Luz Elena González on Luis Miguel: I couldn’t fall in love

The actress Luz Elena González recently recalled the times when was girlfriend of one of the most coveted singles in Latin America: the singer Luis Miguel.

The also vocalist was questioned about it on the television program Ventaneando, on TV Azteca.

Luz Elena González maintained a relationship with Luis Miguel for only two months.

The artist confessed that the circumstances were not adequate for her to forget the former star of “The Lord of the Skies”, Rafael Amaya, her previous partner.

“Who falls in love in two months? I think you get excited, “he said Luz Elena González. “I was done with Rafa [Amaya] at that time and she was very much in love with Rafael; we had been dating for two years, I wanted to marry him. I remember that I had finished with him and I was so in love that it didn’t matter what happened, whoever passed through my life that I couldn’t fall in love with anyone ”.

Luz Elena González he remembered how that relationship began.

“Jaime Camil introduced him to me (…) At some point, he told me that Luis Miguel asked him about me, or something like that. And he said ‘she’s my friend and I know her’. And Luis Miguel told him “a little”, and Jaime invited me to Acapulco to meet him; We went to a dinner, my sister was with me ”.

Even though the courtship of Luz Elena González and Luis Miguel did not turn into something more serious, the actress says she remembers him fondly.

“He is a nice person. What I lived with him was beautiful. It was a great experience (…) I don’t know what happened because we are completely different people. I couldn’t travel with him, nor could he stay with me. We are very different. I think it’s wonderful to meet such successful people and legends like him in life, “he added.



“Luz del Correntoso”, the phenomenon that frightens a town – News

The “Witness R” is a young man who lives in Hernandarias, province of Between rivers, which in 2017, when he was 13 years old, -according to him- a light that they call “the Correntoso one” teleported him at least a kilometer.

In the coastal town on the banks of the ParanaEveryone talks about the phenomenon that scares some, and there are those who say “good luck.”


In the winter of 2017, “Witness R” wanted to enter a room at the back of his house and a powerful light lifted him a meter from the ground and after feeling “a joke”, he appeared in moments 15 blocks away, totally disoriented, in a bus station.

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“That luminous ball came over me and I don’t remember anything else”affirmed the protagonist of that case, although there are those who affirm that the light has been seen for more than 60 years by rural workers, fishermen and islanders.

“We believe that in Hernandarias there is a portal”, assures Gustavo Fernández, member of the IPEC (Planner Institute of Close Encounters) to the journalist Leandro Vesco of The nation.

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Even the local police chief, Diego Wasinger, assured that by analyzing street cameras it was found that there was no movement of the boy, or of cars on all the roads he could take until he reached the point where he reappeared.


“The child does not see a ship, for us it is not a phenomenon UFO, but is more related to a parapsychological type. The light chose him and not his brother, “said Fernández, who said that they have been investigating the case for two years.

“We have done dowsing and it has marked us with the presence of energy,” says Emanuel Giudice, also a member of IPEC, and a neighbor of Hernandarias.

“We were able to see it and photograph it,” clarifies Fernández. One year after the “Witness R” episode, they did some important field work.

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They sailed in a boat the route that is assigned to the light and in the middle of the night, they saw it, according to them.

“It is clear to us that there is no conventional explanation,” he says. In the site where it appeared there are no houses, no telecommunications antennas. “Because of how it moved it is impossible that it was a celestial body,” he said.


Disney, the first bisexual character in a series with the cartoon “The Owl House”

Her name is Luz and she is a teenager who accidentally stumbles upon a portal to another dimension, where she will befriend a witch and try to become a witch herself. But most of all 14-year-old Luz, star of the animated series for children “The Owl House”, is the first bisexual character to appear in a Disney cartoon. This is confirmed by the creator Dana Terrace who told her story in a series of messages on Twitter strong desire to represent a character as inclusive as possible and his fight against “some Disney leadership” that didn’t want gay or bisexual relationships to be shown.

The dance episode

A battle that Terrace has won, since “The Owl House” includes an episode – the sixteenth, entitled “Enchanting Grom Fright” – in which the protagonist she is invited to the school dance by her partner Amity and forms a relationship with her, having previously had crushes on male companions. The cartoon debuted in January 2020 in the US on Disney Channel and has already been confirmed for a second season. From the beginning, explains Dana Terrace on Twitter, his intention was to give space to queer characters and to represent the LGBTQ community. being bisexual herself. Having overcome the resistance of a part of Disney, Terrace added that she is now “fully supported” by the current management.

16 August 2020 (change August 16, 2020 | 13:27)



Take note! More than 10 municipalities in Antioquia will be without electricity this Wednesday, August 12 |

This Tuesday EPM reported that due to maintenance work in substations there will be power interruption in several Antioquia municipalities, so the community was invited to be informed of these cuts.

According to the company, due to expansion and maintenance works at the Yarumal, Valdivia and El Valle substations, which seek to provide a service with quality and continuity, it is necessary to interrupt the energy service.

