Do you have any medical specialty? Join the team serving Covid-19 at CDMX


The Government of Mexico City reiterated the invitation for specialist doctors and nurses join the team that serves the patients in the Covid-19 Health Emergency.

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Through the Ministry of Health the call was issued to:

  • Doctors and General Practitioners
  • Doctors and Medical Specialists in: Critical Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Cardiology or Emergencies
  • Graduates and Graduates in Nursing (Critical Medicine in adults, pediatrics and neonates
  • Nursing Technicians and Technicians

The specialists will be incorporated by contract of up to three months to the Health services of Mexico City. The registration is online ( and started on April 13, while the notification of results began on April 17.

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The personnel that joined will receive remuneration from the higher education institution where they work and will also receive remuneration according to the tabulation of the local Secretariat of Administration and Finance, as well as a stimulus and recognition of their performance.

It should be remembered that next Monday the Temporary Care Unit Covid-19 will be enabled in the Citibanamex Center, which requires the work of hundreds of specialists who will attend to convalescent patients and intermediate therapy.

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These are the Covid-19 hospitals for Phase 3

These are the Covid-19 hospitals for Phase 3

In order to guarantee and provide medical care -in the best possible way- to all patients who require it during Phase 3 of the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Hospital Reconversion Plan is underway


In order to guarantee and provide medical care -in the best possible way- to all patients who require it during Phase 3 of the Covid-19 pandemic, The National Hospital Reconversion Plan is underway.

Since March 30, the date on which the health emergency was decreed in Mexico, the Ministry of Health reported that -for scenario 3-, It could add around 2,342 beds available for critically ill and semi-critical patients.

Every time during Phase 2, a total of 5,059 adaptable ventilator beds were counted.

In addition, after the signing of the “Together Against COVID-19” pact, the country’s private hospitals will release 3,115 beds for patients with diseases other than the coronavirus and thus attend to beneficiaries of the IMSS, ISSSTE, INSABI, of the Secretariat of the National Defense and the Secretary of the Navy.


The Ministry of Health enabled COVID-19 hospitals, among which the following stand out:

  • National Institute of Respiratory Diseases
  • National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán
  • General Hospital of Mexico
  • Juarez Hospital of Mexico
  • Federico Gómez Children’s Hospital of Mexico
  • General Hospital Dr. Manuel Gea González
  • Regional Hospital of High Specialty Ixtapaluca
  • Tlalnepantla Regional Hospital
  • ISSEMyM Toluca Medical Center


The Mexican Institute of Social Security has arranged 184 highly specialized and second-level medical units throughout the country to serve only patients infected with Covid-19.

  • State of Mexico: General Hospital of the Atlacomulco Zone
  • Hidalgo: General Hospital of Subzone no. 33 of Tizayuca
  • Chiapas: General Hospital of Zone No. 1 of Tapachula
  • Nayarit: Bahía de Banderas Hospital (opening pending)
  • For the metropolitan area: General Hospital of the Zone. No. 32 Villa Coapa

Within the hospital conversion for Covid-19, patients will also be seen at:

  • XXI Century National Medical Center
  • Western National Medical Center in Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Northeast National Medical Center in Monterrey, Nuevo León
  • La Raza National Medical Center, with its Infectology Hospital


The ISSSTE enabled 37 medical units for the health emergency for Covid-19, – in an early stage – for critical and semi-critical patients.

For the metropolitan area, the following stand out:

In the south:

  • National Medical Center “November 20”
  • General Hospital Dr. Darío Fernández Fierro

In the north:

  • Regional Hospital 1st. October

In the East:

  • Ignacio Zaragoza Regional Hospital
  • General Hospital José María Morelos y Pavón

In the west:

  • Tacuba General Hospital
  • General Hospital Dr. Fernando Quiroz

In the State of Mexico:

  • Regional Hospital Type B of High Specialty Bicentennial of Independence


It should be noted that after the declaration of a health emergency by Covid-19 – on March 30 – all public and private health institutions will be available to the health sector so that – if required – they can attend to infected patients by coronavirus.

Mexico is in Phase 3… What measures should be taken?

