Volkswagen is negotiating the purchase of the service of car rental Europcar

Carmaker Volkswagen is negotiating the purchase of a company car rental Europcar Mobility Group, reports Reuters, citing sources. In 2006, Volkswagen sold Europcar for €3,32 billion ($3.7 billion) in the framework of the program to reduce costs. Sources said that the interest is preliminary in nature, the German concern plans to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the asset.

Europcar is one of the largest companies in the car rental market in Europe was founded in Paris in 1949. Has its own offices, franchisees and partners in more than 145 countries around the world. The owner of the brand Europcar is an investment company Eurazeo.

Europcar because of the pandemic coronavirus loses. The market capitalization is €390 million Euros ($441 million) and net debt at the end of March amounted to more than €1 billion About the problems in rental vehicles was reported in the fall of 2019. As reported by Bloomberg, November 14, Eurazeo held a “strategic review” for the sale of all his shares or part thereof. Then the company’s market value was estimated at €660 million ($734 million).

Note that may of the other major service car rental Hertz has filed for bankruptcy because of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. As explained in the company, a reduction in bookings led to a sharp decline in revenue.


Does not wash the dishes. Things are not erased. Tatyana Plaksina went to terrorize her father?

Assumption daughter flew to the USA, where she behaves disgustingly

As soon as Tatyana Plaksina flew to her father, everything in her life changed dramatically, as did Ouspensky. Tatyana while she lived with her mother spoke a lot about the famous mother throughout the country, and after that, she began to apologize to her for all that was said. Subscribers suspected that the girl made Uspenskaya apologize, since Plaksina read everything from a sheet of paper and, as they say, she read it without a soul. Due to the fact that Love makes her do what she does not like, Tatyana ran away to her father in the USA 2 months ago. Everything would be fine, but at one point the girl, communicating with subscribers, forgot to turn off the live broadcast. And everyone heard how the father was trying to negotiate with his daughter, he asked if the cleaning lady would be able to clean the room.

Tatyana only hysterically shouted that she did not want to talk to him and her jaw hurt. And also, if she does not play her music, she will die. Alexander Plaksin patiently reassures his daughter, but to no avail. The girl doesn’t wash things, doesn’t wash dishes, she doesn’t even allow her to enter her room. Alexander referred to the fact that guests would come, and Tatyana began to twist and ask questions that the navel of land would come. Apparently, the father is still suffering with a nervous and not obedient daughter. Ouspenskaya feels very badly, despite the fact that she tried to forget herself through work, she does not succeed. We can conclude that Tatyana brought her mother to white heat, and went to terrorize her father.

Vlad Usacheva

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Sevillano leads the second victory of Girona in the promotion phase of the LEB Gold

The debut of Bàsquet Girona in the ascent to LEB Or a Fontajau has resulted in a convincing victory (77-65) by the team of Alex Formento, which is advancing steadily and strengthening its third position at The Girona team, who have always been ahead and had a maximum advantage of 16 points in the second quarter (39-23), have signed a choral performance against a rival, Juaristi, who had left them without The LEB Silver Cup last December, very anarchic and basically supported by former ACB veteran Van Lacke and, to a lesser extent, Reaves, who played the main role in that match in Azpeitia shortly after Christmas.

On the Girona side, Sevillano today have scored with 21 points, and Hester and Cosialls with 11. But beyond the main players, the secondary ones have also come to the rescue of the team when they have been needed, for example, in the third quarter, watching the Basques come close after a three-pointer by Van Lacke (56-47). Cosialls and Dijkstra grabbed the gallons and reached the final semi-final with a gain of 15 and a feeling that the game couldn’t be beaten (62-47).

In the exchange of baskets in which the last period has become, Girona was only winning and despite Van Lacke continuing to try, the locals have shown that they are strong in this phase of ascent. Adding two wins in two games, reinforcing third place and already have an 8-4 balance that allows you to look forward to what will come in the coming weeks. On Sunday, the Girona people visit Ponferrada (18.30).

Basketball Girona:
Sabbath (9), Hester (11), Moreno (4), Dijkstra (9) and Sevillano (21). Five initial. Graham, Costa (3), Cosialls (11), Niang (5) and Esteban (4);