This interruption will be this Wednesday, August 12 in these Antioquia towns:

– From 6:00 am to 5:30 pm

In the municipality of Yarumal, in the urban and rural sector; in urban sectors of the town of Llanos de Cuivá and in the villages: San Antonio, Santa Teresa, La Bella, El Retiro, El Respaldo, El Brasil and Santa Isabel.

In the municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos, in the villages of San Bernardo and El Quince and the Aragón district.

In the municipality of San José de La Montaña, on the sidewalks: San José de La Montaña, La María and San Miguel.

– From 6:15 am to 5:30 pm

In the municipality of Valdivia, in the urban and rural sector; in the urban area of ​​the township of Puerto Valdivia and in the sidewalks: El Nevado, Santa Inés, El Higuerón, Caracolí, Havana, Santa Bárbara, El Pital, La América and Astilleros.

– From 6:30 am to 5:30 pm

In the municipality of Camp, in the urban and rural sector.

In the municipality of Ituango, in the urban and rural sector.

In the municipality of San Andrés de Cuerquia, in the urban and rural sector.

In the municipality of Briceño, in the urban and rural sector.

In the municipality of Toledo, in the urban and rural sector.

– From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

In the municipality of SegoviaOn the sidewalks: El Chispero, Puerto Carabela, Laureles, Machuca, El Cristo, El Cenizo, El Bosque, El Saltillo, El 20, La Aurora and Las Claritas.

– From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

In the municipality of Yolombó, in the Cachumbal village.

In the municipality of Urrao, on the sidewalks: San José, Las Mercedes, Pringamoza, Cartagena, La Cartagena, La Quebradona, Arenales, Penderisco Arriba, Las Ánimas, Santa Isabel and San Carlos.

EPM apologized to the community for the inconvenience that these service interruptions may cause and appreciates their understanding.

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US President misses lightbulbs: Trump: Modern light makes me orange

It’s a well-kept secret of US President Donald Trump – the reason for his orange complexion. Although: Actually, the head of state speaks openly about it. It was the light from energy-saving lamps, he repeated now. He prefers the classic light bulb.

US President Donald Trump finds himself more beautiful in the light of classic lightbulbs than with modern energy-saving lamps. “I particularly like them because I don’t look that orange,” said the 74-year-old in a speech to employees of a household appliance manufacturer in the US state of Ohio. “You are all beautiful people, but you looked better with the old lightbulb than the awful new lightbulbs.”

“I don’t like this look,” he said, referring to the light from energy-efficient lamps. His government had already received a regulation some time ago that would have largely banned the sale of the more lavish bulbs with filament – similar to the EU. Trump claims energy-saving lamps are harmful to the environment. Trump has also repeatedly stated that he prefers to hold press conferences outdoors because he looks better in natural light.

The Republican is repeatedly ridiculed for his unnatural complexion. A photo of Trump from early February caused a stir, showing the wind blowing the president’s hair back. This revealed a white border at the hairline, which made it obvious that the color of Trump’s face was different from the rest of his scalp.

Tanning bed or powder?

However, the exact cause of Trump’s skin tone is still unclear. Although he had already blamed the light from energy-saving lamps for his reddish skin tone in a speech last autumn – at that time, just as recently, it remained unclear whether it was a joke or whether he really saw this as a reason or tried to pass it off.

A former White House employee, Omarosa Maigault Newman, had written in her disclosure book that the US president was lying on a so-called tanning bed every day, which should explain his unusual skin tone. Other experts gave the assessment that it was a self-tanner that the President used. Like an anonymous source from the White House of the “New York Times” revealed that the reason for the orange was a special powder that Trump applied before stepping in front of cameras.


The doctors told the consequence for survivors coronavirus

Photo: Sergey Bulkin/NEWS.EN

Specialists of the National health service of great Britain told what the consequences will stay with recover from coronavirus infection.

They came to the conclusion that people have after recovery can remain for a lifetime of lung problems and chronic fatigue and psychiatric disorders, misleading “Izvestia” with reference to the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

Doctors have noted that such consequences might face every third patient who recovered from COVID-19. They added that patients who have suffered a coronavirus infection, there may be disorders of the brain and increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

The head of the British centre for recovery from COVID-19 Dr Hilary Floyd announced that he has now recorded a large number of people of Mature age, who had previously been ill COVID-19, and now can’t handle chronic fatigue and restore the ability to work.

According to the National health service in the UK, approximately 30% of people who have recovered from coronavirus infections, there are prerequisites to the development of pulmonary fibrosis. The Department believes that half of ill COVID-19 will face problems mental, physical, and cognitive nature. Experts believe that the vast majority of patients (70%) may suffer from delusional disorder. They also noted that often patients who recover from coronavirus, detect acute heart attack.

According to observations by British Professor Peter Openshaw, on average, people who recover from coronavirus infection, it takes a year to recover. However, the Professor does not exclude that some of the patients will not be able to recover completely ever.

Wrote previously, associate Professor, Department of faculty therapy of the First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov Anton Rodionov said that people who recover from COVID-19, may suffer from myocarditis — inflammation of heart muscle. He noted that the elderly, children and those who have heart problems, will be at risk. The physician added that the effects from the coronavirus will be visible by the end of autumn.