According to the national health system, for the care of all Mexicans with or without social security, there are 4 thousand 658 hospitals, of which 1353 are public and 3305 private, including the Mexican Red Cross.

There are 28 thousand 343 external consultation units, of which 20 thousand 957 depend on the public sector and 7 thousand 386 on private initiative.



Neuer is upset by leaks about his contract | Excelsior


Bayern Munich goalkeeper and captain Manuel Neuer censured this Sunday the “leaks” to the press of the negotiation process for its renewal with the Bavarian giant, conversations that are currently at a standstill.

All the negotiations that have taken place since I arrived (at Bayern) have always been confidential, nothing leaked, “Neuer said in an interview with the Bild newspaper.

But now, the current negotiations are constantly made public by the press and are often wrong, that irritates me, it is not something I am used to at Bayern, “acknowledged the 2014 world champion with the ‘Mannschaft’.

Neuer confirmed however that It has not yet reached an agreement with the Bavarian leaders for its contractual extension.

I want to have a contract that is beneficial to me and Bayern. I want to have a good performance, be present in the team and give 100% (…) For this, all the conditions must be met, “he insisted.

Neuer signed for Bayern Munich in 2011 from Schalke 04, and with Bayern he conquered seven Bundesligas and the Champions League in 2013.

His contract with Bayern expires in June 2021. and several English clubs would have already been interested in taking over the services of the goalkeeper with 92 international matches with Germany.

His agent Thomas Kroth denied that Neuer wants to have a five-year contract with a tab of 20 million euros a year.

We did not ask the club for anything that could put it in difficulty in the context of the coronavirus crisis, “said Thomas Roth.

Neuer also clarified that the arrival next season of promising goalkeeper Alexander Nübel, 23 years old and also trained in Schalke 04, it is not something that worries him.

“As long as I perform well, I will play,” he insisted.



Interior Minister Soylu calls for video “stay home”

According to the information received reporters from the Immigration Administration officials, new types koronavirüsl to (Kovid-19) to support the social isolation in the struggles for Compliance and Communication Department to the “At home, there is life, I Turkey stayed at home” video created with the slogan.

In the video, Interior Minister Soylu, Deputy Minister of Interior İsmail Çataklı, General Manager of Migration Management Abdullah Ayaz, Deputy Director of Migration Management Gökçe Ok, Head of Directorate General of Migration Management Compliance and Communication Aydın Keskin Kadıoğlu, Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of Migration Management Gökhan Akyıldız as players from local administrators, artists, teaching the officials, international students from many different walks of people as foreigners in Turkey, to the videos they shoot their homes “home stay Turkey,” he urged.

Interior Minister Suleiman Noble, the video prepared, “Humanity is going through a big test. We can accomplish together this examination. We must believe in. There is a password for this exam, then stay home. Life home favorites, home stay Turkey.” used expressions.


On the other hand, foreign footballers “Turkey remain at home” message to say he appreciated Turkish. Football players invited citizens to stay at home with Turkish messages.

National football player Cenk Tosun, Beşiktaş footballers Domagoj Vida, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Trabzonspor footballers Doğan Erdoğan, Filip Novak, Galatasaray footballers Sofiane Feghouli, Florin Andone and Mario Lemina, Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor football player İbrahim Sissoko also participated in the project. dressed Senegalese footballer Moussa Sow, the second-ranked national skier Ayşe Kader Yavuz, one of the artists Yusuf Güney, Şahin Kendirci, the American artist Della Miles, the Kazakh artist Arslanbek Sultanbekov, the Moldovan artist Leonida Timuş, the artist from Turkmenistan Begench Orayev, Iranian. Shahrzad Alinezhad Painters, Turkey’s ambassador to Khartoum Irfan Neziroğlu, Palestinian Ambassador to Ankara Faedda Mustafa, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğl of Necmettin Erbakan University Rector Dr. Cem Zorlu, Vice Rector of the University of Health Sciences. Dr. Kemalettin Aydın, Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty Member Dr. Ahmet Nohutçu, Anadolu University Faculty Member Dr. Ozan Evrim Tunca, English teacher Hakiimu Kawalya and writer Ahmet Turgut also attended.


