Liga Betplay results date 15 and standings – Colombian Soccer – Sports

Tolima was virtually classified to the quarterfinals of the League, with its 1-1 draw with Jaguares. It reached 31 points in the table.

This Monday, Alianza lost 0-1 to Alianza Petrolera, while Santa Fe fell on their visit to Cali, 3-2.

Deportivo Pasto rose to second place with a 2-1 win over Medellín. Cristian Álvarez put the local ahead. Leonardo Castro achieved the partial tie but, finally, the pastusos won with an own goal from Yesid Díaz.

Nacional and América tied 2-2 in Medellín. America was 0-2 up, with goals from Duván Vergara and Carlos Sierra. Nacional equalized with goals from Andrés Andrade and Brayan Rovira, the latter, in replacement time.

Jaguares and Tolima tied 1-1 in Montería. Tolima took the lead with a penalty goal from Andrey Estupiñán (45 + 7 PT). Pablo Bueno tied (27 ST).

Junior defeated Deportivo Pereira 0-2, with a goal from James Sánchez and a header from Dany Rosero.

Equidad won 2-1 with Atlético Bucaramanga, at the Techo stadium. The goal was made by Herazo for Santander. Rodríguez tied in the last minutes and gave him the victory with a tremendous goal.

Cúcuta Deportivo beat Envigado 1-0 in the second game of the 15th day of the League. The game was played at the Centenario stadium in Armenia.

Boyacá Chicó and Once Caldas tied 1-1. The locals went ahead with a goal from Mateo Palacios, 19 minutes into the first half.

Roberto Ovelar tied for Once Caldas in the 68th minute, after a nice taco clearance by Dayro Moreno.

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In Bogotá, Millonarios achieved their second win in line, this time against Patriotas (1-0, with a header from Cristian Arango).



League of Legends: Wild Rift dates its regional open beta and news

League of Legends: Wild Rift is getting closer to reaching our mobiles. Just a few days ago Riot Games announced on its social networks the date for the launch of open beta of the title, which will arrive very soon for many regions of Asia. Michael Chow, the executive producer of the title, has been in charge of announcing these news and much more through a new development video.

Dates and regions confirmed for open beta

The most important news announced is the date of the start of the open beta. Recall that until now only a few players had been able to access the title through a closed beta. However, as of next October 27 (PT), Wild Rift open its doors in Android e iOS at all of the following locations Asia:

  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Thailand

Players from Bruni, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and East Timor will also be welcomed.

Beta will launch in more regions soon

Although many players from Asia will be able to taste Wild Rift themselves, what about users from Europe or America? Well, for them Riot Games also has news. Even though it won’t be that soon, I know the company has confirmed that wait and wish be able to launch the open beta of the game to beginning of the month of Decembere of 2020 at the following locations:

  • Europe
  • middle East
  • North Africa
  • Oceana
  • Russia
  • Taiwn
  • Turqua
  • Vietnam

It should be clarified that this forecast and regions may be subject to change. In addition, it is planned to start testing in most Regions of the Americas by Spring 2021, and the rest of future regions later.

What’s new in version 1.0

Riot Games has also been preparing a lot of content news for before the launch of the regional open beta. All this arrive in the give it 1.0, from October 22 (PT).


Read without, the Blind Monk, be available alongside boxer Lee Sin and Muay Thai Lee Sin.

In addition, testing phases will be implemented to six new champions that will be released later. The following characters will be free between 22 and 27 October (PT).

  • Akali the Stealthy Assassin
  • Darius, the Hand of Noxus
  • Draven, the Glorious Executioner
  • Evelynn, the Agnic Embrace
  • Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void
  • Seraphine, the Dreaming Singer


  • In South Korea and Japan, players will be able to log in using their own Riot Games accounts to earn rewards based on the time and money spent on League of Legends on PC.
  • Other closed beta regions, which may not yet have Riot accounts, will be able to create and link a Riot account and get rewards, as champions and skins, throughout the year.

League of Legends: Wild Rift be a free game MOBA for Android and iOS, una adaptacin del popular League of Legends de PC de Riot Games.


Women’s Soccer League: Millionaires vs. Llaneros match results and goals – Colombian Soccer – Sports

After one year and 16 days, the Women’s League He finally returned to competitions, after much uncertainty and the problems generated by the pandemic of covid-19.

The first match ended in a landslide: Millionaires it was much higher than Llaneros, which he thrashed 5-0 at the Metropolitan Stadium in Techo.

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Lina Marcela Gomez, after a qualification of the debutante Tatiana Ariza placeholder image, put Millonarios ahead 7 minutes into the first half. Sara Marcela Paez he made the second, at 16, after catching a ball in the small area.

The third goal was very similar to the first, also achieved by Lina Gómez, at 45. That is how the first stage ended.

