Chinese lawyer Wang Quanzhang released, but not released

” I counted the days until Quanzhang was released. Now I count the days until the end of her forties. And I will also count the days until we are finally together ” Li Wenzu, wife of famous Chinese lawyer and human rights defender Wang Quanzhan, released from prison on Sunday April 5, remains very […]

Maria McKee, the ecstasy intact – Culture / Next

It has been thirteen years (Late December, 2007) that Maria McKee had deserted the studios. An endless silence that the American, now Londoner, used to pass a diploma as a lawyer specializing in the defense of trans people and more generally queer minorities. Herself claimed “Pansexual”, the ex-singer of Lone Justice does so in collective […]

Harbarth: Constitutional judge with a controversial past

Dusseldorf His appearance was very presidential, almost statesmanlike. In a blue suit, white shirt and blue tie, the microphone in his hand, Stephan Harbarth stepped in front of the camera to congratulate the constitution on his 70th birthday. Harbarth was not long in the office of Vice President of the Federal Constitutional Court – at […]

Terrifying moments in the courthouse: We were battered by 15 people…

Aybars Adıgüzel, who served as a lawyer for the accused of “deliberate killing” in the 11th Assize Court of Bakırköy, was interviewed by about 15 people in front of the courtroom. assault It was. Ç.Y., T.Y. and D.Y. Three people were detained. C. Y. and T.Y. D.Y. was released while he was arrested on charges […]

Michael Avenatti, former Stormy Daniels lawyer, could be ruled out in California

A former Stormy Daniels lawyer has been accused of stealing from clients. June 4, 2019, 6:26 am 3 minutes of reading Michael Avenatti, a former Stormy Daniels lawyer, could be ruled out in California, where he was accused in the Los Angeles federal court of stealing millions of dollars from clients. The State Bar of […]