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QAnon is not a simple conspiracy theory, it is a true collective hallucination that is rampant in parts of the United States. According to followers, there is a hidden deep state plot that aims to oust Donald Trump. Roberta Rei brings us to know who managed to get out of the sect and who instead fell into the “rabbit hole”

“It’s coming to get you, it’s coming to your country”. Roberta Rei, in the service you can see above, leads us to learn about a conspiracy theory that is rapidly turning into a real collective hallucination: it’s called QAnon and it is a sect that is playing an important role in the presidential election campaign in November.

According to this absurd “cult” would exist a deep state plan and the new world order to oust the White House Donald Trump, the “warrior Q” who fights against these “strong powers” accused of colluding with satinaste networks and pedophiles. The FBI has begun to consider this cult as a terrorist threat, to which many people are adhering and which is becoming more and more extremist.

But how did it all start? With the Hillary Clinton email scandal published by Wikileaks on the eve of the presidential campaign in 2016. According to some sites of the American alt right, in those conversations there are secret messages related to the world of pedophilia and Satanism: Hillary Clinton and her staff have abused, raped and devoured children in a well-known pizzeria in Washington that would actually be a meeting place for satinasti.

Our Hyena i leads us to know this absurd world, talking to whom he managed to get out of this sect and who, on the other hand, is firmly convinced of the theories of the QAnon cult: are you ready to dive with us into the “rabbit hole”? Look at Roberta Rei’s report at the head of this article.


On video | Van Damme: 60 years of life, martial arts and excesses

The image of the Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a split (lateral opening of the legs) on any surface became a great reference in action cinema and martial arts. Its elasticity allowed him to create fantastic blows such as the flying kick with 360 ° rotation or helicopter kick, in which he mixed techniques of karate and classical ballet, something that aroused the interest of fans of this type of martial choreography.

In order to achieve world recognition, he had to migrate to the United States in 1982 with the illusion of venturing into Hollywood cinema. While that was happening, he made a living as a taxi driver, pizza delivery man, carpet installer, security guard and sparring partner for Chuck Norris, another action movie great.

His first role was as an extra in the 1984 film Missing in Action (known in Colombia as Prisoner of War), thanks to a recommendation from Norris. Two years later he begins to emerge after becoming the antagonist of the film Never Back Down, Never Surrender.

His first leading role was in the film Bloody Contact (1988), a tribute to Frank Dux, the greatest exponent of martial arts in Canada and the United States.

That movie co-starred Bolo Yeung, a Chinese bodybuilder also skilled in karate-do and kung fu. Bolo was a great friend of Bruce Lee and his success in the cinema is also due to Jean Claude Vandamme, with whom he still maintains a good friendship.

Among his most remembered films are: Kickboxer, Lawless Fighting Lion, Double Impact, Universal Soldier and The Colony.

Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg (his first name) celebrates 60 years of life today. He knows very well what it is like to reach the top, but also due to his excesses of liquor, hallucinogens and women, he headed towards a dark alley from which it is difficult to escape. “He spent up to $ 10,000 a week on cocaine,” said Steven De Souza, director of the film version of the video game Street Fighter, which Van Damme starred in in 1994.

For others, especially people of the new generations, the image of Van Damme is only referenced in their conversations on WhatsApp and social networks as a meme, a funny character who dances in a very peculiar way in a scene from Kickboxer, while drinking in a canteen.

Beyond that, in his film career he had to defeat great rivals like Tong Po in Kickboxer, but he also found great allies such as basketball star Dennis Rodman, his fellow adventurer in The Colony.

His name is still valid as an actor, producer and director. In this last aspect, he has stood out for films such as The Quest or Full love. Another successful film in which Jean Claude Van Damme starred is The Indestructibles 2 (2012), in which he is the main villain. A constellation of stars from the action movies led by Sylvester Stallone participates in this film. They are followed by: Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Liam Hemsworth.