In the second, Millonarios managed the pace of the game and when he wanted to accelerate, he widened differences. Lisseth Moreno he made the fourth, at 31, after a great pass from Gómez, the figure of the match.

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The fifth goal came in the 90th minute: Liseth Aroca he scored a penalty after a hand in the visiting area. Before, at 34 in the second stage, Lizeth Canacho, from the premises, had been expelled for a double warning.

The first day will continue on Saturday, with Pasto vs. America (12 m.), Medellín vs. Real San Andrés (11 am) and Nacional vs. Bucaramanga (3 pm). On Monday they will play Equidad vs. Fortaleza (3 pm) and on Tuesday, Cali vs. Junior (7:40 pm). Rest Santa Fe.


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Juventus wants to get Alaba in the winter, who refused the contract in Bayern

Andreas Gebert, Reuters

According to SportMediaset, the 28-year-old Alaba has already negotiated with the reigning Italian champion, and the agreement on the contract, which should apply from January, is well under way. Juventus could solve the problems on the left side of the defense after the injury of the Brazilian Alex Sandra.

The old lady is also seeking a left-footed universal because Alaba refused to extend the contract with the winner of the Champions League in Munich, which expires in June. Bayern sports director Hasan Salihamidjic therefore called on the player on Monday to comment after months of unsuccessful negotiations on a new contract, whether he wants to stay in Munich.

Bayern engaged Cameroonian Choupo-Moting to attack

If Juventus managed to get Alaba, he would meet the Brazilian midfielder Douglas Costa, who is in Turin from Bayern for hosting.


Havlíčkův Brod softball players are Czech champions for the third time

Havlíčkův Brod softball players are Czech champions for the third time. The hippos won the title after today’s victory over Chomutov 3: 1, thanks to which they won the final series in the shortest possible time 3: 0 for matches.


Havlíčkův Brod was won by the 23-year-old national team pitcher Michal Holobrádek, who allowed the Beavers of Chomutov only three shots and a single point in three matches. “It was a great season,” he rejoiced in the press release.

The hippos trump followed on from the victory in the highest competition in 2016 and 2017. “It’s a title after three years, but a lot of guys are celebrating success for the first time.

The softball finals will be a battle for Prague. The queens will sit on the throne this weekend

The first match of the women’s final series was won by the Joudrs over the Eagles 11: 4. On Sunday, the second match of the Prague teams and a possible third duel of an abbreviated format are on the agenda, so that the competition can be completed before the two-week ban on sports in the country due to the deteriorating situation with the spread of coronavirus.

Softball extra league final:
Men & # 39; s Match 3:
Sportclub 80 Chomutov – Hroši Havlickuv Brod 1: 3, final state of the series 0: 3.
Women – Match 1:
Eagles Praha – Joudrs Praha 4:11.


BOLA – Government asks for European support to fight terrorism (Mozambique)

The Mozambican government has requested support from the European Union, in logistics and specialized training, to reinforce the military response to terrorism in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

A letter from the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to Brussels indicates that the conflict has already caused 800 deaths, 300,000 displaced people, including 52 young people savagely murdered for refusing to move to the side of the terrorists.

It is through this letter, dated 16 September and signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo, that Mozambique requests the support of the European community to strengthen the fight against the insurgency in Cabo Delgado.

The request comes after the continental organization has expressed a willingness to assist in responding to the conflict.

«Bearing in mind the need to reinforce the military and security response measures, as well as counter the advance of terrorists and restore public law, order and tranquility in the affected districts, the Government of Mozambique considers support in the area of ​​specialized training important to combat terrorism and insurgency, through multiform support: training; logistics for counter-terrorism forces; medical assistance equipment in combat zones and technical training of personnel. »

The Government also asks for help to implement development programs in areas in conflict, as a way of reducing the vulnerability of the population, mainly young people, to collaborate with terrorists.

«The Mozambican Government considers it important to reinforce the support of international cooperation partners to the programs and projects that are being implemented in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula, under the coordination of the Integrated Development Agency of the North (ADIN). This support could also extend to the Implementation of the SADC regional project, through the establishment of the SADC Humanitarian and Emergency Operations Center in Nacala, in the province of Nampula. »

Mozambique assumes that “in recent times, there has been a concern with the tendency of intensifying and spreading terrorist actions to more districts in the province of Cabo Delgado, totaling 9 districts” and details that “so far, the action of this group has resulted in the the death of about 800 people and the displacement of around 300,000 citizens, including about 52 young people who were savagely murdered for refusing to move to the terrorists. The terrorists kidnapped people, including religious, as happened on August 11, 2020, with Brazilian nuns in Mocímboa da Praia. »

Finally, Mozambique reveals that during attacks on the positions of the Defense and Security Forces, terrorists use children and women as human shields.