96-year-old patient beats Covid-19 in Querétaro

96-year-old patient beats Covid-19 in Querétaro

The Queretano left the hospital to applause and batons.


Between batons and shouts of “Yes, it was possible!” A 96-year-old patient was discharged and managed to recover from the Covid19 coronavirus infection in the state of Querétaro.

The medical discharge was registered in the general hospital of Querétaro, where the medical staff and nurses made a walk for the patient, some even carrying balloons as a sign of encouragement as they passed the stretcher in which the elderly adult was removed from the hospital.

According to the Querétaro State Health Secretariat (Seseq), there are 80 Covid-positive patients in this entity19, of which 38 correspond to women (47.5%) and 42 men (52.5%), whose ages range between 13 and 97 years.

So far, 27 patients have been discharged, 35 have mild symptoms and continue to be isolated and managed at home, there are 11 hospitalized patients, two of whom are serious and six deaths have been recorded.

According to the behavior of the pathogen registered by scientists, one of the groups most vulnerable to Covid mortality19 is that of the elderly, hence the hubbub of medical personnel from the hospital in Queretaro.

These are the 10 most infected municipalities of Covid-19

Nurse attacked in Querétaro sues her aggressor

This will be the handling of deaths by Covid-19 in CDMX


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There are 7,497 cases of coronavirus in Mexico

Covid-19-related deaths across the Republic total 650.

Covid-19-related deaths across the Republic total 650.


The federal Ministry of Health reported that the number of cases of the new coronavirus in the country amounted to 7,497.

During a conference held at the National Palace it was also announced that the deaths related to the Covid-19 in all the Republic add 650.

Similarly, Hugo López Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, pointed out that regarding the suspected cases total 12,369 and there have been 29,301 negative tests.

Likewise, it was said that from 60 years It is the age where more people have had to be hospitalized.


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Minister Koca announced the number of recent cases and deaths in corona virus!

Last minute news … 3 thousand 783 people in the last 24 hours Covidien-19 diagnosis was made in Turkey, 121 people lost their lives, the total number of 82 thousand 329 cases, loss of life was the 1890s.

Minister of Health on the website of the Ministry of Health Fahrettin Koca‘S shared on Twitter, “Turkey Day coronavirus According to the current data of the table, 40 thousand 520 tests were performed today. In this context, 3,783 people were diagnosed with Kovid-19.

121 patients died in the last 24 hours, 1822 patients recovered.

The total number of tests was 598 thousand 933, the total number of cases was 82 thousand 329, the total number of deaths was 1890, the total number of intensive care patients was 1894, the total number of intubated patients was 1054, the total number of healed patients was 10 thousand 453.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in a statement on Twitter, said, “The number of healing patients has exceeded 10 thousand. We have significant advantages in treatment. Despite our increasing number of tests, there is a decrease in the number of newly added cases. We have two strengths; Prevention, treatment. Let’s use our strength.” used expressions.

Breaking news: Minister Koca announces last number of deaths and deaths in corona virus


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Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made a statement after the coronavirus Scientific Committee meeting held by the video conference method at Bilkent Campus of the Ministry.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, new types in Turkey coronavirus (Kovid-19) the number of cases today that are added 4 thousand 353 people with 78 thousand 546 reaches, 1542 patients had improved, reported that a total of 8 thousand 631 people the disease beat.

Minister Koca held a press conference at the Bilkent Campus, following the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting, in which members of the Science Committee attended with video conferences.

“A new type of coronavirus is 38 days that in Turkey,” expressing her husband, “My request to you is, is ready for this fight cause for shots of measures to keep much tighter than before, to move into your home to take the virus on the street. Your house stay, Protect yourself, protect your loved ones. Social distance, Follow the isolation rule. ” he spoke.

Expressing that those who do not go out on the streets are the invisible heroes of this struggle, Koca said that empty streets and empty squares are the areas where this war, which is given again every day, is won.

Stating that radiation is a known method for the treatment of epidemic disease, Koca explained that it is aimed to prevent the spread of the disease in epidemic diseases firstly, and if the spread is not stopped, only treatment results cannot be achieved. Minister Koca said, “Although we have recently announced the studies of the radiation to the Turkish public, this is a practice we have been carrying out meticulously since the first case. We have completed the preparations for this while we delayed the entry of the virus into our country.” used the expression.

