Dies at 87 years old, Little Richard, legend of rock and roll

The american musician Richard Pennimanknown to the world by his stage name, Little Richard, and considered one of the great pioneers of the rock, has died at 87 years of age, according to have confirmed his relatives in the magazine Rolling Stone.

Richard, born in Macon (Georgia), in 1932, broke into stardom through the mixture of gospel and R&B to give way to a sound, fast and electric.

Leaves behind rhythms immortal as Tutti Frutti, Long Tall Sally in two years of splendor (1956 and 1957) that he earned as a driver for this sound, that would expand over the next few decades.

Richard is credited as an influence on international movements such as the british rock of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and during his career was accompanied by figures of the calibre of Jimi Hendrix.

His songs known versions of a whole spectrum of artists, from the Everly Brothers, the Kinks and Creedence Clearwater Revival to Elvis Costello and the Scorpions.

SOURCE: Europa Press


Goodbye to Little Richard, last creator of rock

With the death of Little Richard yesterday at age 87, due to bone cancer as reported by his only son Danny Penniman, an important rock and roll page closes. The one corresponding to its birth and commercial explosion in the 50s as black root music expanded to the whole world by its official spokesman, the white and handsome Elvis Presley, who covered many songs by Little Richard himself: ‘Tutti frutti’, ‘Ready teddy’, ‘Long tall Sally’, ‘Rip it up’…

Then Elvis turned everything he sang into gold. But before him was Richard Penniman, who exclaimed at the 1988 Grammy ceremony: “I am the architect of rock and roll! I am the creator! ». Surely the mean-spirited Chuck Berry resented hearing this. Of the great rock and roll pioneers of the 1950s, only one survives: Jerry Lee Lewis.

The 50’s were the golden and founding decade of Little Richard, who tugged as much as he could on the string in songs of evident sicaliptic load, riddled with double meanings and evidences of desire. For example, ‘Tutti frutti’, a song of which he sold a million copies in 1955, was gay-themed and the original lyrics more than explicit.

Despite being the fruit of the hedonistic and consumerist face of Puritan and hard-working America, Little Richard was able to extend his career to the present day. He knew how to express his glamorous banner character, his skin and smile, his loud voice and his screams, his frenetic piano, his crises of faith (he became a preacher!) And an acting career in film and television (‘Colombo’). He sold over 30 million records and his influence has been recognized by those who came after him: Elvis, Beatles and Rolling Stones, Neil Young and David Bowie, Deep Purple and Motörhead, Bruce Springsteen and Loquillo. It is that if a Little Richard song sounds on the radio it seems that it is recorded today. Richard Wayne Penniman was born in the Southern United States, in Macon, Georgia, on December 5, 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression. He was the third of twelve brothers and thanks to one of them he learned to play the piano. His father, a whiskey distiller and owner of a club that would end up assassinated, hit him and kicked him out of the house at age 13.

Pentecostal shepherd

Little Richard married Ernestine Harvin, an evangelical preacher from whom she divorced in 1964, in 1959. But earlier they adopted a one-year-old baby, Danny Jones, their only child, who used to work as her father’s bodyguard. Richard began singing in the Adventist church and from the age of 14 he played in rhythm bands and thundering blues. He moved in the southern circuit, alternating stages and entertainment with manual jobs like the dishwasher. He recorded without luck with the important RCA and in 1953 he created his great group, The Upsetters (Los Trastornadores or Enloquecedores). In 1955 he signed for Specialty, a Los Angeles record company that organized sessions in New Orleans with which he finally became famous thanks to undying successes such as the sexual and onomatopoeic mentoring ‘Tutti frutti’ (whose original cure was lowered but the famous cry ‘a-wan-ba-buluba-balam-bam-bú’), ‘Long tall Sally’, ‘Slippin’ and slidin ‘or’ Jenny, Jenny ‘.

