Khaberni website: Elham Shaheen: Morsi asked to meet me

Tell me – Egyptian actress Ilham Shaheen revealed that the director of the office of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi threatened her to agree to meet him, but she refused.

Shaheen said during a television interview, that she “decided to confront the battle with the terrorist Brotherhood on behalf of the artists.”

She added: “The Brotherhood fabricated pictures of her and put her face on scandalous photos, and it was later proven that they were rigged.”

She pointed out, “She obtained a historical ruling to close the (Al-Hafiz) channel for a period of 6 months, and a precedent took place for the first time in the history of Egypt, which is the closure of a channel by court ruling, after she filed more than one case on the channel for insulting her on the channel’s screen, pointing out that the broadcaster who had insulted her accompanied A number of veils on the channel’s screen showed her some forged images that were falsely claimed to be a professor at Al-Azhar, but Al-Azhar University sent to the court evidence that he was not a faculty member and was imprisoned during the Morsi era.

She stressed that “Mohamed Morsi tried to attract the artists and act with politeness with them, but it did not succeed, stressing that the director of Morsi’s office tried to contact her a lot to inform her of Morsi’s desire to meet her.”

She explained that the director of Morsi’s office threatened her, saying: “If we want we, we will answer you,” adding that she said to him, “If you talk to me again, he will report about you,” and his response would be, “You are reporting about who, O Madam, we are the state.”

She stated that she had told Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi after the success of the June 30 revolution, that “she was about to commit suicide” at the time of Chancellor Adly Mansour taking over the country after the Brotherhood was overthrown, pointing out that the Egyptians dazzled the world on June 30.

Mohamed Morsi had assumed his duties on June 30, 2012, and he was removed from his position on June 30, 2013 after demonstrations invaded the country calling for his departure and imprisonment since the date of his isolation, until his death on June 17, 2019, after several charges were brought against him, including communications with Qatar, Hamas, and disclosure. National Security secrets during his presidency


Kiev Patriarch demanded another tomos from Constantinople :: Society :: RBC

Filaret Denisenko

(Photo: Ephraim Lukatsky / AP)

Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople should give the Ukrainian Church a new Tomos of independence. This was stated by the leader of the non-canonical Kiev Patriarchate Filaret Denisenko in an interview with the Apostrof.

According to Filaret, the tomos issued to Ukraine in 2019 does not make the Ukrainian church autocephalous, but subordinates it to Constantinople. In order for the Ukrainian church to be independent, the tomos had to be given to the patriarchy, not the metropolis. “And he wanted her to be dependent on him. Therefore, he demanded of us, he demanded that we renounce the patriarchy and that I, as the patriarch, should not put forward my candidacy, ”he explained.

This dependence is manifested in the fact that the jurisdiction of the autocephalous Ukrainian Church extends only to the territory of Ukraine, and those citizens of the country who live abroad should belong to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Moreover, he noted that the Ukrainian church has no right to cook its own world, which also makes it dependent. “They will give peace – we can [соблюдать обряды], they won’t give it, we can’t, ”he emphasized.

PCU deprived Honorary Patriarch Filaret of membership in the Holy Synod

Patriarch Filaret


he will be able to draw lessons from the national to the local vote ?

► ” A barometer of the dynamics of election “

Stewart Chau, political consultant at Viavoice

It will be very interesting, at the end of the second round of the municipal elections, to see how well behaved the electorate of Emmanuel Macron. A hypothesis is that it is in favour of lists conducted by forces of the left, environmentalists and socialists. One can imagine that this is a pending reinvention of the political line of Emmanuel Macron.

The president of the Republic to make the choice to listen or not these dynamics. And the president’s party to hear the behavior of his electoral base. The municipal always give a party a photograph at a moment T, of the aspirations of its electorate. Such a barometer takes the temperature of the different dynamics that run through it.

→ FIND the 28th of June the results of the second round of the municipal elections 2020 city-by-city

The situation, in fact, requires it. We are in a very particular context, with the social movements of great magnitude, and a health crisis new. In the Face of all this, the Republic is a party extremely young, without any territorial anchoring. And even if we see in the results the capacity of the presidential party to gain a foothold locally, from scratch, even if it is argued that it does not weakened the ballot, the least that we can say is that it exits not more grown up.

These municipal governments will have consequences on the end of the quinquennium.

At the end of this campaign, it is still a question mark : the software Macron does it make sense at the local level ? Because if LREM advocates the overcoming of the divisions at the national level, it is clear that at local level, it is more difficult.

Paris is a glaring example. These elections have shown the need for the government to embody a synthesis between national aspirations and political lines more asserted locally. In this sense, it is obvious that these municipal governments will have consequences on the end of the quinquennium.

→ ANALYSIS. Municipal elections : in Paris, a local vote to national in scope

These elections intermediaries are always difficult to negotiate for the presidential majority, because she has everything to lose. Not that there is necessarily a protest vote. The French say they mostly vote for local issues, and not to punish the government. But the local policy is also a translation of dynamic and expectations national. From this point of view, the results are to be read as a message for act III of the quinquennium, and not as a mark of defiance only.

In 2014, the political context of disapproval and disillusionment had probably encouraged the fall of the socialist party in the municipal elections. And led president François Hollande to change the prime minister. Today, Édouard Philippe, can he embody a credible way for a revival of the political line of the government ? This is the question to ask, particularly in view of the presidential election of 2022.

► ” Enhancing the presidential majority “

Stanislas Guerini, delegate general of The Republic on

We must not confuse the local and the national. The municipal elections are a due local you can’t draw national implications. This poll reinforces the incumbent mayor.

