Football in England – The social foul of Liverpool FC – Sport

The English workers club submissively withdraws the application for short-time work. With his ignorance, however, he violated the close partnership with the fans. Fortunately for Liverpool, the club prefers a different shoe brand, otherwise the matter would have been even more embarrassing. Because the PR breakdown, on which the club should have been oriented, was […]

Liverpool withdraws ERTE due to popular pressure

Liverpool have announced that they will not finally apply a Temporary Employment Regulatory File (ERTE) to several of their employees and apologized to their fans for having reached “a wrong conclusion”. “We believe that last week we reached the wrong conclusion in announcing that we intended to submit an ERTE to staff due to the […]

Liverpool FC: but no compulsory vacation for employees – sport

The club wanted to use a government program in which 80 percent of the wages were paid by the state. There was harsh criticism for this. Now the club is rowing back. Liverpool FC has revised its decision and does not send numerous employees on forced leave during the coronavirus crisis. The chairman Peter Moore […]

Liverpool FC reaps shitstorm on the Internet in corona crisis

DThe Queen called on her subjects in a historical TV address to “feeling togetherness”, but Liverpool FC coach Jürgen Klopp ignored the warning words of Elisabeth II. With his surprising decision to take advantage of the government’s emergency program, the designated English football champion triggered a storm of indignation. FAZ.NET completely Access to all exclusive […]

Liverpool FC receives criticism for employee plan in Corona crisis

C.Champions League winner Liverpool FC sends numerous employees on forced leave during the Corona crisis and even receives criticism internally. The club around coach Jürgen Klopp uses a government program to save jobs, in which 80 percent of the wages are borne by the state. The club contributes the rest so that the employees do […]

Liverpool on the divan title Premir suspension

Jürgen Klopp arrived at the Melwood canteen, Liverpool’s training facility, along with the ‘staff’ to address the players and club staff. It was Friday the 13th and in the morning the Premier League had announced the suspension of the league when knowing the positives for covid-19 of Mikel Arteta and Callum Hudson-Odoi. This time the […]

Premier League like World Cup and as a TV event

“Will come out of the crisis fatter” Pep Guardiola is very concerned about the corona crisis – also about its weight. The slim team manager of the (still) football champion Manchester City fears that he will come out of the forced break visibly pissed. “We will come back stronger, better, nicer and a bit fatter […]

Jürgen Klopp from Liverpool FC with a message

Liverpool trainer Jürgen Klopp has warned of selfishness in the corona crisis and called for solidarity. “Four or five weeks ago, it still seemed that many countries thought: this is our problem, this is our problem, this is our problem – we have a problem with it. Now nature has shown us that we are […]

“Then we have just three months less economic growth”

London The corona crisis is a controversial topic in the executive floors. On the one hand there are managers like private equity man Alexander Dibelius, who think that government action is exaggerated and fear for the economy. On the other hand there are those who first of all see a humanitarian crisis and trust the […]