I was at the top. From then on, you just had to keep a cool head and manage your income, for example, from so many versions of their songs. In 1957, during a tour of Australia, from the plane he was traveling with his group he saw a trail of fire in the sky (actually the Sputnik satellite) and took it as a sign from God asking him to leave that life of sin. He fulfilled his purpose by studying Theology and ordaining himself a Pentecostal pastor, in addition to recording some religious gospel songs. Besides, his profane flame did not go out because Specialty continued to market the songs he had recorded and they remained unpublished.

In 1962 he embarked on a tour of the United Kingdom. In the middle of this decade, Little Richard, who was a teetotaler, immersed himself in alcohol and marijuana. In 1972 he was addicted to cocaine. “They should have called me Little Cocaine!” He said. In 1975 he was taking heroin and PCP. Due to this and his sexual promiscuity, his own church expelled him. But after the death of one of his brothers, he detoxified himself, started selling bibles at home, and returned to his religious congregation.

From the 80s he remained a rock and roll aristocrat. As a preacher he married Cyndi Lauper, and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. He lived in Nashville and continued to exercise himself until he retired in 2013.

The cause of death for this music legend, which has mobilized crowds since the 1950s, is still unknown, according to the magazine.


Death of Little Richard, pioneer of rock and roll

The youngest who ignore his name can hardly miss his planetary tube, “Tutti Frutti”. The song that helped establish Little Richard’s notoriety was taken up by the biggest stars, from Elvis Presley to The Beatles to Johnny Hallyday. Pianist and singer, he died Saturday, May 9, at the age of 87. The news was announced by her son to Rolling Stone magazine, who did not specify the cause.

Scent of scandal

Little Richard, Richard Wayne Penniman of his real name, sealed with “Tutti Frutti” the advent of an era. In the 1950s, like other black artists like Chuck Berry or Fats Domino, he participated in the emergence of a new genre, rock and roll. If his two contemporaries were relatively wise, Little Richard gave this music its scent of scandal, with its garish shirts like no man wore then, his banana hairstyle of 15 cm high, and his mustache as fine as pencil line. Long before the rockers of the 1960s, his excesses made rock rhyme with decadence: on tour, this assumed voyeur spoke openly of his bisexual nocturnal orgies. But he also turned out to be a tortured personality with multiple reversals.

Beatles and Rolling Stones in first part

His influence has been considerable. Like Elvis Presley, all of the first great white rockers – Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis – took over his songs. Both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones played in the early stages of his concerts, and the young Jimi Hendrix started out as a musician in his group. At nine, David Bowie was fascinated when he saw a film by Little Richard. “Without him, I would probably never have become a musician”, he admitted later.

His real name Richard Wayne Penniman, Little Richard was born on December 5, 1932 to a poor family in Macon, Georgia, in the South. In his 1984 autobiography, he said that his father, who ran a bar and was shot dead early in his career, once told him: “My father had seven sons, and I wanted seven sons too. You ruined everything, you’re only half a son ”. His nickname of “Little Richard” was misleading: the man was 1.80m tall. Rebel child, handicapped by two legs of different length, he hung around in churches, attracted by their music, and distinguished himself by his effeminate gaits.

From gospel to drag queens

He was noticed in 1947 by a gospel singer. He then began to sing professionally, notably in clandestine drag queen shows. In a booming music market, first record companies are interested in him. “Tutti Frutti,” which evokes sex between men, becomes a staple of his shows. But he never thought of recording it until a producer in Los Angeles heard the title. He offered to record it in the studio with watered-down lyrics to allow the title to go on the radio. So settle down, “Tutti Frutti” was a misfortune. At a concert in Baltimore in 1956, the women undressed and threw their underwear on stage, while the police prevented euphoric fans from invading the scene or throwing themselves from the balconies.

