SpaceX, pressure test on the new prototype: the explosion is impressive

The Starship SN7 spaceship was designed to carry passengers on the Moon and Mars | CorriereTv

The explosion was probably expected. In fact, it was a cryogenic pressure test carried out by the SpaceX team of Elon Musk on the prototype of the Starship SN7, the spaceship designed to carry a hundred passengers on long-lasting trips to the Moon, Mars and beyond


Windows File Recovery, the Microsoft app to recover accidentally deleted files

Microsoft has made one available on the Microsoft Store app compatible with Windows 10 May 2020 Update really useful, of those that could save your life in case you have accidentally deleted a file or lost some data. Windows File Recovery (winfr.exe) is a command line tool that helps you recover photos, documents, videos and more, even if you have deleted them from your hard disk or SSD. It can also try to recover data from an SD card or a camera connected via USB.

L’app supporta i file system NTFS, FAT, exFAT e ReFS and can recover JPEG, PDF, PNG, MPEG, Office, MP3 and MP4, ZIP and other files. There are three modes which you can use to recover files: Default, Segment e Signature.

The mode Default it uses the Master File Table (MFT) to locate lost files and works well when MFT and file segments, also called File Record Segments (FRS), are present. The mode Segment it does not require MFT but requires segments, ie a sort of summary of the file information that NTFS stores in the MFT, parameters such as name, date, size, type, etc. The mode Signature requires that the data is present and searches for specific types of files. It does not work with small files and is the way to recover data from external drives.

Microsoft recommended also to use the Default mode for the NTFS file system (HDD / SSD on the PC, external drives, drives with more than 4GB of capacity) if the file you are trying to recover has been recently deleted. If instead the file was deleted some time ago or you started Windows File Recovery after formatting the disk or on a corrupt drive, you should first try the Segment mode and then the Signature mode. For file formats on FAT, exFAT and ReFS file systems (SD cards and flash drives less than 4GB), Signature mode is recommended. You can read more about the app – with practical operating examples – here.

Windows File Recovery necessita di administration privileges to function and as soon as it opens it shows a list of supported commands, although it is clearly better to be a little familiar with the command line tools. The app does not promise to always work, but it is still another tool to use in an emergency, without forgetting that it could improve over time.


Friedman the company to increase its stake in the largest mobile operator of Turkey :: Business :: RBC

Photo: Sedat Suna / EPA / TASS

The owners of Turkcell Holding, which owns 51% shares of the largest Telecom operator in Turkey, Turkcell, agreed to restructure the ownership structure in which the proportion of LetterOne Mikhail Fridman, German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev, the operator will increase to 24.8%. This is stated in received by RBC release Swedish Teila and the message of Fund of national well-being of Turkey.

Before the transaction the Swedish TeliaSonera owned a share in more than 47% in Turkcell Holding. Share of 52.91% owned by Çukurova Telecom in which shares owned by Turkish Çukurova (51%) and “alpha-Finance” (49% through the “Alfa-Telecom”).

Now the Swedish company Telia sells its stake in 47.1% of Turkcell Holding $530 million This corresponded to a share 24,02% in the operator. Telia completes the withdrawal from participation in the company. Allison Kirkby, President and CEO of Telia, in the release called the decision “a final puzzle about leaving Turkey.”Now the company finally focuses on work in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

A joint venture of Turkcell Holding virtually ceases to exist. LetterOne by restructuring its stake in Turkcell Holding receives a direct share of ownership in Turkcell in the amount of 24.8%. Another 26.2 percent will be owned by national welfare Fund of Turkey, the remaining shares are in free float.

RBC sent a request to LetterOne.