And for a movement like LREM that between in the French politics, particularly at the local level, it is a first step, a first implementation that will call other. Is it that we will emerge a generation of elected local walkers ? The answer is yes. They may be not all mayors in a row, but this generation of municipal councillors, deputies, will be born the future fathers of The Republic in March.

→ ANALYSIS. Municipal, macronisme to the test of negotiations between the two towers

I had set the goal of 10,000 local elected officials LREM, and I think we will achieve it. At the end of the second round, we’ll certainly have hundreds of mayors walkers, in large cities of France, such as Tourcoing and Nevers, but also in municipalities of smaller size.

This allows, moreover, to deny the idea according to which we are a party of the cities. These municipal elections will allow us to anchor us in the rural villages and this will count a lot to continue to grow the movement.

The emergence of personalities

Voters tell us that election after election, they are in a logical overflow party lines. Many mayors have also made the “Walking” before Running, bringing together personalities from all sides of the political spectrum in an arch republican. I am not a party in this logic, partisan to want to plant the flag of LREM in such or such city.

Our strategy has never been to flip dozens of large cities, this would not have been understood. We have promoted the emergence of new local personalities that we bring a lot to the establishment of the movement. This will be essential for picking which will work with the presidential majority in order for our work to be more effective on the ground.

→ CASE OF CONSCIENCE. Municipal 2020 : less voice, less weight ?

We need to take a lesson from these elections : the division is a poison. As we have seen, where we were divided, we were put in difficulty. To upcoming maturities, we will have the duty to bring together the progressive forces to strengthen the presidential majority. But there is no case of repudiation of the policy of Emmanuel Macron.

If there had been a desire to punish the government, those who presented themselves as ministers, with the label or the support of our training policy, would not have been re-elected or in as good a posture at the end of the first round. And the will of the president of the Republic of reinventing itself is not a consequence of a supposed protest vote but the health crisis, economic and social.


From “Perekupnoy” noodles to “more cool” Duster

Local jokes appear on many manufacturers, the French brand is no exception.

Despite the market slump in may 2020, Renault managed to take the fourth place in sales among all automakers. As reported by AEB, a bestseller of the brand is the Duster. Paying tribute the popularity of Renault in Russiawe offer to evaluate the TOP 5 memes about the French brand.
Recently appeared in the sale of the updated Renault Kaptur, and the Russian version of the crossover is different in appearance from the European Captur. Latest so much reminiscent of “Arkan”that the cars could be confused, if you remove the glasses, like Peter Parker in the picture.
Kaptur, though not got a led “boomerang” around the headlights, now has more in common with Renault Arkana, because during the restyling of the “Capture” got a 1.3-liter turbo engine capacity of 150 forces.

The second image is a play on the expression “to hang noodles on the ears”. As you know, these pastas are wheat, rice, buckwheat, but the author of the meme came up with another kind of noodle – “percuoco”. Try it, going to choose a used Renault Logan one of the most popular models among taxi drivers.

The character immediately following three pictures was the Renault Duster. Like any machine, a French best seller is not deprived disadvantagesone of which are doors, not covering the rapids. Because of this when landing in a “Duster” easy to stain your pants.

Another frequently occurring problem in Duster – misting of the headlights. This may seem like a small thing, but the resulting condensate not only affects the quality of light, but leads to corrosion of metal parts.

To understand the last meme, just remember that the popular “French” is turned version called Nissan Terrano. The inscription in the picture translates as “Daniel” and “More cool Daniel.” Just as “more cool” Renault Duster and trying to look like “leapnet” which is more expensive.


Phase 2: hairdressers will be able to open on Sunday and Monday – Politics

Possibility to open also Sundays and Mondays, separate workstations of at least two meters, waiting areas for customers outside the shop. These are some of the guidelines for hairdressers and beauticians indicated in the Inail and ISS technical document approved yesterday by the Scientific and Technical Committee in view of the reopening of the activities scheduled for May 18. General rules, INAIL points out, which concern a sector considered to be at “medium-high” risk involving about 140 thousand companies and 260 thousand employees.

“In order to ensure accessibility to services after a long period of closure and in consideration of the measures to be adopted, which will likely reduce the number of treatments simultaneously – reads the document – it is appropriate to provide for the possibility of allowing derogations from the days of closing and allow the extension of the opening hours of the premises “.

To rationalize the internal spaces and allow social distancing, experts also point out, it will be necessary “to encourage the creation of waiting areas” for customers “also outside the premises, allowing where possible the occupation of public land in derogation”. The Inail then indicates a whole series of “general organizational measures”: they range from the compulsory reservation (phase in which the required types of treatment must be “predetermined”) to the separation barriers between the various areas, from the provision of a minimum distance of at least two meters between the stations to eliminate “magazines and any other object that may be of mixed use in the room”. The temperature must also be taken for customers, given to them an “individual disposable bag / bag to collect personal effects”, to privilege payments with ATMs and contactless systems. Both for customers and employees there is obviously an obligation to wear a mask (for workers also nitrile gloves and face shields) and disposable aprons and towels must be used, as well as sanitizing the workstations and tools after each treatment and prepare dispensers with sanitizing solutions.
Experts also enter into social relations between the customer and the shop owner or employee. It is necessary, they write, “to privilege the conversation with the customer through the mirror and carry out the procedures while remaining behind the customer in all possible cases”.
A chapter of the technical document is dedicated to beauticians, a sector where “risk prevention measures from biological agents” are already in use. But this is not enough: for face treatments that require the use of steam, experts explain, alternative operations will have to be envisaged and in any case they can only be done in separate rooms. Saunas, Turkish baths and whirlpools must also remain closed and all surfaces of the beauty cabin must be cleaned and disinfected at each change of customer. Workers are expected to use Ffp2 and ffp3 masks and not surgical ones, in addition to protective masks or visors. (HANDLE).