Escapes and conversion

Then come other successes like “Good Golly, Miss Molly” (1956). Become rich, Little Richard buys a villa in Los Angeles and moves there with his mother. But at the height of his glory, in 1957, he brutally canceled a tour of Australia to proclaim himself missionary of the evangelical congregation “Church of God”. After his conversion, he married Ernestine Campbell, a secretary of this church, and together they adopted a son. But four years later, the marriage broke down, after Richard was arrested for indecent behavior with men in a toilet. His positions on sexuality will however always remain ambivalent. In 1995, he said to Penthouse magazine: “I have been gay all my life, and I know that God is a God of love, not of hate”. But at the end of 2017, he declared, on an Illinois religious television channel, homosexuality “Contrary to nature”.

A new original album by Bob Dylan in June


Rivers similar to the Po on Mars, 3.7 billion years ago VIDEO – Space & Astronomy

Large rivers that flowed creating canals and sandbanks as the Po does: it happened on Mars 3.7 billion years ago. International research published in Nature Communications by Francesco Salese of the International Research School of Planetary Sciences (Irsps) of the Annunzio University of Pescara and the Dutch University of Utrecht reconstructs that ancient landscape.

“The characteristics of the area studied indicate that there were many large rivers on Mars with very high probability, which are probably buried today” and that probably existed for a long period, even over 100,000 years, said planetary geology expert Salese, who conducted the research with William McMahon, of the University of Utrecht. French, Dutch and British researchers also participated in the study.

The river, whose deposits are visible in the Martian cliff of Izola, over 3.7 billion years ago crossed a large plain in the north-western edge of the Hellas basin in the southern hemisphere of Mars, most likely flowing into the Hellas basin, which billions of years ago would have hosted the largest Martian lake, over seven kilometers deep and 2,300 kilometers in diameter.

Mars as it was more than 3 billion years ago, when there was liquid water on the surface. Below the Hellas basin, to the north-east of which large rivers flowed (source: Greg Shirah, NASA. Modified by Francesco Salese)

River deposits were discovered thanks to images sent to Earth by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (Mro) satellite HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment). “It is the first evidence of sedimentary rocks exposed at the cliff showing canals formed by large rivers active on Mars more than 3.7 billion years ago. U-shaped structures are visible on the wall, the most recent of which dates back to 3 , 7 billion years ago, and which indicate how the course of the river has changed over time. ” The satellite images made it possible to identify a well-exposed and preserved rocky structure 200 meters high, one and a half kilometers long and with sheer walls: a cliff twice the height of the cliffs of Dover.

3D reconstruction of the geological structure that made it possible to reconstruct the ancient Martian river (source: Francesco Salese)

“The sediments – observed Salese – were deposited in tens of thousands of years and tell us that on Mars there had to be environmental conditions such as to allow for large-scale waterways and a water cycle in which rainfall had an important role. ” Geological evidence of this type is also “crucial for finding life forms,” ​​added the geologist.

3D reconstruction of the geological structure that made it possible to reconstruct the ancient Martian river (source: Francesco Salese)

“It’s not exactly like reading a newspaper, but the high-resolution images allowed us to read the Martian rocks as if we were really very close,” said the researcher. The key to reading the rocks, McMahon observed, is the same that on Earth allows us to reconstruct the geological history of the planet through sediments.


In vain, he dreamed of a solo … Alexander Shoua will create a new group after the collapse of the duet “Nepar”

This is evidenced by the actions of the singer and the collapse of attempts to become an independent artist.

Alexander Shoua participated in the selection for Eurovision, where he presented the song “The Enemy Inside”. As a result of the selection, Little Big was selected as the representative of Russia at the international competition, which was canceled due to the pandemic. The show rudely spoke about the decision, calling Little Big “a little-known band”, although the group gained popularity in Europe, where it arranges a tour. Envious of the success of the young team, Alexander could not hold back his emotions, belittling the merits of Little Big.