Julio Lara, teacher, critic and public educator, pointed out that Van Dame is a reference of the great exponents of martial arts in the film industry, and although he is not at the height of Bruce Lee or Yuen Woo-Ping, he remains in the Top 10.

“The first reference I had of him was from the movie Bloody Contact, from there I began to notice that his career coincided with certain directors who suddenly sowed some kind of seed in Hollywood. A memorable film in his career is Universal Soldier, which marks the debut of German director Roland Emmerich, who later made Independence Day, Godzila, The Day After Tomorrow, among others ”.


Prosecutor’s Office occupies six Alex Saab properties valued at $ 38,000 million

The Specialized Directorate for Extinction of Domain Rights of the Prosecutor’s Office with support from the CTI This Saturday imposed precautionary measures on six properties of businessman Alex Naim Saab Morán, appointed figurehead of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

The investigating body indicated that these assets are valued at $ 38,000 million and the proceedings were carried out in Barranquilla and Cartagena, where these properties are located.

The decision for the process of extinction of the property right – affirms the Prosecutor’s Office – is related to the investigation carried out by the accusing body to Saab Morán, for the crimes of money laundering, illicit enrichment, fictitious export or import and conspiracy to commit a crime.


It is known that he often neglects his own people and places importance on his concubines, it turns out that the king of Thailand will not fall despite the protests of all his people, because of this law

via Honey

Raja Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn. – News about the massive demo at Thailand got the world’s attention.

It’s just that the demo won’t be too ‘considered’.

Because, there is one law of Thailand where the King Thailand or government families become anti-criticism.

What is that?

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Its name is lese-majeste law Thailand, where this law prohibits insulting monarchy, is one of the strictest laws in the world.

Reported BBC, the law enforcement has increased since the military Thailand took power in 2014 through a coup.

Many people have been sentenced to severe prison sentences for violating the law.

Critics say the military-backed government is using the law to suppress free speech.

The UN has repeatedly asked Thailand to change it.

However, the government says the law is necessary to protect the monarchy, which is highly respected in Thailand.

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South Africa plans to adopt a gas code

(Ecofin Agency) – The South African government has announced its goal of becoming a major player in the gas sector around the world. To this end, he is working on a bill on gas which will serve in particular to attract more investment, both national and foreign, in this segment.

Gwede Mantashe (photo), South Africa’s Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, has announced that the use and monetization of natural gas has become a priority for the country. To do this, the authorities plan to put in place legislation to regulate their gas ambitions.

“We are in the process of repositioning South Africa so that it becomes a serious player in the world gas market”, he added.

A gas bill will be tabled in parliament very soon, in accordance with the appropriate legislative process. The said bill will make it possible in particular to attract investments intended for infrastructure for the import of LNG and to intensify exploration activities. In addition, it will serve to diversify the energy mix and reduce the rainbow nation’s carbon emissions.

Moreover, according to Mr Mantashe, current and future gas discoveries in South Africa will be used to supply power stations and other petrochemical installations, thus promoting the reduction of imports of petroleum products.

It must be said that a technical working group has been set up to establish a commercial business plan in order to develop liquefied natural gas (LNG) import-export facilities in the various ports of the country.

In addition, the government has also set a goal of doubling the consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) over the next five years.

Lorianne Biaou


New car incentives, the August decree is law

With the approval first in the Senate and then in the Chamber, the decree containing measures to support the economy for 25 billion, 500 million for car incentives is converted into law. But some of the funds are already exhausted

The August decree was converted into law by the Chamber of Deputies. It contains measures intended to support and revive the economy for a total of 25 billion euros including those affecting the automotive sector in terms of refinancing incentives for the purchase of new or used cars to stimulate the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. The Chamber of Deputies approved the decree that had already obtained the Senate’s ok with 265 yes, 180 no and 2 abstentions. A few hours earlier, the confidence in the measure had been approved, with 294 yes, 217 no and 2 abstentions. The maximum time for approval, under penalty of forfeiture, would have been 13 October. As for the auto sector, the additional endowment already made by the decree is 410 million, which will make it possible to continue along the path taken to modernize the fleet by favoring the purchase of electric cars, plug-in hybrids and thermal engine vehicles as long as they have CO2 emissions within 110 g / km. Another 90 million will be allocated to finance the charging stations.


