How Amazon acts against a strike leader

San Francisco It’s a small round in that AmazonChief Jeff Bezos is currently summoning his top key managers daily to discuss the effects of the corona crisis. Neither Smalls nor Bezos would have ever dreamed that it would be about warehouse worker Chris Smalls. But now the management of the global online retailer knows the […]

Amazon creates 350 new logistics jobs in Germany

Amazon logistics center in Dortmund Since this week, important everyday goods in Germany have been prioritized not only in the incoming goods department at the Amazon logistics centers, but also when shipping to customers. (Photo: dpa) Hall Amazon needs several hundred additional employees in Germany in the corona virus crisis. In order to meet the […]

Corona crisis: Rewe employees receive a bonus

Dhe grocer Rewe wants to reward employees in his supermarkets and Penny’s discounters for their help in the Corona crisis. For the employees in the markets and logistics there is a total bonus of more than 20 million euros, the company said on Tuesday. “These are quick and unbureaucratic first immediate measures to give our […]

Still traveling in the middle of the Coronavirus

Frequent flyers quickly became frequent hand washing machines. And despite everything, some are still cleaning their tray tables and still flying. International travel bans are in effect and warnings against non-essential travel are in place. Companies have issued edicts to scrape travel and cancellations of almost all events and meetings have left few trips in […]

What are airlines doing on coronavirus? A list of cancellation policies.

Text size Photograph by Stephen Brashear / Getty Images This article has been updated with new information on cancellation policies. Airline inventories declined on Monday, the morning after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended older adults and those with underlying health problems to avoid long air travel and crowded spaces in the […]

Efforts to combat coronavirus are increasing worldwide

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases globally exceeded 105,000 on Sunday, when infections spread to new parts of the United States and Italy quarantined around 17 million people in an attempt to manage the epidemic. Connecticut, Missouri, Washington, DC and Vermont announced their first weekend cases. The virus is now in over half of the […]