Show will create a new group after the collapse of the duet “Nepar”. After all, the singer dreamed of performing solo, so he readily became an independent artist. But, Alexander’s career says that the singer dreamed in vain about a solo …

There is no success in his career – concerts once a year, tickets are inexpensive, there is no demand. Therefore, a chance to reanimate a singing career is to create a team of talented artists.

After all, former glory remained, Shoua bought the hits of the group “Nepara”, noting that Victoria Talyshinskaya also tried to get the songs, but the singer did not succeed. In addition, Alexander humiliated the ex-colleague by saying that Talyshinskaya did not even participate in the creation of hits.


Pedal and sparkle | Talent

Moving through the streets and avenues of our cities —usually crowded, although empty these weeks due to the coronavirus crisis— is one of the great challenges facing the cities of the 21st century. If the private car was established as the absolute icon of mobility and progress in the last century, now it has given way to electric vehicles such as those of carsharing, scooters, motorcycles and, of course, bicycles. But the velocipeds are no longer just a pair of wheels, a chain, a frame, some changes and some brakes, they have been smartized. A variant of this evolution also includes electric motors (increasingly efficient and light); intelligent light systems or refined controls. At the Peugeot Design Lab they took all these elements as a base, added design to it and in 2016 they created their first minimalist and folding electric bicycle. A model that the brand has just updated with the Peugeot EF02 (which sell from 1,499 euros).

The test was conducted before the pandemic forced citizens to remain in their homes. For a working week — and to replace a classic model in every way: old frame, fixed gear, removable lights — the EF02 has been between my legs to travel around 22 kilometers a day; the round trip from home to work. Of the 15.8 million daily trips that were made before confinement on weekdays in the Community of Madrid, during that week, at least two trips were made on a small electric folding bike, with a range of 60 kilometers at full performance and less than 20 kilos of weight.

“When it takes practice, in less than five seconds it has folded,” they explain from Peugeot.

If pedaling the air in the face impregnates the path of a certain euphoria and feeling of freedom, that same experience becomes, at the controls of an electric, a different journey. At maximum speed (almost 30 kilometers per hour), the bike can last up to 60 kilometers electrified. That motor that drives pedaling – but it never replaces it, so you always have to move your legs – is very helpful at times like starting at traffic lights. Also on the slopes. It is a chute of energy that is reflected in the saving of time: instead of investing about 60 minutes in the journey, with the electricity they were reduced to around 40 (always round trip).

As the technical specifications marked, the third day, and halfway home, the battery ran out. Suddenly, and after a couple of warnings, pedaling returned to its leisurely pace. When he loses that energetic spark, he begs a plea: “Let it come back on … I don’t want to pedal bareback with small wheels.” The support in pedaling and the speed it generates engage. Although it can be driven without assistance, it is something that only happened when the battery ran out during the test, which is removable and recharges in about 2.5 hours in a standard outlet.

When you turn on the display on the left handle, which controls the electrical system, the front and rear LED lights automatically switch on. The display shows the speeds (0 to 4) or the battery level with the naked eye. On the right side are the changes: eight sprockets that adapt well to the rhythm of the city and, together with the electrical reinforcement, supply the small size of the wheels (it is a folding one) that forces you to pedal more.

More practical than beautiful

“It is the second generation of an iconic model that evolves all the characteristics of its predecessor,” they explain from Peugeot. It is true that the EF02 does not have that finish artie that the previous one had. It has yielded in aesthetics in favor of practicality: “Its external appearance is more robust, with a more comfortable saddle, and it can be folded in five seconds,” they clarify from the firm. Despite this commitment to comfort, it still exudes a certain sophistication with its aluminum chassis and carbon fiber finishes. When walking around the city, it was evidenced by the pedestrian looks, the questions of other bicycle users and the curiosity of some driver. There are cyclists who don’t even want to look at the electric ones. They are right in their fears: once you try it, you don’t want to lose the spark anymore.