“I’m jealous, I notice everything and if you beak…” – Free Daily

Giorgia Meloni confesses. The leader of Brothers of Italy, now a net rise in the polls, he emptied the sack on his life more private. And he did it in front of Maurizio Costanzo, in his broadcast “The Interview”. “I am a person who loves, jealous, also he (referring to the companion Andrea), even more than me,” she admitted and then continued: “I’m passionate, I notice everything and if you beak…”. The excerpts of the interview, raised by the Messenger, show a Melons unpublished: “I am a traditionalist. Marriage? These things you should ask” replied Costanzo in the one that seems to be a dig at the companion. Not only that, but because the leader of the FdI would also like to expand the family, and who knows, maybe after Geneva, to have a beautiful baby boy: “I’d love to, but the children he sends them Jesus,” she dismissed, however, the question.

The surge in the polls? Here is his real secret. Melons, and the ridicule to the detractors: you eat all the pawns

Then you go to your dreams, the ones still achievable: “my great dream is to make the radio – confessed unexpectedly seen for years is the protagonist of the political scene – I love the size of the radio, I love it, even though I don’t think I have a radio voice.


“The most serious scandal on justice” – Libero Quotidiano

“It is a settlement of accounts between judicialists.” So Matteo Renzi commented to The air that pulls the clash taking place between Alfonso Bonafede is Nino Di Matteo. There are more and more insistent requests for his resignation against the Minister of Justice, put in difficulty by the scandal of the mafia bosses released from prison and sent to house arrest (Sunday evening Massimo Giletti he read the list of the names of the released criminals live) and also from the words of the magistrate Di Matteo. Which, always during It is not the Arena, revealed that Bonafede had asked him for availability for the role of head of the Dap but that after 48 hours, when he decided to accept, the minister had told him he had second thoughts.

According to Di Matteo the oenitenziaria police had informed the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor and the Dap direction of the reaction of important mafia bosses that said ‘if they mention Di Matteo it is the end‘. According to Renzi, this is a “very heavy” affair, but beyond the settlement of accounts between the judicialists they are also members of the institutions, so what is taking place is a “serious institutional confrontation”. “I would like to know the truth – said the ex-premier – if there is something underneath, clarify it. We are in the presence of a sensational court case, I expect clear words in Parliament and the CSM, it is the most serious scandal on justice in recent years “.


Crowd on the waterfront in Naples. De Luca’s anger: stop or close

The first day of «phase 2» in Campania risks becoming a «free everyone» especially for walks and physical activities | CorriereTv

On the evening of Monday 27 April the Lungomare di Napoli was crowded with people. Many of which did not maintain social distancing or went out on the street without masks. With a remarkably high risk of infection. The wrath of Governor De Luca: “The spread of irresponsible behavior would produce a strong recovery of contagion and would make it impossible to immediately restore the ban on mobility”


Italy on April 26 | Sky TG24

The day after the liberation the reconstruction begins. This April 26 is a suggestion, a value: in the midst of the lockdown, while thinking about how to start again on May 4 without this leading to a new health crisis, the post-liberation day is not only the least 364 waiting for the next April 25: it’s a start. It does not bring the solemnity of the anniversary of 1945, nor is it comparable, but the day after questions are similar: how will we be? What will we do? Our grandparents or fathers wondered that 75 days ago after celebrating resistance and American liberators entering our cities. We, now, on this day, do not get out of a war, but we have buried, without even being able to greet them, as many dead as a war does. And we buried a large part of that generation, of that memory that was there in 1945.

Our April 26 is less serious, but full of uncertainties and certainty: it is the beginning of something that has much more to do with what each of us can and will have to do from May 4 onwards compared to what we expect them to tell us to do. Phase two will be made of rules and then of attitudes.

The rules will be given by national and local administrators: they must be clear, simple, certain, with little controversy and many facts. Example: public transportation quotas? Who and how do you control? This example could be extended to anything: public and private services, shops. All.