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Paul Priluchny said, who comforted him after his divorce from muceniece

Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny got an official divorce. In an interview Youtube-project “together” the 32-year-old actor told how he has built his life after breaking up with his wife. In April, Agatha gathered her things, took the kids and moved to owned by spouses of the Moscow apartment. Paul was left alone in their suburban home. On weekends, the children visit with him, but then again they go to the mom and Priluchny there is one. According to the artist, he does not tolerate loneliness, so I tried to solve this problem. To cope with the feeling of emptiness to help him Pets.

I can’t be alone. Even when I work. I need someone walking around, talking. I have two dogs, cats, fish. I solved this problem, – said the actor.

Paul said that in his childhood scarred by tragedy – the death of his father (he died when the future actor was 13 years old). Therefore he is most afraid of loneliness. This is what prompted him to create a large family: Priluchnogo muceniece and there are two children, 7-year-old Timothy and 4-year-old MIA.

By the way, on the eve of the divorce, Agatha suddenly confessed she still loves her ex-husband and doesn’t want to hurt him. Youtube-an interview with Ksenia Sobchak 31-year-old actress, broke up with her husband because of domestic violence, said not to say bad things about him.

– I love this man, and in any case do not want to show it in a bad light. What else can you do? To kill a human being? People get lost, she said.

#detergente #degreeby

Divorce Priluchnogo and muceniece was relatively peaceful. The actor left his wife and children apartment Moscow. Custody they are divided equally: although the children live with the mother, they can see dad when he wants to.

Previously, Agata explained why their marriage has cracked. According to the actress, she and her husband no longer understand each other.

Our Alliance came to the conclusion that we need to leave. We ceased to understand each other. It does not bring as much happiness as before. For me this is – said muceniece. – He doesn’t understand me. I don’t understand it. We can’t find a common language. We decided that it would be right to go, to be normal parents for their children.

However, fans suspect that the culprit is not just mutual misunderstanding, but also the passion of Paul by alcohol. Just a few weeks after muceniece announced the divorce, she has published in Instagram shocking video. In it, the actress said that during isolation in a country house husband picked up on it hand and was brought to tears children. The quarrel between the spouses began after Priluchny, according to Agatha, drink ten days in a row.

– He brought the children to tears, he raised a hand to me, he is not adequate, – says the actress in the video with tears in his eyes. – He during a pandemic throws us out of the house. So tomorrow we’ll go to the apartment. But I can’t upload because I have no other weapons, except as publicity. Just know that here is a man Paul, you know?


the fans caught the spirit from a photo of Natalya Podolskaya in underwear

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were married for ten years. They have a son Artemy. Not so long ago, celebrities have celebrated the first anniversary of boy – June 5 he was five years old. Looking for 38-year-old singer amazed – so beautiful she looks like. The actress impresses the audience with his youth and sense of style. Recently, the star published a blog recent photo that has caused quite a stir.

Natalia Podolskaya is incredibly beautiful. In a new photo she appeared with short hair. The hair color remained the same. Natalia for many years, prefers red shade. The singer posed in lingerie.

And if so ?

Fans of the idol Ghost caught. They began to discuss the sudden change in the image of a pet, and also her courage. Until recently, Podolsky allowed himself rare footage in mini bikini. But in revealing lingerie, perhaps never posed.

“Younger by 20 years”, “Fatal girl! “”That’s”attitude”had become only prettier”, “Motherhood obviously, you’ve decorated”, “Pretty woman”, “Crazy mom”, “Natasha! Stop doing that!”, – writing followers.

Recall Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov met in 2005 on the set of “the Great race”. The birth of a son Artemy they waited 10 years. The singer never hid how hard-won for them with her husband was their first child. They went to the Holy places in hopes of begging a baby God. And when the Topic came to light, the parents were overjoyed. Now Natalia and Vladimir fully immersed in taking care of the child. They often argue over how to raise the boy. According to singer, the husband allows too many child. “Dads – they are aliens, they have their own lawsand sometimes I have my eyes on the forehead climb from the fact that the husband allows the son. But on the other hand most importantly – the active participation of dads in child’s life. It is much worse when the father is like and like a baby” – summed up Podolsk.


This young nigerian,arrests Catania – the Last Time

(ANSA) – CATANIA, 12 JUN – A trafficking in human beings that has
involved, as victims, young nigerian women is at the centre of
an operation of the Police in Catania, coordinated by the local
Office of the District attorney etnea. Arrests, with the operation ‘Promise
land’, are in progress in the field of national vis-à-vis a
criminal group specialized in the lucrative business of human
trafficking’. The investigations were initiated by the team
mobile of the Questura of Catania after the disembarkation of migrants
happened in the port of the city of catania on April 7, 2017 from
motor vessel Aquarius of the Ngo Sos Mediteranee, which “have allowed
to shed light on many cases of trafficking to the detriment of young people
nigerian girls”.