How does it work

Folding. Although its wheels are larger than those of its predecessor, it is still a folding one: you have to pedal more than one with a large wheel. “When it takes practice, in less than five seconds it has folded,” they explain from Peugeot. I did not drop below 15 or 20 seconds. It weighs 20 kilos.

Controls. The system has four levels of assistance (zero is for driving with lights, but without pedaling support), which are graduated on the left lever. On the other part of the handlebar, there is the sprocket control (Shimano 8-speed Altus Revoshift). With the app MyPeugeot, you can check the kilometers traveled or the battery level.

Drums. The battery is removable – it is locked with a key – and supports an electric motor, of the TranzX model, which doses the energy according to the demand for assistance to be more efficient. It recharges in about 2.5 hours and at maximum speed (almost 30 km / hour) it lasts 60 kilometers.

conclusion. The Peugeot EF02 is a sophisticated and comfortable folding bike. A reflection of the leap that the electric range has taken, which has managed to provide its models with lightness and power. It is very efficient for its weight and speed despite its small wheels. Used as an everyday mobility vehicle, the investment pays for itself in two years.


Cardboards, temperas or ‘gómets’: the basics for the crafts of the little ones | Showcase

Planning the day with children at home is one of the best ways to continue with a routine that, in the circumstances we are in, cannot always be followed with the best of results. Therefore, creating routines and trying to carry out some of the school activities (such as crafts) will help them cope with this quarantine with the least possible concern. But we don’t always have the necessary tools to carry out these crafts; therefore, if this quarantine has caught you without the necessary material, from EL PAÍS Showcase We make it easy for you.

We have selected up to 15 basic productsmany of them at very affordable prices– so you can enhance and stimulate your creativity, imagination Y psychomotor activity. Concentration is also something that you will be able to strengthen with these utensils by being more focused on a specific task for a period of time. So, you can find colored cardboards, the succor erasers, a complete set of markers, plastidecor paintings, tempera and many other school items.

Pack of 50 A4 cardstock in various colors

One of the most useful and versatile products for the crafts of the smallest of the house. Each cardboard has a resistant grammage (180g / m²) and the selection is very varied: there are packages of all kinds of shades, whether in chocolate brown, purple, orange, green … choose the color that you like depending on the task To make. “It is a strong, resistant and valid cardboard to do a thousand things with them. The colors are super beautiful, inducing creative play ”, describes a user.

Buy from € 3.19 on Amazon

Package of 500 sheets Din A4

Drawings, paper planes, learning to make small origami figures and countless other activities with a classic both in the offices and at home: the blank sheets. This batch, from the Navigator brand, offers great print quality and its surface is extra smooth and soft to the touch. “The product has arrived well, in good condition, without scratches or bumps. The value for money is unbeatable ”, comments a buyer.

Buy for € 8.99 on Amazon

Lot of 48 pre-sharpened pens

A perfect complement for all kinds of drawings, sketches, doodles or various strokes. The hardness is medium, HB 2 type; and the core is graphite, so they are resistant and hard pens for possible breakages. The tips of each one are sharpened at the factory and have a latex-free eraser incorporated. “Good pencils and at a very good price. We have bought a pack for the school and the children are delighted “, indicates a user.

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Box of 30 erasers

The classic and multicolored rubber of childhood. Thanks to their soft bread crumb inside and a synthetic rubber coating, they are ideal for erasing all kinds of graphite pencils on any paper. Suitable for school use and also for restoring and cleaning walls. “Milan tires of a lifetime. White mostly. Recommended for schoolchildren “, says a user.

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Box of 24 plastic pencil sharpeners

Simple but effective and with a very high mark on Amazon by users. This multi-colored set of 24 units of pencil sharpeners they consist of a rectangular structure and a small size, equipping a steel blade inside. Tired of never finding a pencil sharpener? Well here the solution. We have divided them into several drawers and they are still left for a while ”, claims a buyer.