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Reminding that he shared a chart showing the people infected with the disease from the first case, Koca said, “This scheme was an example of the study we studied individually for each of our cases. The number of people who have been touched until now has been 322 thousand 754. Our rate of radiation has reached 97.5 percent.” gave information.

Stating that all the transactions carried out by the field teams are followed electronically by the Ministry’s information systems, Koca stated that the rates and the time to reach the contacts in particular are closely monitored. “In this way, we can measure our filth success numerically, identify the points that are open from the center and decide on the extra measures we will take at these points.” said.

Minister Koca stated that district health directorates and community health center physicians, dentists and other health personnel, on the one hand, reached infected cases and facilitated their detection, on the other hand, reduced the burden on hospitals by keeping them under surveillance.

“We saw the effect of early treatment as a concrete”

Turkey’s infectious diseases of the past experiences in the struggle can not be ignored, it is realization of a strong health system, integrated common explaining that the role of the primary care organization and a sophisticated health information systems Husband, the words continued as follows:

“It is our great chance that we have these. We have tested once again how much the investment in health is in place as a society. Early intervention in cases is another important aspect of our struggle strategy. Unlike the information from China before, we create our own treatment algorithm. We started taking medications early, regardless of social security, we delivered the drug to all our patients for free. While the need for intensive care was 11 percent in cases, it was followed up after fillation and the need for intensive care was 4 percent for those who started early treatment. Likewise, intubation need in this age group was 5.71 percent. from 2.43 percent. “

Stating that another concrete result of starting early treatment is the change in the rate of the disease turning into pneumonia, Koca said, “Contrary to the information we obtained from other countries, the rate of our patients turned into pneumonia decreased significantly as a result of changing our treatment algorithm and starting drug treatment early. intubation is reflected in our numbers. ” he spoke.

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Koca, who also shared some concrete consequences of home isolation, stated that there was a significant decrease in the number of positive cases at an advanced age as a result of the curfew of 65 years old and young people. Koca said that 35% of cases were older than 65 years before curfew restriction, and this rate dropped to 18% after the restriction. Reminding that those over 65 and those with comorbid disease constitute the biggest risk group, Koca said, “I know that it is not easy to be forced to stay at home, but we see the result of this and demand that these measures be implemented persistently.” used the expression.

Stating that healthcare personnel continue their duties at the same speed and with the same effort, Koca said, “Despite this, you can see that there is a slowdown in the load on our hospitals. On the one hand, there is an increase in the number of cases as a result of our widespread screening programs with radiation and on the other hand, the increasing number of tests. however, we see that this rate of increase is decreasing, it will not be surprising that it will create a plateau in the coming days. The decrease in the number of hospitalized patients is also shown in the chart. ” he spoke.


Sharing the case table, Koca said, “As of this hour, the total number of tests was 558 thousand 413 with the 40 thousand 270 tests that came out today. The total number of cases reached 78 thousand 546 with 4 thousand 353 new cases added today. 1542 patients recovered. We have 8 thousand 631 citizens who have overcome the -19 disease. Despite our increasing number of tests, our rate of increase is decreasing. The number of patients with intensive care and intubation is decreasing. The number of patients who are recovered and discharged is rapidly increasing. ” said.

Turkey is different from other countries striking her husband, she said:

“Do not ignore your symptoms, consider that our hospitals are very intense, apply. We have the power and conditions to serve you. Do not be late for treatment. Being late can lead to lung inflammation, may require intensive care and intubation support. Although our patients who are still in intensive care are complained late We are not a Spain or an USA We have the opportunity to respond early to the disease, we have the power to deal with our patient who has a clinical complaint.