We put the attitudes instead. We have lived many weeks in our domestic lairs, in a few days we will go out and there will begin the era of individual responsibility that becomes collective not by imposition, but by respect: we understand that until there is either a cure or the vaccine the we are the only remedy for a new wave. The numbers unfortunately tell us that we are far from the situation that we hoped to achieve in late April and on which the idea of ​​ending the lockdown on May 3 was based. Scientists are against it, but as Professor Ricolfi wrote: “Reopening is inevitable. Democracy is suspended, public opinion presses, economic operators are pawing, unthinkable that politics will not take it into account. “

Therefore, given that it will reopen, the problem is how. Because we know that we will return to our new normal with the virus in our midst. It will be a forced, annoying coexistence and this brings with it many risks. Here we return to the point of rules and attitudes. We wait to see these rules, but we don’t think they can solve the situation on their own, this for various reasons, of which control is only one. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s up to us. If on May 4th we live with the idea of ​​free everyone, of the end of the nightmare and of the idea that we should live differently just to avoid any fines and penalties, we will have wasted the sacrifices of a month and a half, as well as in advance all those that we will have to do later. This is why the aftermath must begin now, April 26, the day after the liberation, earlier in our heads than in our streets. Otherwise the flags displayed on balconies and windows yesterday will be only the symbol of the past.


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The game of chess, a psychoanalytic actor of cinema

A seductress who caresses a king (The Thomas Crown Affair), a knight who defies death (The Seventh Seal), a spy who cruelly seeks to subdue James Bond (Good Kisses from Russia) … The game of chess, an almost two-thousand-year-old metaphor for domination, has long been worn by film actors.

Simple script tool in the director’s hands as in The Thomas Crown Affair, it can also become the main subject of the film as in La Defense Loujine, inspired by the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Le Figaro analyzes the use of the image, real or supposed, of the game of kings in the seventh art.

Undisputed masterpiece, The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman, in his last scene, captures the ultimate goal of chess in dark light. Here, the knight plays against death. He loses. It is checkmate, which literally means “the king is dead”. This part, lost in advance, reflecting an implacable fatality, will only have served to delay the march of fate.

Psychoanalytic symbol

Chess is sometimes just one symbolic figure used by the filmmaker to set up a psychological duel. The erotic-psychoanalytic part between Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair is the most beautiful illustration. Here the glances, the brushing of legs and fingers, the open masturbatory taking of the pieces by heroin, fully participate in an art of seduction. Where the woman, a terribly intelligent investigator, dominates the machismo of an (apparently) overpowered billionaire man who runs away from boredom by organizing extraordinary heists.

Genius and its corollary, madness, form a theme that is abundantly explored by the cinema. In the genre’s anthologies, two works stand out: The Chessboard of Passion by Wolfgang Petersen and La Defense Loujine by Marleen Gorris, inspired by the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. The first benefits from the masterful interpretation of Bruno Ganz, who succeeds in making the cerebral isolation of a genius of the game intensely feel, a sort of interior prison, which we perceive in the new Chess player by Stefan Zweig.

The second film tells the fate of the great master Loujine, incomparable strategist on sixty-four boxes, but unable to adapt to social mores. Despite the love for his wife (formidable Emily Watson), the champion will find only one way out: death. A desperate mast, basically, the conscious and unconscious goal of chess players.

Of Good Kisses from Russia at Fahim, Passing by The Seventh Seal, The Thomas Crown Affair and The Chessboard of Passion, Le Figaro presents an anthology of ten films in which the game of chess plays a major role.

The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman, in 1957, with Max von Sydow …

Good kisses of Russia by Terence Young, in 1962, with Sean Connery …

The Thomas Crown Affair by Norman Jewison, in 1968, with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Oscar for the soundtrack with Michel Legrand’s song, The Windmills of Your Mind .

L” Chessboard of passion (Schwarz und weiß wie Tage und Nächte) by Wolfgang Petersen, in 1978, with Bruno Ganz …

The Diagonal of the Madman by Richard Dembo, in 1984, with Michel Piccoli …

The chess game by Yves Hanchar, in 1991, with Catherine Deneuve, Denis Lavant, Pierre Richard …

La Defense Loujine by Marleen Gorris, in 2001, based on the novel by Nabokov, with John Turturro, Emily Watson …

