Report: Amazon will distribute its new headquarters between NY and DC

New York / Washington, November 5 (EFE) .- The American electronic trade giant Amazon plans to distribute its second seat between two cities -Washington and New York- instead of choosing a single place, according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ ). ) and The New York Times. The company, which is based in Seattle, Washington, […]

Lexar has the first microSD card in the world with a 512GB A2 rating

Lexar has just announced "the world's largest MicroSD A2 card". No, it still has 512GB, but what distinguishes it from other MicroSD cards that have the same capacity is its "Performance of Application Class 2" classification. This MicroSD card is improved to transfer applications and games from the internal volume of the phone to the […]

NASA warns that a giant asteroid is approaching Earth today

The asteroid called "2018 in Woo", which goes beyond the Big Ben clock and rises to an altitude of one third of the height of Big Ben, St. Paul's cathedral and NASA astronomers in California are predicting a change in atmosphere at 2.16 pm GMT. The diameter of the asteroid equals about 10 two-lane buses […]

Technology Tuesday 6/11/2018: A new report proposes to open the digital assistant of Bixby for developers of Samsung

If there is a reason why Amazon Alexa is so popular and supported now, it is Amazon's decision to open this digital assistant for third-party developers, helping to integrate this digital assistant into a variety of products. Now, Samsung may consider adopting a similar strategy to help increase the popularity of your Bixby digital assistant. […]

Yongnuo announces the Androide YN450 camera with Canon EF lenses

Dubai – By Mohammad Faris © Unlimit Tech Submitted by yun430 YN450 camcorder with Canon EF lens appeared on technology without limits. Yongnuo has announced the Canon YN450 camera with a built-in interior design with Canon EF lenses, which also works with the Andoride operating system and supports 4K images. Yongnuo offers its new version […]

USA EE. UU. The armed civilians go to the southern border

More news that may interest you The groups of armed civilians and well-known border guard officers took care of the call in the warnings of the president Donald Trump on the threats to the security before the arrival of the migrant caravan looking for asylum in the United States, informed the Washington Post. "We will […]

Another American company in the crude oil business

With an investment of 36.4 million dollars, the North American giant ExxonMobil joined the oil transportation business of the Neuquén Basin when it bought from Pampa Energía 90.9% of its participation in the Pipelines of the Valley (Oldelval). The transaction took place last Friday and represents the income of the second American company to the […]

The couple dies in fatal accidents after their wedding

The authorities are investigating a deadly helicopter accident in Texas, which killed a couple who only celebrated their marriage. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that the Bell B206 helicopter fell overnight Saturday in unfamiliar circumstances in a remote area about 15 kilometers northwest of Uvalde, Texas. The FAA and the National Transportation Security Board […]

Sabrien Alnjaily starred during the Arab Music Festival at the Opera

Sabreen Alnjaily starred during the Arab Music Festival in Opera: Cairo – Shaimaa Makkawi The new star Sabreen Alnjaili was created at the Arab Music Festival. The fourth night of the 27th Arab Music and Conference Festival, which is celebrated on the great stage of the Egyptian Opera in Cairo, which is called the late […]

The best phones you can buy this year

The best phones you can buy this year Huawei Mitt 20 Brochhad This year is a heated race among smart phone makers, who competed in the launch of several devices with innovative and sophisticated specifications, the following is the list of the best ones according to the Tech website Tip: Google pixels 3 and 3xLX […]