There is a universal wisdom from history that threatens societies and times of turmoil, which tells the same thing that our scientists are asking you today. This advice says, ‘Stay with your home until anxiety and turmoil settle down, stay in your home until life stops, and stay calm’. It is possible to summarize this advice as follows; Get home, get home, your home is bigger than you think. What science wants from you is the inspiration that is inspired. It may be a little difficult to comply with, but the reward will be great. We will win these awards with the measures we follow today. Reward health, reward keep our loved ones alive. “

Koca, who shared the situation in Denizli, Eskişehir and Erzincan on the map, stated that there is no risk or priority difference in the selection of these cities, but it is aimed at reflecting the photographs of various regions of the country.

Stating that the proposal for the prevention of violence in health was put on the agenda and enacted with the agreement of all parties in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Koca thanked all the deputies who contributed in the introduction of the most comprehensive law to protect health workers from violence.


Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said, “Our current picture is that our patient growth rate has decreased and our death rate has entered a stagnant period. The bed occupancy, intensive care occupancy and intubation, that is, the occupancy rate of our ventilators have stabilized. This table is pleasing for us.” said.

On the question of whether the Scientific Committee had an advice on curfews for the coming weeks, Minister Koca said:

“In the Scientific Committee, I also mentioned last time, we always talk that contact, distance and isolation are extremely important especially in the fight against the epidemic. We can easily say that the curfew decided this weekend, which started last weekend, served this purpose. In this direction, “I think this issue may come up next week. But let’s not forget that the Scientific Board is an advisory board. In other words, the Scientific Board is not a decision maker. In this sense, the Scientific Board is an institution that takes advisory decisions.”

Will 23 April be combined with the ban on leaving?

When asked about the allegation that the curfew restriction will be combined with April 23 next weekend, Koca said, “In this sense, April 23 has not come to the agenda. I think it may be the agenda for the new week.” used expressions.

Minister Koca shared the following information about how the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) was diagnosed:

“Now, let me explain the issue more clearly. We have tried to take the health dimension with the suggestions and approaches of our Scientific Committee from the very beginning. In other words, to whom the tests should be done, which patient will be suspicious, which patient is Kovidli, which patient should be treated with this, day by day. Let’s know that the algorithm has changed. “

Husband treatment procedure in a dynamic way that people are always updated from around the world in this regard, stressing that much different when “all public sector doctors, our friends in Turkey-specific and universities made everyone when testing a patient, including hospitals and to begin what treatment, when in intensive care, When it was necessary to intubate, the subjects were standardized in detail. ” he spoke.

Minister Koca stated that according to the guideline determined by the Scientific Committee, the approach of a physician in Şırnak, Tekirdağ and Kars, as well as all healthcare personnel in private, public and university, is the same. Drawing attention to the importance of this standard, Minister Koca continued his words as follows:

“We’re getting started in all of Turkey we started a new treatment. Here, especially as an algorithm. If the symptoms we’re seeing suspicious of these patients. Not mandatory condition to be detected on CT scan. If there is contact and symptoms for us it is also suspect. Which is in contact with a patient and someone who has the symptom or just has the symptom is already written in the guideline. There is no rule that testing should be done when the tomography is positive. “


Husband, reminding that the cases considered suspicious are the definition of the World Health Organization for the diagnosis of Kovid-19 “In this definition, if the PCR test is a country where the PCR test is positive, even positive, twice positive, twice negative, if there is a suspicious case, it is reported. He explains clearly, so the definition of the suspect case is clear. The definition of the confirmed case is also clear. But we also apply Kovid therapy to the suspected case in our treatment algorithm. ” he spoke.

Stating that hydroxychloroquine treatment was initiated in the early period for patients with early symptoms, Koca said, “If there is a situation of not being able to leave a seasonal flu, then we are starting the antiviral medicine about it. This is also written in the guide. So we do not deprive the case, the citizen in this sense.” used the expression.

Koca emphasized that:

“For this reason, we say that our citizens who are in contact or have symptoms should definitely try to get this treatment early by wearing our mask to start treatment early and isolating themselves, especially if they are in the environment. “We know that it reduces the transition to intensive care. Currently, most of the cases intubated in intensive care are our patients who applied to our health institutions late. We do not expect the test results for this. It is already clear that these patients should start treatment by looking suspicious as well.”


