are projects of radical terroir such as Edorta Lamo in the Alava Arrea! or that of Nagore Irazuegi and Rodrigo García in Madrid’s Arima, lifelong houses that receive new airs from the hand of the next generation, such as Donostiarra Ganbara and Vizcaíno Casa Garras, or informal ranges of consecrated figures, such as Habitual from Ricard Camarena.

The Repsol guide thus delivers a harmonious mix of chefs of international projection and heroes of depopulated Spain that is a true reflection of the present of our gastronomy.


The gastronomic keys of the decade

The kitchen continues in constant reinvention. In the last ten years, world gastronomy has followed the wave of creativity generated by the Spanish techno-emotional avant-garde. Freedom and respect for local ingredients has been encouraged, but lines of work have emerged, seasoned with social and environmental commitment. And the cooks have demonstrated with facts that talent has no gender.

Keep reading.


Rural cuisine comes to a boil | Style

The village kitchen is on the table. The encounter Rural Terrae It has brought together in Zafra (Badajoz) 40 professionals from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Brazil who have exchanged experiences and concerns and have signed a manifesto calling for “a state pact in defense of rural areas” and which will be presented in the European Union . Rural gastronomy serves a reality that is valued not only on the palates of diners, but also on the survival of peoples and on the Gross Domestic Product of nations.

“If we want the peoples of empty Spain to prosper, we should promote gastronomic tourism. It is an antidote to depopulation. ” This is a recipe that has circulated on Terrae. “The avant-gardes have emerged in the peripheries”, confirms the Alicante Kiko Moya (L’Escaleta, Cocentaina), thinking, for example, of elBulli. And more than a third of Michelin-starred restaurants are located in towns outside the big cities. In the heat of boom gastronomic, many localities have fueled their community development.

“The rural environment is the future,” says Ignacio Echapresto. The cook from La Rioja gathered in September at Sale Moncalvillo to fellow village cooks. “There is a lot of talk about depopulation, lack of opportunities … I believe that this bleak approach must be reconverted. In towns there are opportunities, there is a future. It is unsustainable that cities can absorb so much population and give it resources. I think people will end up going back to the villages. “

Fina Puigdevall and her chef, Martina Puigvert, from Les Cols (Olot, Girona).

enlarge photo
Fina Puigdevall and her chef, Martina Puigvert, from Les Cols (Olot, Girona).

One who has exchanged the city for the countryside is Edorta Lamo. The chef left the Donostia town of A Fuego Negro to open in 2018 in Campezo (Álava), his family’s town, the “mountain cuisine” restaurant Arrea! “There is a need for controlled licenses for small gatherers of wild mushrooms, fruits and herbs,” he says, and also “hunter controls, both in quotas and in animal waste.”

One of the thorny issues that many rural chefs face is the illegality or illegality in which raw material suppliers survive and the absence of poultry and cattle slaughterhouses. Regarding the native pantry, there are “norms dictated by the offices that do not facilitate rural kitchens”, alleges Nacho Manzano, heir to a family-owned food house in the Asturian town of Arriondas, today the two Michelin stars Martial House.

Are we going to a future of orchard cooks and ranchers? “I bet on the garden because in my land it is part of my identity, just as in other parts it is pork or seafood,” explains Echapresto. The Canary Borja Marrero, with his complex Texeda, in La Tejeda, deals with both restoration and production: vegetables, meat, oil, cheese, beer … “Having a vegetable garden and animals in the restaurant is a way out of the supply problems of rural cuisine. Many farmers are not registered and we cannot buy directly from them. Self-sufficiency is one of the solutions as long as we help our area, ”says Marrero. “It is necessary to join forces in the rural world to achieve our goals and make our restaurants more efficient,” he adds. “We are already many, and what we need is to go hand in hand”, agree the Cantabrian chefs David Pérez (Ronquillo, in Ramales) and Nacho Solana (Solarium, Ampuero).

A stew from Texeda (Gran Canaria), by Borja Marrero.

A stew from Texeda (Gran Canaria), by Borja Marrero.

“We are not aware of the power of communication and convening we have,” adds María Solivellas. The Mallorcan cook of Ca na Toneta She has spoken at the Climate Summit in Madrid in talks on “the transforming power of gastronomy” and is a militant small-town girl: “I have become a peasant to manage the products I want.” He has recovered one, the pepper corti tap and the faces and stories of their providers is the first thing that appears on their Web. A matter of principle, like another peasant cook (she has chickens, vegetables, lambs on her land …), the Catalan Fina Puigdevall, has also rescued since Les Cols indigenous varieties, such as fajol (buckwheat) from La Garrotxa. And its producers are not anonymous, they star in a discourse of closeness and sustainability. “Indicating their names on the menus and telling customers where what they eat comes from gives us visibility and identity,” says her daughter Martina Puigvert.

Zafra Manifesto for the future of rural cuisine

  • Rural chefs are proud of the culinary traditions and cultures of our territories. Our gastronomic identity is a true reflection of them and of the towns in which we live and work.
  • Gastronomy is culture, one of the main tourist ambassadors and generator of wealth and employment.
  • We recognize the value of small producers and processors as a fundamental piece of rural gastronomy and we are committed to making their work visible and doing everything possible so that they can earn a living with the dignity they deserve.
  • We are committed to indigenous products and those produced locally, we will promote the sustainability of production methods, seeking to recover the differentiating products of our territory.
  • We are committed to respecting the seasonality of products, the cycles of nature and always offering accurate and true information about the ones we use.
  • We will encourage responsible and sustainable consumption of animal and plant species.
  • We demand concrete measures to boost local markets and facilities for the commercialization of all the products of the field with regulations sensitive to the social and business reality of the rural world.
  • We promise to use all the capacity of social awareness within our reach to defend life in the towns and make known in urban settings the value of rural kitchens.
  • We demand of the institutions and political parties a state pact in defense of the rural environment that commits all institutional levels and provides resources to recover decent living conditions in the towns and thus guarantee their future.
  • We encourage all chefs, consumers, producers, suppliers, businessmen in the sector, journalists, researchers, critics, artists and thinkers to become agents of change and support the promotion of the gastronomy of the towns.