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Staedtler metal ruler

Ideal for drawing and marking straight lines. Its finish is metal (which makes it more durable) and is aluminum colored. It has visual indicators and rounded edges. The length is 30 cm. In addition, on the back, it equips a kind of rubber that serves as a brake and prevents unnecessary slips. “I was surprised by the firmness and quality of the screed. A suitable size for the case and a firmness that guarantees that it does not break or deform”, explains a buyer.

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Roll of gomets of colors and geometric figures

These adhesive stickers are essential for our children to develop precision, creativity, motor skills, logic and also the most basic mathematical concepts. The set comes in 59 pre-punched sheets and each roll contains 2,360 stickers. There are them in multiple colors and shapes: triangles, circles, squares, rectangles and stars. All of them have a solvent-free adhesive.

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50 rolls of multicolour adhesive tape

Get to bring a touch of color to your rooms and play with your children thanks to this batch of rolls of multicolored adhesive tape. Each one has a length of 5 meters and a width of 15 mm. Its color is bright and it is ideal for wrapping gifts, frames, walls, books or making mini banners for cupcakes. “The quality of the paper is quite good. The truth is that it latches perfectly and you can even reattach it a couple of times without the glue weakening ”, a user comments.

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Lot of six cans of liquid silicone glue

It stimulates the creativity of the smallest of the house in each of their crafts: whether they are made of wood, leather, cardboard, plastic, paper, fabric or in models with EVA rubber. Each of the containers is 50 ml in size and they are equipped with a dispenser to use the desired quantity at all times. It is a waterproof glue, does not drip and has a stopper for a proper seal. Not suitable for children under 3 years old. “It hits pretty well. It is ideal for school crafts, as it is easy to remove from hands. In addition, it is very economical “, explains a buyer.

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Glue stick set (4 units)

Another clean, fast and easy way to stick to any surface: be it cardboard, cardboard, labels, images or any type of paper. Its use is very simple: all you have to do is remove the cap and turn to see the glue stick inside. It spreads easily and without leaving any residue. It also does not curl the paper and its grinding time is up to two minutes. “Good glue pack of 4 units, this brand gives us a lot of confidence and does not dry like other glues”, comments a user.

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Lot of 12 triangular colored pencils

Its structure is intended to be used by children from the age of two. The set contains a dozen brightly colored pens and larger than normal mines, for coloring large areas in no time. Your mine is impact resistant so it reduces the number of breaks, and does not generate chips. More than half of its materials are of recycled origin.

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Lot of 36 units of plastidecor

Another alternative for children to stay absorbed and focused on a single task is to use the classic plastidecor. They are designed for children from 30 months and is a tool to learn to paint in a fun way. The waxes, of great resistance, measure 12 cm; a size suitable for the size of the hands of such young children. And when it comes to sharpening them, you will only need a regular pencil sharpener, which we also use to sharpen the pens.

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Case of 36 Giotto Turbo Color markers

Ideal for those children who already use their strength while writing, drawing or coloring. Its tip is very resistant and rounded (2.8 mm), made of resistant and blocked fiber, to avoid sinking; and its inks are water-based, making them safe. The safety cap has a ventilated cap. To extract your ink from the fabrics, a machine wash cycle is enough. “They are super washable, so I leave them to my daughters without problem because they disappear from the clothes with a normal wash”, explains a user.

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Lot of 30 units of vegetable plasticine

Developing your imagination by molding plasticine blocks is one of the activities in which your child can spend long moments. In this case, we are talking about a set of 30 units of vegetable modeling clay (50 grams each) of vivid colors. The paste is ready to be molded and its mass does not harden with air. Also, their colors do not mix. “I bought it for a two and a half year old baby, and under adult supervision it is ideal, it is very entertaining”, claims a buyer.

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Lot of 12 Jovi tempera cans

To use this water painting technique as a family you will only need a brush or a roller and mix the colors of this tempera set well. They are suitable for any surface of paper, cardboard, wood, fabric or modeling clay. They are presented in a liquefied gel state and their colors are very vivid. “Very beautiful and striking colors. They dry well and pretty. My son and I love them ”, a user comments.