The August decree modified the emission bands on the basis of which the bonuses are paid: the first two remain unchanged – from 0 to 20 grams of CO2 per km and from 21 to 60 – while it is divided into two – from 61 to 90 and 91 to 110 g / km – what initially a single category. Who has a registered vehicle that is ten years old and decides to scrap it and buy a new electric one with CO2 emissions included between 0 and 20 g / km benefits from an incentive of € 10,000. If the choice falls on a car with emissions between 21 and 60 g / km (plug-in hybrid), the bonus is 6,500, while if the emissions range from 61 to 90 g / km, 3,750 euros are recognized. Finally, a 3,500 euro bonus for those who buy a vehicle with emissions between 91 and 110 g / km, scrapping an old vehicle at the same time as in all the cases mentioned so far. It should be noted that part of the amounts – 2,000 euros – are represented by an additional discount to be paid by the dealer.

incentives by emission band without scrapping

If, on the other hand, there is no scrapping, the incentive for those who buy a car with emissions included between 0 and 20 g / km of C02 is 6,000 euros; between 21 and 60 of 3,500 euros. Moving on to vehicles with emissions between 61 and 90 g / km, the bonus is 2,000 euros, which is reduced to 1,750 euros and for those between 91 and 110 it drops, in these cases the additional contribution of the dealer is one thousand euros.

Funds already depleted for the 91-110 bracket and no more second-hand bonus

Contrary to what was hoped for, the Government has not refinanced the funds that have run out – such as those in the 91-110 g / km range – and those that are running out, a choice that has caused a lot of controversy and will weigh on registrations in the coming months. The discipline of tax relief on the transfer of ownership of vehicles has been postponed to an implementing measure, already foreseen in the case of the purchase of used vehicles with scrapping, setting for this a spending limit of 5 million euros for 2020.


Wearing the uniform of the National Police General at the trial, Brigadier General Prasetijo was rebuked by the judge – District Court Judges Jakarta Timur reprimanded the defendant in the fake passport case, Brigadier General or Police Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo for wearing police uniforms when reading the indictment.

This was conveyed by Chairman of the Panel of Judges Muhammad Sirad during the inaugural trial of the road document case at the East Jakarta District Court, Tuesday (13/10).

“You are in clothes that do not hold your position, because Indonesian citizens have the same position in the law, so that in the next trial you are expected to dress like the others,” said Sirad admonishing Prasetijo during the trial.

Even though the trial was held virtually and the person concerned did not appear in the courtroom directly. The Panel of Judges still tolerated Police Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo who attended the trial wearing police official clothes.

“Today is given tolerance. Hopefully the next day our conference brothers in clothes that are not with the department, department clothes,” said Sirad.

Previously, the defendants Djoko Tjandra, Anita Kolopaking and Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo were presented online at the trial which was held at the East Jakarta District Court. The trial of this fake passport case was held separately.

“The defendant Joko Soegiarto Tjandra alias Joko Soegiarto alias Joe Chan bin Tjandra Kusuma together with Anita Dewi A Kolopaking and Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo have committed, ordered to commit and participate in several acts that must be seen as continuing, making false letters or falsifying letters. which can give rise to something right, “said public prosecutor (JPU) Yeni Trimulyani in reading the indictment, at the East Jakarta District Court, Tuesday (13/10).

The three defendants are charged with violating Article 263 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code juncto Article 55 paragraph 1 of the 1st Criminal Code juncto Article 64 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code and Article 263 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code juncto Article 64 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.



In Strasbourg, the Greens hostile to Huawei investments

The establishment in the Grand-Est of a 5G antenna factory of the world leader in telecoms equipment will be discussed on Monday. For now, the subject divides opinion.