The explanations of Graça Freitas sent to the League for not allowing public in the tribune of Luz – Benfica

Record had access to email

Benfica will not be able to have members in the gallery as they intended, which has already generated harsh criticism of Benfica to the League. The DGS decision not to allow this to happen was explained by Graça Freitas in an email sent to the League to which Record had access.

The general director of health informed that there was no request for an opinion from the competent Health Authority and determined: “The previous DGS opinion cannot be evoked, due to its specific and specific character and also due to the current epidemiological situation that the country presents cannot DGS agrees with the presence of guests during that game, so they are prevented from attending the stadium “. The general director of Health asked the League to inform Benfica of this opinion “under penalty of the existence of a determination by the National Health Authority in this regard”, stressing that the same understanding must also be communicated to the other clubs.


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Zlín – Olomouc 0: 1, Sigma won for the fourth time and finished in points on Sparta

Dalibor luck, ČTK

From the opening minutes, thanks to both teams, fast-paced football was played. But the ball was more home. During the first ten minutes, he got to the end of Dramé twice, once his shot was caught by Mandous, the second time the balloon traveled right next to him.

The biggest chance for Olomouc came in the 20th minute. Frozen sent the ball through the somewhat stunted defense of Zlín on Falta, who replaced the injured Housek in the Sigma team, however, the solo guest midfielder was eliminated by the goalkeeper of the home team.

From left Martin Hála from Olomouc and Youba Dramé from Zlín.

Dalibor luck, ČTK

At the end of the half, Zlín stepped up its activity and the result was a combination action, at the end of which Dramé was again, but his hard shot was hit by Mandous on the corner, in the last seconds Janetzky’s promising head aimed next.

From left: Lukáš Greššák from Olomouc and Václav Procházka from Zlín.

Dalibor luck, ČTK

Sigma performed much better and mainly concentrated in the second half. Already in the 47th minute, Greššák sent a long pass from the depths of the field to Zmrzlý, who quickly processed the ball between Fantiš and Simerský and uncompromisingly provided the guests with a lead.

It took the Zlín family a long time to recover, they were bound by the combination, they did not get into renumbering, so they did not even work out any possibility to settle, which suited Olomouc.

Ondřej Zmrzlý from Olomouc is happy with the goal.

Dalibor luck, ČTK

From the 70th minute, however, only half of the guests played. Zlín created a large territorial advantage and a lot of standard situations, but did not deal with any of them in such a way as to experience the desired settlement. Sigma won the second league match in a row.

5th round of the first football league:
Fastav Zlin – Sigma Olomouc 0: 1 (0: 0)
Barm: 47. Frozen. Judges: Adámková – Caletka, Flimmel – Berka (video). ZK: Conde, Poznar – Jemelka, Nespor, Gresak. Attendance: 1,802 (limit 2000 spectators at the stadium).
Zlín: Dostál – Simerský (56. Cedidla), Buchta, Procházka – Fantiš (56. Matejov), Conde (85. Slaměna), Jiráček, Čanturišvili – Janetzký (65. Martínez), Poznar, Dramé. Coach: Master.
Olomouc: Mandous – Hála, Hubník, Jemelka, Zmrzlý – Greššák – Zifčák (59. Zahradníček), González (70. Chytil), Breite, Falta (86. Radek Látal) – Nešpor (86. Poulolo). Coach: Radoslav Látal.


Amazing start! The Czech forward scored three points and won at the foreign premiere

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The former forward of Liberec defended the colors of Benátky nad Jizerou last season, and after the previous successful year in the White Tigers jersey, he headed to the Swedish SHL, where he recorded a successful premiere.

Already in the first minute, he assisted with Oskarhamna’s opening goal, and he succeeded in the same five seconds before the siren, when his team took the lead for the second time. In the second period, he used the power play and increased it to 3: 1.

Ordoš was already doing well in preparation. His team defeated Linköping 4: 1, Leksands 3: 2 after the raids and Växjö 3: 2, not enough for HV 71 2: 3, Växjö 1: 3, Örebro 0: 1 and Rögle 2: 3 after extra time. The balance of himself was 2 + 3, the best of the whole team.


BOLA – Germany places Lisbon in high-risk destinations (COVID-19)

Germany has just added the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, and 11 other regions of European countries, to its list of risky destinations, in an update made this Wednesday, using as criteria regions with an infection rate greater than 50 cases of Covid -19 for every 100 thousand inhabitants in the last week.

Following the steps of the past few months, the inclusion of regions on the ‘black list’ follows the recommendation of the German Foreign Minister for citizens of the country to avoid non-essential trips to the identified destinations.

In addition to Lisbon, the updated list now includes top tourist destinations, such as the French regions of Center-Val de Loire, next to Paris, Normandy or Brittany; the capitals of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, and Denmark, Copenhagen; the Dutch province of Utrecht; the Austrian state of Vorarlberg; much of the Czech Republic; and parts of Hungary and Romania.