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Did the queen kick Tarzan into the attic of the house?

Sergey is now huddled in a small room under the low roof of the mansion.

Relations between Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko cause a lot of talk on the network. Constantly there are rumors of betrayal by Tarzan and the couple’s divorce. However, spouses still sometimes appear together. But, apparently, parted in different rooms.

It seems that the Queen kicked Tarzan into the attic of the house. The showman posted the photo on his Instagram account from some small room under the roof, in which chaos and a mess reigned. However, the bed is still present there, which suggests that Tarzan may now live there.

Safety is probably more important for the Queen than love, and while the other couples around the world spend all their time with each other, the singer apparently keeps her husband at a distance.

Perhaps the whole point is just that Natasha no longer trusts her spouse, since too many rumors circulated about his infidelity. In addition, his frank shows, which do not leave indifferent any woman from the audience, probably also play an important role. Perhaps because of all these factors, the Queen cannot be near Tarzan, as she apparently thinks that he could have an affair somewhere on the side.

However, be that as it may, Sergei just caught a cold and, for the purpose of prevention, is still trying to keep his distance from his family. But, as they say, there is no smoke without fire, and Glushko did not even talk about any cold. Therefore, probably the problem is in the relationship of the spouses, and not in the disease.


A court cancels a citizen’s debt with his bank because the contract had the letter too small | My rights

Size does matter. At least as regards the letter of the bank documents. This is demonstrated by a recent ruling of the Provincial Court of Madrid that has allowed a user to get rid of a debt of 6,443 euros, basically because the contract of his credit card “was illegible.”

The resolution, which you can consult here, notes that the “lowercase” typeface of the clause caused all transparency requirements required by law for this type of financial products to be breached. As if this were not enough, the plaintiff incurred continuous inaccuracies and was unable to prove a single cent claimed during the trial.

As indicated in the ruling, it was a recovery company that initiated the judicial process after acquiring an overdraft from Bankinter. The ceded debt reached 9,755 euros and came from a series of defaults that had occurred, according to the entity, from 2007 to 2012 (date on which the card was written off). Given the difficulty of establishing the interest generated during that time, the company decided to exclusively demand the bulk of the credit or nominal (6,443 euros).

The client, on the other hand, opposed the lawsuit arguing that his rights as a consumer had been violated twice: for not having been informed of this debt transfer operation and because the credit conditions were abusive and contrary to the law of repression of usury.

For the magistrates of the Provincial Court of Madrid, the key to the case is, however, in the letter with which the contract was drafted. A letter so small that the judge who tried the case for the first time had to ask for a copy of the original text and, even so, was not able to properly understand the clause. In fact, he made the mistake of considering that the use of the card was not subject to interest, “a matter of all illogical points,” according to the speakers.

Lack of evidence

On the other hand, the ruling emphasizes that “it is not possible to strictly follow the origin of the debt that is claimed, its amount and concepts” because the movements of the card do not coincide with the extracts provided. The documents, by the way, reflect how the insurance policy that was never hired was repeatedly charged.

It is not the first time that the size of the letter invalidates a bank contract or a part thereof. In November 2017, the Provincial Court of Castellón annulled a clause of a credit card contract because “it could only be read with a magnifying glass”. Also, in 2018, a court of first instance in Seville declared the conditions of a user’s contract abusive for a formal matter: the characters had a dimension of half a millimeter, one third of the legally established minimum.

What size should the letter of a bank contract have?

Article 80 of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers requires the “accessibility and readability” of the non-negotiated clauses, so that the client has prior knowledge of the content of the agreement. “In no case will this requirement be understood to have been fulfilled if the size of the letter of the contract were less than a millimeter and a half or the insufficient contrast with the fund made reading difficult.”