Minister Koca made the following assessment after reminding him that the incidence rate will draw a plateau in the coming weeks:

“I said that we should not be surprised if it happens in the coming days. I especially underlined once again that our current table has decreased our patient growth rate, our death increase rate has entered a stationary period. The bed occupancy, intensive care occupancy and intubation, ie the occupancy rate of our health institutions have stabilized in this period. the table is gratifying for us. “

Turkey’s fight against koronavirüsl signatures from around the world to different applications at the Ministerial reminiscent of her husband, said:

“It is not just a drug application. In other words, when talking about the drug application and its continuation, that is, when the patient has symptoms in the early period, I am talking about a drug that we apply to everyone differently from the world we started in the early period. We see that the conversion to pneumonia is very clear when we start early. China ‘ We have a favipiravir drug that is mostly used for intubated patients but we use it as an antiviral agent at the time when the respiratory problem begins.We use it, plus we have another drug from the drug group we call another macrolide at that time. We benefit a lot from this. The world is still demonstrating its approach to connecting these patients to the early device. “


Ministers husband, Science Council of Turkey to the world regarding the methods of combating the disease quickly broadcast recording they also discussed making “So this distinctiveness us, we want to show by broadcasting rapidly into the world of scientists, I believe we will do that.” said.


Stating that there will be an increase in the number of healing patients, Health Minister Koca said, “Our number of healing patients will be over 10 thousand soon. There is a balance between the number of inpatients and the number of patients discharged.” said.


Regarding the question asked about the work of Ercüment Ovalı, Minister of Health, “The mentioned drug is a patented drug of an international pharmaceutical company. The drug and vaccination work is both a national and a strategic business. It is not done on social media. How to do research in the world is clear, over social media it cannot be played with people’s hope. ” said.

Turkey is a licensed drug that is useful in the study stated that the Minister epidemic husband, “We know that in Turkey licensed drug Kovid-19 is useful in clinical started work on that.” said.


“Our citizens should not give up measures to prevent new fluctuations, a little more patience.” said.


Health Minister Koca asked the question about the sale of masks for a fee, “(Free giving of the mask) We have provided a code to be given again when the people who do not receive a message apply to the pharmacy.” said.


Jalisco Coronavirus today April 18. Breaking news and cases

So far, Jalisco has 196 confirmed cases of covid-19 coronavirus and four more asymptomatic according to data from the state Secretariat of Health. There are 13 deaths from the strain in the entity.

Still on MILLENNIUM breaking news about the coronavirus in Jalisco. Here you can find out the national panorama on covid-19.

There are 196 positive cases of covid-19 in Jalisco

In the last 24 hours, the number of health workers who have contracted coronavirus grew in Jalisco. The Jalisco Health Secretariat reported six more people who acquired covid-19, bringing the number of cases in the state to 196, registered on the platform of the National System of Epidemiological Surveillance. Of these, nine correspond to health personnel, adding one more case; its contagion is associated with the care provided in medical units; all correspond to residents of Puerto Vallarta.

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Supplies sent by the Federation are of poor quality: SSJ

The medical supplies that the Federation sent to Jalisco to deal with covid-19 infections are of poor quality, assured the health secretary Fernando Petersen, who also reported that they will not be returned, but they will not be used to treat with patients infected with the new coronavirus.

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Three inmates from Puente Grande test positive for covid-19

The Jalisco Ministry of Health reported that, after a random sampling carried out in the Puente Grande Penitentiary complex, three positive cases of covid-19 were identified. These cases are considered asymptomatic, however, to avoid the spread of the other inmates, the infected people were isolated for 14 days.

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Mouthguards will be mandatory at ZMG from Monday

Starting next Monday, April 20, the use of mouth covers will be mandatory in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area to enter supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores and all kinds of establishments, as well as to board public transport.

This is what is detailed in a statement published by the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco on their social networks, deleted moments later, and addressed to its affiliates.

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69-year-old man overcomes covid-19 in Jalisco; they discharge it

A 69-year-old man, a population at risk of dying from covid-19, survived the coronavirus on Friday and left hospital 46 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), in Jalisco. Accompanied by a man in a blue gown and in a wheelchair, Concepción, 69, gets up and the medical staff begins to applaud him until he leaves the hospital.

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