The Prodigy ((Pawn Sacrifice ) by Edward Zwick, in 2015, with Tobey Maguire …

Tournament by Élodie Namer, in 2015, with Lou de Laâge …

Fahim by Pierre-François Martin-Laval, in 2019, with Assad Ahmed, Gérard Depardieu …


Les Gordon: “I wanted to gain height”

The photographer “Through my research, I discovered on photographer Nicolas Blandin. I loved his work on landscapes, while I am more interested in photojournalism à la Henri Cartier-Bresson or William Eggleston, but I found that my music had a lot of resonance in Nicolas’ pictures. So I asked her to shoot the cover. During our discussions, we realized that we had a little the same musical tastes and the same vision of art in general. “

The idea “When I compose, I always have the ambition to make my audience travel. This time, I also wanted to rise, to rise. It’s pretty metaphorical since it’s my second album, and I really wanted to raise my level compared to the first. I live in Brittany and I have a strong relationship with the sea. As I thought of taking care of myselfartwork at first, I wanted to shoot on the coast near my home. “

The technique “This is a double exposure photo. Nicolas had this idea. At first, he just wanted to test. He photographed me in profile and then he shot the cliff which caused this double exposure. He worked in film with two old Mamiya cameras that he absolutely wanted to use. There’s almost no touch-up, it just boosted the colors a bit. ”

The cliffs “I remembered the magnificent cliffs of Etretat whose height corresponded perfectly to the concept ofAltura and I offered to take the photos there. Nicolas moved specially from Annecy. We shot for two days. We were lucky because it was very nice, but the temperature was low, which gives this color a little yellow and a soft atmosphere. ”

The profile “I don’t want to be the center of attention. You just see me in silhouette, it’s cool. This double exposure process sums up the album perfectly. We especially notice the landscape, which is most important, that it makes people travel. I would also have found it great if there were only the cliffs on the cover. But I said to myself: this is my second album, it’s good to appear in one way or another! “

Patrice bardot

The gordons Altura (Arista / Sony Music)

The gordons Altura (Arista / Sony Music)

The gordons Altura (Arista / Sony Music)

The gordons Altura (Arista / Sony Music)

The gordons Altura (Arista / Sony Music)


Where’s Sam? – Culture / Next

We chose this book for its blue and white cover, made of light and ice. We were not mistaken. It’s a story from the north, close to the Arctic Circle, in a village where the snow-laden spruces look like curious characters. There are chicken-stealing coyotes, and bears are dangerously close to homes after dark. By day, dogs keep horses and sheep, children hit the slopes on sleds, and adults armed with rifles roll in large cylinders from which cowboy music sometimes escapes.

It’s a rough winter, it’s already minus 20 degrees in November. In this frozen air, persists the smell of straw and the warm breath of humans evaporating. That winter, Kix was nine and a half years old. At his age, you don’t fool around on those half years that make you grow faster. But that’s not the point. Kix has a dog, his name is Sam. He is a Pyrenees dog with long white hairs that must be untangled. A mountain dog that does not allow itself to be locked in the comfort of men. A powerful, intelligent dog capable of frightening a hungry pack of coyotes. It is also a mysterious animal, from its past, little is known. He was allegedly mistreated by his former master, Cracker, an old farmer worn out by bankruptcy, who swears and spits his cigarettes. But appearances are sometimes misleading.

Sam is also an old dog, he is ten years old, like all old men and animals, he loses his memory, his presence dissipates and then one day, he disappears. Maybe he lost his way? The young boy then embarks on a frantic quest for his companion. We will not tell the end. What matters in this story is the relationship between the child and the dog, a story of love and friendship that grown-ups cannot understand. Kix understands Sam, he understands his barking like words, like he’s talking to her. It is the magic of a childhood linked to nature, to the living, by invisible links that adult life is generally responsible for dissipating. Kix searches for Sam and finds something else: there is no love without freedom.

Sam’s disappearance, by Edward van de Vendel, illustrated by Philip Hopman and translated from Dutch by Maurice Lomré, The Leisure School, 244 pp., € 12.50. From 9 years old. Where to find it? Independent bookstores

Tania Kahn