By Yolande Baldeweck

Jeanne Barseghian, ecological mayor of Strasbourg (here during a municipal council, September 21), refused the label “European Capital of Democracy”, awarded to the city.
Jeanne Barseghian, ecological mayor of Strasbourg (here during a municipal council, September 21), refused the label “European Capital of Democracy”, awarded to the city. Frederic MAIGROT/REA/Frederic MAIGROT/REA

The ecologists are in a logic of rupture. Removal of the Christmas tree in Bordeaux, contempt for the Tour de France in Lyon. In Strasbourg, mayor EELV Jeanne Barseghian, until now more discreet, has just declined the label “European Capital of Democracy” that an Austrian think-tank wanted to award to her city. One file chasing the other, the ecological mayor and the president of the Eurometropolis, Pia Imbs, signatories of the forum for the 5G moratorium, now want to discuss Huawei’s establishment at the Illkirch-Graffenstaden innovation park . A Chinese delegation will be in Strasbourg on Monday to meet the officials of the Eurometropolis.

«Since January, the Grand Est region, the Alsace development agency and the metropolitan area’s economic service have been working to bring in Huawei. We need this investment with the looming crisis», Pleads the mayor of Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Thibaud Philipps (LR) who is counting on the support

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These 4 Symptoms Feel Some Covid-19 Patients Before Coughing and Fever

JAKARTA – Some Covid-19 patients experience symptoms of headaches, dizziness, stroke, and decreased alertness before experiencing fever, coughing and shortness of breath.

Quoted from detikhealt which launched from the Times of India, according to a recent study published in the Annals of Neurology. Researchers for the study proved and better understood these neurological symptoms by analyzing 19 COVID-19 patients in Northwestern Medicine.

In addition, this study also notes that there are other neurological symptoms that are still included in the symptoms of Covid-19, namely loss of taste and smell, seizures, and difficulty concentrating.

Seeing the results of this study, the researchers emphasized that this is very important and needs to be realized by both doctors in identifying patients and the general public to be more vigilant.

“The general public as well as doctors must be aware of this (symptoms), because SARS-CoV-2 infection can occur with neurological early symptoms before fever, cough and respiratory problems appear,” said Igor Koralnik, professor of neurology and lead author. at Northwestern University School of Medicine, Feinberg.***


Some Covid-19 Patients Without Symptoms, This Is The Cause

JAKARTA – Some patients infected with the corona virus (Covid-19) have no symptoms or people without symptoms (OTG). Why is that?

Quoted from detikhealt, a study conducted by a team at the University of Arizona, United States, found SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19, can affect certain cells in the body, thereby relieving pain and leaving patients asymptomatic.

However, even if the patient is asymptomatic, they can still spread the virus.

Dr Rajesh Khanna, professor at the Tucson Department of Pharmacology’s School of Medicine, said some Covid-19 patients were asymptomatic because the virus can cause suppression of pain, especially in its early stages.

This makes the patient feel that they have not experienced any changes in their vital organs. However, they can unconsciously pass the Covid-19 infection to many people, especially in the early days of infection.

“It makes perfect sense to me that the spread of Covid-19 occurred in the early stages, when you feel fine even though you are infected with the virus,” said Dr Khanna, quoted by the Times of India, Saturday (10/10/2020).

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that transmission occurs mostly when symptoms do not appear in Covid-19 patients. The percentage risk of transmission is large, about 40 percent, and occurs early in the infection before symptoms appear or the asymptomatic phase.

But, why can’t Covid-19 patients feel sick? One of the reasons being studied is the way the coronavirus spike protein interacts with pain receptor cells in the body, making it less painful.

Previously it was known that the corona virus could enter the body by attaching to the ACE 2 receptor. However, scientists recently discovered there is another way, namely with the help of neuropilin-1 receptor cells.

These proteins and cell-related receptor pathways are involved in processing and pain relief. When the Corona virus attaches to cells, it limits the function of vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A), which is involved in nerve function and pain receptors and leaves people with no symptoms. ***